Rebecca Sugar - Sadie Killer And The Suspects Lyrics

Teens by day, we're alright
Teens by day but every night we're
Sadie Killer and the Suspects
Sadie Killer and the Suspects

Don't be scared, it's the afternoon
Don't be scared but pretty soon we'll be
Sadie Killer and the Suspects
Sadie Killer and the Suspects

The moon is out, I'm feeling strange
It's making me shout, it's making me change
You better watch out, it's gonna get loud
I'm killing the stage, I'm killing the crowd
And you're next!

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Rebecca Sugar Sadie Killer And The Suspects Comments
  1. juan lugo

    Me encanta

  2. qq_breanna

    I love all of the voices and how they planned out the song and how the real life people doing a lot like the characters that they voice!!!!

  3. OGe_TheGamingWYT

    Why can’t blue and yellow blame pearl XD?????

  4. Chick with 100 subscribers

    Greg:see you at the concert tonight?
    Steven:wouldn’t miss it for the world!



  5. Joe W

    "If I could Just stop right here and be-"
    "YOU MAKE MY ____ SO BLUE!"

  6. karen correa

    Eres col and fan


    Love it

  8. King Creeper and Herobrine Playz

    Nothing to fear no one to fight

    Jasper:theres always someone to fight

  9. Some Body

    At 2:36 and 2:41 you can hear beats from stronger than you

  10. Nickolas Ninja

    This is so me when I'm in the future and it's bright

  11. Some Body

    That voicecrack really hit me hard

    Idiot With YouTube

    In Stick By Stick/The Tidying Song Steven has a voice crack, aswell.
    "..and when you laUgh it is my favorite sound!"

  12. SNOWMAN3161

    Steven: no one to fear no one to fight
    Spinel: I'm about to end this 16 year olds whole career

  13. TheDerpyKid SSJ3

    Remember when you all didnt even know garnett was a fusion?

  14. Spencer Nguyen

    Steven is his own mom, you can be like Steven too!
    All you have to do is: identify as your own mom cause it’s 2019

  15. Yato God

    All i was wondering was what happen to the cake that he bubbled

  16. sHelman

    baby alert

  17. Blue bird Azurire

    0:00 Start

    0:26 Steven

    1:18 pearl

    2:21 garnet

    3:49 amethyst

    4:27 part 2

  18. Thaiz

    You can say to me what you want but I prefer Steven's blue shirt over his black one

  19. Ugly Jojo siwa

    0:18 is no one gonna talk about that picture/painting of garnet and a naked angel steven

  20. King Creeper and Herobrine Playz

    "No one to fear no one to fight"

    Spinel:are you sure about that

  21. Max20 Max20

    Song exists

    Steven universe characters:

    Creates songs lyrics in milliseconds


    Spontaneous singing is easier than you think just try it

  22. Katsuki Bakugou

    Here we are in the future
    Here we are in the future and it's bright
    Nothing to fear
    No one to fight
    I can't believe we've come so far
    Happily ever after here we are
    Once upon a time, I thought I'd always be in my mother's shadow
    Answering for her crimes I thought I'd always be in an endless battle
    Until I began to own
    A power all my own
    That I could feel growing stronger every day
    And now I saved the world
    Not just that- the whole galaxy saved
    We did it!
    Here we are in the future!
    Hey Pearl, hey Dad!
    Hey Stchuball!
    Steven! I'm learning to play the bass
    I keep telling her, it's "bass."
    Excuse me, B-A-S-S spells "bass."
    You're the boss
    Heck yes, I am!
    Once upon a time
    I only lived to be of Pink Diamond's service
    Until the day the two of us snuck down to be on this planet's surface
    We became our fantasy
    And I was sure she set me free
    But in the end, I guess I never left her side
    And after love and loss and all the tears that I cried, I find that-
    Here we are in the future!
    Hey buddy
    I'm heading into town
    See you at the concert tonight?
    [Wouldn't miss it for the world!

    Here we are!
    saved you a seat
    Thanks, Garnet!
    Hey guys, what'd I miss?
    You're just in time for my favorite part of the story
    Once upon a time, a Sapphire came to Earth with her Ruby soldier
    Sapphire's deadly fate was set until the Ruby rushed in to hold her
    Suddenly they were fusing
    Beautiful, strange, confusing
    And there I was, a bundle of questions, so naive
    And if you told me this I never would've believed you then but-
    Here we are in the future!

    Let me just save this
    Hey, any idea what Amethyst is up to?
    I have every idea what everyone is up to
    You'll find her if you head to Little Homeworld
    Take the warp

    Woah! Careful dude!
    Pew pew!
    One, two, three, hah!
    Thanks, Amethyst!
    Steven! You're just in time!
    We're about to install the new warp
    Which means Little Homeworld is 83.7 percent complete!
    Only 83.7 percent? We'd better get cracking!
    I'm on it!
    Wow, Little Homeworld's growing fast!
    So are you!
    "Look at me! I'm a young adult!"
    I love that all these Gems wanna make their new home on Earth
    Wish I'd had this when I first emerged
    Once upon a time, I burst to life inside of the Kindergarten
    A product of a war that I had no idea I had a part in
    I came out late and alone
    Knew nothing but my home
    But I know now exactly who I'm supposed to be
    And It's a part of this family!
    So, whaddya think?

    If I could just stop right here and be
    Finally done
    Finally us
    Finally we are in the future
    Here we are in the future and it's bright!
    Nothing to fear
    No one to fight
    I can't believe we've come so far
    Happily ever after
    Happily ever after
    Happily ever after
    Here we are!

    Just felt like doing this lol

  23. Mom And G

    Steven is wrong

    That he said no one to fight no one to fear uwu

  24. Symtric Bannana

    Heres a thoery i just realized.. Pearl has her pearl in her hed and volleyball or pink pearl has her pearl in her stomach does that mean Pearl the original is suppose to white diamonds pearl 😯

  25. justine barimbad

    Steven's voice so soft 4:28

  26. Lordizaiah

    So does Steven own earth?

  27. SpiderBlide

    4:35 look at how Steven looks before he took the photo and look at Steven after the photo (his smile changed)

  28. Zhyon Mileagha

    Pearl:all the tears that I cried that I find that here we are in the future

  29. Steven Universe

    When Amethyst said “be” at 4:16 it echoed

  30. Vanessa Ann

    Ohmygod Steven's voice actor's raaaange

  31. Sammich__

    Pear really snaped

  32. Joaquin Villanueva

    Too bad Steven Doesn't Have His Powers The Whole movie

  33. Yukocandybunny:3

    Ok i don’t get blue diamond..ruby’s job was to protect Saphire..RIGHT....she did her job...

  34. Makayla Hall

    Where is peedee?

  35. Nophia long

    Y does greg not age but Steven does

  36. Luna Quartz

    Connie: *kisses steven*
    Steven: *earrape windows startup noise*

  37. Nikki Noodles

    playing this at 00:00 on christmas and new years

  38. Yen Tun

    Everyone subscribe to Deon doggy diaries he does Steven universe reactions

  39. Daniela Guerrero

    his voice here vs on cookie cat sounds so different! ahhh i love this

  40. Scizzor Cut

    Steven is 2 years older than my brother, somehow his voice is higher than my brother's. How

  41. M Jeff

    Why is Jasper the first one we see in the villain secne

  42. დSacred Roseდ

    I watched this movie about five times and i wont stop

  43. Nathaniel Létourneau

    1:57 see you at the concert tonight
    Steven:Wouldn’t miss it for the world
    Also Steven:DaD We NEeD tO CaNcEl ThE ShOw!

  44. Onize Kassim

    One second there saying happily ever after

    Next second spinel comes in and destroys everyone

  45. Greg Johnson

    1:54 hey lion

  46. Greg Johnson

    3:49 poor amethyst😭

  47. Its_Nightcore

    Where is Connie?!?!?


    fangirling about how they kissed

  48. Robkids Lols

    Steven is a leather

  49. Jay Exterkate

    Where is conni gone

  50. Thủy Lê


  51. Oscar Alvarez

    Steven: hApPiLeY eVeR aFtEr

    *10 seconds later*

    Spinel: I don't speak your language :>

  52. l eau c bi1

    My prefer music is pearl

  53. Pear

    Let’s just look at pearl
    She’s so flipping adorable when she was um-

    Or Less/older

  54. Dark phoenix -brawl stars

    I broke my voice singing this

  55. kisho dax

    Steven: here we are in the future, and its bright.
    Spinel/steven universe future enemy's:wait that's a legal

  56. Pichu Master1164

    At the “suddenly they were fusing” at garnets part you can here part of “stronger than you” (I think that’s the name)

  57. Karen Thao

    I love that Steven is now leading them in their run. It shows how much he has grown in a symbolic way! He is now a leader much like his Mother was, only this time he was able to bring peace that she couldn’t.

  58. Gacha _Gamer

    Will steven universe continue ? ;-;

    The Cherry Omlite

    Yes go check out Steven universe future its amazing seeya


    We are in steven shippuden

  59. ~DreamZ~

    Everytime I hear pearl's verse I cry a little, the character development of it all 😭

  60. SenpaiJam

    Imagine every people are injured in SU and steven healed them

    Steven: ita free real portals

  61. PuppyPlayzz

    Ok im gonna be serious :P

    I didn't watch a lot of Steven universe in general and had no idea that Steven was a teen, i though he was like 10 or 11

    Yanelis Ibañez

    He was 13 and 14 in the show then in the movie he’s 16

  62. The Quacking Guinea Pig





  63. Giovanni Cruz

    “Bundle of pressure”
    Ah I see what they did there

  64. Lindsay Behrle

    Wait so garnet wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Rose and pearl.

  65. Kee Hyung Hwang

    Stronger than you 2:36

  66. Khalila Yazid

    What if Lars just... shaved his head

  67. Donatelia Sakura

    I feel like Lars will need longer hair... I don't think Steven will be able to pass forever...

    ... *And Steven is gonna pop out of there on an uncomfortable situation one day*


    Is it me or garnet is like a childish now Before she wasnt No joke

  69. MalaKai

    I just realized if it wasn't for pearl garnet would never exist

  70. _joey 711


  71. Peridot The smol

    Steven: Here we are in the future
    Spinel: Here I am in the garden
    Her injector: Here i am in the earth
    Me: Here I am in irrelevant town

  72. Reign christlette Nierras

    Steven universe the movie who we are song cartoon network

  73. BlueJax_Gaming ROBLOX and More!

    in the future.
    me: *see's amethyst*
    also me: :O

  74. Queen Couch Potato

    Pearl: **Plays bass**
    Bass: **Piano noises**
    Everyone: This is normal

  75. cận lòi- YT

    Spinel and pink: let play more tomorrow
    Also pink: *last time online: 6000 years ago*

  76. Shoto Todoroki

    Wat a bop

  77. devid nak. 031. 888. 091

    Not. Good. is. Good. Job

  78. Arianna Guerreroʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ

    0:30 for some reason am addicted to this part lol

  79. UnlistedRowlet

    The gems: Nothing to fear, no one to fight
    Also The gems: Happily ever after we are!
    Spinel: well yes, but actually no.

  80. qolaris

    no one:
    not even spinel:
    garnet: we were FUsinGgGgggGg

  81. ayenna 04

    Steven's voice after puberty rlly got me

  82. Про100 Человек

    3:51 - “Newborn” Amethyst is just too cute 💜💜💜

  83. Notorious 22

    Spinel:What have you got?
    Steven: Freedom and Happiness
    Spinel: NO

  84. Taco thelady

    His voice...(I remember season 1 ;-;)

  85. Fred Cordts

    I just noticed that Steven is taller than amethyst

  86. Bee Ba Boo Ya!

    YouTube: A 1 hour long video of explaining everyone’s past.
    This song: I’m about to ruin this mans reputation.

  87. Sky Burger







  88. Leigh-mari nunu

    Yayyyyy i love laps when she says let's get cracking

  89. Laia Balada Gonzalez

    Só Beatiful hair greg.... IM sorry dude ;_;

  90. BlythePennyBicycle21

    Who's going to play the song when 2020 comes? It's a great way to greet the new year and new decade.

  91. Tin da Lazy Gacha

    Garnet smiles more when Steven is older

  92. Chucho Cruz

    Is verry nice the song

  93. pan misio

    2:06 if there is no oxygen then how is it possibile we can hear that ?

  94. Giavan Candelaria

    Saying that rose quartz is pink diamond ?

  95. mosi Addi

    happily ever afterrrrrrrrrr

  96. Rebooted spinel


    Here we are in the future.....

    Peridot The smol

    Here we are in the future and it's bright!

    The Insomniac

    Nothing to fear, no one to fight

    Alberto Alcabasa

    I cant , Believe we’ve come so far!

  97. Kee Hyung Hwang

    Lion stepped on the bass cable. 1:53

  98. Jack Does Stupid Stuff


  99. Abood Hassan

    I Love music