Rea, Chris - Too Big City Lyrics

Well there's a big blue sky
The good Lord painted for me
From the east of Arizona
Down to the mexican sea

Oh this too big city,
It don't let me feel free
I'm going to pack up soon
Take off on my own
They call it the mother road
She gonna take me back home
Because this too big city
Got nothing but a heart of stone

Now there's a sense of freedom
Out along these country lines
I don't need no pressure
Trying to make your oxygen mine
Oh this too big city is gonna kill itself
For a nickel and dime

Goodbye, all my troubles will be gone
Well I'm going back home, back to where I belong


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Rea, Chris Too Big City Comments

    The king...

  2. SchlagermannUSA Texas

    Too Big City.......Yea, Chris is talking about Dallas, right?   "Winds a- blowin'... heat and blue skies....and roads that go forever!!!

  3. JeansBlue60

    Could be the sound of the gold-diggers down in California around 1850 testing their first Levi´s jeans. Could also fit to Jack London´s stories...., fantastic!