Ready Set, The - For The Better Lyrics

I heard it on a Saturday night
You hopped on that last minute flight
I can't say that I was surprised
But Imma let you finish girl, I'm sure you tried

I know you're down in the dumps
But at least you're rich, and your songs don't suck
So take that 13 for luck and find
There's 100 others waiting in line

Whatever, it's for the better
Hey hey, whatever, it's for the better

I bet you see the tabloids around
Throwing your face all over the town
They say you'll probably write him a song
Five times platinum, I doubt if they're wrong

I know you're down in the dumps
But at least you're rich, and your songs don't suck
So take that 13 for luck and find
That there's 100 others waiting in line

Whatever, it's for the better
Hey hey, whatever, it's for the better

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Ready Set, The For The Better Comments
  1. Bianca Vidmantas

    Socorro esqueci total dessa

  2. Nol's Jawline

    Sorry what is huhan

  3. mandie willingham

    somehow this reminds me of Hollywood dream. I guess its cause that song was about taylor swift too

  4. May Lily

    Is this song have in ZingMP3 ?

  5. Leah Gray

    This makes me smile so much

  6. Emily Su


  7. Kiki HunHan

    this song haunted me, reminds me of so much hunhan memories 😭😭 #hunhanforever

  8. Lufans 7

    lmao hunhan bring the fans out xD thanks for that particular video, finally found this song ❤

  9. you are

    😢😭😭 so sad

  10. claire //

    for all you hunhan shippers: xiuhan is better :)

    Lufans 7

    lol can't believe you watched that hunhan vid and actually searching for this song. way too much eating salt eh? well to xiuhan shippers nah hunhan is infinity better 💕

    Emily Su

    I agree I love xiumin but sehun is just meant for luhan I never seen anything so genuine

  11. Luna Frost

    Discovered The Ready Set three years ago through an anime AMV that used Love Like Woe WAAHHH I STILL LOVE IT

  12. you are


  13. you are

    so cute

  14. Yeremi Ishihara

    Beautiful song, but now she is a bitch

  15. justhere

    I came from Johnnie Gilbert's pug video

  16. Eclipse Howell

    How did Johnnie find this song


    johnnie got singing lessons from jordan, the singer of the ready set

  17. BriettaPolly

    Who's here from Johnnie Guilbert


    Me >•<


    @Charli IsTired WHISKERSSS

    Twilight Forever

    +BriettaPolly I did

  18. Opor Naka

    HunHan ^-^

  19. Lena BP

    HUNHAN bring me here >//<

  20. Rama Ta'ani

    can't believe that all of comments about Hunhan , lol hahahahha
    I'm here coz of Hunhan video moments too

  21. Griffdoggydoggg

    can anyone help me out. I'm trying to learn this song on piano but can't find the chords anywhere and can't play by Ear. it would be really appreciated if anyone helped. thank you.

  22. Sarah Jane Salvan

    We! Are never ever ever getting back together! Oh wrong song.
    What pisses me off is that she never seemed to give credits to Jordan, it's his fucking idea.
    You're welcome for that hella catchy chorus, Taylor.

    Garrett Johnson

    +Sarah Jane Salvan His idea? He wrote this after she did, and it's dedicated to her and based off what she wrote originally. She didn't need to give credit.

  23. vee

    Just another fangirl came from hunhan

    Nathaniel Callender

    fanboy too!! XD

  24. Camilla Ribeiro

    aaaand 1989 went 5 times platinum! haha

  25. Misha Schene

    I miss Luhan

  26. Lilly 92

    Hunhan <3

  27. 에리벤

    Hunhan ♥

    you are


  28. Freja Køhler

    So many HUNHAN comments
    this song is beautiful it's not a huge surprise that the person who made the HUNHAN video chose this song :)
    for those who don't know HUNHAN is an EXO ship

  29. LancelotGaming

    Anyone else notice that "we are never ever ever getting back together" sounds a hell of a lot like "whatever ever ever it's for the better"??

    Ashina Clarke

    @Cannon Crivello that's kinda the point, its dedicated to Taylor after all.

    Marissa Slattery

    thats the whole point of the song.

  30. Enticingly Anonymous


  31. Dylan Manalo

    Wwwwwwaaaaahhhhh i found it !!!!

    Hunhan !!!

    Misha Schene


  32. Sebastian Michaelis

    His grammar

  33. Mary H

    I was in love with this song when it first came out. I can't believe I forgot about this beauty :)

  34. Lillian Hatch

    Who's Hunhan?

    Isabell H.

    A combination of the names Luhan and Sehun... Sehun is the member of a Korean-Chinese boyband (EXO), and Luhan is an ex-member of the same band. If you're familiar with "shipping", then you will understand why their names are combined.

  35. Gayer Weasley Twin

    This makes me giggle a little for some unknown reason. Maybe it's because he's not being a total ass :) 

  36. Marissa Slattery

    this is so sweet omf

  37. Sylvia Halcyon

    This song is so beautiful. I love Taylor. And I love the vibe of the song. Its so sweet, and I love how gently he sings it. Beautiful. 

  38. Kenny

    full version plss ...

  39. Karla G.

    This was such a nice thing!

  40. UnicornDreams

    I totally thought Christopher Drew sang this " nevershoutnever "

  41. UnicornDreams

    no wonder it sounded like " never getting back together " ish

  42. Bia P.

    Sooooooooooo Cute!!! Awww <33

  43. itsarion

    it makes me happy that this song is on the bad & the better. c:

  44. Juliana Ferreira

    Nhooom :3

  45. Emma Wallenbrock


  46. Sarah M

    haha wow 

  47. Estelle Yan

    Every time I hear this song,I think of hunhan moment ,Hunhan is the best !!<3<33333333

  48. Cheyenne Kennedy

    Anyone else hear "we are never ever ever getting back together" 's melody at "what ever ever ever it's for the better" ??? <3 Love this song

  49. Janella Asis

    HunHAn brought me here haha ❤️😍

  50. krystal meh

    So many comments bout the HunHan. Have been listening to this bout 5 times and cant hear HunHan. Where is it? Tell me. Please. Im beggin.....

    Isabell H.

    HunHan isn't a word in this song.
    HunHan is a ship name put together by two names, SeHUN and LuHAN.
    As you probably don't know, they're two boys/men in the south-korean/chinese boyband EXO, and the reason the comment section is spammed with Hunhan is because of, at least for me, a fanvideo named something like "Hunhan moments" or whatever.

    shortened story;
    they're two asian dudes in an asian boyband being shipped by the boyband's fans


    krystal meh

    I know who HunHan are. I was just curious why there are so many HunHan mentioned in the comment. Well, now I know why. Thanks for the info.

    Tori B.

    I'm curious nowwww D:

  51. Mariam Sha'aban

    "5 times platinum, i doubt if they're wrong" yess

  52. Amir Naqiuddin

    wtf with all the hunhan here?

  53. ivegottaluvlikewoe

    Woah woah woah as a long time TRS fan and a kpop fan, what's with all the HanHan references??? Why is Exo involved suddenly o_o 

    Cristina Galera

    I'm like you I don't get it o.O


    ok... I'm so confused xD

    Isabell H.

    I see that there's a lot of confusion going on about Hunhan here, I can explain;
    there's a fanmade video with this song and Hunhan is the theme, at least that's how I got here. I can't speak for the rest of the Hunhan shippers here.

  54. Gabriel Clarke

    *Tips Fedora* -  the song

  55. Layna Crewe

    oooh the rejection. oh well at least he didn't get swifted right? at least I hope he didn't...... -..-


    Taylor tweeted him saying thanks and how sweet it was. So no he was not reject nor will they ever go out. 

  56. Rusher Pinky

    HunHan Foreveeer <3

  57. Monique Cantu

    Oh my gosh.

  58. Isabell H.

    HunHan ♥ ^^

    you are

    yes 2016 sehun and luhan 😢😭 and tao and kris

    Dem Inno

    Isabell H. I swear my fandom is everywhere 😭😭

  59. Angel De Vera

    HunHan <3

  60. Emma L

    HunHan <3

    Cristina Galera

    I don't get what's with HunHan can someone explain? I know what's HunHan I'm a fan of EXO


    @Cristina Galera
     There's a fanvideo about them with this song

    Cristina Galera

    Ohh I want to know which one? can you tell me?

    Isabell H.

    @Cristina Galera (exo) Hunhan moment! @130128 ♡

    Cristina Galera


  61. D Y

    Hunhan brought me here too. 


    hahaahah everyone here is for HunHan :3

  62. Uyen Phuong To

    I'm HunHan shipper, I really like this song because I always think to HunHan when I listen this song <3

  63. singasonglikethis

    woah... exo is here too :O 

  64. Leslie Reyes

    Jordan and Taylor wOuld look cute together

  65. musiczQT5

    'Imma let you finish' looolll. <3

  66. Anra Kim

    Come here because of HunHan ♥

  67. Duy Hoang Dao

    So comfortable ! ! !

  68. Bùi Đăng Tân Tran

    Alright. I’m pissed. My cousin resides in the opposite room. I’m pissed because he just grew superb at seducing girls. He discovered the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he’s doing now is banging women. He’s always pulling girls back and I can’t help but hear it, which is gross and I wish he had not discovered that site. I am envious!

  69. lizzie ting

    how cute...

  70. Damaris Guevara

    "At least you're rich and your songs don't suck"

  71. Tara Alison Kaamiño

    haha :D me too ;)

  72. Sara Smith

    Take that thirteen for luck and find here's a hundred others waiting in line. :)

  73. Faaria

    TBH, i don't really like her, but this song is very sweet! But be careful Jordan, she might have her eyes set on you cuz i heard that.

  74. Heather Durham

    And I counted 4 (good) songs about her. James Dean made a song called 'Taylor Swift', there's this one, the guy from Owl City with rewriting enchanted, and the guy 'Hey Steven' is about wrote her a song. He's in a country band called Love and Theft and the song is called 'Try to make it anyway' but John Mayers paper doll is rumored to be about her and there's a Jonas bros song idk what it's called but Joe mentions something about tear drops on her guitar.

  75. Heather Durham

    Ugh I love this. I love Taylor and Jordan. And I'm clearing some things up I seen in the comments, he's not mocking her he's trying to cheer her up. And WANEGBT isn't about Harry. WANEGBT was released 4 months before they started going out.

  76. aillyn atienza

    Hahaha^v^ proud to be an exotic. Greetings from taiwan.

  77. Jasmine St. Jean


  78. Jasmine St. Jean

    Me too!! This comment made me smile so wide (:

  79. Flordeliza Qidilia

    me too!! Hooray! Hunhan feels when listen to this song!!

  80. Cheyenne Watkins

    This just shows he's the sweetest guy eva!

  81. Anne Dang

    me too <3 HunHan <3

  82. aillyn atienza

    Exotics^^ hehehe hi there^^

  83. Melancholic Blizzard

    they brought me here too XD

  84. aillyn atienza

    Hahaha.. I am..^^ and i know u r too ^^

  85. Instant NoodlesXx

    Omo ur an exotic?! High five! ^^

  86. aillyn atienza

    Hunhan brought me here^^ yay!!

  87. BunnyKitKat

    I think its a nice song. im a tay fan and I know she breaks up a lot but it still has to be hard for her. its nice to hear someone is there for her.

  88. Liisgren Lauringson

    Me too, hunhan for ever!!

  89. Grace Hale

    "at least your rich and your songs don't suck" omg

  90. blessie regina

    LOL HunHan brought me here

  91. your mom

    Okay, first of all, that's not true: I love Taylor, but everybody knows that her boobs are small-- just the normal size for a girl of her weight and height. Second of all, my cousin got a boob job a few years ago, is she a slut because of that? Jesuschrist, people needs to think an actual reason to call someone a slut, or whore.

  92. Samantha Payne

    That's the point

  93. Alyssa Gosteli

    This makes me happy to find. It's nice to see a few TS fans standing by her even when she got a bunch of hate from directioners.

  94. Raju Pulami

    Okay. I'm bothered. My step-brother resides on the floor above me and he just got extraordinary at attracting the ladies. He went to the Master Attraction web page (Search in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing girls back. He's continually pulling sexy girls back and I can't help but hear it, which is disgusting. I wish he never found that site. My best companion just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

  95. Nakita X

    Sounds like Taylor's song "we are never ever eve getting back together

  96. Nakita X

    Is it just me, but when he says "whatever ever ever , it's for the better"

  97. crystal l.

    is it bad that i ship Taylor and him together bc they have that classy yet crazy personality.