Reckless Kelly - Save Me From Myself Lyrics

I drink too much, I smoke a lot, and they say I drive too fast
Too many times I've laid it all on the line livin' each day like my last
And I've played these cards that I've been dealt, I hold them close against my chest
I don't need no one to save me from myself

Well when I was young there were no carseats so I'm lucky just to be alive
Two little hands on a dusty dash, yeah but grandpa sure could drive
And he drove that truck til the day he died, he never wore his safety belt
He didn't need no one to save him from himself

Kids these days got it made in the shade, but they got a lot of lessons to learn
So every once in a while let 'em play with fire so they can find out how to not get burned

Well my old man is a hell of a guy and he taught us all how to live
My mother's a saint but let me tell you she ain't afraid to tell somebody how it is
And they shake their heads and watch them kids run wild and they wish that they could help
They wonder who is gonna save them from themselves

Who is gonna save them from themselves

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Reckless Kelly Save Me From Myself Comments
  1. Dave Gagnon

    Great song Guys keep it going

  2. Howlin' Donster

    Reckless Kelly is as good as they come....

  3. Eric Leippe

    God dammit now when I search for Reckless Kelly on youtube I get this stupid shitty ass band

    J BIRD

    Eric Leippe then you have a truly shitty taste in music.

  4. Phillip Riddell

    Damn thats great. love it ..!! thanks great song .

  5. Alan Brandle

    I've been an R.K. fan for awhile and this new song is no surprise. Willie and Cody are great and Jay just adds to the mix. Live the whole band is awesome. Can't wait til they play our neck of the woods again.

  6. 4 The Love of The Shave

    These guys are great! Nashville is crazy…..

  7. Alan Buckley

    Great Country Song. The Genre is not dead but have to look to find it now. I want to borrow that fiddle player!

    Jason Scott

    +Alan Buckley Cody is a fiddle LEGEND.

  8. Shady Wilbury


    And here was I thinking I'd heard every RK song I liked. Just found a new one.