Rebecca Sugar - The Tale Of Steven Lyrics

[White Diamond:]
Everyone believes in

[Yellow & Blue Diamond:]
Everyone believes in


[White Diamond:]
All across the universe

[Yellow Diamond:]
Ever compassionate

[Blue Diamond:]
Can you imagine it?

[White Diamond:]
Even with us at our worst

[Blue Diamond:]
Hybrid son of a Diamond

[Yellow Diamond:]
Human son of a rose

What a revelation
He's a revolution
A gem that loves and grows

[White Diamond:]
Have you heard the tale of

[Yellow & Blue Diamond:]
Have you heard the tale of

Always putting others first
Can you imagine it?
Ever compassionate
Steven universe

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Rebecca Sugar The Tale Of Steven Comments
  1. Anesu M

    Reasons i love this song
    1) Rebecca
    2) *Rebecca*
    3) *R E B E C C A*

  2. Amy Sensekai

    I need the tab for this.

  3. Gerson Miranda

    aesthetic voice

  4. Xavier

    E Major is indeed a huge pain so I appreciate the alternative


    this is like listing to butter 👌👌👌

  6. Mariah Mendoza

    Idk why but the way she says "all across the universe" at the begining makes my heart feel so light

  7. Roblox Theatric's Developer

    When all diamond's are combined. The voice:

    Animation and More 3009

    Rebecca would sound great as the diamonds' fusion.

  8. Deli Ren

    This is such a lullabye

  9. Gigi YEET

    I love this version best

  10. That Random Rabbit

    So beautiful


    holly blue agate: The diamonds all they talk about its steven, steven, steven, STEVEN!?!?!

    The Okay Gamer 4891

    Steven: Hi Holly!
    (Holly Blue Agate has left the chat)
    Steven: Bye Holly ;-;

    Alice Canta

    Famethysts: Hahahahahaha

    rebellious pearl

    .... Sometimes we talk about bad children... like onion

  12. TMNT PL

    Steven universe rules !!

  13. Agent 1

    Love her energy when switching from singing as each Diamond.

  14. Karen Chetty

    I wish she was my mom

  15. Rinya Skyline

    This should have been in the credits. >:(

  16. Whole foods Corn

    I wish this was in the movie, love Rebecca's singing, so calm

  17. Matt da witch

    the crickets in the background just make it

  18. Reversed 247

    I love it... Rebecca is so talented

  19. Flip Flop 2002

    Can you upload the animatic version of all Steven Universe The Movie songs please?

    Bowl of Oatmeal

    they didnt release apart from the songs in act from the pitch, these demos that theyre posting is from the soundtrack and i think this account isnt run by a person either since its a topic channel

    Flip Flop 2002

    @Bowl of Oatmeal probably

  20. Cream Bean

    I really like this vers. bc one, its rebecca and two, its more calming but the final version sounds a little better bc of the diff voice ranges and the higher notes lol


    also the harmonies

  21. Sean Foss


  22. DarkDoughnutsVids

    Maybe it's because it's Rebecca, but I prefer this over the final version.