Rebecca Ferguson - Glitter & Gold Lyrics

How good or bad, happy or sad
Does it have to get?
Losing yourself, no cry for help
You don’t think you need it

And old friends are just a chore,
But now you need them more than ever before

All that glitter and all that gold
Won’t buy you happy
When you’ve been bought and sold
Riding white horses, you can’t control
With all your glitter
And all of your gold
Take care of your soul
Take care of your soul

How high, how low, how on your own
Are you gonna get?
Losing your soul, will cost you more
Than the life you’re paying for

And all those friends you left behind
You might need ’em when it’s cold outside

All that glitter and all that gold
Won’t buy you happy
When you’ve been bought and sold
Riding white horses, you can’t control
With all your glitter
And all of your gold
Take care of your soul

One day you’re gonna wake up and find that
New dream is losing its shine and
Nobody is by your side
When the rain comes down and you’re losing your mind

So, who you gonna run to?
Where you gonna hide?
Glitter and gold
Won’t keep you warm
On those lonely nights

And all those friends that were such a chore
You’re gonna need them more than ever before

All that glitter and all that gold
Won’t buy you happy
When you’ve been bought and sold
Riding white horses, you can’t control
With all your glitter
And all of your gold
Take care of your soul
With all of your gold
Take care of your soul
Take care of your soul

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Rebecca Ferguson Glitter & Gold Comments
  1. Jane Barreto


  2. Lúcio Diniz Pereira Finkler

    The best

  3. Family Guy jelenetek

    Epic ferrero song

  4. Ferrero Rocher

    Hello I am à Ferrero Rocher, do you want ?

  5. Frances Young Person

    Rebecca Ferguson is Awesome!
    A sexsy Blues, Rock, Pop, & Country, Gospel voice,!!
    She can sing anything to me!!


  6. Gabriel Kerjean

    Publicité : Ferrero Rocher 2014

  7. Richard Ölvedi

    this L I V E performance rocks without a doubt!

  8. petra b

    ferrero rocher.

  9. Meghana Naga

    I'm not a donate ketto....... Rana daggubati sir

  10. The Lynns

    What a voice!

  11. gina davis


  12. hokuto shinken

    Rebecca,your voice is speachless, my soul is happy. Thanks.

  13. nitza Gomej

    reading comments i just found out ferrer roche made an add with this song.obviously ferrero has taste and class. this song is live and the voice of this girl without any tune at all its just prodigy ! good job rebeca !

  14. Ruben Fernandez

    Mir fehlen nur die Wörter. Ihre Stimme ist Bombe und einmalig

  15. Federico Gallo

    Wonderful Song, beautiful woman, what a voice!

  16. Clément

    Who find this song by himself ?

  17. der andere

    Wow geiles Lied 👍👍👍😁

  18. Marietta Török

  19. Antonino Catania

    Miglior pezzo di Rebecca

  20. John Tatum

    Rebecca now a real artist..congrats!

  21. success addicted2

    ferrero rocher! na thats so beautiful!

  22. cibriosis

    all that glitter...all that sparkle...all those hits...yeah...

  23. Bolofex

    Sounds super old but that is good

  24. martin sanderson

    She is amazing live one off the best conserts we have been to.. And we have seen some big artist

  25. Nes Paul

    bella mich tvb

  26. Bernd Anders

    You should here schiller with rebecca ferguson and the song „Love“

  27. keblo

    Gold voice

  28. Enrico Gattolin

    Reminds me a bit Queen Aretha :)

  29. Brunu Mitty

    2019 ❤💔💥

  30. Mettatonyx

    You should check out postmodern jukebox you would sound great singing with them

  31. salvo puglisi

    bellissima canzone e lei con quella voce cosi calda e sensuale inimitabile

  32. RUSLAN 116

    1000 раз слушал и еще столько же с удовольствием!))

  33. Ricardo Felippe

    Great song and beautiful voice. Congratulation.

  34. TheLambsChapel Vietnam


  35. Barbie Minaj

    *Ferrero Rocher left the chat*

  36. Francesca Vagnoli

    Troppo bella

  37. Paola Bracho


  38. giuseppe puglisi

    Wonderful song and beautiful woman!

  39. Rosana Stoduto


  40. Jaden Nelson

    Rebecca where she come from love shes true musician ❤❤

  41. Carla Natalia

    Romântica e sensual!!

  42. Tibor Bakos

    wonderful .nagyon jóóó!!

  43. Александр Кириленко

    Просто, красивая и прекрасная исполнительница! Люблю тебя!

  44. Antonio S.

    Lei è bella come le sue canzoni...

  45. Giusy nurchis

    Number 1👍😍😍😍🤗

  46. Vivace Intelligente

    Che VOCE!

  47. Sarah holland

    She should have gone to the US, the UK don't know how to market someone like her. Very under rated.

  48. Tropicaltemp

    One of the best singers in the world, and unique.

  49. Eliyah

    Love her voice ♥️

  50. Eliana Maria

    Nossa que beleza de mulher e voz, delicadeza com toda a força

  51. Árpád Szmutkó


  52. Giovanna Di Bella

    Bravissima Rebecca sei grande woww ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

  53. Juliana Baldo

    AMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!d+ a music!!!

  54. OriginalKarasu

    Ray Donovan ;)

  55. Emerson Lima

    Awesome. Like a Tina Turner descendent.

  56. mahilamahila

    I love her!

  57. Beverley Carroll


  58. Foxy Lady

    I haven't heard this song in forever, but just popped into my head a few days ago. Incredibly talented, powerful voice.

  59. Ana Cristina Cris Cute

    Amo de paixão está música😍

  60. Louise Cooke

    Your the best singer in the world love sophia

  61. Giornale Sentire

    great Rebecca, you are music

  62. Petraaツ

    Ferrero Rocher brought me here

  63. Starry Catz

    Gotta love this classic song thx dad

  64. Antonio Carlos Barsumian

    This song, the singer, the scenery, the band, all this is a real jewel, a complete work of art

  65. gaila karim

    vraiment top j adore la performance

  66. Maria Rosaria Raiola


  67. Jonny Smythe

    Please explain why she’s not a huge world star?? So classy and beautiful. Such a great voice . She deserves to be a regular in the top ten!

  68. Shadow Threat

    Just like old times , or in an elegant James Bond movie 😎😊

  69. John Small

    I love her to sing a Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin

  70. Erika Sz.

    I love it! 😘👏👏👏

  71. Luciane Ansbach

    Linda de ver cantar!
    Simplesmente maravilhosa!

  72. Karina López

    Gold 2019🍷😘♥️🤗

  73. Lorenz

    can anyone recomend me some songs like this?

  74. Aleksandra Pawelec

    What a voice !!!

  75. Nick williams

    Love this Brit so much! Thx lovely your are awesome!😘💥💥💥💥💥🇬🇧

  76. Carlo k

    Very good........ love 💔🐎🇮🇹👋 ciao from Roma 💕

  77. Synne I


  78. Daniela Dobreva


  79. Songorij

    I got a Bondfeeling...

  80. musikman-x Heiner

    Keine Show, Nur Musik, Nur Simme, Nur Gefühl - Geil ohne Ende!

  81. Raffaella Drioli


  82. Pim Klaver

    This thinks me of Prince - gold

  83. mya smith

    seen that teen wolf edit

  84. Tommy Stieler

    a great voice!

  85. Blanca R.

    Congratulations to Mr. Cowell for listening to true singers, thanks to his program we are enjoying the real talent, to follow his successes by surprising the world with making the true singers grow and make known to the world.

  86. alex3000

    fantastic song.

  87. Carlo k


  88. Ивана Миливојевић


  89. Marcondes Oliveira

    canta muito

  90. Wilhelmien Brons


  91. Dorina Ursu

    Ce melodie faina i love you Rebecca

  92. Marlena Hall

    She's paying her dues, and she will be A bright star, up there with Aretha Franklin!

  93. Luka Kuzma


    Ma Br


  94. Richard Parker

    Guerra dos sexos

  95. pisti berez

    totally professional GG pls contact me :-)

  96. Michael Schleifer

    GlitterandGold; A fantastic performance and hit song.

  97. Evil DrX81

    OK, this song is great and the vocal... I'm stunned.

  98. Enrico Esposito

    Voce scintillante !!!!!!!!! 👍