Red Fang - Dawn Rising Lyrics

Staring searching
A shell of a shadow
Tried so hard to be right
Becoming so wrong
Until nothing was left
And nothing was right

I still hear
The clash of weapons
Disguised as words
So easy to begin
So hard to end
So easy to begin
And so hard to end

Dawn rising
Sun shine burning
Feels like defeat

An empty zero
Living flatline
It felt like misery
The truth that set me free
The world a mirror
Bloodied and broken

Screaming riot
Screaming riot riot
Until nothing was left
And nothing felt right
'Til nothing was left
And nothing felt right

Dawn rising
Sun shine burning
Feels like defeat

An empty zero
Who lives in flatline
It felt like misery
The truth that set me free
The world a mirror
Broken, bloodied and cracked

Screaming riot
Screaming riot
Screaming riot

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Red Fang Dawn Rising Comments
  1. Charles Bergeron

    Thought it was Jack Black doing a feat lol

  2. swilldrummer

    Absolute killer!!..

  3. Evan Davidson

    dope sauce \\m//

  4. Daniel Young

    I guess 7 people listen to the radio too much.

  5. Daniel Young

    Yeah this band deserves way more views,these guys are extremely talented.

  6. ROB HAMMER *stonerdoom*psych*sludge*grunge*metal*

    my fav Red Fang song...

  7. De Ba

    Mike Scheidt recalls frontman Ugly Kid Joe.

  8. AthuZ

    The breaks on 0:29 and 4:30 are better than dubstep drops XD

  9. NotGunna Tellya

    Honestly, I had never heard of them until I heard they are opening for Rob Zombie in September here in Eugene. These guys are sick...had to get their CD yesterday...they kick serious ass and I can't wait to see them next month!!

  10. Sean Cross

    Dude wtf..These guys are fucking Epic. They should have way more fans. EVERY song is different, there original. They don't recycle there melodies. THIS IS FUCKING ART.  FUCK YEAH PORTLAND. Btw Thank you RED FANG for the $20 tip at the Rose Festival WaterFront Carnival back in 2011.

  11. James McGeoy Jr.

    Goddamn, this song is fucking tasty. 

  12. Thomas Hinds

    Did Mike Sheidt also have a hand in writing the instrumentals?  Really does sound like a Yob song.  

  13. damnbacon88

    The sound of mountains moving.

  14. Damion Seitz

    can you say Red Fang and YOB tour???

  15. Corey

    Needs more views.

  16. Vincent Houde

    fuckin killer

  17. Demartan


  18. sinister zero

    Red fang is amazing live

  19. Mutt Dawg

    This is bad ass

  20. senordonkeyoatey

    Mike was there on Nov 10th in Vancouver too, awesome....!

  21. Nick Gustafson

    @***** Um they acquired some range to their label? You can keep your clicky bass drum and blast beats, I like my metal to have some creativity. and @LAMPERJAW They have been playing this live on their current tour! Mike was there on saturday in seattle!

  22. Mateus Zoet

    Best song on the album, by far!

  23. luap ekcol

    Remind me of the melvins, and that's a good thing

  24. halogenkane RSH



  25. beandumper

    god-fucking-dang. this track is insanely great.

  26. Deron Weet

    This track is incredible...the whole album is. I also love Every Little Twist, the arrangement is genius.

  27. cultburst

    same problem! :D

  28. Hobotron Jones

    I've been listening to this song all day and I still can't get it out of my head.


    I really hope they team up with YOB on a tour so they can play this with Mike live. Best track on a loaded album!!

  30. Jose Fernandes

    OMG ... SO good ... rock reinvented.. sort off :)

  31. Un7ucky

    oh man fave on this album i think

  32. tuojir

    Nice to hear Mike singing on their song. He's doing that well.

  33. rowdybaddogg

    What an epic record