Reckless Kelly - Nobody's Girl Lyrics

The first man that you ever loved
Left your mamma, never said goodbye to anyone
And you were raised with your head held high
But any fool can see it's just a clever disguise

You're nobody's baby
You're nobody's darlin'
You're nobody's girl

You've always been a little scared to open your heart
And you never let anybody take it too far
You never let em' on the inside
'Cause you're always scared of getting taken for a ride

You're nobody's baby
You're nobody's darlin'
You're nobody's girl

Everybody wants you but you don't wanna care
So you keep em' at a distance with the frown you wear
You spend your time trying to even the score
And you've got it in your head you deserve a lot more
The first one was a total disaster
So was the second one and every one after
But when you're breaking in a broken home
You're gonna be sure to spend some nights on your own

When you're nobody's baby
You're nobody's darlin'
You're nobody's girl
You're nobody's baby
You're nobody's darlin'
You're nobody's girl
You're nobody's girl

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Reckless Kelly Nobody's Girl Comments
  1. thomas daddio

    Cross Canadian Ragweed brought this fan here!

  2. Billy Fleming

    Never heard of them until Cross Canadian Ragweed mentioned them. I like their sound.

  3. chuckHart70

    Can we just enjoy their stuff and quit complaining about this or that. I dont care where you are from, if the music is good, its good. This is real that isnt. Texas, Nashville, I wish these guys were big... MAN I cant take it.... :-)

    Brian Gehring

    Yessir: good is good.

  4. Reckless Kelly

    Remember that time we forgot our youtube info and was trying to figure out how to log back in, so we thought if we commented on a video it would send an email to the email we set this channel up on.


    maybe it will now someones liked the comment??

    The Triplets

    Hellyea you guys are great!!! Fan for life!!!!!

  5. Tyr

    Friend: Alan Jackson or R-

    Me: Reckless Kelly

    Rage Reynolds

    Charlie Robison is better than Reckless Kelly tho

  6. Jeanne Novicki

    Reckless Kelly is awesome! 💜

    Michael Fisher

    As the Irish would say, they are lovely. And consistently good.

  7. bay guys

    biggest fan

    brandy ayers


  8. ladybluetexan

    raw and perfect.

  9. geneland

    I heard you on I Heart Radio's, Texas Red Dirt Radio and had to check out your videos. Great sound! Keep on keeping on!

  10. RiddleBoxLette95

    I completely forgot about these guys and this song until I came across it on Spotify, I could relate to this song back when it first dropped and even now

  11. Cary Sadler

    Well, this shits all new to me. Call it what you want, it's awesome stuff to my ears. If I hadn't got hired to play it, doubt I would have found it on my own

  12. Happy Man

    beautiful song ;;

  13. Willis Gray


  14. Joe Black

    Very good country.

  15. Tim King

    Willy, and Cody Braun from this band hate the terms (TX Country or Red Dirt). Tx Country band rarley leave Texas to play shows besides Oklahoma. These guys try and play outside of Texas more than they do inside of it. They do a tour oversees alot. They moved here in 97/98 before there was "Texas or Red Dirt music". I mean they lived in Idaha and your not gona make a name for yourself there, so that's when they decided to move to Austin, Texas, because there was a Music Scence there and they could play shows. They are more of a mix of Country, Americana, even a little Blues, Indie, and Rockabilly. I saw them Last Friday at HOB in Dallas, and Cody and Willy from Reckless played the entire set with there younger brothers micky and the motorcars. (ps: Willy and Micky wrote this song together)

    Cee Tee

    yea but dude. they play texas country. seriously. if you move to texas and play texas country, thats what they are gonna call ya. jus like nashville. you know how many people claim nashville that arent even from tennessee?? i live on the tn bama line and i can call muscle shoals country from nashville 75% of the time. same with texas and okie and im startin to pick up on this florida thang too.

    mr med

    +Tim King   YES, I AGREE --- PLAY IN ILLINOIS !!!!!!

    Garrett Tacha

    +Tim King What do you mean, "before there was Texas or Red Dirt music"????? Waylon and Willie created the outlaw movement, which centered for the formation of Texas country music.  Jerry Jeff Walker was the godfather of Texas country music.  Regional acts soon emerged in the late 80s and early 90s that created the label "The Texas Country Music Scene".  Pat Green started in 1994 and had a HUGE impact on the Texas Country music scene.  The list goes on.  Texas Country music was created long before Reckless came to town.  As for Red Dirt country was created back in the 80s.  Randy Crouch started playing a lot of folk rooted songs that accompanied other styles, such as blues, jazz, Indie, and some western swing.  Bob Childers, who had been playing music all his life, had a house and farm outside of Stillwater, OK...and "The Farm" is where the label Red Dirt country music came into play.  Bob Childers gave it the name in 1990.  Regional acts from all over Oklahoma came to The Farm to watch and participate with Bob Childers, Randy Crouch, Tom Skinner, and so on. Acts such as The Red Dirt Rangers, Mike McClure and The Great Divide...which made way for Cody Canada, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Johnny Cooper...and the list goes on.  Yes, Reckless Kelly is a mix of country, Americana (which is folk music), Blues, Indie, and Rockabilly....which is translated into Red Dirt music. But, I just wanted to more or less clear things up for you.  It seemed as though you weren't thoroughly educated on the history of the Texas Country Music scene or the Red Dirt Country Music just wanted to help you out.

    Ringling Road

    Tim King to bad it was us Texas boys that got them famous

  16. kvc003

    TEXAS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alan Argue

    Oregon Country.  edit.  my bad idaho.  pinto bennett country.

    Buddy Shaw

    Idaho country.

    Ringling Road

    Buddy Shaw funny how they got big by coming to Texas..

  17. Gary Humphrey

    Oh I didn't realize Georgia had its own country music charts. And every one talks about Georgia county huh

  18. Valentina Sacco

    ain't no use in saying is red dirt no it isn't, it's simply good music; enjoy brothers and sisters

    Stefan Sarri

    Well alright, enjoying the shit outta this then!!!

    Garrett Tacha

    +Valentina Sacco No it isn't Red Dirt??? Is that what you said?? Because this is most definitely Red Dirt country music

    Ringling Road

    Valentina Sacco yes it is. they hit it big when they showed up to Texas. truth. been listening to them when i was highschool. I'm 31 now

  19. Dylan Cathey

    Redirt is the low key stuff with a mainstreet sound. Tryin to go Nashville. Your Casey donahew and stoney larue type stuff. Texas Country are the bands that just love their music and stick to their own sound always. Your Jason bolands, Ryan Bingham types

    Ringling Road

    first time I looked them up on YouTube. been listening to these guys since highschool. I'm 31 now. I lost my CD

    Dylan Cathey

    Justin Herbut no problems there i still use CDs too

    Ringling Road

    Dylan Cathey you're fucking old. 😂

    Dylan Cathey

    Justin Herbut bro im 24

    Ringling Road

    Dylan Cathey still banging my head to it

  20. Cherri Harris

    "Texas Country" you are aware these boys are from Idaho right? and by the way they are incredible, especially compared to the garbage we call country music these days. They played at my moms wedding years ago, they're good buddies of my uncle.

    Daniele Jaques

    Cherri Harris they're from Oregon

    Outdoor JK

    listen to the love version of crazy eddies last hurrah. the braum brothers are from Stanley Idaho who played their first gig in bend Oregon under the name the prairie mutts then relocated to Austin Texas.

    David Bowden

    Garrett Tacha thanks!

    Kevin Brand

    Tremendous talent. There are so many artists that obliterate corporate country. Example to name a few... James McMurtry, Son Volt, Micky and the Motorcars, Drive By Truckers

    Jeremy Lilly

    Most music like this is generalized as Texas Red Dirt country just because that's kinda the center for it

  21. shelby c

    19 dislikes????? What?!


    Add one more... Pretty mediocre. No thanks.

  22. ernst de waal

    country music, a genre only americans can appreceate


    @ernst de waal It has a following in Europe and Japan, much larger than you expected.

    ernst de waal

    @Micheal Cox i'm sure you do.

  23. Dylan Cathey

    hate when people say this is red dirt   huge difference in red dirt and real TEXAS COUNTRY


    I see Texas Country being a subgenre in Red dirt.  Like Bourbon and whiskey.  All Texas country is red dirt, but not all red dirt is Texas country.

    Chad Gurney

    @ctgillespie100 I would tend to agree with you. I think it refers to Texas and surrounding states and the fact that they have red dirt.  This song and the band Reckless Kelley are definitely Texas Country and Red dirt along Willies brothers band Micky and the Motorcars.  We adopted them a long time ago.  The main thing is that you aren't Nashville big record label and you  write your own songs and tell a story and have something to say with your music.

    Ringling Road

    Dylan Cathey yeah. since they didn't hit it big till they showed up in Texas. like it or not. Texas is the music capital

    Dylan Cathey

    Justin Herbut im texan bro, no argument here

    brandy ayers


  24. RJ Hall

    Good Country Music and Big Buick cars ...does it get any better 

    RJ Hall

    the more I listen ...the more I like 


    naming the band after a copyright issues?

  26. lsubooth

    this is quite gay

    Joe Black

    lol it's not. you are gay

  27. Brendan Sennett

    lol #daddyissues

  28. bigfly66

    That song is as good as it gets!

  29. Mel B

    Been there..Beer, driving, and throwing stuff help us nobody's girls..maybe not at the same time though

  30. Julie Thomas

    Hey Mr. WB,you ever gonna write back?

  31. bianca moreno

    I can totally relate to this song

  32. Tanya Moellenberndt

    Love this song

  33. wyhikergirl

    Love this song!

  34. Eric Herbert

    I thought everyone who made these comments died off long ago.

    Ringling Road

    Eric Herbert still rocking

  35. supertenor

    GREAT live band!!! They rocked!

  36. supertenor

    Seeing these guys live tomorrow! :B

  37. Cassey A

    My life. No joke. My mom named me after a country song. What do you expect??

  38. lyricalbarbie

    Song of my life!

  39. 19SkaterGirl98

    I love this one, WTR, and Seven Nights in Eire!!!!!!

  40. alisue18

    I never knew this video existed!!! wth?!

  41. yacodill

    Why on earth this doesn't have more views i don't know.One of my favorite songs...keep up the good work boys!!