Red Hot Chili Peppers - Make You Feel Better Lyrics

She's the one she's the only one
She's got ripped back light
Gonna make me come
I say... when I smile I'm a really smile
I got dreams so wide like a country mile

I said now, I'll take it
It's better for you
Somehow we'll make it
'cause that's what we do

Pick a star in the open sky
I see you see me
And that is why I

Hop along to the cowboy beat
When I feel your fire
Jump up to meet

Something out there
Where love is your only friend and
We are the ones
That will make you feel better and
Someone to spare
When love is the only end and
We are the ones
That will make you feel better
Oh yeah

In a world that has run amok
I've got to set my sights
Just to get struck

I walk away from the rank and file
With a punched out mouth
And a pack of style

I say... she's the one she's the only one
Make me search myself
Until I'm done... and

Tell me now in a telegram
Do the sea of stars
Make a diagram... and

So alive I arrive on dust
You can search my mind
For the red on rust... I said
Take me there and she really cares
Lights up for me gonna hear my prayers
I said

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Make You Feel Better Comments
  1. CHILD chaild

    Gracias Dios por el regalo navideño para esta nueva era del 2020.!!!

  2. Fransheska Farfan

    Link pofis

  3. Kasia Lotnik

    this song was made to make me feel better

  4. Huber Ponce

    Viva el nopor xd, quise decir los Red Hot :v

  5. Virgilio

    Le debo las gracias a Diego y su cama oxidada, por enseñarme esta canción

  6. jhon sebastian tirado

    Vengo por un video nopor :v y me doy cuenta que al fin sacó algo. bueno de eso :v

    Paul Castro

    me dices porq todo el mundo dice q hay un vidio nopor de esto plotz :v y si puedes lo rolas :vvvv

  7. Morán Bass

    A veces cuando escucho esta rola se viene a la mente la chava gritona jajaja

  8. Chisomo Kumbuyo

    its 2019 and i still get chills when i listen to this classic. Very underrated RHCP song

  9. Jeanann Hartman

    This album is loaded with chili peppers magic amazing


    Soy virgen v

    Ramba Hedgie

    Diego no

  11. Mandrell La

    Love is my only friend - Mad Glad Baby Goat is Cupid #madchild

  12. DAFUQ

    Cuántos vienen por la cama que rechina?

    Alexis Zamora

    Pobre pinche colchón. AY DIOS AY DIOS JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA

    Carlos carlin


  13. Luis Santiago Ochoa David


  14. Alber P H

    Veo gente sin cultura diciendo que conocen la banda por un video nopor >:C
    Pd: Cual video? :D

    Donald J Trump

    Nadie nace conociendo a los RHCP, te sorprenderia como otras personad conocieron esta banda.

  15. Katarzyna Madajczyk

    They are my only friend now 😁

  16. RamBoss 729

    Broa the last part of the song always gives me chills

  17. Ronny

    Awesome! This song sounds so much like something from the 95s misfits

    Alexis Zamora

    Pinche colchón a madres x)

  18. I H

    The message kinda has rancid's fall back down vibe

  19. El Negro :v

    No puedo creer que conoci a esta banda por un video porno :v

    Scott B

    XD somos varios men


    Jaja Xvideos???

    Marco Fernandez

    XD así es men

  20. tarun mittal

    I found this song, after listening to it in a porno :D XD

    Alexis Zamora



    Yea me too , and it was great

  21. bande velazquez

    Jajaja no fui el único que llegó por un vídeo porno


    No jjajajajja

    Alexis Zamora

    @DAFUQ Somos miles

  22. Bilbo Bolsonaro

    Temazo de la concha de la madre


    jajadjasdja no lo podria haber dicho mejor

  23. Laura V. Andrada

    ¿Por qué? No hay por que. Aguante los Red hot !!!!

  24. Grippingjoker GR

    Παμε μωρή Ελλαδα

  25. Lebenonrocks

    Fuck Youtube ads

  26. Mehdi L.

    I know that this song is supposed to be about Kiedis's ex GF but when I hear the "We are the ones that will make you feel better" I can't help but feel like the Chili Peppers are adressing me directly, telling me that their music is just here here to lift me up.

    Alvaro Martinez

    Same feeling about that ❤

    Enzo Martins

    Well everyone can interprate a song as they want ^^

    TheTwicey RHCP Drum Covers

    The lyrics really ARE about that they make people happy with their music. Look up Stadium Arcadium Commentary documentary. Anthony literally says that himself.


    Whenever I listen to this song, I think of my closest friends

  27. bjl_gato00

    She's the one she's the only one...

    Scampy fairhair

    Shes got ripped back light gonna make me come

  28. Piere Galvez

    temazo xdxd

  29. Music Lover123

    The name fits perfectly! This song makes me feel better haha!

  30. Rose O'Hare

    The most underrated RCHP song ever and my favourite song ever.


    Ésta canción me da nostalgia


    So true

    Brennan Kline

    Agrred luna!

  31. Peter Wolin

    RHCP.....8 years missing my 2 boys Jack Wolin and Sam Wolin. love and miss u guys dearly 24/7

  32. Sady Acosta Diaz

    ¿Alguien mas llego aquí por un vídeo porno? jajaja ¿solo yo?

    Donald J Trump

    Shiiiiit i thougth i was the only one.


    Diegooo diegooo diegooo xD

    Donald J Trump

    @Álvaro Como tu sabes que su nombre es diego?

    Jesus Illidge

    Jajajjaja no estás solo viejo

    Alexis Martinez

    Que pequeño es el mundo mi hermano xD

  33. Floor Van Haaren

    Best song ever

  34. alejandro Alvarado

    A todos les debería que a todos les gusten a todo el mundo

    Benja Pereira C.


  35. alejandro Alvarado

    Me parece muy buena :-) :-)

  36. alejandro Alvarado

    Bueno yo soy de Colombia

  37. alejandro Alvarado

    Yes all



  39. Gord Carnell


  40. BigOof

    This song is so underrated

  41. Jesse Murray

    This song is so easy to play guitar along with it's an amazing song!


    Em, B, C,G
    Chorus - G,D,E,C

  42. Gord Carnell

    Wish they would play this live. Lots of love Goooooooooooooord!!

    Zen Jon

    Gord Carnell it would make a good set closer

  43. lonely270

    Nice upload! I missed the album version once uploaded on youtube be RHCPFreakLol, but this is a pretty nice and of good quality! :)

    Ευχαριστούμε! :)

    Ricki Ramlal

    lonely270 yiasas

  44. Alex Stockholm

    Vengo por el vidio porno de la morra gritona :v xdd

    Maximiliano Falcon

    gracias a esa mina conoci este grandioso tema

    Jonathan Daniel Pingo Santamaria

    Jajajaja... ese pack lo tiene todo, gritos, poses y sobre todo buena música.. 😂😂😂😂....



    Ramiro Ninaquispe

    Rola el video prro


    X1000 😂

  45. n oob

    They made me feel better

  46. Ella Sansolis


  47. Thalles César

    Great Music

  48. Jam93

    2 people make you feel annoyed.

  49. Arthur Morgan

    awesome quality. great job thx :)