Real Friends - Sixteen Lyrics

Just when I think I need someone,
They wrap their arms around my old bones
And I start breaking apart
I walk away from anyone that cares about me
But I swear my skin's not as rough as I make it out to be

The saddest part is I've been distant since I was sixteen
It keeps me up in bed
I'm stuck here with all the choices I've made
And the chances I was too afraid to take

I've called myself young and stupid,
But lately I feel old and desperate
I find it kind of weird how you find yourself
When you have no one
I look for the right things in all the wrong places

The saddest part is I've been distant since I was sixteen
It keeps me up in bed
I'm stuck here with all the choices I've made
And the chances I was too afraid to take

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Real Friends Sixteen Comments
  1. Duranium

    This are all my birthdays after elementary school.
    Last time i had friends and celebrated.

  2. Rohan Sasi

    when I hear of the word "Sixteen" , I always remember Adams Song by Blink-182

  3. antivlogs

    I miss this

  4. Margarita Ramirez

    One of their shortest songs but honestly it's my favorite haven't listened to every song but got taken aback by this no matter how cringey I feel for watching it can't help but watch it over and over~♡10/10

  5. ReconOne123456789

    I’m 24, I have ADHD-PI, Aspergers, GAD and physical benzo dependence (and the lead singer knows that I have all of these ruining my life; he’s a nice guy to meet: he’s hella kind and understanding) and YouTube needs to make its like button clickable 5 times. The first time I called the hotline was on my 24th birthday a few months ago.

  6. Charlotte Baldwin

    I’m watching this on my 16th birthday right now haha

  7. Fabulous Killjoy

    This reminds me of when I was twelve and thirteen with no real friends (no pun intended, lol).

  8. Ignat Limansky

    Fuck,it is so sadly,some peopels can see in the boy self.

  9. jords

    painful part is, you hang out with bunch of people almost everyday, but they still forgot your birthday, happened to me on my last birthday, bought boxes of smirnoff, cooked meal, but my family was the only one remembered

  10. Serena Landeros

    Just when I think I need someone, 
    They wrap their arms around my old bones 
    And I start breaking apart
    I walk away from anyone that cares about me
    But I swear my skin's not as rough as I make it out to be

    The saddest part is I've been distant since I was sixteen
    It keeps me up in bed
    I'm stuck here with all the choices I've made 
    And the chances I was too afraid to take

    I've called myself young and stupid, 
    But lately I feel old and desperate
    I find it kind of weird how you find yourself 
    When you have no one
    I look for the right things in all the wrong places

    The saddest part is I've been distant since I was sixteen
    It keeps me up in bed
    I'm stuck here with all the choices I've made 
    And the chances I was too afraid to take

  11. jords

    lets all have a virtual group hug


    tuning guitar ?

  13. Chase R๐๐lz

    Is this connected with FFAF's 16?

  14. how senseless death what precious life

    Listening to this on my 16th just turned I haven't had a breakdown this bad in so long I'm trying so hard yet i seem so far from better or even getting there

  15. izzy

    this song touched my soul.

  16. Neil Buckman

    I wish this was longer.

  17. Lahcim154

    Can't watch the video cuz i cry everytime

  18. Live, With DannyBoy

    That's not a music video. That's depression manifest

  19. LunarEclipse

    ahh yes, this was my old depression song. i remember i would be sad & i'd turn this song on and sing my heart out to it.

  20. tom

    I just relapsed I’m sorry :(

  21. Sarah

    I remember when this video released and it made me OOF

  22. afk mari

    I used to listen to this song nonstop when I was 13 thinking I would listen to this as soon as I turned 16, and everything would be so much different and happier.
    Today, December 27th I turn 16 years old and I'm crying my eyes out. This feels so fucking empty.

  23. Mohamed Benhari

    Guys please this Song is the best song I heard in my but it missed a good vocal recording please you have to fix it

  24. BringMeTheAffliction

    Can i just give that kid in the blue shirt a big hug?

  25. Emmy -May

    Me at 16, still me now at 20..

  26. taylor marie

    16th birthday woah

  27. Tristian Dasher

    When you're 3 years late to the pity party. :/

  28. cryspringseternal

    takes me back to certain times

  29. kitty X love

    This is such a big mood! My mom always trys her best for me. I'm always around ppl but I feel lost and shit.

  30. E girl Sinon


  31. Ruben Navarro

    So far this is how im spending my birtbday today 😞

  32. donsep

    Пацана жалко (9((9(

  33. Big Ol Barry Halls

    I feel this

  34. Ian Marquez Garcia

    honestly i feel really bad for the mother who's trying to make the best of it

  35. jords

    Happy birthday to me

  36. Akira

    To youg to be alone but to old to made a choice

  37. erz 90s

    Im 27 and this song pretty suitable for my life now

  38. Teto Aaaaslasdy

    bad days at sixteen

  39. bandersson

    lil peep


    holy shit this song is me

  41. Dylan Bartlett

    Wait... If the kids turning sixteen why is he still sitting in the backseat? lol

  42. nana kpop

    16 and feeling all of this..

  43. Xzybia


  44. Kathy Gonzalez

    This song hits a nerve. It's sad how so many people can relate to this.. i know I've felt like this so much in my life.. i don't think it'll stop either i know no one will ever read this but.. there's a lot of us out there.. you're not alone. i remember reading this quote that goes along the lines of.. "These bones are only temporary. You're on your own but not alone, you'll never be alone." For those of you who feel alone or need someone look around you.. there's always someone there for you no matter where you are or who you are. Keep your head held high kid there's always sunshine after the storm.

    Chancelor Collins

    Kathy Gonzalez I felt like this for the longest time

    Kathy Gonzalez

    at least know you're not alone

  45. Shadow Blazed

    This will be me next month,
    I'm turning 20 ..

  46. Cassidy Alexandria

    turning sixteen tomorrow and fuck i relate to this song so much

  47. GoreGoreGore[math]Core

    I remember listening to this when I was 14. I'll be 16 soon enough, and I'm laying on my bed in that situation :/ and I feel so wrong

  48. tom

    i just almost relapsed....

  49. Fallen Rooney

    That kid is gonna go to Walgreens and light the card isle on fire one day.

  50. YoungBrayden

    I don't have any actual friends anymore (I moved over 1000 miles away to another state) my birthday is in 12 days btw

  51. Russell Lambert

    I can relate so deeply with these lyrics it's scary.

  52. Lenae Brainard

    I love pop punk but the genre has some of the worst music videos.

  53. некитос

    кайф обнаружен

  54. Koda zaddy

    That shit hit me cause that was like most of my bday parties..

  55. D C

    Clicked on this video right after listening to I don't love you by MCR and terrible things by mayday parade. Bad idea

  56. hannah marie


  57. Izabella Cognato

    I love this

  58. Teen Angst

    Okay relatable

  59. Five Ottack

    damn man literally me in highschool like fuck

  60. The Ending of Me

    In all honesty i relate to this more than I'd like to admit, I'm about to turn 16 in less than a month and I've been distant since I was about 10, due to the things I've been through, I relate to the song by having no people around and walking away from everyone due to my major trust issues, thank you guys for making this song and making music in general it means alot to me and helps me out more than you'd think, also is there a chance you could come to Louisvile Kentucky it'd mean the world to me (Damien - TEOM guitarist)

  61. Ricardo Huerta

    this is me . this is why I hate my birthday

  62. Benjamin Hahn

    If anyone needs someone to talk to, you can reply to this comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

  63. William Davis

    Wish I didn't remember when I was sixteen.

  64. Aki Hitori

    ok but fuck this video for making me cry. one of the few music videos that makes me cry hah. max did a good job on this one. he honestly did this video much better than scared to be alone.

  65. Chey Burns

    I'm turning 16 in a month and this is literally what my birthday is going to be like. At least I'll have this to cry to.

  66. DreamlandDiary

    This song 😭😭😭

  67. tom

    Crying myself to sleep while listening to, this song always made me cry, when I saw them live for the first time, they performed this, and I just collapsed and balled my eyes out.

  68. Terminal Cancer

    I look for the right things in all the wrong places.


  69. Lenka

    Dan, *don't just scream the lyrics at the kiddo,* join his birthday party already


    I’m pretty sure that kid understands what Dan is doing (singing his feelings to let it all out) as much as Dan understands that kid (because I met Dan in person and he is hella understanding)

    A B

    @ReconOne123456789 this music video is fiction 😂


    @A B That's a Doylist or IRL interpretation of this work of fiction (the music video). What I wrote above is Watsonian or in-universe (mixed with the non-fictional fact that I met Dan Lambton in person: a fact according to the author, basically "Word of God" in TV Tropes terminology). I can tell fact from fiction. Basically, I filled a plot hole in a fictional universe with an IRL explanation.

  70. GCKW Wrestling

    that's not Ricky*clap clap clap*

  71. Awesomely Awesome

    I feel this song alot

  72. Allison

    does anyone know songs that sound like the intro?? like just that type of guitar sound, preferable without lyrics. PLEASE HELP ME OUT I LOVE HOW IT SOUNDS

  73. Joe Fields

    I like songs like this, and I have so many problems finding them. I like songs like this, and Clairvoyant by The Story So Far. Any song that's got the feels like this.

    Could you guys give me some ideas of good songs?

    Hunter Neill

    Joe Fields try, Potential by Casey Bolles

  74. mackfer99

    Its kinda funny that last year i had wanted to throw a party for my 16th, and I invited like 12 people only one showed up

  75. Hassan Abdillahi

    we've all been there, you know? all alone, no friends, or anybody that really cares about you. but i found music, and music kind of found me, so we've been vibing, and music helps my broken heart, my lost soul, my wretched thoughts, and my fucked up brain.

  76. Charles Middleton

    This damn song gets me everytime. Manly because this is still me. The album title is so on point.

  77. Dawn Povey

    this guy's voice is like nails on a chalk board....absolutely horrendous...

    CJ Gloria

    Dawn Povey it's your own music taste. I think his voice is one of the best voices in pop punk industry 👌

  78. Nice Nice

    Spending my 17th birthday watching this

    Charles Johnson

    Aura Marine so I know this was a year ago but same I did that too

  79. Zanatyx

    Watching this on the day all my friends bailed from my 16th birthday. Hilariously relevant

    Jess_ Jess

    Zanatyx same here. happy belated birthday

  80. HollyBlossom

    i just read the album name and the hole inside of me got deeper

  81. Nukey

    The feels... Reminds me of those years when I had no friends. I would always act like I didn't care, I didn't show my emotions and I was faking smiles to make other people happy. But I was actually feeling so low inside, I was always crying at night and hoped for someone to see that I was lonely and help me. I've missed so many chances of trying to talk to people, or to tell my bullies to back off. I regret it, but now I've got real friends (no pun intended here) who care about me and I care about them. Just know that everything gets better one day.


    NukeyPookie I'm so glad you found good people. I never had a real friend until i was 20 and went to university, i spent my youth feeling low and so freaking alone but now I'm sure i Will always count on them.


    Yeah c: One of them became my best friend, and we talk to each other everyday. It's the first time I have a best friend who considers me their best friend too (I'm 18).
    Until I was 14, I didn't have any true friends. I did have some friends, but they were more like acquaintances. I knew they didn't really care about me. They never ever asked me to hang out once. In fact, a few months ago I discovered that some of my "friends" had plenty of photos together of the times they hung out, and I had literally no idea of it. Made me feel pretty low. But, well, I have my best friend now, and we often hang out. I know I can count on her and viceversa. She's the only one I talk to everyday to be honest. But I'm still so happy I have her in my life.
    But yeah, before I was 14, I was alone & lonely. I was pretty much the awkward/shy/ugly girl nobody wanted to talk to, even though most people think I'm really nice and have an awesome personality lol. I was always sitting on a bench at school, doodling stuff or reading to pass the time. In my last year of middle school, when I started to get a group of great friends and started to get more noticed by people, I realized people only knew me for "the lonely girl sitting on the bench". That's pretty sad lol. Thankfully things has changed for me now.
    Also I'm glad you got friends now!

    how senseless death what precious life

    Same here I'm happy for you I just haven't had the friends part yet but hopefully soon thank you for this

  82. Carolina Milena

    Qual a mensagem da música?

  83. Destiny Williams

    for my 16th birthday all I got was a happy birthday from my grandmother and uncle whom I live with and the cheapest pack of cigarettes from a corner store.

  84. Kineke Jordan

    I turned 16 today

  85. Kellie O Brien

    this hits hard lol

  86. Katelyn Brown

    Wow, I fucking love this song. I'm 23 & totally relate. Twenty three seems so old. I just found this band, I like them, but can't listen to pop punk too much at my age because I get too damn nostalgic and full of heartache. This was the first song of theirs that I've heard. I really like that it shows the repercussions of being emotionally arrogant as a teenager, the opposite of what most pop punk bands do, (romanticize it).

  87. Irrelevant Person


  88. Rina Lynn

    I had the same cake as that kid when I was turning 15.

  89. Megan Taylor

    fuck, my heart

  90. tom

    Saw them live a couple days ago at warped tour and honestly wished they could play this song

  91. Edgar Estrada

    Whats Dyrus doing there?

  92. Nicol Zadesenets

    This is so fucking sad!

  93. Sting Ray

    Watching this on my 19th birthday, which I spent alone like all my other birthdays .-.

    Wes Papes

    My past few birthdays, I've been stuck at work, dealing with people won't give a fuck about me. When I come back home, my family is asleep, and the house never feels so empty. It sucks, but at least I'm not living alone. it will get better. Trust me.

    Shadow Blazed

    Sames gonna happen to me next month

    Teayanna Parks

    Me too...


    Sting ray come to New Zealand for your 21st and we can do whatever you want. I've been blessed to be surrounded by friends every birthday but it turns out they never meant shit coz I wasn't the flavour of the week so it kinda feels worse than having no one show up. I have nobody now so if I can make someone feel better that I dont know then that's a good memory to cherish


    Spent my 21 alone to fam shit hurt but it just lets you know how alone you are just what tp expect from people fam

  94. larrybob141

    Getting off every night at 2-3AM wears on me so bad. I alway play this on the way home and get drunk. I hate sleeping all day while my friends hang out and going to work all night and getting off when everyone is asleep. But fuck it I need to make money right?

  95. tom schott

    Thank god I never got birthday parties cuz this would be me.

  96. Alisha Crank

    This is my best friends favourite song and to know they relate to this song and this band makes me so happy that they look up to people like you , very proud of you and them and when I listen to this song I miss them like mad but it's incredible how music can keep people together

  97. NF_images

    I just turned 16 and no one came to my party😔


    Oh my, you poor soul... *hands you a tissue*

    Hannah Danyelle

    I'm sorry:(


    Similar situation but different, when I turned 16 many years ago my mom dropped me off at a buddy's house and told me that she was leaving to go to Florida with her new boyfriend. Really pissed me off cause I wanted my mom around and she just ditched me on a big birthday! Glad to have my friend and his family. They threw me a mini party and bought me a cake. Looking back on it I guess it wasn't a big deal. I am 22 now haha