Redding, Otis - Open the Door Lyrics

I've been so wrong, so many times. Now you know what
I'm talkin' about. We've all been wrong a time in our life.
And we all make mistakes sometimes of leaving what's good for us.
I made that mistake, now I'm tryin' to get back to my baby.

This runnin' round, sure 'nough, is killin' me
Let me, let me in
Let me in, let me in
Let me in, let me in
Let me in, let me in, let me in, let me in, let me ease on in

Look into my eyes
Can't you see I got to come on in
I ain't lyin', and I ain't smilin' 'bout it, baby
Open the door or I'm bustin' in
Because this runnin' around
Sure 'nough, sure 'nough, is killin' me

Let me in, it's killin' me, baby
I got ta come on in
Let me in, baby, please let me in

I got ta come on in, honey
Open the door
Open the door
Let me in, let me in, let me in, let me ease on in
Mama, mama, got to come in
Open the door
I can't stand this cold
Let me in this house
I'm tired of this runnin' around
Tired of being, tired of being all alone
Standing out here and walkin' with, walkin' with [fade]

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Redding, Otis Open the Door Comments
  1. Rachel

    When he sings "eEeEEEeEeeease on in" lord jesus christ i actually stop breathing every damn time.

  2. slede love


  3. Jarrod Sowell

    Goddamn that's a good song

  4. Clay Miller

    Otis Redding good but Sam Cooke is the best..

  5. yiannaS

    oh mama..

  6. Thomas Booker

    Sam Cooke Otis Redding NUFF SAID!!!

  7. Zanele Mnguni

    So he's basically saying, "Just the tip"

  8. Charles Hopper

    Suburbans Blue's baby, I couldn't git in, I got so tired of being alone, and both the cars were gone, I got so mad, I threw my drink across the lawn.

  9. Anderson Hilliard


  10. Anderson Hilliard

    We all made MISTAKE,we all,running around,killing,can,t take care but one house,trying 2 love 2,will kill,one is more than enough,WOMAN

  11. E. Marie

    I "discovered" this song after watching an IG video of a dog staring at his owner through a gate. 🤣



  12. Marie Pompon

    Sublime 💕💕

  13. marion Grant


  14. Ann Lightbourne

    Lol. Behave yourself then you can have my won't have to beg me to let you in.

  15. MissGeorgiaAnnPeach F.


  16. bb77077

    Whoa, so musical talent did exist at some point in time.

    Thomas Booker

    bb77077 XXXXACTLY!!!

  17. La Cross

    To get in he better cry and sing like Otis

  18. James Hooks

    I heard that there was a mix up with the leader of the Bar Kays group member's luggage so he stayed back but the rest of the group went down with otis. WOW!!!

  19. Ernest Butler

    Poor OTIS a.k.a.THE BIG O.Another Senational Artist called Home at the age of 26.Went Home never knowing what it Like to Beg A Woman For Some.😁😎✌🤘🖤💙luv ya byo eJ

  20. Anna Dailey

    U know what door he is talking about ... open the door. Let me in.

  21. Deahra Shelton

    Knock Knock

  22. Ktina Haley

    I love this song. 💓

  23. Simona Rogoz

    SOMEONE!! Let that man in

  24. Ann-Marie Vassell

    Love you Otis

  25. Gabrielle AUGUSTE

    Il y a longtemps que le **Portail** est c'est pourquoi toutes ces vérités qui sortent des ((Placards )). Les locataires indésirables ont commencé a dégagé.Devant ,un tel rayonnement,je ne tiendrais longtemps.🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥💜💜💜💜💎💎💎🙏🙏🙏🔑😇😇😇

  26. Annika Vu

    My brother had locked me out of our room so I had grabbed my Bluetooth speaker and played 0:28-0:49 over and over again till he let me in. It worked.

    Glen Chappell

    I tried it some yrs ago with one of my exx and she end up letting me in...But the crazey thing was she fell in love with the song....

  27. Oliver frazier

    did she let him in yet?

  28. Kareem James

    Let me in let me in

  29. Graham Clayton

    Discovered this on Mark Kerr's "Blues Nation" podcast - I hadn't heard this Otis song before, but I'm now a fan!

  30. Deborah king

    come in baby

  31. Terrell L. Howard

    What a great horn section !!

  32. Terrell L. Howard

    You got to please let me INNNNN

  33. Terrell L. Howard

    What a bad ass band !!!

  34. Jim Zorn

    Call me I miss the kids I hate break ups good thing I'm ausom

  35. Jim Zorn

    Al this is bullshit we are best friends and you have to hate me to love him well that's not real love sister

  36. Jim Zorn

    Allison come on home for Christmases

  37. Brus ko

    Open the Door, Open th Door, Open t Door, Open Door, ODOR!!!

  38. Eric Talbot

    1968. I was 12 years old. My last year in Pine Bluff Arkansas ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  39. anthony broadnax

    No other singer Poured their heart and soul into every song from start to finish , no other singer period ! You can't help but feel all his joy and pain. Love ya Otis.

    keep on rollin 79


  40. Mitchell Whitty

    he is my soul brother for ever amen

  41. Mitchell Whitty

    he is my soul brother for ever amen

  42. Andrew Myatt

    Can't remember ever hearing this before great tune

    Sherma Thompson

    Otis visit the Bahamas in fifties. My mother was pregnant with me he pull her on to dance the song this my lover's prayers. His singing and music is Like gospel to me.i was born in favorite song is the glory of Love .I put Facebook fore my family and friends to Listen to the whole song and the words. That song have a p powerful message to it.

  43. Kevin Williams

    # 1 in my book.

  44. Grace Lambert

    i love this song, my #1 favorite

  45. Bill Needam

    Mmmmmmm, my Good Lord!!! I'm now going on 56, here in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. I've got the original 45 rpm single of this classic soulful tune ( The flip side, " Happy Song - Dum Dum" from mid 1968, after Otis Redding death in December 1967. Love this soul stirring & pleading song. I've never saw the man in live here, but I grew up to his music!!!! " We miss you Big O!!! "

  46. Min. Sandria Pate-Coombs

    Singing like that......I think I'll let you back in!!!!  Miss you Big "O"!!!

  47. don donner

    short song, but power full sung with a ton of passion

    Cornelius Kidwell

    don donner all his songs short but they’re so impactful

  48. Pepsikaczuka

    szukałam tego od jakiś 10 lat i nareszcie ! kocham to!

  49. isidro sentino

    sock it to me one more time

  50. TomRox5

    That's how one is supposed to sing a soul song. Nobody better.

  51. ツGCS George

    Let me in let me innnnnnn uuuuuuulove you Ottis 👨🏾

  52. AukaitheHawaiianguy

    Perfect.. Just Perfect...

  53. Mark Phares

    She needs to let that man in

    La Cross


    Edgerrin Ray

    @La Cross 😂😂hatin'

  54. Anderson Hilliard

    we all make mistake,thinking the grass is greener on the other side,love the 1 u with,ure girlfriend r ure wife,treat her like a lady.some doors u can't kick n.i hear u knocking ,but u can't come in.

  55. Anderson Hilliard

    Yeah I made that mistake,Sandra Faye kyler,sanderville, ga. let me back end,this running around, will kill a man,all u need is 1 woman,love her n respect her,provide her,let people know she belong 2 better half,with her u r complete, GOD MADE A WOMAN FROM A MAN,so that's y a real woman,knows all about ure needs n want.

    Chiara Morcom

    She ever let you in?

  56. Sherma Thompson

    he is stil alive in sprit Rip Brother

  57. Albert

    Remarkable. Perfectly executed.

  58. R Bodkintribe

    Love it!

  59. SUGGAL


    diane pearsall

    It was my uncle I love his voice!!!

  60. RAMLIA1


  61. Ingrid James

    Please let me in!!!!

    Najeda King-Jones

    For real... He screaming and knocking---Mama! Mama! Got to come in-- open the door-- I can't stand it's cold, let in it's hot....I'm tired of running around....Please let this man in! LMAO

  62. N E

    Robin Thicke take notes...

    Barbara k

    N E 😂

    don donner

    justin bieber you too

  63. Lynae Dowdell

    Yesssssss Otis!!!

  64. Nathalie Thomas

    This my song

  65. Vladimir Sánchez

    what a great song, man 

  66. Lou Lowery


  67. Fernando Ferrador

    Bom, bom, bom , muito bom !!!

  68. Charlie Carter

    great selection brother

  69. Kel Malik


  70. Özgür Çetin

    Thanks for uploading this

  71. Ari Stone


  72. KaySheree

    Thanks for uploading this :)

  73. Kel Malik


    Najeda King-Jones

    For real...Mama! Mama! Got to come in-- open the door-- I can't stand it's cold, let in it's hot....I'm tired of running around....Please let this man in! LMAO

  74. Jon Malkowich

    wow how can you decide between THIS MASS of good songs? you are my hero! :)

  75. Abdur-Rahiim Ghani-El Bey

    One of my favorites of Otis Redding's...