Real Friends - I Don't Love You Anymore Lyrics

I can't believe you've got the nerve to say you love me
Then you left me for dead
I don't love you anymore
I hope you're happy since I don't know you anymore
You were a part of me
And now you're just nothing but a memory

No matter how bad I want you in my bed
I know that you found somebody else to be there for you
I'll keep sleeping sideways in my empty bed
To fill up the lonely space
I'm just a kid with too much lonely space

Now I'm just like the pictures that you take
I'm nothing but something that once was
Like colors that fade away in the sunlight
They're nothing special like they used to be
They're gone and they're never coming back
No, they're never coming back
I'm gone and I'm never coming back

No matter how bad I want you in my bed
I know that you found somebody else to be there for you
I'll keep sleeping sideways in my empty bed
To fill up the lonely space
I'm just a kid with too much lonely space

I woke up today and realized that what we had is dead
I'm just a pile of lifeless bones to you
I've spent too many years thinking about somebody
That doesn't even think about me

Thinking about somebody that doesn't even think about me
Thinking about somebody That doesn't even think about...

No matter how bad I want you in my bed
I know that you found somebody else to be there for you
I'll keep sleeping sideways in my empty bed
To fill up the lonely space
I'm just a kid with too much lonely space

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Real Friends I Don't Love You Anymore Comments
  1. Max Martin

    still the best song I ever heard..

  2. Fabulous Killjoy

    I don’t love you like I did yesterday.

  3. Ashton


  4. A B

    This song is one of their absolute best. It makes me feel some kind of way.

  5. Dafall

    Seeing real friends live was probably best experience ive ever had in a mosh pit

  6. Johnny Lariat

    My boy Justin H showed me this and they ROCK!

  7. Andrroo

    The background scream at 3:00 is me everytime

  8. Ryan Riot

    I get like old school FOB vibes. YAS! This type of oldschool emo music is making a comeback. Already in love with this band!

    Joey D. Gabba

    You do realize this video is from 2014 right?

    Ryan Riot

    @Joey D. Gabba oh :(

  9. East Ville

    Looking for a song on the tip of tongue, and I find this trash heap of a song. Ugh, that voice---

  10. j-atk

    the singer looks like david dobrik with a beard

  11. Jordan C


  12. Conner Kirk

    I've been waiting like four years for the grey tee shirt of this video, it's not even being sold anymore lol
    I don't blame you guys, I'm sure it probably just got lost in the mail, but I recently moved out of the house it was shipping to, and my mom is about to sell it, and with that, I'll have... Given up on.. it.. see what I did there?

  13. Charlotte Does things

    My favourite furry band

  14. LadyBonez


  15. Rodrigo.hc

    I've spent too many years thinking about somebody that doesn't even think about me.

  16. theREALjustnemo

    Im fascinated you guys play metal very well and transcended the borders of genres. That cover of duailty was the first song Ive ever heard from you. I preferred the other style. Combining the pop acoustic with metal was a refreshing change from normalcy. You guys take care.

  17. Taylor Anderson

    It is 2019 and I still listen to this song everyday.

  18. Ela x

    When your friends forget to invite you over lol

  19. Jordan C

    Dans voice

  20. Mikael

    When your just so alone....

  21. Aileen Delos Santos

    fuck me in the ass dan!

  22. Markéta Culková

    Who is this? I like them, please stop them from being furries

  23. ChiefTomcat

    The epitome of faggy emo music.

  24. Emma Lee

    True friends accept you no matter who you are and what you like or what you do. (as long as it's no illegal lmao) If you don't like furries just mind your business and let people do thier thing. There really isn't anything wrong with furries, no matter what you've heard. Sure, there's a sexual side, but there is to everything if you think about it. The internet needs to man the fuck up and just ignore things they don't like, not send death threats to people just because that's what everyone else is doing, dear god. Stop believing everything you see and dig deeper. That's what I did! I used to hate furries with a passion. But I said 'fuck it' and I dug deeper. The only bad thing that keeps popping up is drama. Get over yourselves already.

  25. Go Fondo

    im sorry this songs still amazing in 2018 dont @ me

  26. myranda hewitt

    This song is so fucking good, but I can't get over the fact that this is FuRrY cEnTrAl😂

  27. Amber Kelly

    Yea ....4 hrs later and im still with real friends aint life grand

  28. Amber Kelly

    When its over its over, only real friends know real love share this video with your friends who need real friends we all experience this unless your the one of the heartless among us but they gots song for you too lol

  29. Chantz Likes Punk

    Dan look like a snacc in this one 👀

  30. Raspberry Razmin the fox OWO

    Is that Sven the fenn ?

  31. Spiral

    I used to hate pop punk then I had break up and appreciate it a lot more holy moly

  32. Michael King

    im worried this is the way she feels about me
    i left her because i couldn't see
    i hurt her because and she was left at my mercy
    this pain is my fee

  33. David K

    what music should be....and I'm 55

  34. Dylan Wilcox

  35. Devour All Heroes

    Best band I found in years

  36. YouTube Official

    I can feel the spit when he sings a -k.

  37. Elena Mark


  38. Alex Yap

    do pop punk bands have a fetish over costumes or something? it's like in every pop punk video ever


    the dog is the same dog of acoustic songs album?????

  40. dave bunting

    Video reminds me of “ Local man ruins everything - the wonder years”

  41. tammy n.


  42. Frances Fragela


  43. Rany Jay Relativo

    i love this song so much . thank you real friends alhought i repeat it in a hundred times or a thousand times still love this song . . give it up for real friends guys !!! hope and wish to hear your nxt album on this 2018 love you guys

  44. Ricardo Tobar

    It just took me 7 years to say this :)

  45. Rita Rodrigues

    The title make me remember "I don't love you (like I did yesterday)" by My Chemical Romance

  46. Bernard Lacanlale

    i was hoping the wonder years mascot was here

  47. Galaxy Fox_107

    I like fox'es

  48. Monnie Riot

    My bed as been empty for 4 years

  49. raptor rayven

    Okay this is from 2018 I love this song just Webber commented(REMEMBER ME!!)

  50. Nihilistic Atheist

    I’ve been sleeping sideways in my bed, since she left.

  51. adeirfanu

    I'm just a kid with too much lonely space :)

  52. OutcastN3cr0

    This song is my life. Was a really beautiful video

  53. Drew

    Is the drummer wearing a destroy Troy shirt!?

  54. francisco ortega

    Still go to for sad songs


    If you like Real Friends, then you should give us a listen! Might dig it!

  56. Energy Sword Sunday

    Confirmed for warped tour

  57. Dylan Harris

    1) First of all, great song, I love it and this band
    2) Pause at 2:11

  58. TryZoid

    Teenage foo fighters

  59. tazmon122

    she'll never know the pain she caused.

  60. Unanswered

    So this is what the fox says ....

  61. Shanelie

    This is literally the songwriting I’ve ever heard. Especially the lyrics of the first verse. 😐

  62. George Ellis

    Millencolin vibes especially the chorus.

  63. Juan Andrés Fuster


  64. ブレインズ


  65. ripcasper pierce

    This song live is such a fucking experience

  66. Anil Ojar


  67. Bo 28111

    Honestly, I'm not very into this... genre. But the lyrics are identical to what's going on inside my head right now. So I love this song regardless.

  68. Ashlee Geib

    This is hitting home right now :(

  69. C. Horror

    Break ups suck

  70. nobody likes the opening band

    im here from a buzzfed article

  71. Rwanda Wilkerson

    So good live 💖💖

  72. s a m y ⛈


  73. Duplex39

    Where can I buy a mask like this?!?

  74. Emily Wilkins

    Just decided to listen to these guys for the first time after I got broken up with a couple days ago. These lyrics, man.

  75. synford

    yes I fucking do

  76. PopoAU

    fuck breakups

  77. JenniferSierota445

    i can relate to this band so much i am glad i searched i dont love you anymore by my chemical romance

    Irrelevant Person

    Yo yo DatBoi here Ahaha, what a great mistake. I love randomly or accidentally finding new music.

  78. Free Limes

    Where can I buy the head so I can cry when I look at it

  79. Garrett Babb

    Who is Zack

  80. Trouble Queen

    me the whole video: "I WANT THOSE FUCKING SOCKS"

  81. naziha El kaddouri


  82. Robert Steed

    That pizza looks cold.

  83. Ethan Winograd

    I just saw them in early May. Such a great show. I crowd surfed and fist bumped dan

  84. Evan Collis-Puro

    And I don't love you like I did yester...Sorry wrong emo band....

  85. John FitzGerald

    this song is explaining my current moment in life spot on. I hate you so much for wrecking me, but I still love you so damn much lexi :/

  86. Gavin Bonar

    Why am I just getting into this band?

  87. Pepi

    This post brought me here:

  88. Mayor McCheese

    I'm in my feelings w this song man :(

  89. Roy Duytschaever

    Just got home from these guys their performance in Antwerp. Small crowd but we killed the show anyway! Never heard a band sing their ''sad fucking songs'', so good live. these guys are talented! #belgiumrepresent

  90. Rafael Nogueira

    I did not know that Jhon Snow has a band

  91. Kitty Panda69

    Ahhhh 😅😆❤️

  92. julimadelyn

    OMG I get the vid concept after watching it for the 10000000000000000000000th time

    Irrelevant Person

    Lyricslouderthanwords What do you mean? Did I miss something?

  93. Aki Hitori

    i feel stupid for asking this, but is the dog in this video lenny? and does lenny belong to dave?

  94. Andrew Spencer

    i sleep sideways

  95. Josh Powers

    "I'm just a kid with too much lonely space"

    why can't I stop laughing?!

  96. Leo Hayes

    when ur furry trash but she broke ur heart

  97. Ariel Frias

    this song is same af

  98. TysonIsKetchy

    this song got me up

  99. Eternal Convict