Rea, Chris - Loving You Again Lyrics

It's been so long now since we first met
But the time and place I will never forget
Darling, never

Trough good and bad we stood the tested time
You say I'm yours and darling you're still mine

So smile for me
'Cos it's there for all to see
After all this time
Through the rain and tears
After all this time
After all these years
I'm only loving you again

And I'll keep holding on girl I won't let go
I want you near me where ever I go
Please say, forever

And I give thanks for what you've given me
And in my heart girl there'll always be
A light
That shines through the darkest night
After all this time
Through the rain and tears
After all this time
After all these years
I'm only loving you again

So smile for me
'Cos it's there for all to see
After all this time
Through the rain and tears
After all this time
After all these years
I'm only loving you again

Through the rain and tears
till the sun dries up the sea
till the rivers they run dry
I'm gonna be loving you again

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Rea, Chris Loving You Again Comments
  1. Dewi. Rowlands

    Love this song Chris rea legend


    Been listening to Chris since 1986 and I never tire of hearing him sing and play🎸😎👌🏻👍🏻

  3. Armin Parekh

    Thank you, Eighties Jukebox!

  4. Edgardo Gregorini

    Love this, beautiful era.

  5. Krusty Tube

    2019 anyone?

    Roger Jones

    Krusty Tube , magic never ages!

  6. KowalskyLeon

    My favourite song from Chris Rea. So smooth..

  7. Royal Metrics


  8. Sam Mcewan

    Auld Chris doesn’t look like he would take any sh*t in that jacket lol!!!

  9. lubrusca

    One of my favorite artists. So underrated and fantastic! Love you Chris

  10. James Newell

    Real music. Pure class.

  11. Zathrus Pridham

    If it is by Chris its great

  12. Hesham Talaat Hegazy

    Times when music was really played not computer made

  13. SALAÜN Philippe

    çà c'était juste après "JOSEPHINE", très joli titre aussi!!

  14. gaae2000

    Ive seen the name Chris Rea for decades - but never heard a single song of his. Now im a huge fan!

  15. Marcelo Souza

    show vive os anos 80

  16. Conor Mc Gowan

    Fuckin tune when your off your head 😎😎😎

  17. dishybear

    Such a superb musician !!!

  18. lubrusca

    I love Chris soooo much! Such a talented musician! And a very underrated one.

  19. joao carlos Mastroberti

    Chris Rea é fantástico, Difícil saber qual é a sua melhor música.

  20. Tania Edwards

    Absolutely love Chris Rea!

  21. Taras Biretsky

    Realy amazing song. One of my favorite.

  22. Stefania Partini

    Una dolcissima canzone d'amore. Splendida.Chris, spero che tu torni a suonare presto !!!❤

  23. Stevie Boy

    Such a good voice.

  24. carl kane

    an excellent song as well as lets dance etc a great voice how most of his other stuff went overlooked is beyond me.

  25. mary poppins

    brilliant voice and such a humble lovely person fame never went to his head xx

    Leigh Jordine


  26. gkmmlc

    I wish I could have had the nerve to tell Lynn Sigsworth how I really felt about her. Xmas party in Preston 1980's.

  27. MsDavidNS


  28. Amanda Moulton

    Amazing song. Chris sings straight from the heart, passionately and with emotion. And his voice...oh that voice. Wow!!!.

  29. stahlbirne73

    best song from chris rea i love it.

    Roger Jones

    i agree stahlbirne73 of his entire catalogue of brilliance this my favourite too.

  30. paul dudi

    musical genius

  31. Eileen Hughes

    The Road to Hello is one of the greatest ever albums.

  32. Eileen Hughes

    What a great tune.Another Rea classic

  33. Marie Robert


  34. Jose Joaquin Cambra

    thank you Cris...

  35. Jose Joaquin Cambra

    I'm going to use this song in my 25 married celebrations. I' m going to play for my wife... I hope she like it.

  36. Ian Michael

    I love it. The memories!

  37. Mario Karlsson

    Simply brilliant! A true genius

  38. Kurt en Veerle De Wit - Ott

    fantastic song of a great songwriter !

  39. Mirna Otto

    Chris...I am love you again....

  40. paul dudi

    musical genius ...................................................full stop

  41. angela mccoll


    Graham Walker

    angela mccoll Sorry this stuff was better than the newer stuff.

  42. James Soans

    What a song too good thank you for your hardship towards music..

  43. Sara Sen

    will always love you and your songwriting. This is one of my faves-it got me thru the 80s! x

  44. L. M.

    One of my favorite songs ever!

    Roger Jones

    Same here Leticia.

  45. Leo Schobben


  46. mibello aleman

    I just recently discovered Chris and "I Am Only Loving Him" now, already for life! Although I love him as a brunette, still, here he was gorgeous! That sweet, chubby face with those beautiful blue eyes! This man is a genius and obviously an underrated and under appreciated master! He has without question the most beautiful, unique, gorgeous, distinct, crisp, unearthly and shockingly sensuous, soulful voice on earth! Yep, I am a definite fan for life! I only pray he lives a long, long life! Much respect bello uomo! Baci per lei, bello Chris!


    thats true!!

    mibello aleman

    Adore him more each day that goes by!  Just saw a recent interview of him looking so much older, but the life in him is that of a 20 year old! He truly relishes life, which makes me adore him even more!  Long live, long reign the GENIUS, Chris!

  47. Djordano Bruno

    Сагърай Крис Ри халу,кьсан лугьунар я пара!

  48. Paolo Ferrari

    It's a real masterpiece!



  50. MsUnicornBlues

    I love this video, I love this song and I love this man!!! He is SO cool!!!

  51. Seanni68


  52. Debora Chabene

    I love your voice!!!

  53. selly

    fantastic! <3 <3

  54. Aneta Zawadzka

    oh, no this colour of hair please... but Chris with natural hair and his music :)))))

  55. Davor Ferencevic

    ma najbolji i kraj!

  56. Davor Ferencevic

    one and only

  57. EightiesJukebox

    I'm not gay either (and nor is Chris) but I like him AND his music. Why not?

  58. betranu1

    I am not a gay but i love him very much and respect. I change my life style after met him. So cool

  59. Eduardo Macchi

    Yes, thats Chris Rea Fine and fantastic artist guitar man, and remarkable Voice. He has a Lot of Class, Yeaaahhhhh

  60. Nakke144

    This is a music video, so of course.

  61. Paolo Ferrari

    i'll repeat forever: Chris Rea is great.

  62. helendeleon33

    Is Chris Rea lip-syncing this song?

  63. Iren Larsson


  64. hamada966

    impressive voice for sure