Rebecca Sugar - What's The Use Of Feeling (Blue) Lyrics

[Yellow Diamond:]
Why would you want to be here?
What do you ever see here?
That doesn't make you feel worse than you do?
And tell me, what's the use of feeling, Blue?

Why would you want to employ her
Subjects that destroyed her?
Why keep up her silly
Zoo? Oh, tell me
What's the use of feeling, Blue?

An army has a use
They can go and fight a war
A Sapphire has a use
She can tell you what it's for
An Agate terrifies
A Lapis terraforms
Where's their diamond
When they need her, Blue?
You've got to be a leader, Blue

[Yellow Diamond & Pearl:]
Yes, of course, we still love her
And we're always thinking of her
But now there's nothing we can
Do, so tell me
What's the use of feeling?
What's the use of feeling?
What's the use of feeling, Blue?

How can you stand to be here with it all? (here with it all)
Drowning in all this regret?
Wouldn't you rather forget her? Ooh
Won't it be grand to get rid of it all? (rid of it all)
Let's make a plan of attack
Start looking forward and stop looking back, oh

[Yellow Diamond:]
Yes, of course, we still love her
And we're always thinking of her
Don't you know I miss her, too?
But tell me
What's the use of feeling?
What's the use of feeling?
What's the use of feeling...

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Rebecca Sugar What's The Use Of Feeling (Blue) Comments
  1. Remwind419 rimchannel

    My last name is sugar

  2. nigeljaxon

    This girl is killing me,you are so good at this stuff! And Rebecca,please perform escapisim(steven u.)its a very nice song!

  3. Sam I Am

    934 dislikes?!? Dang the poofy haired lapis must have a lot of accounts...

  4. Joaquín Aquino


  5. JaiesWolf

    Waifu~chan has spoken, SHES A DIAMOND!!!

  6. Gwerty Qwerty

    SHe souNds lIke bLUe diAmoNd wh--


    Now Rebecca is now my favourite human being

  8. RageGamer 446

    Her voice is not one of demons or devils, angels or gods, but the voice of a person who made peoples universe, by creating one of her own. We dont live in our universe, we live in Stevens universe.

  9. Kwotuky El Mapache Bv


  10. 12089

    My day: 💖💓💕💞💗💜💙💚💘💝💓💘💚💝❤️💖💗💚💘💓💝💜❤️

  11. yuki tsuyo

    Nosaa essa mulher é uma deusa

  12. Trapito Mágico

    I need the chords tho

  13. Alichiong2627

    Sugar to all the bitterness in this world

  14. White Diamond

    Lol I like singing the pearl parts

  15. White Diamond

    Why am I pretending to be the pearl and sing their line lol

  16. Lord Way

    Muié açúcar canta dms

  17. C de Cilêncio

    I had today years old when i get the lyrics are "whats the use of feeling, Blue?" and not "whats the use of feeling blue?"

  18. Maria Eduarda Rodrigues Ladeira

    she's so beatiful and this voice
    she's amazing, fact

  19. Bianca Norton

    what are the chordssss

  20. Rey Pulga

    Guapaaaaaaaa, ¡Fiu fiu!

  21. Pénélope N.

    Okay I know it's almost 2020 but can we talk about how cute and quirky she is like, she looks so happy and excited about the album being avaliable, she's so cute I love her (despite all the emotional trauma)

  22. Amethyst _

    Ur voice is amazing!!!!

  23. CJess

    Ukulele isn't a instrument, Rebecca

  24. AttackTheRainbowCake

    I’m sorry but someone really asked in the comments if Rebecca is girl or a boy I- 🤭🤭

  25. Nicole Delgado

    Rebecca I like how you sing and I like the episode of Steven universe find out his weapon

  26. Amira Chavez


  27. Ji Young mi


  28. Scarlet Bringas

    Is Rebecca boy or girl?

  29. Ava Venerable

    Rebecca did so good she sounded like yellow diamond a bit

  30. Jazzi Underwood

    That is my favorite song so far

  31. pug 1234

    I will check it out :3

  32. Sing Wah Lin

    Rebecca is our guardian angle

  33. sebastian banguis

    Rebecca: *Sings*

  34. reine blanco

    I want blue diamond's voice actor to sing this so much🥺🥺🥺❤

  35. joshua Candoit

    Why does it sound much better to her than the original? It jad do many sharps and flats no offense

  36. xmelissa._.turnen x

    Ugh i dont know what my life Will be like without her😭💕😌

  37. Lana Draws

    B: Y-yellow? What are you doing here?

    Y: I’m here to bring you *bAcK tO rEaLiTy*

  38. david Schell

    Rebeca sweet suger

  39. david Schell

    Rebeca is an angel sent by god to sent cartoons all over this world ( the VERY GOOD KIND )

  40. lizzy chr

    this woman needs to voice a character in her OWN series

  41. natalia ivine


  42. Liria Mardi

    Rebecca 😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰

  43. Mad Mutt

    Such a beautiful voice :)

  44. the pred

    I loveeeeeeeee ittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Brad Jockisch

    Honestly, Rebecca Sugar is probably the most beautiful person and best singer on the planet.

    Brad Jockisch

    I mean seriously, HOW DID SHE EVEN SING THAT?!? ITS AWESOME! 0:31

  46. le frog

    Oh no what if she has a doppleganger named Rebbeca Sour

  47. Mr. Malachite

    I love this woman

  48. Emi085

    I swear every song of Steve universe touches my heart ❤️ like if you feel the same


    My favorite is big fat zucchini

  49. c.j. sloth

    Ugh I love their voice so much it’s so soothing

  50. Sem Sobrenome

    linda d+

  51. Nícolas Ferreira

    Ukulele soprano ?

  52. Alex Smith

    She’s a terrible singer


    And your and awful person, why did you feel the need to spread hate many people would disagree with you by the way


    ;-; don’t give him attention, it’s why he searched for this video just to say this, it’s pathetic lol

  53. axel4k gaming

    Song diamonds music like

  54. Adrian Uribe

    Me gusta mucho la música de Steven universe

  55. 8greens 8magics

    Rebecca thx for creating SU 💕💕💕💕

  56. Zakira Naqvi

    Anyone here after the movie?

  57. Oscar Freites


  58. Emily Chan

    Quase virou um pagode

  59. eli beanie

    Just finished the movie.who else came here for the movie??

    Donnell Madison

    someway somewhere somehow...

  60. Nathan Zadrozny

    Maybe a yuka laylee wasn’t the best instrument. A piano, accordion or organ maybe

  61. Mochi Studio

    You have a voice of an angel 😇 I'm going to do the song "change your mind" for my school talent show on ukulele

  62. Itz greylz

    Why is no one talking about Yellow diamond?

  63. Marie Sacchitello


  64. Aliejha

    yo rebecca’s strumming is honestly so perfect but must be so hard to master.

  65. Darth Plagueis

    I blushed when I heard this 0_0

  66. A handcraft player สุเมธาคุณ


  67. zoebigmac01

    *I could watch this for 73 hours*


    Can we get the music to this so we can also play this on ukulele

  69. Anonimx

    Perfect °^°

  70. Beck Wells

    I actually like this a bit better than the one in the show

  71. Rebecca Sugar

    Wow Im Very Good

  72. marcela hernandez

    te amo rebecca sugar

  73. gacha girl

    i play ukulele too

  74. Danyal Iqbal

    Love it !!❤❤❤💕💖💗💓💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣

  75. Everest_the_real_boi

    Wish they had the chords for the way she plays it. She plays it beautifully.

  76. alguém

    i love you rebecca!!!!
    i love steven universe!!!

  77. ツsweatybuns

    Imagine knowing how to sing,draw,and play the guitar....-__-

    Donnell Madison

    that's a ukulele

  78. Peridot el Dorito


  79. Cande Candy

    I love you Rebecca, ur amazing

  80. Kier

    I love their voice oml

  81. Moonlight YT

    This is beautiful, this is better than the one in the show

  82. Sho Oju Ai

    Rebecca has a girly sound but he is a boy! And how imposible!?!?

  83. ĀX âlęx mc røbløx gãchá cøllåb ē bräwl stars

    Are we gonna see ice S.U? (Fandom gem)

  84. jaiden animations X TheOdd1sout

    I sang along and it sounded amazing 😍😍😍

  85. Xen Margolis

    Rebecca Sugar sounds like a better version of Lana Del Rey

  86. Amanda Marie

    Hey! In case anyone wants to learn this version, I made a tab for it on Ultimate Guitar.
    Here it be!

  87. 《Auntie Sardonyx》

    Rebecca you got my heart!

  88. guo jinghang

    Is he yellow? Is he the voice of yellow diamond? The voice of the drill?

  89. Diamond, Vijana the lioness

    I love your beautiful curly hair

  90. Game boi!!

    Yellow diamond: sings what’s the use of feeling blue

    Rebecca sugar:HOLD MY BEER

  91. Matthew Laing

    Rebecca sugar is the best singer ever. I have watch Steven universe for 6 years since I was like 4

  92. Saba 7777

    We all love Rebecca she's sweet nice just like an angel just like rose quartz we all love rose but then we find out rose is pink and she's not everything we thought she was she has both good and bad sides like all of us idk y maybe Rebecca is like that too... just saying

  93. imapeanot

    She can’t even keep time

  94. Dylan Sturgill

    hmmmm, i’m back in june😍

  95. Onute Debesyte

    i love this version most

  96. aimi daraz

    Rebecca your awesome