Rebecca Ferguson - Superwoman Lyrics

I'm not wearing a cape, these are just regular clothes
And I'm praying to God, come on lessen this load
Smiling through the bad times, but it's all just for show
Saving my tears for when I'm alone

And I lose my shit every now and then
I break down big then I start again

Never, never said I'm a superwoman
Never said, I never said it
Never ever said I was more than coping
Never did, I never did
Maybe I'm mad, maybe I'm all cried out
Maybe I'm scared, but I'm coming 'round
No, I never, never said I'm a superwoman

Dropping the mask, uncovering my soul
Loving my scars, letting go of control
Seeing beauty through the ashes everywhere I go
One minute I'm strong, the next I don't know

And I lose my shit every now and then
I break down big then I start again

Never, never said I'm a superwoman
I never said, I never said it
Never ever said I was more than coping
I never did, I never did
Maybe I'm mad, and maybe I'm all cried out
And maybe I'm scared, but I'm coming 'round
No, I never, never said I was more than human

And I wish I could fly
Take me away
Take me away
Just fly
Up and escape sometimes
I wish I was strong
Stronger than this aching
It's breaking me down

And I never ever said I'm a superwoman
I never said, I never said it
Never ever said I was more than coping
I never did, I never did
And maybe I'm mad, I'm all cried out
And maybe I get scared, but I'll be coming 'round and 'round
And 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round
All cried out
And no I never ever said, oh
Coming 'round
No, no, I never ever said I'm a superwoman
I'm not superwoman

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Rebecca Ferguson Superwoman Comments
  1. Priscilla Muzembe

    In 2020 lm still here, amazing voice 💥💥

  2. António Manuel

    Wow!! Is Rebecca Ferguson!!!! She's amazing, adorable, unique,..., l love you RF!! All the best!!

  3. Rosana Galarraga

    sorry to forget just what an amazing artist you are Rebecca. Beautiful song.

  4. Michael Jones

    Sing Sugar! 10, 000 standing ovations on this joint, Rebecca!

  5. Eliana Maria

    Além de linda, dona de uma voz maravilhosa. Que seu dom e força seja sempre presente.

  6. Dr. Horni Frédéric

    super good but I'm sure you can do better, and it seems to me that the music is a little off with the video? but you have beautiful lips

  7. murielle cuerq

    Un bijou.. Cette belle femme avec sa splendide voix.. I love her

  8. Godswill Egboh


  9. philippa rogers

    Wow Rebecca is a true star her voice ohhhhhhh mmm ❤️❤️

  10. I don't give a fuck!!!!!

    Much better than Taylor Swift!

  11. I don't give a fuck!!!!!

    Omg she so underrated!!

  12. samamuusa

    She is an artist, an evergreen Lady. She wants to do all better and better. There is so little in "traffic". Hopefully she can do well.

  13. lil L 'lisa d-j davies - jones

    One super woman with a super soul & super lyrics .👌🎶🎵 Wow nuff love & respect from Da Swansea city crew 2019 .❤💪💌Xxx

  14. Andrena Jean White Crane

    I love her music, it's as life she is singing my story,

  15. MariaCristina Salvemini

    Voice Amazing singer ❤️

  16. Jonny Smythe

    Superb song from a superb singer songwriter. Why is she not a massive world star???? Far better than many of the so called big acts out there!

  17. Rivka Stock

    She is a real artistic singer

  18. Ladi Di

    I love this Song ! She reminds me of Tina Tuner a natural raw voice .❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Plooop Plooop

    Mistreated with your eyebrows 🤣🤣 love her tho❤️❤️

  20. Peter Marshall

    Oh, Rebecca, you send shivers down my spine with that voice, simply stunning x

  21. sognodiangeli

    It’s been a hot minute since I heard her voice!
    Hey baby grl, your voice is heaven!

  22. Karon Price

    So happy that you found YOU!

  23. younglovesdream26

    Love this song

  24. Chiara Ginevrini

    Voce meravigliosa grande interprete

  25. Cheesesie TheCheese

    Actually... she IS superwoman.

  26. 09beckz

    💓💓💓you Rebecca inspirational

  27. zam onwusah

    she should honestly be more famous than she is

  28. Rainbow Rose

    Dear Lord, please help, take care of and protect this beautiful singer and person, from all those people who you are watching, from ever hurting her or her family and friends, I know you will. Pray for this beautiful girl. God Bless you Rebecca Ferguson and all of your family and friends. Not a hair on her head or her families, will they touch, in Jesus name Amen. Thank you for your protection against evil Lord. Amen.

  29. zenele Mlambo

    This song should have rule the charts all over the world for many many weeks, it all boils down to BAD MARKETING. SORRY Rebecca

    BAPYonguk GukGuk

    Today generation does not like talent

  30. Joy Stewart

    I never heard of her before ...WHAT an amazing voice..young Aretha Franklin..Why have u never heard her music on the radio

  31. jamie ferguson

    but you are a superwoman xx

  32. Breno Lucas Sabino

    Precisamos de você no Brasil PELO AMOR DE DEEEEUS MULHER VEEEEM

  33. Google User

    her real voice is better

  34. mario who

    God why isn't this 1M views?

  35. G-force avenue

    Come back home to be free

  36. susu Nethanani

    love love love this lady,crazy vocals

  37. alohadave13

    You´re amazing! WOW!

  38. Rosè X

    I stumbled on this song today and I love it this song is so deep especially about our emotional volunraibility

  39. Portia Switzer

    Holy crap. LOVE. I grew up with a drummer dad and Aretha in the living room. Haven't felt this way since then. She's brought Heart & SOUL back into music.

  40. Adriana Mioto

    Beautiful voice. Amazing.

  41. PalmurcioWorld

    I FUCKING LOVE HER! Why is she so underrated?

    BAPYonguk GukGuk

    Because she has talent

  42. sherry Sherokee

    this is my life song

  43. Dulce Pereira


  44. DaOneFame

    #DaOneFame is supporting Rebecca <3

  45. ameziane hasna

    you are great 😍😍

  46. Dblack Dike

    wowww___ luv dis one

  47. S. K. B Nerd

    She deserves grammysssssss

  48. rose


  49. Bob Jones

    If you understand the music industry, you'll understand her beginning message and why she's so under rated.
    Kudos to you Rebecca for not selling your soul....i hear you.


    Bob Jones Nice that you're awake Brother 😊

    Bob Jones

    I'm equally glad you understand :P

  50. Alisdair Flynn

    goosebumps ... superb x get on the Chris Evans show with this song girl !

  51. Nicole De León

    You are amazing!!!!! Thank you for be you.

  52. Robin Topping

    It's hard to believe.... but you actually ARE "SUPER WOMAN".

  53. Emeline Emeline

    Wow, she sounds so much like Aretha

  54. Siskin

    Brilliant! Did Rebecca actually write this song?

  55. youandmebothUK

    SUPERB Album !!! 10/10 love it

  56. Shaun Kelly

    just gets better and better'she is awesome""

  57. Thapelo Gomwe

    our new Tina Turner

  58. Gen Emmanuel

    i love Rebecca Ferguson's I love her voice high-class performance

  59. E White

    love me some Rebecca!

  60. Robin Topping

    But.....U R
    Robin Topping 11th Mar 2017

  61. kawee Jay

    I luv you Rebecca! Rooting for you all the way!

  62. Rockfildy

    Love 🇧🇷

  63. Meus guppys

    Amo amo amo ❤ I love you 😍 Brasil Bahia ❤ Aqui!

  64. sylvia

    such little views and likes on this makes me sad she deserves so much more then she has

  65. irenaSujevic

    such a powerfull song!! Great voice!

  66. Stxph Bxby

    These kind of songs will always be better than what's in the charts these days!

  67. ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia

    What you "scared" of Rebecca? Donald John Trump? You stand against him? Maybe you should rethink where you are coming from. Where are you coming from Rebecca? How wonderful it would've been for the UK, if one of our greatest singing voices would've been willing to sing for the new president of America.

  68. becky2k2011

    love it

  69. rachael Taylor

    her voice tho. so talented and beautiful. hope i get to go see her live one day.

  70. 1ginner1

    Beautiful, she has come so far from the x factor, this is magic.

  71. terry richardson

    this is a good one rebecca

  72. Upenda Sana

    She has some great songs with real messages and she sings them with so much soul,this woman deserves so much more exposure.She is way more talented then so many others who have a high profile.

  73. SoldierDemps

    Gives me a stiffy everytime i watch

  74. Helen Freeman


  75. Monica Nakato

    love her voice,,shes an angel

  76. Sharon berryman

    Wow wot avoice go girl ill be buying da album

  77. Dean Esmonde Leahy

    wow just WOW I always knew she was amazing but fuck me!!!! she is underrated for sure but happy she's still making music

  78. Leon Netten


  79. Robin Topping

    Christ !!!
    Robin Topping 14th Jan 2017

  80. gary moore

    fantastic voice should have done the trump thing would have made you in the usa

  81. George Golden

    British treasure

  82. TandB Blogs

    Never fails to impress me

  83. houda El

    i adore this voice 💓💓💓 wow i love her 💔

  84. Ray Smitham

    now that's a smooth voice !

  85. Anthony Stephenson

    Great song beautifully sung.

  86. Hosanna Banting

    Who ate the views? :'(

  87. Sarah Oldham

    Amazing voice. Sings songs that have true meaning. Rebecca is a super woman xx

  88. muza2556

    wow !!! this is her time

  89. Connor Benn

    Anyone reading this has a good taste in music :)

  90. Monica R.

    Such a humble talented woman please don't ever ever go Brittany crazy 😩 I need this real talent in my life

  91. Revolution Official

    Music like this saves souls all over the world <3

    jovente kaizen

    Steve Rudge yesss!

  92. DC CXI

    Meh. Never heard of her before learning she wants to sing "Strange Fruit" at Trump's inauguration...

    Jamie Bell

    DC CXI that's sad that you haven't heard of her before this. Her three original studio albums, plus her Billie Holiday Tribute album are all well-produced, well-written and well-sung. she is one of the few purely talented singers in current mainstream music

    DC CXI

    @Jamie Bell it's okay I'm not upset about it. What I find sad is her choice to give an ultimatum rather than a performance at the presidential inauguration.
    Her tweet speaks of love conquering hatred but her ultimatum and song choice reveals her motives as nothing more than hypocritical posturing.

    George Golden

    DC CXI Another Trump robot

  93. ItsDefinitelyBethany

    new fave song, where is the publicity?

  94. Leo Pard

    Well....she IS Superwoman w/ super soulful voice...for sure.....luv her so much

  95. Cameron Whitelaw

    Swear down, not gonna lie....the last girl at the end looks like someone from my college, her name is Steph n she is 26.....she goes to Myerscough College


    American Horror Story: Roanoke it's Danielle Lloyd

    Cameron Whitelaw

    😱😱😱 didn't recognise her