Rebecca Black - Person Of Interest Lyrics

When I talk, you listen, I like that
When you listen, you smile and I like that
Why you lookin', lookin' at me just like that?
I like that
I like that

There's a crime scene on the dance floor
Ring the alarm
Police tape on the front door
And you are

A person of interest
A person of interest
Can't say I'm in love yet, but certainly impressed
You are a person of interest
A person of interest
Can't say that it's love yet, but somebody's obsessed

When we're dancing real close, think I like ya
But when the lights go down low, I can't find ya
Now I can't get you outta my mind, yeah
It's a crime, yeah
It's a crime

There's a chalk line on the dance floor
In the shape of my heart
Crime scene tape on the front door
And you are

A person of interest
A person of interest
Can't say I'm in love yet, but certainly impressed
You are a person of interest
A person of interest
Can't say that it's love yet, but somebody's obsessed

Can't deny, you implicated
In the mayhem in my mind
What has got me so frustrated
You should be mine, you should be mine

There's a crime scene on the dance floor
Ring the alarm
Police tape on the front door
And you are

A person of interest
A person of interest
Can't say I'm in love yet, but certainly impressed
You are a person of interest
A person of interest
Can't say that it's love yet, but somebody's obsessed

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Rebecca Black Person Of Interest Comments
  1. Jagdeep Singh Dhillon

    *Its nice and catchy song wtf is wrong with people disliking it* ❤️from 🇮🇳

  2. Zaffranius Ekka

    She is my favourite singer ever, I swear 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤😊😊😊😁😁😁🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  3. Religion LOL

    My god this sucks.

  4. Zasso no Kemuri

    People literally said "I don't like this one song she made, so I gotta end her whole career"
    Smh petty lil bastards

  5. Cassidy Verlie

    This was fucking fireeee

  6. moniemaker27

    I was obsessed with this song as a 13 year old

  7. emi

    epic tune

  8. rai_rai21

    Okay but this one is a fucking bop


    U know why so many dislike bcuz this is Full of AUTOTUNE

  10. Jaha Walgern

    Nah she’s deadass snitching harder than 6ix9ine in this video... like damn, I thought you liked the kid 🤦🏾‍♀️

  11. Mia Monroy

    it’s Friday

  12. Meme Juice

    Imagine she forgot the - in the name of the vid

  13. Pepshmeyer

    This song is a crime against mankind

  14. Wind 2000

    0:44 A person of inchest

  15. Trackfarmerfan

    8 Years ago from today!

  16. Elena Swan

    I came here from Brock's Dub, once I realized that I had no idea what the actual song was. This kinda reminds me of Miranda Cosgrove's music when she worked for Nick.

  17. Tomiwa Aina

    Woah compared to Friday and My moment, this is a master piece

  18. Tymothy Moncayo

    So fucking ugly that people would ostracize this talented beautiful girl. Fuck all of them. I love this and your new music by the by!

  19. Sidney Pery

    This song is a BOP

  20. Michelle Fox

    Why is she playing charades with the officer?

  21. newdreamspellmoon

    that teddy bear reminds me of the one from this anime with a evil living teddy bear that holds the students hostage in a school for a game of death!!!!!!!!

  22. Sairam Soundararajan

    I love Rebecca Black. Why so many dislikes? This song, along with My Moment, are actually pretty good. She has risen from Friday within months!!!!

  23. Venom

    no joke this is way better than *FRIDAY*

  24. ItzLuptic

    When people still don't forgive her from friday. This one is actually good lol.

  25. Devyn Thomas

    This is probably the catchiest Rebecca song ever. "Friday" and "My Moment" both begin with cringy instruments, but this song actually has a great beat. Plus the video is adorable. Number two is definitely "The Great Divide". Whereas songs like "Foolish", "In Your Words", and "Do It" aren't even catchy at all. People don't go to this side of YouTube for high-quality music. If they did, Calvin Harris and AC/DC are up in the search bar.


    I disagree "In Your Words" is pretty good

    Devyn Thomas

    @Dash120z It's OK but like most of her songs isn't memorable at all.

  26. Juan Sweet

    This song is my preferido you rebeca black

  27. Nicolette James

    This song was so much better than friday, but also not as good as her current music.

  28. Peter Griffin

    No this song was an improvement but still not that good.

  29. Robert Tolppi

    Are we not talking about the ALDI version of 2010 Justin Bieber?

  30. Lilith Matthew

    Bitch is that Sam potorff

  31. GunsAndFreckles

    I found this song like 2 years ago on spotify and been in love with it since.
    She doesn't deserve the hate just because of one song

  32. Pierre Crepeaux

    I love you Rebecca

    Cookies is the Best

  33. Rhianna S.

    I did not like Friday but everything after I liked. People can be so juvenile. Adults were responsible for Friday. At least she got the last laugh!

  34. Red kans

    Those people who dislike Rebecca’s songs these are good songs

  35. Bangtan Lifeu

    The song is pretty good, but it’s just something about her looks that ruins it🤷‍♀️

  36. Luz Licona

    Alex Constancio Jajajaa 🥰

  37. Diamond Glitter

    Oh crap she’s got the police 👮‍♀️ involved 🤣

  38. Diamond Glitter

    Ryan from Target 🥰

  39. nichole

    I remember being jealous she was with Alex lol

  40. Bridget Nash

    This is actually an entire BOP for real

  41. OhSnap 1221

    Who here from 2019? Also who else had been to this golf and stuff?¿😂😂

  42. stealthis

    If Selena Gomez did this, 1000s of you would be on it so hard it would be classified as assault

    Robert Tolppi

    stealthis That would make you a thousand years old.

    Yuvraj Singh

    @Robert Tolppi u did him dirty

    - anzi

    rebecca can sing better than selena. selena cant even sing

  43. •astraywoojin•

    *_I remember I used to like this song when I was 5...._*

  44. TheTiki1111

    This is a very cute song! 🌼😊

  45. Kayley McGuire

    I mean this is a lot better than Friday but it’s kinda of repetitive but it’s not awful I just can’t over that cringy fan blowing in face seen lmao

  46. IAmNoPenguin

    It took me 8 years to listen to Rebeccas other songs after hearing Friday and tbh this isn't bad at all. I just thought she stopped doing music after Friday when i was younger because of all the dislikes and hate she received.
    Pleasant surprise that 11 year old me didn't find until 8 years later :))

  47. SteveGamesFTW

    It's 2019, and I liked the song even back then m.

  48. Marianna Kehl

    Eu amo o fato de ter mais dislikes que likes hahaha


    I'm Person Of Likes

  50. Deborah L

    This is a banger

  51. KoolKat 180


  52. KoolKat 180

    Escuche esta cancion ayer y no dejo de escucharla la amo, I like that, i like that, YOU ARE A PERSON INTEREEEEEST

  53. Salman Salahuddin

    Why does the guy look like 2011 justin bieber

  54. sabresfan1934

    Wayyyyyyy better than friday

  55. josiah brown


  56. Dave Burton

    Dave Burton [email protected]

  57. Jeff's Green Muscle Marker

    Still shit

  58. Gavin Gable

    8 years later...

  59. Rohit Dangol


  60. Pradow

    7 years and a hald ago, already...

  61. Crazy Simmons

    Huh. I wonder where the dude is at nowadays.

  62. Crazy Simmons

    He’s dreamy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  63. mehar kuk

    This is a good one come on. What's with the dislike?

  64. tyrne hoops

    ok, honestly, friday was super bad. but this song is way better.
    why so much dislikes,honestly.
    everyone brings so much dislikes to her official music videos

    if u are disliking her official music videos, please stop.

    she does not deserve this for every one of her music videos.

  65. tannith

    i fucked w this

  66. Atul Yadav

    Rebacca this song is better than Friday song

  67. Eno P

    Man, I wish this would have been her first song. I feel « Friday » crippled her forever. Yes, it gave her opportunities, but I feel she will never be taken seriously as an artist because of it. So unfair.

  68. Jon Kim

    Why the justin bieber clone though

  69. Jon Kim

    She really has come a long way

  70. Bob Wong

    Dislikes are from sheeple

  71. DisneyLove

    She kinda reminds me of Victoria justice in this video.... But I still LOVE this song!


    you are amazing

  73. Telph

    I think I might have accidentally put this song on my playlist and now I'm unsure whether or not I should remove it.
    thoughts, anyone?


    Telph keep it, for uhhh... honestly i dont even know why.

  74. RDPG Kelly

    Same ratio than Soldier Kidd - Better Be 😂😂

  75. rachel l

    This is cute lmao.

  76. Bernard l بيرنارد

    Remembre this gay wtf lool 2009

  77. saket kulkarni

    145k dislikes wow people have broke the disliked button

  78. Joshua Films

    Well definitely not as bad as Friday it’s not that great sorry Rebecca but wow you’ve gotten so better 💜🖤💜

  79. Katelyn K

    Way to go girl 🙌

  80. Zoe Trent

    i love this song is better than Friday I do not understand
    because there are many dislike

  81. Lostiesgirl

    This was a pretty awesome song

  82. Goly Palomino

    Why the dislikes

  83. Goly Palomino

    Why the dislikes just because of friday

  84. Mola World

    Terrifying underrated that makes me mad 😠

  85. cm 24

    It's better than Friday but still it's a terrible song

  86. Alyssa Storch Music

    Ignore this dislikes. You're amazing

  87. Simsfreeplay Designs

    I love her songs

  88. Muffin-Unicorns

    I actually really like this! It makes me feel... More powerful over boys👸🙅👦

  89. eunice salinas

    why do people follow her song then dislike..if u dont like rebecca why listen to her songs..i love her..and also her songs..

  90. Nava Ironstand

    i dont know why but i remembered this out of nowhere and needed to listen to it a few times 😂😂😂😂😂

  91. Joseph Buban

    She actually is a GOOD and AMAZING Singer. Her song Friday was as good as this song. It was just that audiences just didn't like her songs.

  92. whatdoes420mean

    kinda forgot alex constancio was in this

  93. FreakyFigs

    Pretty good

  94. Nixie Martian

    Okay but why does she keep on coming up with music she's obviously not good at it

  95. Prakash yadavanshi

    My favourite song

  96. myleshehe

    this reminds me of one direction one thing


    wooow shes breaking the internet with dislikes sorry imma like it jus cause POI lol is that beiber


    siiike couldnt do it sorry

  98. Blaceee

    I bet none of you people aren’t from David’s vlog...

    If you are tho, let’s get this more likes than dislikes💗she deserves it

  99. Bittu Dutta

    this song was good!! i still love this song!!😍💜💜👍