Rea, Chris - Texas Lyrics

Catch a sight of long lost summers
Catch a dream inside your hands
Take me where that lady comes from
Take me to that far off distant land
Rain comes pouring past my window
Turns my sky from blue to grey
I ain't never been to Texas
But I sure gonna meet that lady
One fine day

When Texas smiles around my bedroom
Who could ever turn her down
Tears of joy roll down my pillow
While cold north winds are blowing all around me
But I don't care, my dream is westbound
Far across that sky so grey

I ain't never been to Texas
But I sure gonna meet that lady
One fine day

She's my little Texas
My little Texas

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Rea, Chris Texas Comments
  1. Neptuneman07

    A song about Texas from a British artist and its filmed in Germany. Go figure. lol

  2. Carter83419

    Got the Trabant 601s in before U2. Nice one Chris. Just listen to the slide.... classic!

  3. zbigniew kopacz

    Panstwo wiecie o co chodzi?DDR z BRD.

  4. Alan Smith

    overlooked dude...we have our own personal cult following....keep playing brother!

  5. Alan Smith

    I drove those roads one day for a week....can see rain coming hours ahead, amazeing

  6. WiIdbiII

    Please , keep your ass out of Texas. We are at capacity. The only way you are welcome here is if you are Pro 2a , Conservative ,and speak English!

  7. Movie News

    That hard copy trail goes there, king Edward's!

  8. James Bond 007

    Texas Best State, Almighty God/Jesus Bless Texas ,Almighty God/Jesus Bless Israel, The United States...

  9. Tracy M

    Hes made some very good muzak = good band = great guitars = Great song

  10. Soundmanfh

    Just an old southern boy from South Carolina who was raised to show respect. I still hold the door open for everyone behind me, no matter who they are or what they look like. I have met thousands of people during my life. One thing I can attest to and that is that every time I am around anyone from Texas, I always feel right at home.....respect.


    I was born and raised in Arizona, worked in the oil fields in Texas back in the mid eighties and never seen so much hate in my life, finally figured out what my Okie grandfather meant when he said they stack shit high in Texas.

  11. Ange Richet

    💘🙏💋🎼🎸ELIXIR 💘🎼

  12. Jonathan Young

    Up the bura ( where his family is from)

  13. frann brothers

    Terlingua...end of the road.

  14. Rick Davis

    Only two kinds of people in the World...Texans and those that wish they were.


    Gramps claimed only two things ever came out of Texas and those were steers and queers which one are you?

  15. Michael Hamilton

    I love that Pink guitar, what a beauty

    Zathrus Pridham

    pinky his fav had it forever

    Michael Hamilton

    @Zathrus Pridham its just so awsome , i can only dream.....

    Michael Hamilton

    @Zathrus Pridham wounder what year it is

  16. Melanie Willard

    I will never forget the first time I heard this song.
    So many great memories.
    And wanting to be on a LONG road in.....

  17. Balance Point 71

    Gotdamn kills it. Blues Master

  18. Вера Брежнева

    Chris , это талантливо , красиво ,гениально ! Блестяще !

  19. Sarah Lloyd

    Is that the tail plane of a VC10

  20. IL-Matt

    Such a great song. Is there any way to find the full HD version of this? I would buy it but can't find it anywhere. Hell I wanna buy all his videos. They are timeless legends.

  21. Gerd Popall

    1989 Dieser Titel erinnert mich immer wieder an diese Zeit. Sehr schöner Titel. Keiner wusste was werden soll.

  22. mirch avgust

    to the music of Chris Rea , I'm just flying away))))))))))))))))))BEST

  23. mbeenz

    ManyThanx this Song Killed Me The First Time I Heard it!!!,!,! Damn!!!,! ManyThanx

  24. Márk Wandra

    És akkor a következő,

  25. mbeenz

    ManyThanx Way Underrated By To FAR!!!,!,!!,!

  26. Anthony Daspit

    And I turn to her and say texas
    She says what?
    I said texas
    She says what?
    They've got big long road out there

  27. Jon Old

    Brilliant , from where his wife says 'what?' to the superb slide guitar and the build , just a sublime 5.03

  28. Linda Martin


  29. Linda Martin

    Lovely Song ThankYou 🍷🔥☄️💥🌹🐹💃💃💃💃💋🔥🔥🔥🔥💃

  30. mbeenz

    WOW BRILLIANT,,,,,,!!!,!,R we LOVE Chris So MUCH,!!!! My Lord ManyThanx!!!!,! From Costa Mesa Ca!!!!!

  31. Don Culpan

    Great song, but not 'Texas' that was on the album 'Watersign'... Both great songs, dont get me wrong...

    Ian Mcgrath

    This track was on the album Road To Hell.There was another song written of the same name called Texas,from the album Watersign.

  32. Tammy Ray

    you are awesome

  33. Derek Flores

    Love being from Texas and knowing there are folks all around the world that hold my home state in such high esteem.

  34. Hi there

    Nice tune but lame video.

  35. Holly Marchant


  36. Tim Ohail

    Buddy Chris in Texas- Hey O

  37. John

    Sure, come to Texas, just don't bring your hippie politics.

  38. Milos Badarevic

    This is East Germany

  39. james R.

    This vid sorta reminds me of the old saw "you can't get there from here". Those cars and license plates were European , so unless your car is amphibious , you 're gonna have a hell of a time gettin to Texas. Great song though.

    Zoltán Csomós

    He meant Texas as a state of mind, a mythical place like El Dorado or Shangri-La, not as an actual geographic location.

  40. Brian Lamberts

    Crazy to think this is the same guy who did "Fool If you Think It's Over" ten years earlier. Tough ten years?

  41. De Ann Caylor

    I'm from Texas. Best song ever. Big steaks, big cars, no trouble here...And he's right about the roads.

    Ian Mcgrath

    Hi from Scotland,have a listen to Chris,,,,,,,,,,Set Me Free,,,,,,,Heaven,,,,,,,And You My Love,,,,,,,On The Beach

  42. Eric Chimney

    Texas born and raised. Heard this song a couple of years ago while in an academy class. One of the best songs out there. It took spotify awhile, but they finally added it.

  43. Csabànè Horváth

    YESSSSS... Szuper!!! 👉❤👈🎵

  44. Nation777

    I served ,proudly in the Texas Army National Guard & I have to say, This is a very fair representation of the local military here, helping others out.
    Thats what the True military Is about!
    The evil media will make you think otherwise however
    The people who serve ARE about loyalty,Respect & Honor.
    Thank You Chris for making a solid video about my great home State!
    Just dont move here! LoL

    Ian Mcgrath

    Yes FAKE fox IS the evil media,i agree,LOL.


    @Ian Mcgrath yea , idont like fox ether man

  45. Nation777

    Big Steaks Big Guns,,No trouble ( other than the invasion by our so called "neighbors" , btw im Mexican,so stfu) Thats the place for Me!

  46. Nation777

    God Bless Texas!

  47. Arthur Hohensee

    I love this song, back when it was new is the first time I heard it, luckily a local DJ played it on the Radio and that was my introduction to Chris Rhea and "Texas", since I am a TEXAN, and the song was very good it has always been a favorite! This video was apparently shot in England or Europe somewhere, driving on the left and English looking cars and license bplates, and that's OK sine Rhea is from England, I believe!!! I had never seen it till now, 2019, but found it interesting the character in the video is "going to Texas" by car from Europe??? What the Hey!!!

    Ian Mcgrath

    As a Scot i have seen him 8 times,you should listen to many more of his songs ie Texas Blues CD

  48. Chris Fox

    God I love Chris. Discovered him in 1986 and loved him ever since!

  49. Carrie Hubbard

    TeXas Baby....Ya'll Come On By!

    Nico Michiels

    Belgium bady🌹🌹🌹🌹💋🇧🇪

  50. Lara Carter

    God he is gorgeous and has a GREAT voice! Love you Chris!

  51. Wally Linebarger

    One of my favorite songs of all time. I never understood why it didn't become a huge hit. I was living in McKinney, Texas at the time when it was still just a small 20,000 pop. small Texas town. I put this album on in my car and drove the long, lonesome hiway to work everyday in Dallas. He gave purpose to my long drive.

  52. Thomas, Nadya La Grand Esquivion Sarakasi

    the berlin wall have fall,leave the DDr east germany en drive to the freedomm,in the communist car,Trabant...

  53. j squires

    This true talent from Northern England creates this awesome musical experience about our beloved Texas...a true creative mind of the world!

  54. Paramount Pools España

    The video is great...for who were living into the comunist countries...we understand what a Trabant, means, a Coke and a Hamburger :)

    Любовь Малихова

    BRAWO !!! Oбожаю !

  55. Mariah Turner


  56. K.A.E. Morenikeji M

    Nicely music

  57. winterjason81

    Chris Rea, the next Mark Knopfler. Love this song about Texas. I’ve got the same album this song is on called the road to hell. I love it.

    Zathrus Pridham

    TRy his other ones gets better than the next and he was well before Knopfler

  58. Rev Eddro

    and I turn to her & say...……………………….TEXAS

  59. Juan guevara jr

    Texas it is a whole nother country.

  60. Thomas, Nadya La Grand Esquivion Sarakasi

    wow the 80 ties,, east germany DDR trabant car

  61. Edgar Janjutyan

    Live love Texas! And bold yes - Texas is not geographic location, its state of mind, shape of soul. Thank you Chris for your talent. All your songs are for real, all emotions are true. Real bluesman, nothing else to say...

  62. James Ridgeway

    Born and raised in Texas. I cry every time I see this video.

    Jim Mullins

    I was born and raised in Michigan bro, and I wanna cry when I hear it

  63. A-Aron B

    Rea, one of those guitarists that always gets overlooked. Such soul & emotion in this man's guitar licks

  64. Jett Rink

    The "Texas" in the song is a state of mind, a mythical "better place" in the same vein as "That's How I got to Memphis"

    Zoltán Csomós

    You're quite right. Texas as a mythical "better place" as you put it, came into existence when the "Dallas" TV show was first aired in the former Eastern Bloc.

  65. cruiser

    how the hell does this video have anything to do with texas?!

    Ron Butler

    During the cold war those who lived in East Germany and other eastern bloc communist countries had to be careful when talking because they were worried the KGB would arrest them if not toeing the communist line. So whenever they wanted to talk about freedom they used the code word Texas.

  66. Kausskanns! Angie Kauss

    Verena,du siehst super aus als Mom und der Song ist sowieso top!

  67. dodododadada The Police

    Omg WHY am I just NOW hearing this great guy singing. Omg I cannot believe his music is from the late 80's OMG. it sounds VERY fresh.

    Ian Mcgrath

    Have a listen to Set Me Free....Nothing To Fear........Girl In a Sports Car......Expresso Logic [long vertion]....Heaven......On The Beach.......Road To Hell........Working On It.......Chris Rea A I M S Gala live,happy new year from Scotland.

  68. SteveBenBob

    Immaculate slide guitar from Chris Rea once again.

  69. RedStickHam

    A song about escaping to a better place. The place could be Texas, or anywhere else for that matter. This is the first time I've seen the video. Escaping to a better place in a Trabant.

  70. Trish P

    Everyone drives Trucks there! Great State !

  71. bob Marshal

    My favorite song

  72. Sam Reynolds

    Wow haven't heard this in a long time!!! Love this song.

  73. sdushdiu

    Great song and album in all respects.....from Texas ;-)

  74. EmmanuelGoldstein74

    One would never guess, at least not, me that this beautiful heat felt song about Texas wasnt even written or sung by a Texan, not even an American. For the longest time I didnt know that Chris was British born. He's part Italian on his father's side and Irish on his mother's. He nails this song.

    But the video is mysterious to me. I get that its a German family leaving, for Texas obviously, but who is that other guy watching him?

    Rex Karrs

    It's about the difference between having the courage and needing the courage, between leading and following, and how relative wealth and poverty (the BMW and the Trabant) has little to do with it.

  75. Adiudicium 1776

    Texas! ...She says: "what?" I said, Texas, ... she says: "what?" ...they've got big long roads out there... ... I've lived in TX for 25 years .... a lot has changed over the years but there still is no place like Texas! The only way to understand is to live here.

  76. Zoran Matovic

    East - German car plates ''Trabant''!!!

  77. Raul Rodriguez

    I love this song, never get tired of this song.Love to listen to this song especially when I'm cruising on a nice cool night.This song is just so cool.

  78. MartiansRComing

    I heard this song for the first time on 10/5/18 and couldn't believe it was from the 80s because it seems so timeless. Makes me want to road trip through Texas, and reminds me of a great film called "Paris, Texas".

  79. James Ridgeway

    Drive south from Perryton to Pampa.

  80. Marc Maraccini

    A great song about the greatest state. Here is the meaning behind this song. During the cold war those who lived in East Germany and other eastern bloc communist countries had to be careful when talking because they were worried the KGB would arrest them if not toeing the communist line. So whenever they wanted to talk about freedom they used the code word Texas.

    Pamela Bergner

    Thank you that makes the,song click!


    Wow I had no idea. Thanks!


    That's not true at all. The regimes claimed that they were the free ones as their people were free of capitalist exploitation, so it would depend on the context of the sentence - and in any case freedom has some non-political meanings in context (for example the degree of freedom one has from one's spouse and family). Texas on the other hand was in America, and a particularly iconic part of America, so was clearly always a politically loaded topic. "The GDR needs more freedom." isn't made more politically safe by saying "The GDR needs more Texas."

    Seana Cameron

    Thanks so much, Marc. You are a gentleman and a scholar. And have a great soul...

  81. Ruben Rico

    No place like TEXAS Mu Beautiful Home State

  82. Talkin Bout Nawlins

    I say"Texas!" She says"What?".......I say"Texas!" Aint It Fun Being From Texas.


    Can’t imagine being from anywhere else. Being from Texas is special. It’s like being from America. Special.
    My icon picture is of the original (circa 1950) “Whataburger” stand in the “Sparkling City by the Sea” aka Corpus Christi, Texas

  83. Артур Мангасаров

    Trabant car

  84. mbolduc

    In the late 1990s the sound techs at the Austin Music Hall would use this song to chase out the club kids at sunrise after raves. Sweet relief after 12 hours of lasers and cacophony

  85. Calimero 1

    moving from Berlin to Elpaso aint a good decision lol


    Let's see:The weather is much better in El Paso. The food is much better in El Paso. The women are much prettier in El Paso. More tolerance of immigrants in El Paso. El Paso is in TEXAS. Nope, Calimero, you are sadly mistaken! Hook 'EM Horns!!!

  86. Sherry Nadolney

    I'm a native houstonian born and raised Houston Texas

  87. Sherry Nadolney

    I love Texas this is a perfect song about Texas


    Isn't it? I've been in Central Texas yearly since I was born, and continuously since the early '80s, and I don't know of any song that makes me feel more at home

    Jack Russell

    Sherry Nadolney It's crazy this guy comes from Middlesborough England . Great slide player , singer song writer .

  88. joel trevino

    I love this song and I love my great state of Texas!  I am lucky enough to have been born a Texan and thank my lucky stars for it, or should I say, Lone Star for it!!

  89. Patrick McCormack

    When feeling blue and troubled, go to Texas. Great song for flipping a negative mood to a positive one. You know something, just occurred to me that the Green Lantern and Chris Rea have a much in common ... strange as it is. Happy Easter, 2018.

  90. meidf

    makes me wanna go to texas


    Come on ever!

    Peter Zink



    C'mon! weve got plenty of room & the economy is thru the roof!!

    Jesse Drake

    We got big long roads

  91. Nancy Harris

    played this song on cd repeatedly as I left Las Vegas after 14 years, going back to Dallas just as fast as the Acura would take me!!!!

    Barry Mize

    Welcome home!

    Daniel Walden

    I know the feeling, felt like kissing the ground once i arrived from a stint in s. Florida.


    Did the same thing as I packed up in Chicago and headed to Dallas to teach during the week and Temple (down past Waco) on the weekend to be with my son. The road went on forever...

  92. Arsenal XA4

    If you stop and think about it this video could be interpreted as life imitating art. Californians are leaving "Commifornia" and coming to Texas. I mean, look at it this way. This family is driving from East Germany to West Germany. East Germany represents California and West Germany represents Texas. That's just my take on it.


    It reminds me, I have 1981 opel kadett (a west german car) and it was taken off the road on 25th october 1989 before coming back on the road in 1991, it was weird considering the wall came down in late 1989.

    but def the mssage of the song there!

    jack mayhoffer

    As a Californian whose family came from Texas in the 50’s I should be pissed at your statement, but damn howdy your 100% correct. Besides the beaches this state is becoming a sewer.

    Jeff Ruebens

    @jack mayhoffer Austin is more for Dumbocraps. Dallas where JFK was murdered is more for Repugnant-can't-do-anything-rights.


    @Jeff Ruebens

    Idiot. Dallas was and run by filthy Anti-American democrats.

    Of course, with LIFELONG DEMOCRAT, that filthy lying corrupt treasonous Anti-American left-wing pig #Trump running the Republican Party.... there is zero difference between the two parties.

    Both do nothing but promote hate and stupid. Both wiped their ass on the Constitution and our Founding Principles.

    Both parties are irredeemably and unrepentantly corrupt and beyond redemption.

    Both parties need to die a fiery death and end up on the ash heap of history!


    Yea, my only problem w. the commiefornians is they still vote deomoCRAP!!!

  93. Mike Van Der Vegt

    0:38 Flat screen..




  94. Paul Hernandez

    Man, this song brings back memories! The reference to my home town El Paso Texas in the video was cool!

  95. nba5150

    Chris is SOLID.....

  96. Birger Flaten

    Best Chris rea song ,,,,,ever,,,,,,, but who am I to judge???

    Zathrus Pridham

    never he does so many brilliant songs its not funny

    Milos Badarevic

    U r very good judge. Very good his song, maybe the best

    Malik Mehboob

    @Zathrus Pridham actually many of his songs I have heard so far,all of them were simply brilliant.

    Ian Balmer

    Totally agree


    who can judge. we're discussing americas COPPA and where fucking children is legal Birger. road to hell

  97. josez1

    I am from Texas. And we do have long roads out here!

    dodododadada The Police

    4sure North Texas 35 to South Texas via San Antonio to 287 South. Alice Texas, lol

    Nick Taylor

    Goliad County... close enough to what you need and far away enough from what I dont! Texas Baby...

    steve counts

    420dredog What part of Texas is that in?

    Jeffrey Doll

    Chris les

  98. J L

    movie title please

    Roger Field

    JernejL 23 It’s called a ‘music video’

  99. Angela Mona

    Love this song!