Rea, Chris - When The Grey Skies Turn To Blue Lyrics

When the grey skies turn to blue
And the dark clouds blow away
In the morning of a new life
When the sun comes shining through

When the grey skies turn to blue
In the morning of a new life
When the sun comes shining through

When the grey skies turn to blue
Meet me on a bright and windy day
When the breeze has blown the grey skies far away
High upon a hillside when the sun comes shining through

And the grey skies turn to blue
When the grey skies turn to blue
When the grey skies turn to blue

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Rea, Chris When The Grey Skies Turn To Blue Comments
  1. Andy Kerruish

    Wow.....just found this much imagery and emotion in his voice......👍🇮🇲👌

  2. Bora Gri

    The best song to listen while passing by the Bosphorus on a rainy morning.

  3. Hrvoje Spajić

    Amazing, Maestro...

  4. Hrvoje Spajić

    Simply beautiful;)

  5. liam lesson

    chris is a genius

  6. Douja Barnat

    J aime douceur de la voix et des notes fait du bien j 'adore chris

  7. Giorno'sMusic

    Voce diz que quer que eu diga "sinto muito"
    Mas eu nao tenho e eu nao quero dizer isso
    Porque eu não sinto muito

    Eu jogo o jogo e não posso realmente dizer que eu gosto dele
    Não posso realmente dizer que eu o odeio?
    Não posso realmente dizer que eu prestei atenção?

    Quando o céu cinzento ficar azul,
    eu voltarei pra voce
    Minha mente não pode mudar meu coração e não há nada que eu possa fazer

    Quando o céu cinzento ficar azul
    quando os sonhos se tornarem realidade
    Você estará do jeito que eu lembro de você?

    Você diz que a vida comigo está te deixando louca
    Mas eu não vejo isso e nem quero ver
    então eu devo estar louco

    Eu não quis dizer nada quando disse "nada é passageiro"
    Ou que valha repetir (valha repetir)
    Ou que valha repetir (valha repetir)

    Quando o céu cinzento ficar azul,
    eu voltarei pra voce
    Minha mente não pode mudar meu coração e não há nada que eu possa fazer

    Quando o céu cinzento ficar azul
    quando os sonhos se tornarem realidade
    Você estará do jeito que eu lembro de você?

    O vento gelado no meu rosto,
    é a única coisa que eu senti
    Em tanto tempo,
    em tanto tempo
    Já faz tanto tempo
    Yeah, yeah


    Quando o céu cinzento ficar azul,
    eu voltarei pra voce
    Minha mente não pode mudar meu coração e não há nada que eu possa fazer

    Quando o céu cinzento ficar azul
    quando os sonhos se tornarem realidade
    Você estará do jeito que eu lembro de você?

  8. Giuliano Quattrocchi

    razie Valeria x il tuo apprezzamento...certamente il merito non e' il mio...sai d' altronde ho un fiuto certosino x la buona musica...e questa di Chris Rea mi sembra semplicemente ottima

  9. danilo mambella

    Bellissima. 💔💔

  10. Beezer03

    He scream


  11. 6017Alex Purple-Rainbow fan

    Magic voice!!!!! Absolutely brilliant song!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  12. Troy Levett

    This is my go to song,thank you


    Para Rosana....que siempre fue y sera una nena dulce y rebelde

  14. Eric R

    Great Music from a Great Musician -Well Done Chris rea - well done Scalpsie ---nice video

  15. milton noss

    Chris said on a BBC interview that this was the best song he had ever written!

  16. Kevin Wilson

    Dear Miri - so glad you found my thoughts to you. Stay with the future for there IS much sunshine ahead for you and your gorgeous family. Kevin xxx

    danilo mambella


  17. neelieco

    What album is this beautiful song on?

    Camba music

    la passione

  18. Zach

    THE MASTER PAINTING THE AIR WITH HIS WORDS.....can't get any better

  19. Lynnette F

    hauntingly beautiful thank you for posting it

  20. Maxine Roberts

    wot album is this off

    Kay Venzke

    "La Passione"

  21. Mary Lawson

    One of Chris' best songs. Goes very well with the scenery.

  22. Kevin Wilson

    To Miri with love

    Miriam Quintana Fernandez

    Dear Kevin.. i often come back to this beautiful song you showed me..and one year later, I have just discovered your loving comment..xx THANK With lots of love xxx

  23. Maria Kröll

    Love this song💖

  24. Markpickle560

    such a beautiful song


    Nice!! Feel like in heaven !

  26. Zephaniah3verse17

    In loving memory of Judi. Look forward to seeing you on that bright and breezy day when the grey skies have quite gone, and giving you another hug.

    Gon de Beer

    Zooo mooi.........

  27. scalpsie

    Many thanks for viewing and nice to know it touched you in a way only beautiful words can ...peace.

  28. Markpickle560

    Brings a tear to my eye so beautiful

  29. Jaime Castro

    Great video for this lovely soundtrack. Thank you. <3

  30. Lynnette F

    Everything about this song brings peace and harmony to my world no matter what happens in my life . Inspirational and sung by my favorite artist.

  31. frenzy #7

    how can people dislike that masterpiece of music?

  32. rvdl4181

    How great is this! My eyes are filled with tears, tears of joy......a moment of are a wonderful person that you took the time to upload this master piece! I happen to have a sublime time when this was playing....a long time ago.....Thank you! Raymond

  33. KATHY C


  34. scalpsie

    @JeansBlue60 From his film of 1996 'La Passione' with Shirley Bassey also ...check it out ...fantastic.Thank you for viewing and being so positive in commenting.Peace my friend.

  35. JeansBlue60

    On which CD or maybe LP can I find this masterpiece? Why didn´t I hear it until now? That´s one of Chris´songs which I mean they are better than pills - this music heals. Thank you.

  36. bitofacunt

    So nice to see a long list of positive comments/exchanges . . .
    "Chris Rea effect", I guess!!
    Best wishes to all . . . Chris. (Wyton)

    Bruce Margot

    Yeah, a testament to Chris, his music, his voice, and song writing, always seem to generate positive comments - for me a Legend, and one of the all time greats

  37. alma122509

    To match lyrics with clips of videos… this is an outstanding work my friend, bravo!!!
    Really enjoyed the song as well, thank you!

  38. Tarek Ali

    Thanks for this wonderful compilation! Very soothing.

  39. scalpsie

    @CoreaKixx420 Many thanks for viewing and enjoying...all to do with the words,music and the voice...delighted it touched you.Peace my friend.

  40. Corea Kixx

    It's amazing how Chris can reduce one to tears within seconds. Very powerfully moving piece. Your video presentation was simply beautiful...Thanx!!!!!

  41. lifevorce

    Beautiful music--

  42. tg's favourites

    PKF, I hope your skies turn to blue very soon...........

  43. Karen C

    Just got a chance to watch this ..... wow again!! What beautiful music and video so nicely put together .... will listen and watch this on one of those days when I need to wind down a bit. Lovely!!
    -Karen- (Alabama)

  44. buscandote09

    thanks for sharing this adorable video-song...thanks so much.

  45. Ma Ha

    that never comes again - super

  46. scalpsie

    @ivorlottandtonybroke I am so delighted that in some small way this song especially has brought some comfort in whatever way,shape or form.Peace,prayers and best wishes my friend.

  47. scalpsie

    @TheSetoda Many thanks for viewing and enjoying.Wishing you ever peace and contentment my friend.


    I look at these image's , listen to the words and it is Canada, my Canada, as an immigrate. My children/grandchildren can now grow as they choose to be ,FREE, They will never forget their Irish Heritage,and nobody but nobody will ever again make them feel ashamed of it ever again ! Thankyou Canada ! ( you too have come to learn, my people are as they have always been , " Truth, Love, Friendship,Loyalty "

  49. Ann Painter

    Just love this song.

  50. Soyas


  51. laboa65

    thanks so much for sharing this amazingly gorgeous song and video...
    thanks again.
    regards to all of you from The Dominican Republic.

  52. scalpsie

    @HighlanderAlb Yosemite National Park,USA. Many thanks for viewing and enjoying.Peace.

  53. Dakin Cain

    i am cyring now, what a moving song and video....thank you so much for this post, i needed a good cry...God bless!

  54. Colin Stenning

    Love the video which compliments perfectly another terrific Chris Rea song.

  55. Keith Casablanca casablanca

    Fantastic Vid Scalpsie love it well done

  56. ZeljkoArtist

    Scalpsie u truly capture the feeling of the song with ur images..great job. As always, Chris is genius with his music and lyrics.

  57. scalpsie

    Huge thank you and deeply appreciate your kind words.Thank you so much.Peace.

  58. scalpsie

    Delighted you enjoyed so much.Thank you.Peace.

  59. BitsBobsThisAndThat

    You have done the song proud with this video. Well done. 5***** ;-)

  60. Frenezika

    I really love you Chris!!! Romania.

  61. Oliko k

    This is a sooo wonderful song and a nice Video. Thanks !

  62. Paolo Ferrari

    another Chris Rea wonderful song.

  63. voro1969

    Nice job!

  64. scalpsie

    Wonderfully sincere and perceptive comment....many thanks with humble gratitude. Peace and gentleness in your life.

  65. scalpsie

    Thank you for viewing and enjoying.Peace and contentment in all you do.

  66. scalpsie

    Many thanks ...greatly appreciated...peace.

  67. melea21

    amazing views with great song in the background

  68. Lucyand

    thank you for a beautiful video with a great singer

  69. vonzo21


  70. scalpsie

    Warmly appreciated and many thanks for your kind commnents...Peace!

  71. Martins Barkovskis

    Yeah! This is on of the best songs ... when You listening Hope come back to You! Thats something .... what You really need! Thanks to Chris Rea

  72. scalpsie

    I am delighted you enjoyed my effort so much ... the song is utterly've obviously great taste!! The films are all from various productions of 'Wuthering Heights'. I am so happy you are happy.Peace!!

  73. melea21

    This is the most beautiful song that I have ever heard. I just love it:) The video is also amazing. I am just wondering, which movies are those scenes taken from?

  74. scalpsie

    I so so pleased you finally found it!! Delighted by your reaction ...made my day ! Peace!

  75. scalpsie

    Absolutely ... still floating after seeing him twice last week.Heavenly.Thank you for viewing.Peace!

  76. scalpsie

    Thank you kindly ... appreciate your viewing and commenting. Agreed .. the best.Watch for clips from Glasgow and Edniburgh concerts shortly. Thanks.Peace!

  77. scalpsie

    Thank you my friend ... very much appreciated. Soon to post efforts from tour .. hopefully. Peace from one big fan to another!Spread the news! Peace!

  78. scalpsie

    Thank you ..much appreciated! Peace!

  79. scalpsie

    Thank you...another of my heroes! Seeing him in Glasgow 18th March..can't wait! Have a browse through playlist for more. Peace!

  80. transfixture

    truly emotional. another winner.

  81. scalpsie

    Thank you for your kindness and considerate thoughts...very much appreciated.Pax! :)

  82. scalpsie

    So delighted you're delighted...can't disagree...a genius!! Many thanks. Peace!

  83. scalpsie

    Just superb,sublime,exquisite...beautiful and so full of feeling and emotion...tranquil. Can't wait till March 19th. in Glasgow 2008:).So delighted you also appreciate.

  84. scalpsie

    So delighted you got some pleasure from this beautiful song....if it weren't for the rain we wouldn't have rainbows!..a YouTube friend told true.A big thank you and hug!!x

  85. scalpsie

    Good to hear from you ...just about ZZZZtime...keep in touch! X Pax!Thank you.

  86. scalpsie

    Thank you gratefully .. happy you got some pleasure from viewing. Pax!

  87. scalpsie

    Many thanks as always for your kindness and thoughts. Gratefully appreciated . Pax!