Rebecca Ferguson - Lady Sings The Blues Lyrics

Lady sing the blues,
she's got them bad,
she feels so sad.

And wants the world to know,
just what her blues are all about,

Lady sings the blues,
She tells her side,
nothing to hide.

And now the world will know,
just what her blues is all about

The blues ain't nothin' like a pain in your heart,
when you get a bad start,
when you and your man have to part

I ain't gonna just sit around and cry,
I know I won't die,
'cause I love him

Lady sings the blues,
I'm tellin' you, she's got 'em bad,
but now the world will know,
she's never gonna sing them no more.

The blues ain't nothin' but a pain in your heart,
when you get a bad start,
when you and your man have to part

Ain't gonna just sit around and cry,
cause I know I won't die,
'cause I love him

Lady sings the blues,
I'm tellin' you, she's got them bad,
but now the world will know,
she's never gonna sing them no more.

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Rebecca Ferguson Lady Sings The Blues Comments
  1. Tony Boi

    yes love

  2. Jonny Smythe

    WoW! Superb singer! Amazing as always! Go girl. So much talent

  3. Monya Allen

    Her voice is just like Aretha as a youngun.

  4. Arif Shakir

    What a voice!

  5. ErnieCG

    That’s good

  6. Valéria Dias


    Margaret Mcwilliams

    Flier east

  7. MsKisvuk

    Don't stop never singing Rebecca! I love your voice

  8. Ademir de Souza

    I love you Rebecca

  9. Marcello Sousa silva

    Todas as musicas são ótimas de ouvir, para relaxar... sem comentários. Perfeita.

  10. Wesley Edmondson

    The new album is £1.99 on Google play music right Now!

  11. Hello People

    Y'all should check out Judy Garland's version of this song; it has a full dance number!

  12. Tainara Dagnese

    Is this heaven? 😍

  13. jmiller05

    Wonderful arrangement, and her voice is plush with richness and character. The flexibility up to those high belts is impressive too.

    Repertoire she should always be singing. Shame she had to go through that X-Factor crap to realise it.

  14. Sophie Jones

    Where can I find Billie Holiday's version?

  15. Reine Camelot

    Easily one of the more talented acts to come out of X Factor and so underrated. I hope this album does well.


    without a doubt

  16. billyboylb

    Wow.  I just discovered her...great! (sorry I don't watch these shows like X Factor).

  17. Robert J Irwin Hypnotherapy

    Will be seeing this lady at #lovesupremefestival this July in the UK !

  18. The Beast Gamers

    Amazing! Love her voice xx

  19. ric Chance

    Had the pleasure of seeing Rebecca live singing Lady sings the Blues - amazing night

  20. Isaí Marroquín

    this voice hypnotize me... simply love it 

  21. Iuri Bendek

    Eu gostei! :)

  22. Tuan Haslinda Tuan Yusoff

    awesome .... 

  23. Edwin Johnson


  24. Jamie

    wow I was so nervous when I heard about this album. But she sounds awesome. Her voice is getting stronger with each album

  25. burnbrae75

    love this version, sheer class

  26. Edgar Soares

    What a voice. Amazing

  27. yoo toob

    Rebecca always has a way of delivering a song so it sounds fresh and new, uniquely hers. I adore her and hope to see a live version of this song with a big band.

  28. Kessa

    her voice was born to sing bluesy music. one talent from xfactor i will support all the way

  29. Abraham Zenteno

    TRULY BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS. So fresh and new. I love her.

  30. Geovanni Luna

    Why isn't on itunes?? I need it!

  31. Thiago Gomes

    Love from Brazil <3

  32. Arwen Jayne

    If you don't like Rebecca Ferguson, you must be dead from the neck up.

  33. rebecca donovan

    Finally really good music that's not about butts in 2015

  34. Joauo Agosto

    Hallelujah is RIGHT 🙌🙌

  35. Kejian Leng

    Amazing as usual. Love you!!!

  36. Flora Nijhof

    BrilliNt, an very underrated superstar!

  37. Andru Garrote

    my god your voice is heaven

  38. Kitty Kat

    if she thinks these type of songs and melodies will get her to #1 shes crazy

    Nosif Wariat Sooo Tasty

    She is artist and that's all !!!!


    You could say, they nose nothing.


    @Zeniithe clever! But yes, Rebecca doesn't need to fit into the "pop" standards, she will be around for a long time and eventually everyone else will catch up! 

    Alexandre Arena Filho

    Topping charts is not everything. It must feel awesome for the artist, but not every artist aims at it. Rebecca Ferguson is clearly not trying to.


    I agree that her song choices are not serving her sultry voice.
    she should go to stuff like 'fire''s Pointer sisters and so...soft soul

  39. Rushell Madden

    I screamed when I saw the notification..... I got happy....

  40. CharlyPi

    I guess this is what we all pictured in our minds when we saw u auditioning on The X Factor. SO HAPPY now it's real!!!

  41. Patrick Eleganisme

    tough voice. she even can hit very high notes now...

    lucy miranda

    singing is not just about hitting the high notes, billie holiday was one lady that had an amazing voice but not much range nor did she hit high notes. But she still had an amazing voice.

  42. Patrick Eleganisme

    you have best voice ever...

  43. stevenkirika

    great song ... but the song was short .. wished it was a bit longer..

  44. Mz Mouna

    Your voice though 😱😍💕

  45. Gabriel Quintana Salazar

    Just get ready for judgment day if you don't like this. Thumbs up if you're not

  46. Joe Mcateer

    Great song, fab vocals. Looking forward to the album

  47. foyani


  48. Cleverson Felix

    Rebecca's everything 

  49. Kimberley Hurst

    Love this so much, so glad you're back!!!  I just love that sultry velvety voice that you sing with.  xxxx

  50. Leah


  51. Well.

    I love this!

  52. RoyBinkhorst

    Oh yeah Rebecca! Love it! Love from Holland!

  53. Steven Brennan Silke

    I love your voice so much, can't wait to add this album to heaven and freedom at home!

  54. Zeniithe

    That voice is heavenly. Been playing your heaven deluxe album on repeat the past couple of weeks in the car.

  55. sardonyxz

    Your voice. ... this song. .. perfection!

  56. Byron Bustamante

    Me encanta!!!!!

  57. M K

    Rebecca Ferguson is so underrated ❤️

  58. nieves machado


  59. Chris Davies

    You are so versatile. Love the hairstyle too!

  60. BJUK

    More ..... More .......!

  61. Nabil Hedjem


  62. Deborah Akinkuolie

    Love it!!! I just wish it were longer ):