Red - The Evening Hate Lyrics

The air feels heavier tonight
Something's coming
The lights are restless in the sky
Silence, cutting

I lie awake
Hopeless, insane

Inside my grave
I made while I

Wait for the pain
Inside the evening hate
Inside the evening hate

The fear is near, it starts to rise
Cadence, growing
The shadows spill across the line
Darkness is flowing

Voices screaming
Cold hands reaching

The earth shaking
My mind, breaking

Wait for the pain
Inside the evening hate
Inside the evening hate

It falls like rain
The evening hate
It falls like rain
The evening hate

Hate, wait for the pain
Hate, wait for the pain

Like cinders it rains
We fall, we fall
An empire in flames
We crawl, we're crawling out

Inside the evening hate
Inside the evening hate

Wait for the pain
Inside the evening hate
Inside the evening hate

Like cinders it rains
We fall, we fall
An empire in flames
We crawl, we crawl

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Red The Evening Hate Comments
  1. Jhnjshb

    I'll bring a bluetooth speaker when I get deployed so that me and my co-draftees can bang our head to this in the trenches.

  2. Norrin Radd

    Not enough hate or satanic imagery. Big up yuself tho

  3. Sabina N

    His voice.. Incredible ❤

  4. Need Healing

    No fucking pop elements. I can't believe

  5. AniYen

    Это очень круто

  6. Mehmet GÜLFİFAN


  7. Nursultan Ailchiev

    Wow! 😃😃😃👍🤘😱👏

  8. The Church Tribe

    Favorite band of all time. They’ve been my favorite for a decade. They’ve helped me through so much in my life. Divorce, single mom of 6, PTSD. So much.

  9. Garret Partridge

    i didn't see that coming at the end of the extended version

  10. Garret Partridge

    and when will we see the forest of red leaves again

  11. Garret Partridge

    what is the meaning of this song Michael?

  12. Elijah Farmer

    I love how they're Christian rock my favorite style

  13. Nathan Hillman

    whos exited for winter jam?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. Dominic

    lol would`ve been a better video if you did not sing, is cringe af

  15. Roze Araújo


  16. DerHalbeEuro

    Glad they never changed their style like many other bands from the early 2000s who now stuck in the irrelevance. Nu Metal is timeless :)

  17. alexz1lla 666

    2020 is the year of Red

  18. Anthony Davis

    Wow i'm late to the party but this is awesome. Ya'll got a new fan

  19. シェルちゃんラブ


  20. シェルちゃんラブ

    ぼんやりと 香る色香に ホトトギス
    凍えはせぬか 追分の道

  21. Lola Mundt

    Red helps me when I'm depressed, I'm glad there's Christian Rock Bands out there in this world.

  22. Serge Mckay

    Remind me Red Cold River from Breaking Benjamin. Still a great song

  23. Гусь Альберт

    не хуевый трек мне нравится -)

  24. Marcan HUSS

    The singer looks like Thanos wtf

  25. Raselin Saldaña

    Algún latino que ama está banda?

  26. Storme Light

    One of the few bands I can say gets better over time 🖤🤘 Always loved them but their new stuff gets better and better or at least is the same amount of awesome 😁

  27. BettyBet 3000


  28. Amanda A

    Keep kicking @$$ Red! I loved seeing you guys in concert. Please come back to Jacksonville FL

  29. Plasma Light

    Ох..енно. Слов нет. Смесь Innocence & instinct и Of beauty and rage

  30. Daniel Wells

    You guys are AWESOME!!! I live in the 901.

  31. Loxmin

    TheBandRed and Thousand Foot Krutch and Skillet <3

    Ivalia Dominez

    And Flyleaf ❤️

  32. Daniel Noland

    Man, I so wish he woulda held that scream at the end for a while longer, that would have been so bitchin. Awesome song though all the same!

  33. Oliver Creed

    CARAIIIIIÍIIIIIIIIIII QUE SOM FOI ESSE? VICIEIIIII quem disse que música gospel é chata .

  34. FirstRisingSouI

    The song is awesome. Top notch, as can always be expected from RED.
    Setting, cool. Concept, nice.
    Something about the directing/editing just doesn't seem right to me.

  35. Can i Get 3000 followers without posting a video

    They should have million subscribers


    CARNALITO como podre pasar más MIERDA como está?
    Ya lo hago?.
    Es MIERDA vivir está MIERDA.

  37. Omar Yañez Zavala


  38. Tvmpl

    Why is this not on Soundcloud 🤯

  39. Ash Rosstrom

    Love it

  40. Eddi Da Fawx

    Michael Barnes is an artist!

  41. Olivia Meiners

    Oh yeah... this song is FREAKIN' SICK. So is their other new song. His singing range gives me goosebumps!

  42. theoneeyeddragon

    When I first heard them I thought it was Chevelle! I love this! They are awesome!


    sad these guys end up on the in flames tour guess I'll spend there set at the bar and merch table

  44. Dwiyan Rizky

    Merle Dixon? Is that you?

  45. andrew panni

    Thank you God!!! Keep it dudes.

  46. Jesse Coleman

    Saw these guys live in 2010, badass show. Opened up for flyleaf and 3 doors down

  47. Dreadox

    The whole song is muffled throughout. Sounds totally suppressed. A total contrast to the clarity of say Losing Control or anything off Gone in fact.

  48. Harold Campbell

    I like the band, I like the song, but the video! Hell no, what on Earth were they thinking! Horrible!!!

  49. Joel Mapp

    Awesome rock

  50. DARK LEGACY Mayhem

    Great band. Great song.
    Please don't do anything stupid like go Pop.

    FuzziestOfPonds Gaming

    They already tried that last album. Take a listen, it’s called “Gone” it didn’t work but only on a few songs.

  51. Loopy Shin

    When the new album release??

    Dillon Sharpton

    An EP comes out Friday November 1st. Think it's 5 tracks. Album comes out spring 2020.

    Loopy Shin

    @Dillon Sharpton Thank you so much :)

  52. Dead Beyond Fear

    Going to be one heck of a tour with in flames

  53. Álvaro Lazo

    the kitchen is good, but i hate the emo vocals...

  54. Godsbud777

    Is this a prequel to gone?

  55. Mike Cambell

    i wonder what mr barnes would look like with hair :)

  56. lukonic 24

    Idk why people say it sounds like end of silence bc it really doesn't it sounds like a different style of red that they've just tapped into something big. If anything it sounds better than end of silence.

  57. - superkodu93 -

    Winter Jam 2020 inbound!!! :D

  58. Gold Fish

    Will be seeing them at Winter Jam in March. Hoping to get to meet them too.

  59. Jessica Carpenter

    I'll be seeing you guys in March 🤘🏻

  60. Henriqe Tv Oficial


  61. Jacob Hale


  62. Servine

    ngl this reminds me of breaking benjamin

  63. PursuingPainVX

    a Song For a martyr & His Army

  64. Tristan D

    How are you guys not more famous. You're so underated

  65. ConanTheRepublican

    As of 10/16/19, 454 Communists voting it down..

  66. BrotherGrimmy

    Let me preface this by saying I'm not christian, more agnostic. But seriously, good music is good music. doesn't matter if you don't believe in the same things.

    honestly... and I'm sure a good number of people can relate to this... But aside from release the panic (which had good songs, but ultimately left a lot to be desired), I can't find an album that I don't like. might be 2 years late with hearing Gone, and I really can't fucking wait for a new album. Of beauty and rage was just... I don't have words for it. it's funny. before innocence, I didn't think they could do better... then innocence came out. Then I thought they couldn't top innocence, which I was sort of correct with, because they took a small step back, but Until we have faces was still fucking awesome. Then RTP came out... and I was so let down, but ended up finding songs that I really liked. Then I heard they had a new album coming out. Of beauty and rage released, and fuck me. That is hands down my favorite album ever. Everything I've heard off of Gone I've liked, and now these new songs are just amazing. I'm so glad to see them evolving into what they are.

    Can't wait to see them with in flames (unnnfffffffffff) in december. That is gonna be the best xmas gift to myself ever. I've been dying to see Red live since 2007 when I discovered them on accident. Went in to buy comatose (I used to be christian at one time), and the dude was like "hey if you like skillet you might like this." NGL I just bought end of silence to just the guy up. Didn't really listen to it until 2 months later... Then it very quickly took over, and I devoted my time to learning how to play the songs. Now if only they would add memphis may fire and demon hunter to the tour lineup and I could die happy. Weird how I don't believe in god, but a good number of my music library is christian metal

  67. sPongebItch bObface

    I've met these guys before. They're real stuck up assholes.

    Dillon Sharpton

    Hm? I've met them before too about a year ago and I thought they were pretty genuine.

    FuzziestOfPonds Gaming

    sPongebItch bObface I’ve met them too, you’re just trying to get attention.

  68. Jakeline Oliveira

    Aaahhh ❤

  69. YaR Well

    Пиздатый видать альбом будет, раз долго ждать его после сингла

  70. Marco Diaz

    This song reminds me of Breaking Benjamin

  71. Kyra Poepard

    I love this song and I can't wait for remixes of the song

  72. Supernatural

    Fuck yes

  73. John Flemings

    That breakdown was so heavy I gained 5lbs.

  74. Liker Redfield

    Please never Die ❤

  75. Scott Oros

    I'll never understand why these guys aren't more popular. They've been awesome for over 10 years now.

    Woodrow Call

    Scott Oros They don’t stir drama. They have a loyal fan base though.

  76. Healthy Shay

    This has such a unique sound! Loving this!

  77. Slow but perfect 遅いが完璧

    this is literally giving me flashbacks to call of duty and im crying.


    You have issues. Get some help.

  78. FJ Grobler

    Gets me pumped up whilst dead lifting :)

  79. Michael Dickey

    Red is awesome band

  80. Honza W

    Love it! <3

  81. Eric Sowder

    Seems like we should be hearing this on Arrow and the flash

  82. g ban

    Fuck yea

  83. DjDarkD

    Fuck me sideways this is good, AGAIN! It's a good day to be a metal/rockhead.

  84. Joe B

    I love how cinematic their songs are


    great christian band of nu metal

  86. Sharper Mind

    This is such RED I fell in love with you when I was 16 years old and I fall again in love with you at 26 years old. Thank you for being unique. Never change ❤️

  87. Justin Hartway

    dammit red rocks the music industry

  88. Helmet Talk

    I don't understand the screaming at 2:28

  89. kranky dove16

    Narcissistic cannibal - Korn vibes

  90. Ola Canaku

    Red is back stronger 👌🤘🤘🤘🤘

  91. JW 2001

    Walking dead vibe well played

  92. Pyromaniack

    1.25 speed.
    Trust me.

  93. Pyromaniack


    Let's keep it that way...

  94. Tzakman

    Most of the people dont understand how meaningfull this music is to us, its not just having fun listening to a cool song, it is just so much deeper

  95. dayane pers

    You are The Best!

  96. Warwulf Vargar

    I see guns explosions and hear greatness. I love it.


    So epic. Probably one of my favourites they’ve ever done. The lack of views disturbs me

  98. Jenna-saisquoi

    Saw this live yesterday 😍 So amazing