Red Hot Chili Peppers - Annie Wants A Baby Lyrics

Lucy Rebar
She's a friend of mine
Later she'll go
Back and redefine the line
It's getting longer all the time
Oh yeah

Drinking sunshine
She likes the taste of it
She had a gold mine
but then she wasted it away
You should have seen her yesterday
Oh yeah

Sing along the way
Nothing stops the ache

Sugar daddy
Loves her madly
Cosma shiva
Got off
Made you a believer
I don't need to
Why do I believe you?
Annie wants a baby now
Annie wants a baby
Any way she can

Missing pieces
She's got a lot of them
Time decreases
I wish I thought of them
- before
Before it's time
To close the store
Oh yeah

A lonely sycophant
Some liberation
The only seed
We ever plant
I wanna help you
But I can't
No no

Sing along the way
Nothing stops the ache

Sugar daddy
Loves her madly
Love 'er leave 'er
Got off
Made you a believer
Neon soldiers
Left her
Now you've gotten older
Annie wants a baby now
Annie wants a baby
Any way she can

It's getting longer all the time
It's time to redesign the sign
Oh yeah
Sing along the way

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Annie Wants A Baby Comments
  1. Matias Fernando Muñoz Higuera

    Underrated album.

  2. Jia Jen Chou

    Thank you Josh... 😢

  3. Jason Goodman

    RHCP, absolutely prolific. Legendary status, and how Anthony can still make it work without John, and this group still continues to churn out quality albums . He's the best front man, in my opinion, than any we have out there. Not just the melodic voice, but his writing, it strikes a chord for me. ...mind blowing...this is a solid album. This song is one of many of theirs that gives me chills, but that's pretty much every track that they put out. Without them over the years, I don't know where I'd be. Un-fucking-believable.
    It's understated how great this band is.

    And I didn't even mention Flea yet, who is hands down the best bassist ever. Easily. This group is on another fucking level..

  4. Annie

    bitches stole my name

  5. Marc Ovens

    Bass line is so much like this is the place lol both great songs

  6. rawjc

    most underrated song by them all time!

  7. kuptrach 's

    Esse álbum é muito incrível! Conheci ele a mais ou menos 1 mês atrás, escutei música por música, tenho que te dizer que esse álbum é maravilhoso! Apesar de não ser o melhor do mundo, tem músicas bem agradáveis pra mim :)

    Hudson Vasconcelos

    Ele seria ainda melhor se tivesse um mix melhor, guitarras mais altas e aumentassem um pouco os backing vocals

    Gustavo Santos

    @Hudson Vasconcelos exato, tal como a mixagem do By the Way e era perfeito

  8. Wallyson Souza

    the best song!

  9. Maxi C.

    Great song... reminds me "This is the place".

  10. Billie Clarke

    I heard this playing in college one day I got home and that was when I found out I was pregnant with my first and I always played it for my son when he was in the womb and now he recognises the time and he loves it

  11. Arjun Neil Menezes

    Anyone thinks there's a resemblance of the start of this song to the start of "Dream Theater- Lifting Shadows off a Dream"

  12. Matheus Lima

    Melhor banda ever

  13. Matheus Lima

    Melhor banda ever

  14. Joker Peruvian

    Annie quiere su calato

  15. Philip McNulty

    Underrated song on an underrated album.

    Jamie Wilson

    My favourite song off that whole album, in fact my favourite of any of the post-Frusciante era material. Its the only song on these last 2 albums that really gave me the same feeling I got hearing their previous work the first time.

    Your right about this album being underrated, it definitely gets judged alot harsher than it deserves. For a band coming off a big hiatus and both loosing the man most responsible for their the overall sound IMO and having to bring in a new, young man who would obviously feel under immense pressure to perform, and to actually "be John" in order for many fans to accept him. It's hard to make good music under these circumstances. Did they smash it out the court? was definitely a step down from Stadium, and nowhere close to Cali, BSSM or BTW. But it was on par with the likes of OHM and Mother's Milk, maybe lacking that one massive song like those albums both had. But it's still better than 95% of albums released this last decade and it's alot better than The Getaway for sure.


    Shit song on a shit album.

  16. LucielZ1

    This album has becomed my favorite RHCP album since One Hot Minute.

    Amazing album, I love its singles and songs like this.

    Illiteracy Will Prevail

    Don't you like Frusciante???

    Ignacio Díaz

    @Illiteracy Will Prevail he can like frusciante and enjoy the other albums at the same time

    Cap Schmohawk

    @Ignacio Díaz yah


    Illiteracy Will Prevail Frusciante is gone.


    lightningbolt99999 well well well how the turntables

  17. Oreo Jumper Guinea Pigs

    Missing pieces! She's has a lot of 'em. Well done.

  18. Brett Deutsch

    This is the place where all the...

    Oh wait.

    sergio arturo carlos carrillo

    Brett Deutsch


    Wow. I can't believe I missed that similarity. Nice! :D


    Brett Deutsch The bass line sounds similar

    Matias Fernando Muñoz Higuera

    This is "This Is The Place" but better in other style ❤️ in my opinion "I'm With You" is a great album

  19. Max Brox


    The song starts with a Lucy Reibart in the begining. But then another Girl name 'Annie' can some one explain.

  20. Cherish G

    I can't people complain about this album. I love it!


    I can't people complain about album either

    Soyborne. Born, made, and undone by the soy.

    I miss John and all but people need to give Josh a good run. He's amazing! Just in a different way.


    Because it’s the first one in a long time without John and people still can’t get over that.

  21. Twisted Ed

    This is by far my favorite RHCP song
    I remembered after four years
    Can't stop hitting the replay button


    +Tyler Durden if this is your favorite song, note that you do not like RHCP....

    Twisted Ed

    +vantomsson maybe in your eyes but I forget where I'm supposed to care


    come on man, there are thousand songs better than this, when RHCP were in his best moment (Blood sugar sex magic, one hot minute, californication, etc)

    Twisted Ed

    +vantomsson it's mainly because the memory I have associated with this song
    Do you know what I mean?
    Like each time I listen to this song I remember it in detail, and with the other ones I don't have that yet


    +Twisted Ed This is one of my favorites by them by far and ive been listening to them since i was 5, Im now 21. Im glad that you arent easily tricked into thinking that a song isnt as good as the others because of what the "masses" think. Just continue to enjoy the music brother.. Cheers.

  22. Artur Henrique

    I love the "Sugar, daddy, loves her maaAAaAaAaAadly" part

    Metal Inc

    Artur Henrique me too


    jajajajajajaja!! I love that part too!


    me too omg

    Herbert Carmo

    That's amazing this part...

    riccardo liso

    Me too!

  23. Alejo Donsanti

    RHCP <3 nothing else


    vamos river

    Metal Inc

    Alejo Donsanti vamo independiente

    Camilo Rivero

    Penalll para bocaa

  24. Keyton Ald

    I would say that all there songs are great but personally I'm With You really hooked me and for me could possibly be one of there best albums

  25. Buffalo Soldier

    Reminds me of how close I held her before I kissed her.

  26. Benjamin Roschy

    lol someone said one of the best Rhcp songs ever? ha ha. That's quite a stretch. Not saying it's a bad song but damn........ lol. Also I don't think it sounds like any of the songs that people mentioned.. "This is the Place" maybe the bass line.. slightly? but overall completely different. Maybe it's just the good ole Chili vibe you're hearing

    asd dsa

    @Benjamin Roschy everyone has their opinion. deal with it.

    Srivikram Sundararajan

    It's EXTREMELY underrated

  27. Malcolm Mars

    love this song

  28. IBR

    Reminds me of "This is the place". Am I right?

    Matías Imantti

    Bass line sounds alike.


    I came here exactly for a comment like this


    IB R Bass line sounds similar

    Libre Pensador

    The same beat of the drums and also bass line

  29. Nayara Goomez

    Music Good '' i Love Rhcp <33

  30. Nick Scalia

    The beginning of this song reminds me of the beginning of "This is the Place"

  31. joely clouse


  32. Ben Castle

    the intro is like nirvana's something in the way

  33. Love to Love you

    Don't forget Charlie and yes it is a girl

  34. rob hartmania

    The Bass always makes me think of Nirvanas "Rape Me"

    Rosalina CV

    robhartjr1993 what?

  35. CornyTelecaster49

    Hmmmm... Is Dani California the same Dani from By the Way ?

    angelo rivera

    and also the "teenage bride with a baby inside" from californication

  36. annie from the block

    well thank you!

  37. John Frusciante

    Charlie !

  38. Mad Stache Moto

    this is a maggie.

    A girl who doesn't trust or fall in love easily. (CAUTION: if you are lucky enough to have her fall for you, she has a soft heart that is easily hurt. Be good to her.) She can be confusing, but only needs you to tell her and things will clear up. She can be beautiful inside and out. Her spirit draws you to her like a magnet. Once you know her, everyday is new. You can never be sure that you know everything about her.

  39. Mad Stache Moto

    maggies not a woman... thers maggies everywhere but its not a single person :/

  40. Guy Frombettercraft

    Annie is 10. :P

  41. Kakalahara

    I love all rhcps girls even if i havent seen them ... i have felt them

  42. Jack Graham

    And the Sexy Mexican Maid?

  43. Dalton Savage

    Apache Rose Peacock?

  44. joely clouse


  45. joely clouse


  46. tjarco kugel

    wat happened with Dani?

  47. Hugo Cunha

    What about about Anne (John Frusciante's solo album)?

  48. MrGreenman447

    I think that the lyrics imply that she got sterilized.

    "She had a gold mine then she wasted it away."

  49. Ketan

    guitar sounds like hey from sa :)

  50. jennifer Camara

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Annie Wants a Baby

  51. rhcp192837465

    That's a real person. It was the women that helped Anthony kicked his drug addiction. And it's called "Venice Queen" because Anthony bought her a house in Venice.

    dinner roll

    rhcp192837465 was this supposed to be on Venice Queen? Because Annie Wants a Baby has nothing to do with Gloria/The Venice Queen.

  52. Samuel Parel

    This is the place Intro Recycled :D

  53. lydiaxl

    i want one from joshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahaha;p

  54. Anna lalalala

    too drunk and wasted to post the way are you interested in exchanging souls?

  55. jonile369

    sperm bank annie,sperm bank.

  56. Sebastian M

    Annie, have you tried in-vitro? :P

  57. bertinorese

    the only one beautiful song on i'm with you

  58. SNC

    damn you, you started another see comment adventure im not in the mood for an adventure

  59. MeSKeNsolo

    what about the girl from breaking the girl ?

  60. xxrockon83

    What about the young blonde girl from Catholic School Girls Rule?

  61. Isabel Thayanne

    \o/ Brasil só ouve isso , bom demais *-*

  62. Bradley Mash

    As a huge RHCP fan who listens to this song quite frequently... this comment is hilarious...

  63. Jillian C

    nice! what about dont forget?

  64. Emma Pwf

    A lot of their new songs and some old ones like californication, snow and can't stop

  65. Jillian C

    what songs did they play?

  66. Luka Magic

    Where's my LoL jokes at?

    Eagle Productions

    Does Tibbers count as a baby?

  67. Michael Momper

    and tugboat shiela... she's into memorabilia.

  68. Rik Selier

    Charlie is wahever you want it to be, Anthony said it in a Interview

  69. Emma Pwf

    I went to their concert in parisssss ! It was amazing :D

  70. caio53396

    maybe this albums' best song

  71. sfgiantcdxv

    Charlie is cocaine

  72. James Lambert

    drinking sunshine, she likes the taste of it.

  73. xHearter

    and charlie and cherry

  74. caio53396

    @lucasfalsett and Charlie

  75. Yippie37

    I'd rather have a Sexy Mexican Maid, a Blackeyed Blonde, and lots of Catholic Girls...cuz they Rule ;)

  76. JP_L

    brendan, brutus , charlie... the RHCP budds

  77. December Lithium

    Don't forget the girl that is only 18!

  78. Juan Carlos Márquez Flores

    Charlie as well!!

  79. Alex C

    My girlfriend's name is Annie. We're 16. Fuck.

  80. JusticeB4Honor

    Girlfriend hangs up on me to "hang out" with her ex. My first thought: I need RHCP....

  81. Ana Raissa Bolano


  82. Ana Raissa Bolano

    Nice to meet you I'm Maggie ;-{D I can make rain!

  83. Iam Leyva

    ohh okey now i understand your point :P

  84. Alvaro Ramos

    Brendan is a guy's name.

  85. Aaron Grape

    Hey u forgot Brendan from Brendans death song. xP

  86. Poni

    la guitarra de este disco solo es un acompañamiento al bajo, ya no es tan importante, josh es un extra.

  87. Ana Raissa Bolano

    I think Annie,Maggie,Dani is the same person...

  88. Ana Raissa Bolano

    Gloria Scott was a big friend of Anthony,but she died and he made this song Venice Queen...

  89. COLovesYou1

    and Charlie? XD jk that's a drug

  90. Guy T

    And Brandy:)

  91. MrSneakyR

    What about Charlie?

  92. MrTooboredtocare

    Exactly, so as he's a real person he shouldn't be counted as one of the characters made up by RHCP

  93. Iam Leyva

    Brendan is a man .... Brendan Mullen the owner of a club in LA

  94. Celestica Demonix

    I bet allof these girls were luckies to sleep with this sex god Anthony

  95. Dannie K

    I heard my name? :3

  96. Callum Hallgarten

    kk it was the capitalisation that got me :P

  97. Callum Hallgarten

    since when was monarchy a name?