Red Hot Chili Peppers - We Believe Lyrics

The curtain
Is open
A head to
Put dope in
Now we will
Come clean it
The future
We've seen it
No, no, I know, I said, no no

It's like a dream
That falls away
Into the night
Where we can play
I'm on a train
One happy day
Two eyes for sight
Three times I pray

Soda pop
We've got to set up shop
And when the weather comes
We've got a pressure drop
We don't know
But everyday I go
To see what I can bring
Into a cameo
Oh oh oh no

We believe
Climb a tree
For monkey business
Write a check out to forgiveness
All the world on half an acre
Pushing dirt into a quaker

The mission
The method
The downfall
Cuz it's not
The first time
Nor is it
The worst time
No no oh no

To see the bird
Without a care
For in a word
It's nice out there
In a tree
My mama bear
Will be all right
With proper care

Hey hey hey do

Into a bigger bang
A little cry of love
Because they cannot sing
What did the pharaoh see
Another time and space
Another place to be

The motive
The measure
The purpose
The pleasure

The risk is
It worth it
The disc is
It perfect

I found you
Amongst them
The flower
With young stem

The broken
The marriage

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Red Hot Chili Peppers We Believe Comments
  1. עמוס


  2. 4EverStrong91

    Really good song. the beat sounds similar to song, in the happy house by band siouxsie and the banshees.

  3. Robin Alberti

    In a tree my mamma bear will be alright with proper care....

    Robin Alberti

    🙋 obviously

  4. Anotsu Kagehisa

    A very cool piece by the Great RHCP

  5. f1m0h

    "Aeroplane make the same feeling in kids (or somehing like this)" Flea 2006

  6. Muammer Kaan Çelikbaş

    This song make me believe the rhcp best music band in the world

  7. Dan Martins

    The chorus guitar riff is easily top 10 for me! Long live RHCP!

  8. Marco Sanchez

    "Nor is the worst time!"

  9. Sleeper Cell

    My San diego 2006 album!

  10. preta path

    That Linkin park part 🤣 0:53

    ByJoshua YT

    preta path xd

  11. Bruno Mota

    At first this music displaces every OHM album. #JohnMyth

  12. lonely270

    That guitar reef...

  13. Elias Bischoff

    I think if someone asked me "rhcp or aerosmith?" I would simply say both

  14. qwertyuiop

    noot noot

  15. charlemagne

    "The risk, is it worth it? The disc, is it perfect?"

    blue j

    charlemagne favorite part of the song <3

  16. Joe Baines

    John and Chad kick ass on this track

  17. Ray Hoodoo

    One of Frusciante's favorite songs from the album

    AnDy Berríos


  18. Chameleonardodavinci

    Underrated album. This song has such a lovely, haunting conclusion...


    I mean, I don't usually go by Grammy's for how good something is-- but mostly from the fans I hear people don't love this album enough. I'm glad it won tho, good news to me

    Alan Rendón

    Chameleonardodavinci yes I got your point, but anyway at least some think that this album it's great. I liked how Frusciante made use of many pedals. And also how John use the style of Tom Morello on the song call Readymade. I thought I was listening Rage Against the Machine


    More like underrated song. This is one of the top 5 songs for me from the album.


    Yep. As underrated a rock album as there ever was!


    Critical acclaim, yes, but not the popular acclaim it deserved in airplay, etc.

  19. Eelco J. van Kampen

    One of the best songs on the great double album "Stadium Arcadium" by the RHCP :)