Reckless Kelly - Little Blossom Lyrics

Little Blossom Choked and her daddy croaked
Her sad face toked and her long pipe smoked
She drank herself to sleep every night
She had colts to ride a few steers to find
Deer meat, fish and spuds to fry
But inside she cried somehow my life ain't right

She knew she had to take a big ride,
across the desert and the valley wide
pass a couple little towns to another one that she knew
she left her saddle and her medicine belt
with her ole uncle cause he knew how she felt
made a prayer over her bones and away she flew

She looked at me thru bleary eyes
And when she spoke , much to my surprise
She told me things I would have never known
She was takin' her meals back to mexico
She quoted bob Dylan and Geronimo
We ate lots of mushrooms and chased em down with joe crow
She told me shed been stabbed 3 times
Been married twice and been on the wine
Smokin' cigarettes don't stunt your growth
And you can bury your heart at wounded knee
Or get a scan from the university
Somehow I had the feelin' shed done both

"You can praise the Lord and bury your dead
Or you can be your own God," she said,
"I've sold myself but I have made a livin'"
So buy me drinks and toast to my health
Tomorrow ill forgive myself
I've got nobody else who needs forgivin'
She was makin' me a proposition
If I would just shut up and listen
Shed pay me back in time when she got home
With a little help from the stars and moon
She said I wont be returnin' soon
I told her she could call me on the phone

Now Little Blossom combs out her hair
And lives alone way out there
At night she lays her tired old body down
She rides some colts and runs some steers
Deals with all her doubts and fears
Does her best to stay away from town

Nah it don't do to stay away from town.

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