Rea, Chris - Diamonds Lyrics

Oh getaway and don't come back
Who do you think you're fooling with lies like that?
You have dreams that set the rain on fire
Burning with a cheap desire
And it's plain as grey that what you say
Have meanings of their own
My love, she don't need diamonds

My love's more than a sweet dream
And she don't need diamonds
She shakes her hip to the tambourine
And she don't need diamonds
If you can't love me for nothing
They you can't love me at all
And it's plain as grey that what you say
Have meanings of their own

We all got to dance, take a chance?
But babe you should have stayed at home
My love, my love, she don't need diamonds

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Rea, Chris Diamonds Comments
  1. SouthWestCoast Conundrum

    This song did well in Australia, I love his earlier work as it shows a more soulful side.

  2. fyrret09

    This is a Sir Chris of the Boro belter. Nuff said.

  3. steve nally

    One of my favourite songs from the 70s. I sang it in a cover band soon after it came out.

  4. Michael Bailey

    I honestly thought when this 1st hit the airwaves it would be a worldwide #1 hit. In 2019 it sounds just aa good. Guess it is a "lost classic " . Class is correct.

  5. Dave Collings

    Still an absolute classic!

  6. kanga1234567


  7. robert bounday

    I dam like this song

  8. J Mc

    Great song

  9. sskipsee

    This brilliant song is so well engineered it still sounds fantastic in 2019. Brings strong memories of when I was growing up and tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Thank you for posting this clip.

  10. Lee Roberts

    Chris Rea is just magic.

  11. Oleg Tsverkalyuk

    What year is this?

    The McGuinness Experiment

    1979 I believe.

  12. Pansl67

    Love this song... My favourite!

  13. Corina Macpherson

    ❤️ My fav from Mr Rea👏

  14. Keith

    never hear this on the radio, dont know why? or Seabird from Delitics album, beautiful tune


    Keith Only released as a single in some countries. Top 10 hit in Australia

  15. Simon Price

    Full H.D you sir madame are an absolute gem... massive thanks I've run this thru my Q.S.C K/12'S AND BELIEVE ME IT'S AMAZING


  16. Peter J Taylor

    Classic 70’s hit, love this song, brings back gr8 memories

  17. Stacie Ryan

    Sexy voice, great song...Love this guy...

  18. Steve Bowers

    Just a classic. Drumming of the highest order.

    John Foster

    Steve Bowers legendary Norman!

  19. Simon Price

    Chris your the guv'nor buddy.. the jewel in your crown...

  20. pete

    real music..

  21. Aussie Dad Reviews

    A much underrated song

  22. coop coopster

    Great, great song.

  23. David-Michael Young

    Absolutely love this tune. This was my first taste of the music from Chris Rea. I have been a fan ever since and played his music all over the world when DJ-ing. Thanks for the memories Chris. :) x

  24. Replayability

    2:03 = Guy who thinks he is Elton John. :D


    Lost in Showbiz!!!

    Gwyneth Ferguson

    A Guy who is better than Sir Elton John!

    Zathrus Pridham

    way better

    Bez81 Anderson

    That is hilarious!

  25. Item69

    Can't find this song on iTunes....pisses me off...

    Leada Swimwear

    its on Spotify

  26. James Collins

    Love this forgotten track by Chris Rea!    Thanks for posting!

  27. Zac Delahaye

    Love this track .... Always have , always will .... Wish he would release it to Spotify !!

    sue moses

    He apparently absolutely hates this and is totally embarrased by it! Crazy - I adore it. PS how's the drummer, shorts and an orange plastic sun visor LMAO.

    Zathrus Pridham

    Its all on there now enjoy

  28. Alison Bell

    What a classic, absolutely love this track.

  29. Rob Wallen

    Absolute 70's classic...

  30. Aus80sRockRadio

    Great upload! Terrific song & so is "Don't Want your best friend" from the same LP.