Rea, Chris - Girl In A Sports Car Lyrics

When I was a boy I had a dream
It never came true but somehow it seems
When I drift away and I knowing so
There's a certain time and a place I go

Every heart's got it's moment
Written on it's soul
Just a minute in it's lifetime
Of a happiness untold

For the smallest grain of sand in time
Your own shadow sets you free
And you turn to your reflection
And your heart cries out, is this really me?
It's the girl in the sports car 1961
And she's sitting in her Lusso
In the early morning sun

For the smallest grain of sand in time
Your own shadow sets you free
And you turn to your reflection
And your heart cries out is this really me?
It's the girl in the sports car 1961
And she's sitting in her Lusso
In the early morning sun
That girl in the sports car
That girl in the sports car
Girl in the sports car
That girl in the sports car
Girl in the sports car
That girl in the sports car

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Rea, Chris Girl In A Sports Car Comments
  1. Gothoogle

    Miss my Mercedes SL 500 1988

  2. Grigoriy Zhvakin

    Красиво, изящно, волшебно, Крис Ри. Спасибо Вам за эти мгновения.

  3. stylusfantasticus

    those times....splendid times

  4. Conor Burns

    Why didn't this song rocket to the top of charts and stay there???

  5. barbarza

    Ohmygoodness, beautiful people in such an Era that should last muuuuuuuuch longer!

  6. Вера Брежнева


  7. Daniel

    Chris Rea embraces songs from all walks of life.

  8. Shari Allison

    that little boy at the beginning of the video has to be Chris as a young lad I would assume

  9. Руслан Романович

    Супер позитивное и сказочное видео и песня !!! Спасибо Крис!...

  10. lynne mccarty

    Our beloved Mr Chris Bible Sinatra Rea. Can’t stop listening, wow. We love you. X

    lynne mccarty

    Should say Buble_ my typo sorry!! X

    lynne mccarty

    Ok. After many days of listening to this track, today watching, love, love, love it. !! Thank you so much Mr Chris Rea. Xx

  11. Adolf Maassen

    Tribute graf bherge von trpis. Ich habe das vergnügen seit nun 10 jahren einen ferrari zu fahren. Mein sohn 10 jahre alt liebt den genau wie ich. Danke Chris Rea

  12. BaronVonPenguin

    Barry White's theme for The Italian Job

  13. Hrvoje Spajić

    One of my favorites...;)

  14. suzie wong

    Chris Rea's voice is timeless...
    What a lovely video with all the "beautiful people" from a time gone by...
    Thank you Ian for another lovely song.❣xox⚘

    Ian Mcgrath

    Hi Susan, i am so glad you like his voice and this song,if you get time you should have a listen to The mention of Your Name,,,,,,,,Nothing Happens By The Sea,,,,,,,,,,,She Closed Her Eyes,,,,,,,,,,Sing a Song Of Love To Me,,,,,,,,Only To Fly,,,,,,,,,Julia,,,,,,,,,,And You My Love,,,,,,,,,,,The Blue Cafe,,,,,,,,,,,,Set Me Free,,,,,,,,,Looking For The Summer,,,,,,,Loving You Again,,,,,,,,,,Curse Of The Traveller with Josies Theme,,,,,,,,,,,Expresso Lodgic,[full version],,,,,,,,Sometimes,,,,,,,Somewhere Between Highway 61 And 49,[Live],i know that Chris will take you on a beautiful musical journey,i give you my word on that,best wishes always Ian x

    suzie wong

    @Ian Mcgrath I hope so...I'm having a bad bout so everything is hard. I did feed my dogs this morning so they will eat at least half of what they should. I don't know if eating anything will be on my list of things I did today. Only time will tell.
    I am going to ask you a favor. I can't copy and paste your post. If you can, will you copy the list of songs to our private conversation? I will be able to find it there. If I write it down I will lose it and I am at a point that I have no options except music. I can type on my cellphone. It may not make sense or the spelling may be wrong but I can hit a key.

  15. joerg felber

    Great Song!

  16. Trish P

    This is really me

  17. Жорж Милославский

    Народный артист Российской Федерации!

  18. Rooney Roo


  19. The Watchman

    Perhaps one of my favourite all time vids a long bygone sophisticated era, a golden age of cars, Europe and compared to now I would swap anytime.

  20. Theodore Misc

    Good stuff chris

  21. Александр Савельев

    Супер!! Браво!

  22. Pasi Oivo

    Todellakin parhaita mitä Chris tehnyt.

  23. Rose Jacobsmeyer

    Amazing video with the music that expresses the inner being of Chris Rea. Thank you for posting Chris Rea Official.

  24. IAI Dagger

    Brilliant!!!, absolutely Brilliant!!!!!, reminds me my youth close to cars and beautiful girls!!!!..Thank you for sharing Sir!!!!

  25. josez1

    driving up South Padre blvd with top down with this song playing ....

  26. Gothoogle

    Love unlimited for Chris for this !

  27. Seth Lieberman

    That song makes me feel happy and a little bit sad. Thank you Chris for the masterpiece (sounds like poetry)

  28. Brandon W

    I almost forgot about this song. What a tune.

  29. Lara Carter

    I LOVE this song! Hoping Chris goes to the Goodwood Revival in Sept. Will be looking for you!

  30. dwittersnacker

    Chris, you are my Ferrari!

  31. Tahir Maqsood

    Chris your voice is simply breathtaking. I adore your music man.

  32. stefan wintervoll

    Chris Rea is the greatest singer.

  33. Gero Teitge

    Beautiful song... <3

  34. Chris Carroll

    Me and my Triumph Stag cruising the English country side, your the man Chris, Thanks for your music

    Kev Mccarthy


  35. Chris Kou

    Τελικά , δεν είναι μόνο χειμερινός τύπος ο Chris..... Παντός καιρού και ταξιδευτής !.....

  36. Rigby Lane

    Makes me want to put on my old latin dance shoes Love X

  37. Grażyna Klimowicz

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

  38. Rose Jacobsmeyer

    Chris Rea. May your music go on forever. LOVE IT.

  39. AronRi

    Chris Rea the one and only, the legend. Fantazija!!! :)))

  40. rio moore

    I was once someones girl in a sports car. sweet memory , and I will never ever forget it.

  41. Milan Prša

    Thank you, Sir. This spark will burn forever.
    It doesn't have to be a car. But we should never forget that child dreamer we used to be. The sheer magnitude of possibilities, the freedom. And the awareness of it. That brings peace.
    People try to escape the Ego, but there is a purpose for each and every one of us. The chances of our existence are so slim. And if we dare to dream and love, we can bring meaning into it.

    juan kerr

    Milan,you just nailed it sir,best wishes from Scotland.

    Milan Prša

    juan kerr Thank you for your kind words, sir.

    juan kerr

    Milan,my pleasure,if you ever get the chance have a listen to [Set me free] and[Footprints in the snow]by chris,Merry Christmas.Ps hope you like them,god bless you.

  42. óscar fernandes

    Which Chris Rea's video were recorded in Portugal ?

  43. Robert kincaid

    i do not remember this being out as single in the charts , a radio 2 tune

  44. Andy Kilvington

    Wonderful song - almost as good as it can ever get. Just lovely.

  45. Steve McCormack

    I recognized the theme from Shaft(original) in the middle of the song.

  46. Karl Moore

    this is the best.

  47. Dmytro Bryushkov

    So wonderful song, reminding me roads of Italy

  48. Emile Tack

    Bij herhaling maakt deze muziek mijn dag goed

  49. Nelia Ukr

    Thank you very much for your wonderful song!

  50. Vito G.

    I came back to this song after more than ten's still amazing. I've been listening it for a few hours already...thank You Chris

  51. bonntv

    Well Done Chris..because the copy from YT 2009 wasn,t the best qualty. Best regards

  52. Lucio Elias


  53. rud

    fantastisch - super

  54. Marina Harrop

    i love you chris !!!!!!!!!!! you so awesome

  55. Emile Tack

    Blijft een nummer één voor mij.

  56. Ian Harrison

    just WOW

  57. 50sVintage

    Geez do I LOVE this song . . . . . . . . Chris Rea thank you for sharing your brilliance . . . . .

  58. HeavilyGamer

    Long live the king!Love your music!

  59. Julian Putra

    song of my dream, too. beautiful

  60. Katia Claro


  61. James Young

    Chris Rea is such a talent what a song inspirational song love to hear this live in concert such a gifted singer song writer complete musician
    James Sydney Australia

  62. C M

    I LOVE Chis Rea, his music & lyrics have saved me many times over, thank you Chris... you sir are a bloody genius x

  63. devilfish6669

    Luv this song....reminds me of when I used to cruise in my red Alfa Romeo 3.0 GTV6 (Busso V6) happy days :)

  64. Cora Bee Soul

    Love it...


    super super linda minha musica preferida de Chris Rea

  66. yosoy ygual

    súper especial vídeo and music !
    hugs ❤

  67. Jazz Bourne

    Awesome. Chris Rea - we LOVE you !

  68. Виталий Бадяев

    Thank you, Chris.

  69. Suze music

    Such a wonderful song ❤️

  70. Revaz Kupreishvili

    I liked the melody

  71. clocktower7

    I love this track by Chris, it's so joyful, soulful and creamy smooth. I must say, back in late 1996 i thought that Chris Rea had lost his way when he tried his hand at composing soundtracks and directing films.

  72. Lenka G.

    Chris - I really like Ur songs.
    Greetings from Poland!

  73. hugues dalinot

    quelle belle orchestration. Toujours au top le Chris !

  74. Vistaworx Property Films

    You sir, are an inspiration to anyone!

  75. Joakim

    Love it! The man is back :)

  76. Ewa Pilch

    What wonderful song, thank you.

  77. flo'n'co

    j'aime beaucoup chris rea il compose des chansons qui font rever

    Eric Michel

    Bonsoir,oui tu as raison,écoutes Sweet Summer Day,si tu ne connais pas,c'est magnifique et un solo piano instrumental et violons Horse ou quelque chose comme ça

  78. Mario Karlsson

    Chris Rea = A true genius!

  79. Andreas Kraenkel

    Thank you Chris.R.I.P. Taffy

  80. Irina Nik

    Я очень люблю этот саундтрек. Для меня это музыка Италии.

  81. Didier Larcher

    Amazing,Wonderful,Beaytiful song Tank you mister Chris Réa

  82. Sam London

    Beautiful song, reminds me of Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin, If you have a great vision like Chris Rea you can create anything.

  83. Maria teresa Marreiros

    Chris, i love your voice so much. What wonderful song.
    Greetings from Portugal.

    óscar fernandes

    Which Chris Rea's video were recorded in Portugal ?

  84. Brian de Lore

    No one else on earth plays and sings like Chris Rea. Chris merges beautifully into the video.

  85. Nariman Kashefi


  86. Mark Speller

    I had forgotten about this until Ken Bruce played it today, Stunning.

  87. Hernan Camba

    Come on Chris!!!!Thank you Master!!!!!


    My heart and my soul since 1996 beats to "La Passione" notes !
    I've adored this film and soundtrack and I wholeheartedly recommend this masterpiece to everyone who believes that a passion can be more than just a dream...

    Dmytro Bryushkov

    +ATHENAMATS Finally, this beautiful song is translated.

    roberto j. arrieta

    I think the same, and it is the starting point to change the world.