Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The - False Pretense Lyrics

Oh, it's time to let it go

The world's got a funny way of turning 'round on you
When a friend tries to stab you right in the face
Losing faith in everything I thought I hoped I knew
Don't sweat it, {it was} set on false pretense

Betrayed but not gonna be willing to change
And it doesn't seem likely to fade
Betrayed but not gonna be willing to change
Cu-cu-cu-cuz you know...

It's sacrifice
False pretense you'll hurt again
Stop pretending to deny
False pretense you'll hurt again

All along you know you thought you got the best of me
{But} you were wrong and I'm laughing right in your face
I cannot believe you claimed you were my family
Don't sweat it - it's set on false pretense

Betrayed but not gonna be willing to change
And it doesn't seem likely to fade
Betrayed but not gonna be willing to change
Cu-cu-cu-cuz you know...

It's sacrifice
False pretense you'll hurt again
Stop pretending to deny
False pretense you'll hurt again

[Spoken:] guitar

Oh, it's time to let it go

I can't seem to understand it how you turned out to be so cold
You tried but were caught red handed, are you happy with your role?
It's funny to me how you've turned into such a joke...

It's sacrifice
False pretense you'll hurt again
Stop pretending to deny
False pretense you'll hurt again

So play the game until you run out
And play the game into my hand

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Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, The False Pretense Comments
  1. Jensen Mart

    2020 STILL!!!

  2. Benymm Johanson

    Absolutely super

  3. E z P z

    1 Feb 2020, anyone?

    CL x


  4. dbartlett15

    I can remember being about 10 years old with my yellow Van's and torn skinny Jean's blaring this in my cd player walking around fort Collins Colorado. Great era for emo/punk/pop alternative rock

  5. watchoutnwo

    Idk why but my dad downloaded this album for me when I was a young teen by mistake and I fell in love with it

  6. Facundo Santana

    Quien la escucha en el 2020,la mejor canción del mundo

  7. Mark Christian Candelaria

    who is still watching 2020......

  8. Fanny Suhartono

    2020 still into this song? Anyone???


    2020 Anyone ? 🔥🔥

  10. yTrashy


  11. Amarjeet Paul

    Mark, if you are reading this Thank you for introducing to this amazing song way back 2011.

  12. Micah Davila

    THROW BACK!!# 2020!!!!!!

  13. John Doe


  14. kylerknows

    I never not wanna listen to this song

  15. Jay San Jose

    2020 anyone??

  16. Saulo Mino

    Cena epica de quebrando regras kkkkkk

  17. John Mark Loyola

    January 2020. Rock on!

  18. Math indra

    2020, etern song never back down 😁

  19. Jake Tyler

    Never back down 💪 😎

  20. Krauser 2991

    PowerExplosive me trajo hasta aca

  21. Jay_RichTV

    NEVER BACK DOWN 2020🔥🔥🔥🔥✊🏿🤣

  22. A M

    Viniendo por never back dowm / rompiendo las reglas

  23. Dio Brando

    Never back down?

  24. Cowboy Maru

    In my Muay thai gym, this is always played while hitting the mitts.

  25. Matias Ortiz

    Alguien aqui por la pelicula retroceder nunca rendirse jamas

  26. Josh Calago

    I'd never watched never back down but i know this song..
    who's with me?

  27. olga

    Can we just go back in 2009? Life was way easier...i miss those good times...

  28. Aljon Casiño

    Old but still groovin! Havin goosebumps right now! :'( i miss the old times as fck! :'(

  29. Claudio Privitera

    Quel film non stanco di vederlo poi dove c'è la canzone che si allena 😍never back down forever sempre 😍😍

  30. Claudio Privitera

    Never back down! Ma quanto spacca 😍

  31. SaTaNa

    2019 :')

  32. Данила Бараненко

    Я от Тайсона

    Hairy Man

    Что за Тайсон?

  33. el marcodasfnel 654

    Que obra de arte

  34. steffecol

    2019 and i still f*king love this song!

  35. Geo Boy

    anyone here in 2019//!! november?? here because of NEVER BACK DOWN (2008)

  36. BanSuperior

    ❤️movie breaking rules never back down❤️

  37. Bruno Aldaz

    I was looking for this song since i was 9, and finally today i can hear It again, it just feel so fucking good

  38. Barcelos 01

    Wesley safadao ta diferente

  39. Karma Nonchalant

    Instant Nostalgia 💙

  40. Smackyboi

    My favorite part is from 2:29-4:01

    Alexander Luyo Cárdenas


  41. Cedelyn Collin Cabanilla

    2019 anyone?

  42. Maizen I

    I was bath tub shopping and this song just popped in my head. Random, lol!

    Stress is a funny thing...🤣

  43. omzzy. ツ

    xane best hvh bro

  44. Selcukk

    Never Back Down ?

  45. jie salleh

    november 2019. 😘

  46. Rick Ryan

    I only came here because i felt emo again.. 2019 Anyone?

  47. Anjas Zulfarasita

    Este" Resti Anggraeni" cinta"sayang2" saya" always" akan saya Angga Rachmadi akan selalu berdekatan berkeadaan2" dgn kamu mengapa2" akan saya rumit2" sekali berduan2" mesra2" setiap hari2" nya selalu jiwa" raga saya akan ingin memeluk2" lembut2" n membasuh indah teduhnya2" wajah kamu Cinta2" saya" akan kamu Este" Resti Anggraeni"
    Always" this is reall I Miss you" To " I loving you to" Cinta2" saya akan2" selalu inginkan berduan mesra2" bersama2" kamu Este" Resti Anggraeni" I love you " I loving you" everey day" everey years"
    The milliont2" making love's beauty full2" are always"

  48. Gerard Errol Peralta

    Been watching never back down a lot of times and when the training scene it was a hype specially with this sounds on see you 2020

  49. Thomas Libbey

    Used to slam this and play RuneScape lmao

  50. Sreyoshi Bagchi

    Transgender woman yuks

  51. Sreyoshi Bagchi

    Stop asking for money from boys and men,red bitch

  52. Devanair Pittman

    October 2019, reminds me so much of my old emo days

  53. Anjas Zulfarasita

    Cirikan2" always" sekeluarga2" ibu Eva BPK Margo" th berganti suka memaksakan semu orang masyarakat2" mengukur langit bumi" n melarang akan umat2" manusia2" bertata usaha2" akan beranekaragam restari tanah planet bumi ini" forever" kirimkan2" sunah" fardhu" hataman2" Al Qur,an2" akan mengurusi2" merestarikan kaum dhuafa2" beranekaragam2" istikomah2' sekeluarga2" ibu Eva " BPK Margo selalu ngatur2" m meranekaragam2" berkuasa2" akan tanah planet bumi ini" forever2" yatim piatu" akan beranekaragam2" keluh kesah2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" beranekaragam2" nya dari anak2" n hingga orang tua2" beranekaragam berkeadaan2" always" beranekaragam2" selalu" akan milyaran rumah2" ibadah2" di ukur2" beranekaragam2" berkeadaan2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" restari tanah planet bumi ini" always"

  54. Daisuke Nogami


  55. Stefan Salvatore

    Combat 365

  56. Pedro Nogueira

    it's time to let it g00:00

  57. nighty night

    Omg my aunt showed me this 7 years ago and ive been looking for it and yup i found it

  58. kristoffer derecho

    who is still watching 2019

    My Chemical Romance h

    kristoffer derecho ☝️☝️

    Geo Boy

    @My Chemical Romance h meeeee

    stephen reed

    I mis this music growing up with it

  59. 보라색Sua

    OCTOBER 2019 anyone??

  60. Cameron Hussain

    My Gym music!.

  61. Ivan Lupa

    Rendirse jamas 😁

  62. Samer Salman

    Fuck! Athens Greece 2019! Still hearing this divine song!

  63. Jake Tyler

    Greetings for Jake Tyler

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    Never Back Down!

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    Ya wanna be the best? Ya gotta take out the best!

  66. Team 3 Kings Gaming

    I miss Ronnie’s long hair...😔

  67. BaconMilk

    *doubles tap the kettlebell at 7am*
    Nothing personal kid

  68. Ásatrú Mama

    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was my love as a teenager
    Still is lmao

  69. CodeRED

    Good motivation Song 💪 I like that 💯😎

  70. StrongW Scheffer

    Never back dowm and power explosive!!!

  71. Süleyman Yılmaz

    my best part starting 1:29 fuck its so cool man

  72. Mad Artz Graphics

    Glad I've watched them live when they visited the Philippines. :)

  73. aur

    Who’s still here?

  74. Sreyoshi Bagchi

    Only foreigner women exists,foreigners are male female both,more female than male,their children and infants are they themselves in disguise,they do plastic surgery to look white and are lesbians,they want to marry and get pregnant with Indian looking men,its not possible because they are male female both

  75. PLUGandPLAY TV

    Never back down august 2019 who's here?

    giuseppe rille

    2020 my Friend 😁

  76. Kreassiva

    Its time to let it go!!!

  77. xinhuang corporation

    2019 ? :)

  78. Jonathan Kerr

    Came here 'cuz the song rocks but now I want to see the movie Never Back Down

  79. Jamie B

    Who knew this song before never back down ;)?

  80. Marlina Uchiha

    2019 lmao

  81. PD LLENN

    2019 august 3 h

  82. Aghanims Scepter

    its july 2019 here! :)

  83. Maria Michaella Villapando

    Its already 2019 and my head is still singing every lyrics of this song.

  84. Emman Gabriel

    still listening now 2019. i miss those days college life

  85. Edward Murph

    The only song i like by them lol

  86. DLOFREEZE 13

    Jake Tyler V.S. Ryan McCarthy

    coach: be at the gym by 7.
    Jake: thank you..
    coach: you won’t be thanking me tomorrow.

    oh god i love this movie.

  87. Narasimha Bharadwaj

    Jake Tyler

  88. unknowndeoxys00

    Here from middle school :/