Rea, Chris - Lone Star Boogie Lyrics

It was a freezing night, the wind began to howl
And a cold street wind came
Slashing through this northern town
They tried so hard to find somewhere to hide
To get some kind of shelter from their fear inside
He said, i know a place where we can go
She said, come on now tell me

Cos i need to know

Lone star boogie, boogie my blues away

I see a texas sky in electric blue
I see a big old raging truck come slammining through
He said, close your eyes
Feel the heat
I'll put some kind of Texas
Into your empty streets

It's a lone star boogie, boogie my blues away

I still remember the place we used to go
Dreaming dreams of Texas
As we pushed hard through the snow
You told the stories of the snow chain trucks that flew
we laughed cos I only saw them in a Texas
morning blue

It's a lone star boogie

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Rea, Chris Lone Star Boogie Comments
  1. Bev Tuft

    sittin here in the beautiful Texas hill country, glass of wine, and listening to this.........ah, life is good.

  2. Jos van Doesburg

    That classic Chris Rea sound. Love it !

  3. Fred Hertzer

    Lone Star Boogie...boogie my blues away!!!! Wow great song to listen to when cruisin' in Texas!

  4. SchlagermannUSA Texas

    Love this artist!.....He da Blues man for me!