Reckless Kelly - Sixgun Lyrics

Sadie got a six gun
She ain't afraid to use it
The banker took us straight down
to the safe and I blew it
The sheriff heard a big bang
In the broad daylight
And by the time the smoke cleared
We were nowhere in sight

Sadie got an Mustang
An old '64
Sadie got the top down
And her foot to the floor
Lights in the rearview
Got the fuzz on our tail
Better give me that scattergun, baby
I ain't goin' back to jail

Sadie got a hideout
Off of 71
We'll count up all the money
Ditch the car and the guns
Sadie says she loves me
I'll always be her man,
"And I'll see you in Rio honey
We gotta stick to the plan"

I woke up in the hayloft
To the rooster's crow
No sign of Sadie
No sign of the dough
I'm heading to the airport
I got a little brass key
I got a ticket and a passport
Locker 32-B

Open up the blue box
There ain't nothing inside
I been played like a fiddle
I've been taken for a ride
Sadie made a phone call
In the middle of the night
They've got the place surrounded
With the black and white

I got myself a hostage
In a Delta skirt
"Do as I tell you
And nobody gets hurt
Show me where your car's parked
You're gonna have to drive
Because I'll be hiding in the backseat
With a .45"

"Get me through the roadblock
Better drive real slow
Better play your cards right
And I'll let you go"
And I hear my heart a pounding
As fast as it can
I hear the copper askin'
Have you seen this man[?]

Delta kept her mouth shut
Like a good girl should
"And you're free to go now
'cuz you done real good"

Now I got a suitcase
And a thumb in the air
I don't know where I'm goin'
And I don't really care

Bubba's got a big rig
And an empty seat
We're headin' to Laredo
It's alright with me

I'll check into a hotel
In old Mexico
I gotta wait until it cools down
I'm gonna lay a little low

Well I don't miss the money
I don't miss the guns
Well I sure miss Sadie
Even after all she's done

Yea, Sadie left me hanging
And she told a lotta lies
Well it's true what they say boys
True love never dies

True true love
True true love

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