Redbone - Checkin' It Out Lyrics

I wanna know, do you love me girl
Is your soul full of lovin' for me
I wanna know, do you love me girl
Or are you out on the street
Checkin' it out
Are you the cute little chick
Checkin' it out
Are you the hip sister slick
Checkin' it out
Are you the cool act a fool
Checkin' it out
Well you better check this
I'll be double Checkin' on you

Don't play games with me
You mother um-hmm
What you qay to me
You must deliver
Don't jive me one bit
You little turkey
I won't take no stuff
You best believe it
Don't you know that
You can't play with my heart

What you need you'll
I do believe it
Tell me straight my pet
This I can handle
Just don't lie to me
And make me angry
Tell me like it is
Or you'll discover
Two can play that game
As easy as one

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Redbone Checkin' It Out Comments
  1. Redbone Band

    Check out these Native American wonders in movie "Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World" or go to --Or listen to Halloween favorite: "Witch Queen of New Orleans". Amazing!

  2. Brenton Horner

    These Native American masters should not be so underrated- check out their bio and music

  3. slowmutants

    This shit is genius.