Red Hot Chili Peppers - Strange Man Lyrics

All of my love and most of my fears
Been coming on strong for most of my years
Add up and end up in a song

Cellophane tweeds and revenue streams
Are blocking my shots and killin' my dreams
That showed me how to be the cause

Ooh ahh, yella, ooh ahh, hey ah what now?

It's a lifetime of a strange man, that's right
It's a long time, for me, I see
She wants to belong and, I want to be free
Ex-communicated 'cause there ain't no guarantee

Ooh ahh, yella, ooh ahh, yeah

All of my friends and enemies
They were part of this dance
That put me right here we go
So glad I got this chance

Better known plans and lesser known schemes
Were all about love and less about me
I'd have to say she wore the pants

That's oh!

It's the lifetime of a strange man, that's right
It's a long time for me, uh-huh
She wants to belong and, I want to be free
Ex-communicated 'cause there ain't no guarantee

Woo! Yeah
I've been left

It's a lifetime of a strange man, that's right
It's a long time, for me, lets see
She wants to belong and, I want to be free
Ex-communicated 'cause there ain't no guarantee

It's a lifetime of a strange man, that's me
It's a long time, for me, uh-uh
She wants to be rich and, I want to be free
Keep your plans elastic 'cause there ain't no, guarantee

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Strange Man Comments
  1. Só memes sam

    Que vibe gostosa ❤🔥

  2. jeb909

    Why would the Chili's sit on such a fine song? This and Long Progression show what Josh Klinghoffer is really capable of doing.

  3. Bass Alvarez

    Huge mistake leaving this track out of the disc!

  4. Cotoramm

    Debieron sacarlo como disco antes de the getaway, la verdad es muy buen album. NO debieron dejarlo solo como un EP especial.

  5. kjaydakidd

    Feels like Black Hole Sun remix lol

  6. Agnieszka Kotas

    Anyone else hears Pink Floyd's "Goodbye blue sky" here? 0:43

  7. Gary Schafer

    I'm 52 and I've heard almost everything I thought, old and new. I like the Chili Peppers a lot but was only aware of their studio CD's. Then my 16 year old son found all these awesome B-sides dozens of them. Smart kid

    James Schultz * Est.1982

    Then I hope he's discovered the other B-sides from Californication, By The Way, Stadium Arcadium, and BloodSugar!
    There are _LOTS!_ I've got most if not all among my playlists


    @James Schultz * Est.1982 Quixoticelixer, Let's Make Evil (One Hot Minute is seriously a fantastic album, Transcending written by Flea btw being my fav I think) , and of course the entire IBY especially!

  8. This Velvet Glove

    oloooloko essa musica e tão boa que to passando mal com ela

  9. Raisa Cherry

    Outstanding 😍💖

  10. J Pettitt

    I would love to hear a full album's worth of music just based on the jam at 2:08 - 2:35

    Luka Jukopila

    bssm, and all of their albums before 1992

  11. Trafalgar

    Still banging in 2018. #RHCP

  12. Andromeda93

    For me I'm With You Sessions is better than I'm With you

  13. Kevin Ivey

    Best 4 A.M. music ever.

  14. Tony Cero

    that guitar tho

  15. Šimon Kavan

    Hmmm.... What a tasty song!

  16. tronixz14

    Wooooo i love this song

  17. That One Coconut

    Can someone explain to me why this wasn't a full album, but split up into a bunch of singles?


    the guitar in the chorus is like the second voice back to kiedis. Beautiful

  19. wizdomslot69 wizdomslot69

    thanks for turning me on to This... .never even knew it was alive.

  20. Johnny Zed

    This song is better than anything on "The Getaway" by far

    Dimas Martinez

    no. The getaway is way awsome

    Johnny Zed

    Okay, its better than "The Hunter" atleast lol

    Dimas Martinez

    Agree dude. but the album is almost perfect. and i am not a new fan of the band.


    No the getaway is shit. I dont get why people hate on i'm with you but find the getaway to be good. In my opinion, i'm with you is not their best album but it's far superior to the getaway


    no dude, chill.
    The Getaway > I'm Beside You > I'm With You.

  21. Aiden Rodriguez

    Anyone else agree that IBY is better than IWY?


    IBY + Ethiopia should have been released instead IWY (the rest of)

    We're Live Pal!



    I've been struggling with IWY as soon as IBY hit my's all I'm listening to.

    Christian Cáceres

    @John Brendan's death song, The adventures of rain dance Maggie too.


    I prefer Stadium Arcadium, By The Way, Californication and BSSM

  22. freemars

    Easily the best song the I'm With You sessions produced. Pure insanity to not include it on the actual album!

    James Schultz * Est.1982

    The best bands have the most incredible B-sides, it's fuckin ridiculous... Have you heard some of Radiohead's old B-sides? Or Queens Of The Stone Age?

  23. Kickex

    Miss John :(

    angelo lima

    but dat music is good!!or not??

  24. Harry Dangler

    How the fuck was this left off of their 2011 album?

    Daniel Cervantes

    Same reason all of their b-sides are better than some of their album tracks. Rick. Rubin. Soul to Squeeze? Should have been on Blood Sugar. Quixoticelixer? Definitely should have been on Californication. Eskimo and Time? Why the hell were they left off By the Way? Lately and Mercy? Definitely should have been on Stadium Arcadium. Rick Rubin, man. Rick Rubin.

  25. Freek Peters

    josh his voice is amezing man

  26. Rusty Shackleford

    Crazy to think this didn't make the album. This with the odd time signature and _Long Progression_ are fantastic.

    The Archives of Turtle Island

    It's odd that most of the b sides r better then the I'm with you. .

  27. G C

    This should have been the lead single instead of Rain Dance Maggie.


    this is one is great, but for me Rain Dance Maggie is one os their best ever!

    G C

    @GivenToFly I like it too but that chorus gets old fast and isnt funky at all.

    Joaquin Mojica

    Nooo, The adventures of rain dance Maggie is one of the best songs in the album

    G C

    i dont think so.

  28. Luka Suskovic

    this is not RHCP. Song or album without Frusciante will never be success.

    iEdged Gaming

    I Agree, Josh is a great musician but i think he has changed the style of RHCP. If you listen to Josh's band "dot hacker" songs, RHCP songs start to sound like those songs

    angelo lima

    gay fanboy

  29. Sergey Melnik

    This song alone is better than all their albums before bssm combined.

    Johnny Zed

    Top 10 songs with Josh sure, but not their older songs.. no way.

    Creme Dela Creme

    good joke

    Christian Olsen

    Dude you're trippin

    Felipe Castro

    Just stop...

    Felipe Castro

    Also shut the fuck up xd

  30. stadioarcadio

    the song is way better than most of the I'm with you stuff.

  31. Gloria Lee

    Time time signature on this is amazing

  32. Léo Groovador

    a linha da guitarra no refrão me lembra um guitarrista que mudou a história de uma banda chamada red hot chili peppers

    angelo lima

    talvez tenha sido criada pelo próprio John cara!!Pq ainda nesse álbum houve uma mãozinha nas composições de linhas de guitarra,mas é claro,já executada pelo Josh!!

    Léo Groovador

    @angelo lima é... pode ser

    Mago Alcántara

    nope, these songs were created by Josh himself. Don't underestimate him.

  33. Ryan Morin

    De shavmpten gabsin en gupsin de flargenationdestein

  34. Manu Lara Zenozain

    Anyone knows where i can buy that slipmat? Thanks!

  35. Reinaldo Cartagena

  36. Felipe Santos

    Strange Man >>>>> I'm with You

  37. Lovebands6

    josh's guitar in the song

  38. damerle93

    The fuckin' chorus is killing me ~ O__O ~

  39. Strangerstmaxi

    what a chorus, i love the guitar on it, josh is incredible!

  40. dooshtoomun

    Like a whole new album. I love it!

  41. Ace Savant

    Damn cool song....but dizzying video :P

  42. Cali Roberts

    I LOVE this song

  43. Jacob Mota

    The sound Josh is making with the guitar sounds like The Sides from Ataxia's AWII with John

  44. Jacob Mota

    The sound Josh is making with the guitar sounds like The Sides from Ataxia's AWII with John

  45. James MacDonald

    Oh dat riff...

  46. koalapeacemaker

    @ avshalom matalon I thought it sounded a little like Slow Cheetah in the beginning.

  47. Lucas Kaplan

    Which one?
    None i can think of

  48. RoIIingStoned

    josh has got a style of his own, damn!

  49. kiarra wild

    If John and Anthony ( get how I ordered them?) had a baby, it would be the best singer, the funkiest person ever, and fucking HOT. Who agrees? Like this comment.

  50. kiarra wild

    As many others have commented, HOW DID THIS NOT MAKE IT ON THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!

  51. SwissAlpster

    I like this.

  52. DwarvesGotAxes

    We really need a B-sides album... none would hesitate ^^

  53. Noah S

    sounds like one of the songs from by the way

  54. Pablo Martinez

    The bridge of this song is an eargasm of funk

  55. astr0kooler

    I read the lyrics before I heard the song and I enjoyed it then. Now hearing it, I'm liking it even more.

  56. Maria Teresa Gonzalez

    ITS THE LAST TIME OF THE STREGE MAN, ITS A LONG TIME FOR. He wants to belog and I want tu be free. <3

  57. André Luiz


  58. PiaNoONE

    He's basically saying he kinda likes the newer albums, but he prefers the old-school Funk-Punk-Rock.

  59. Kyle Turnbull

    What sort of comment is this?

  60. Los Rojos Chiles Pimientos

    El primer B-side con Josh

  61. Roberto Reyna

    Best song in B-Side

  62. Isabela Glick

    This reminds me so much of Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, unfortunatelly.

    Depression Cherry

    This sounds absolutely nothing like BHS what on Earth are you on about

  63. Daniel Fernandes

    Well played lol!

  64. jtvalenz

    If you don't want to answer don't do it

  65. Chief Slac

    What do we have to do, lazybones shove it in your earholes?

  66. jtvalenz


  67. jtvalenz

    I haven'r listened these singles. Are they good?

  68. redhcp420

    sounds alot like the stuff with john, im impressed
    ... not like my opinion matters...

  69. jules rebou

    Best B-side song

  70. Giovanni Soto

    Better than I'm with u album

  71. Vesselina Agova

    Sir Psycho Sexy is now a grown man :)

  72. ecoRfan

    It's like a modern version of Party on your P---y

  73. Hellraiser in East Tenn.

    Great RHCP!!! All I can say!

  74. Mark Mcmahon

    soooo goddd damn groooooooovvvyyyyy!!

  75. naama :)

    thats what Blood Suger's fans said about Stadium Arcadium. תפתח לדברים חדשים אל תתקע בעבר

  76. איתי קפלן

    look i love rhcp realy but the new style of the band just sucks

  77. איתי קפלן

    my english is not good i now but it's hard to get the new style in the band

  78. aled nicholas

    reminds me so much of someone, dosed, bicycle song etc smooth chords, very melodic ,great beat, amazing vocal harmonies = amazing song ,once again

    makes me very excited about their future material

  79. davidwantsahug

    If John Frusciante and Johnny Greenwood had a baby...
    It would be Josh Klinghoffer.

  80. josue R.H.C.P

    RHCP the best band the wolrd

  81. Vinicius Leite

    josh is fucking and also anthony

  82. bella trix

    POLSKA <3
    RHCP <33

  83. Matt Booth

    he also plays the trumpet!

  84. Atsushi Ikeda

    It's called change.

  85. איתי קפלן

    somthing just fuked up in the new album they are losing there chili peppers style

  86. Kerrmiester

    The beginning sounds like something from the By The Way era. Great chorus, riffs amazing!

  87. MrDrumfreak123

    guys just shut up and enjoy the fucking music

  88. MsPinkwolf

    That gives me a serious urge to go out and buy a vintage record player :)

  89. Matt Mower

    Yeah, there is for sure put on some headphones and listen closely man! haha

  90. mulefa1

    no dude there is seriously some bongo loving going on ;)

  91. Jarrid Rahme

    In think that's Fleas bass you are hearing :)

  92. julka łucka

    the best of the new songs *.*

  93. David Keith

    Man nobody does like the Chili Peppers!! Long live RHCP!!!!!!

  94. DaveWarnerNY

    Whoa, that sounds GREAT! Especially Josh on geetar...this should've been on the CD! Really dig the new album but can't wait to hear the next one, with Josh getting more comfortable & finding his place in the band. Keep it up, bitches! :)