Rebecca Sugar - Change Your Mind Lyrics

I don't need you to respect me, I respect me
I don't need you to love me, I love me
But I want you to know you could know me
If you change your mind
If you change your mind
If you change your mind
Change your mind

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Rebecca Sugar Change Your Mind Comments
  1. Olivier Leonora

    Caption: if you change your mom
    Me: what....

  2. Gabriela Kunicka

    This is the last song of the show.

  3. Phyre Birb

    Its a nice song and I like it full heartedly but can some please agree that white diamond's redemption was bull.

  4. oh word?

    I just looked up you'll be in my heart by Phil Collins and then this... Why am I doing this to myself my heart's gonna explode. Anyways on to dire dire docks

  5. Juan pablo Sierra RDZ

    My birthday is the 21st of january the same day that change your mind came out

    That explains why is my favourite song of SU

  6. Noatry

    Remember when peri got like 20 episodes about getting used to earth and the “white diamond” problem got solved in like 2 episodes?

  7. Z draz

    Did anyone noticed that white on the albums torso is uneven

  8. Melva Baca

    Change your mind change yoooour miiiiiind

  9. Fennecon Caelas

    This is the song that gives me Vietnam flashbacks and Blue Diamonds Shockwave Thingy all in 48 seconds

  10. That one random Gaming angel

    This is hitting me so close to home. I just recently broke off with a toxic friend reverently and she’s been spreading rumors and acting like a jerk and she just tried to apologize to me today but it was so shallow and insincere. I know I don’t need her, but if she can just see what she’s doing is hurting me and at least accept that
    I dunno

  11. Stories Kit

    Okay, imagine Skype music tho

  12. Luke Watson

    The fact that it's so soft and short just makes it even more emotional

  13. Marie Nelson

    I cried at this moment of the episode

  14. UtopiaPlayz

    Came back after hearing 0:08 in the Future episode Bluebird :')

  15. • ɪɪVɪᴠᴠʏ •

    Steven: change your mindddddd

    Me: *wait so you want me to change my mind about loving SU?!*

  16. BroZilla2003

    Who’s here after Bluebird?

  17. Door

    This played in the new Steven Universe Future episode

  18. Growny

    Man this just great but it feels like this is the end of a era it just makes me know like nostalgic

  19. nao tenho nome :v

    Beautiful song

  20. YT6Toxic-Powder

    Remember when Steven universe first came out?

  21. Cristina Rodriguez

    "i don't need you to love me, I love me"

  22. Eduardo González

    This show is amazing. It has helped me a lot to find and accept myself. I live in an homophobic family but watching characters like Garnet and Pearl really helped me to feel better and more confident. They gave me the strength I needed to tell my friends about me and what was happening at home, and they support me and love me the way I am.

    Thank you Rebecca ❤️

  23. Jacob Cly

    Men this song is making me sad when I herd i

  24. javitax •w•

    0:34 subtitles:
    *if you change your mouth*
    if you change your mind
    *if you change your mom*
    *if you change your mom*

  25. • Theordinary •

    Aight im bouta go cry

  26. Blue Miaou

    The SU soundtrack is sugar for the ears, no pun intended.

  27. Ágatha Loreto Camara

    o mundo precisa de 5 horas disso

  28. xdczka

    I still can’t believe it’s the same cartoon where a boy was singing about ice cream

  29. GreenBlak

    Listening while parents get divorce

  30. G&B Squad

    When you hear that there making a 1 hour future special of Steven universe

  31. Jennis Angel

    I listen to this song whenever I feel bad about myself. It always helps :)

  32. TheShadowAspect

    0:25 is when steven starts singing

  33. ••

    0:10 press to answer skype call

  34. Steamed Pasta

    We want to respect you we respect you. We want to love you we love you. And we want you to know that we know you. Cause you changed our minds

  35. Pink Whale 2.0

    Heartwarming peaceful she made this song and..


  36. Water Slayer Roblox

    I think my PC C brke cause i looped this on about two whle dys sinc i went to go to a hotel with my family and u h it brke

  37. 김기석

    This song is way too short even if it’s GOAT

  38. Paint Da Floof OwO

    This song is beautiful its so nice and soft and just the meaning of it..... i love it

  39. Jamers B

    Damn that was beautiful

  40. marion espinoza

    Change your miiiiiiind

  41. Amy

    People: I wish Change your mind was extended
    People now: I wish Change was extended
    Me: *_why not mix it together?_*

  42. Nathy Guerrero

    me to all steven universe haters

  43. nevahee

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    captions: change your moooouth
    change your moooooom.

  44. Fighter Falcon

    remember when steven sang about an ice cream sandwich

  45. Silvana Orjuela

    don't get me wrong the message is really sweet and i love it BUT can we stop talking about it for a second. AND TALK ABOUT ZACHS' VOCAL RANGE?!!!!

  46. smol bean child

    This helped me a fk ton to cope with the pain of my shot.

  47. DragonMother

    Bruh I. was listening to this then the song changed to Joji's dancing in the dark and it actually sounded perfectly natural and I got so confused-

  48. Mario


  49. Adrian Jimenez

    This made me cry so hard 😭

  50. Adia Q.

    i’m gonna cry

  51. 2ne 626

    I’m crying irl right now lol this godly good to make me cry

  52. marte 303

    Press F for SU

  53. Nan0SMM?

    This was the end of Steven Universe, but the beginning of something more.

  54. HomereQ


    cookie cat,
    strong in the real way,
    stronger than you,
    here comes a thought

    damn there is too much good songs
    this part makes me think about all the episodes here but i started watching su in the beggining of 2019
    im such a fan
    best show ever

  55. Philip Cruz

    The double entendre was genius.

  56. jamie p

    you have no idea how hard I cried when I watched the WHOLE series again then watched the end of Change Your Mind

  57. Raihani Julie

    Me: I want to know the lyrics, Lemme turn on that subtittle-
    Subtittle: If you change your mouth,If you Change your mind,
    If you Change your mom-


  58. Miguel GBG

    This is very cool and calm

  59. Dexray

    *Dont cry because it ended, smile because it happened*

    -*this comment is overused*

  60. Star e marco series legais










  61. XxOmqItsLilyxX / nashmilan007

    Captions:CHANGE YOUR MOM

  62. Magic Fantasies

    this song stabbed me in the heart--- and now I am dead.
    But seriously this song is great I love it

  63. Gianmarco Cuorvo

    I cried so fuck*ng hard :')

  64. BaguettePrince

    This song makes me so emotional. And I don't even watch this show

  65. LavaFlames

    This song is the shortest and best song I have ever listened.

  66. Elie Hill

    I don't need you to respect me,
    I respect me
    I don't need you to love me,
    I love me
    But i want you to know you could know me,
    If you change your mind
    If you change your mind
    If you change your mind
    Change your mind

  67. scurrvery

    god, i can see this, somewhere in the distant future, looming around boomerang. playing old episodes. laser light cannon, bubble buddies, mirror gem, jailbreak, bubbled, all the classics that gave me the feels.
    one day, some fans might have children, and i don’t want future or current generations to ever forget this show. it weaves a story of accepting and loving yourself while growing and changing as a person.

    someday i can imagine my child asking “what’s steven universe?” and i just burst into tears, and say, lemme tell you a story.

    Xearl Martian

    Honestly, I don't want this show just to not be forgotten, but to not end at all XD

    But I know the time will come.. And it may be closer than ever

    And that day, I'll be heartbroken

  68. road work ahead?

    unloved gays rise up

  69. RedShamrock 56

    I can't believe I used to hate this show. I seriously can't.

    This show is amazing in more ways than one. It's made me laugh and cry.

    Thing song in particular became in instant fave after I listened to it.

    Alpha Cow

    I too used to hate it, I see where I was wrong now

  70. Lucas Cruz

    How do I loop this

  71. angelic

    I don't know why, but this song makes me want to cry.
    It hits me in a spot reminding me of how lonely I am--
    It kind of gives me a vision of being somewhere empty. (The starting Triggers it-)
    But, this song really is beautiful.

  72. Wobbly Yapper

    If you change your mind about the show you could see the bigger picture

  73. David Anderson


  74. Moeh Senpai

    I identify with this song so much, my mother never excepted me being queer. She in fact hated me for being outwardly queer and made it her mission to attempt to change me. I so wish I had a show like this as a kid to help but I am SO fracking happy that it's here now. Hopefully someone else might not need to go through what I did

  75. Still Existing

    Beautiful...but relatable...except I don’t love me,or respect me...

  76. Youreverydaymemerm8

    Perfect song to end a era about change and acceptance 👌
    Well... the main part of it at least before the movie and exposition series thats coming

    Even if the fandom wasnt at times *COUGH*

  77. Beeooow Exists

    I wish a lot more people would just be open to knowing others, rather than be steadfast in refusing to want to know them.

  78. flight folicious

    I'm fucking dead

  79. HomereQ

    alright i got chills from that and now gonna go cry bye

  80. Mira Larkin

    I love this song so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

  81. MTH346


  82. Parker Hewitt

    I don’t know why I find it so funny that it sounds like Steven is trapped in the 4th dimension or something because this is so surreal

  83. KegaltonGaming

    Everyone is here with their emotional comments and I'm all like *yo why's the start of this sound like the Skype call ringtone*

  84. Thepacfish

    im trying to watch this video without remember that spinel is still in the garden.

  85. Cat Splash [discontinued channel]

    I honestly thought that this was Minecraft music when I listened to the first few seconds

  86. Nender 901 ROBLOX

    0:35 turn on captions

  87. DarkAlex06

    This song has a lot more meaning now that it's been confirmed that this song was the final scene in the show...

  88. Drastic Fusion

    00:10 00:33

  89. Chara Animations

    This makes me think of my step father who would emotionally abuse my family and I. He would mostly target me and put me down all the time and 5 hellish years later, he left.

    This makes me think of back then, and how I feel towards him.

    I don't want attention, I just wanted to say this. I'm sorry :<

    Pastel Joe

    Hey, it's okay, there's nothing wrong with tell your problems, even there might be someone that will judge you, there will be people that will help you, and, i don't know how exactly how do you feel about this,but i really hope that you be happy again, and forget about all of this and you have a happy family once again, and i am believing in you that you're going to have a better life and all that bad experiences will dissapear.

    (Sorry, i am not really good at motivate peoples...)

    Chara Animations

    @Pastel Joe ah, thanks I really appreciate it😊

  90. Rex_Animations !!!

    Starts at 0:22 you’re welcome

  91. Tenshi Foxx

    "...Got room for three more?"


  92. 族Prιхor


    I don't need you to respect me
    I respect me
    I don't need you to love me
    I love me
    But I want you to know you could know me
    If you change your mind (3x)
    Change your mind...

  93. shub125

    whenever I hear the negativity towards steven universe I hear this song because for me it says 'it's ok if you don't like me I like me but it is never too late to enjoy my company' :)

  94. Elechain

    It's amazing as it is, but would be great if they gave it a second verse like everything stays in adventure time

  95. Matias Perez Lopez

    sound like a LGBTQ song just sayin :)

  96. ur mum

    Captions: If you changed your mouth - If you changed your mom