Rebecca Sugar - I Could Never Be (Ready) Lyrics

I could never be
I could never be
I could never be ready for this

I could never be
I could never be
I could never be ready

Things start and things end, and
Isn't it lovely in theory, but

I could never be
I could never be
I could never be ready

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Rebecca Sugar I Could Never Be (Ready) Comments
  1. nao tenho nome :v

    Greg is the best dad in cartoons

  2. Donatelia Sakura

    Greg is a good father,a wonderful and responsible father. He cares about Steven,despite living in a van he does his best with the money. When receiving Marty's check he actually tried to do stuff for both him and his son,as far as we knew before the fifth season finale he probably still had money.

    Sadly he feels useless at times because he just can't understand GEM STUFF,he does his best too,he wants to help,he always wanted to understand. And that's important too,wanting to help even if you don't know what's going on 80% of the time.

    Greg is a good dad.

  3. Allycat-The-Writer •

    Seeing Greg as a amazing dad makes me so happy, because some people does have dads like this. It also makes me sad because my father is the complete opposite. At least my mom left him for a better person, so I now live with my amazing mom, and step mom.

  4. Starry Night

    Me at exams:

  5. Mecha Spider

    We need more gregs irl

  6. Blue_Fire AKA Omar Ellis

    *He wasn't ready!!*

  7. Ethan Frigerio

    this is how i feel about steven universe ending

  8. Mr. MnM

    When this song was first introduced in a comic panel, Rebecca Sugar stated in an interview afterwards that it’s got another meaning besides the obvious fear of parenthood. A secret meaning that she wouldn’t reveal until the series’ end. Now, after the Steven Universe movie, Rebecca Sugar hints in an interview about the reason behind Pumpkin’s absence. If they really explore this in Steven Universe Future, I’ve got a gut feeling that they’re gonna be using this song again. Brace yourselves everyone, the tear floodgates will open like never before!!!

  9. Ebiwi 120

    Nunca he podido estar (listo)

  10. RainbowSaske

    copyright :/ f*ck

  11. Steven Power

    Things start and things end, and isn't it lovely IN THEORY...


  12. Felicia Adams

    I wish I could apologize to Greg, I spent a long time of yhe show thinking he was a dead beat dad, but I didn't know the full situation. How could he have possibly known what to do or what to expect or how to nuture this side of Steven? I lnow I couldn't and it cpuldn't have been easy for him to have made the choice for Steven to live woth the gems, his son who he loves so, so, SO much.

  13. SoopaKoopa4494

    This song is going to be relatable when I have a child

  14. Thanator Rider

    This is just the theme song of parenthood.

  15. sleepwxlker

    This is one of my favourite songs of the series. It just shows how good of a father Greg is. He really cares about Steven, always checks how he is after a mission, always gets super worried when he gets hurt on a mission. I just love Greg.

  16. AestheticAbby

    Greg truly is the best dad. Wish he was my dad

  17. Gumball Watterson

    56 people are not ready

  18. monica reyes

    Ok ko lets be heroes being cancelled

  19. Elongated Stingy

    This gives me major Louie Zong vibes and I love it!!

  20. Mr. Hat

    Favorite Greg song

  21. Nathan Spencer

    What the hell? A Greg Universe song that is genuinely amazing. Wow.


    I mean, like all his songs are amazing if you ask me.

  22. Rupin

    I’m starting senior year of high school.....

  23. damonika09

    When I lost my grandmother in May. 😣

  24. Lemon Boi68

    I could never be
    I could never be
    I could never be ready
    For this,
    I could never be
    I could never be
    I could never be ready
    Things start and things and,
    And isn’t it lovely in theory BUTT
    I could never be
    I could never be
    I could never be ready,

  25. Kris Stadtfeld

    Got home from work with a news of my 2nd father passing. The lyrics of this song struck me and it's still echoing.

  26. Astrah Cat

    He sounds so much like Cat Stevens it's insane.

  27. SimplySky

    And now I'm super emotional because I've realised what my dad went through

  28. That One Nugget

    Everytime Greg says "I can can never be, I can never be." What immediately comes to mind is him going to say is "famous." Because the tune kind of sounds like Total Drama theme song XD

  29. Leslie Zamora

    Me about graduating and going to college.

  30. Paris Animates

    My favorite Greg song in Su but I think I need a little change is the second best

  31. i said id love you to death so i must be dead

    I wanna be I wanna be I wanna be famous

  32. Tsuagon

    When I enter Art class

  33. Heaven Pacheco

    I love this song so much, as soon as it started playing I got all choked up and teared up a little

  34. Lady Piernazus

    When you are not ready..

  35. Crystal Takashi

    The finale am I right?

  36. ChampionDelphox

    God it's so refreshing seeing an actually responsible, caring, and wonderful father figure in a show. The trope of dumb, lazy dad is getting old and it's so nice to get some representation for those grade A dads out there like Greg. He basically breaks every stereotype. Just cuz he lives in a van doesn't mean he's bad with money, as he's super responsible with that check he got from Marty. He genuinely cares about Steven and gives some ACTUAL good advice and provides life lessons to his son that not only Steven can learn from, but everyone else as well. What an amazing dad.

    Under Galaxy

    @FrostCop In fact I'd say steven saved the whole universe because he is nothing like Pink but completely like Greg

    Jasmine Flower

    @Under Galaxy he was also under the guidance of Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst (although shes more like a sibling 😂)

    Under Galaxy

    @Jasmine Flower yeah but we're talking inheritance more than raise

    Jessica Caron

    And don't forget when he took care of a lady he'd barely met instead of freaking out that his wife had lied to him about everything and fused with his son to get his former romantic rival to stop being his brainwashed slave! (I swear Greg's life is just one long expectation vs. reality)

  37. Babs likes cartoons

    Talking album formats, this song should've been placed right before Love Like You in the album. It's a wonderful wind-down before the grand finale.

  38. Kelsang Gyudzhin

    No matter how much we plan, or how much we tell ourselves we know it's coming, we're never truly ready to have a child... or to lose a loved one.

  39. Jøhnny Bøi

    I wasn't ready when my best friend left. 💔

    Nem Eskiel

    Oh, I'm feeling sad for you..
    Well you got the.. love of a Little french gut!

  40. Prehistoric Productions

    This song is perfect, it sums up all the trouble that Greg has to deal with even though all he wants it to be a good father

    Mason K. Lutz

    He is a single father, who loves Steven with everything, and he was also dealing with the grief of Rose.

  41. Julia Terzis

    When you move into a new town.

  42. Simon Griffin

    greg vs life

    greg: alright let me have a break
    life: to do what
    greg: write a song
    life: k

  43. Lana G

    My thoughts when I first had my daughter.

  44. Youcant Stopme!

    This song defines all aspects of my life, my aspirations my fears.... I could never be ready.

  45. Dallas Mann

    Only a handful of lyrics, but one of my favorite songs from the series


    Simple lyrics, but powerful ones.

  46. Jesse Gossage

    Sounds like a beatles white album song

  47. alwaysanewinterest

    This is how I feel when winter break ends.

  48. Xadarius Fields Parker

    This is life

  49. Cybertoad 101

    Just kill me now, this hurts to much

  50. Heck man

    Me vs homework

  51. PoopStainedToilet

    Reminds me of everything stays

    Nemira Evonne


    nao tenho nome :v

    Now is spinel backstory song lol

  52. Lee Goo

    when school is about to start


    The lyrics fit perfect

    Angel Noose

    When you graduate.


    Lmao yessss, but im halfway already -_-

  53. top kek

    Anyone else notice how I responsible Greg is as a father? Like the runaway episode?

    Kars Kirby

    Yeah Greg isn't supposed to be the best role model

    Nebby and The cosmog revolution

    He could never be ready


    He seems responsible to me

    Duofri3nd Productions

    Greg is best dad


    He was a single dad that never dealt with babies before. He gave up his musical dreams to raise steven

  54. Timothy Taylor

    I could listen to this all day, over cups of cider in the winter season Tom Scharpling, although you didnt wrote this, you did pretty much performed it

  55. Brissa DLR

    I love this song😊

  56. leogol

    me vs life


    Leo Golden bingo bongo

  57. DJ_Z0MB13

    I almost forgot which episode this was from tbh

    Timothy Taylor

    3 gems and a baby

  58. meh.

    I could never be
    i could never be
    i could never be ready for this
    i could never be
    I could never be
    I could never be ready
    things start and things end and isn't it lovely in theory but
    I could never be
    I could never be
    I could never be ready


    Such deep and meaningful lyrics, like, he could never be ready for this, or how lovely in Theory! Man I love this song

  59. PikachuYoshiPines164

    The feels hit me whenever I hear this song. For some reason, it makes me think of a little band called Starflyer 59, which this sounds like a song they would write. A beautiful song at most.


    2 years later, you've introduced me to a new band. Thank you.

  60. passwordNerd

    was this used in the show yet?????

    Anthony Graham

    ootfifabear yes in the episode where the gems tell Steven about the time they essentially kidnapped him


    oh!! how did i forget about that, i love greg

    Anonymous S

    passwordNerd calm the hell down with those 5 question marks

  61. Jordan Ang

    Despite how short it is, this is one of the top 5 most beautiful songs in this compilation

    Dallas Mann

    Agreed. Need moar emotional Greg songs

    Annabeth Jackson

    Too true