Rayland Baxter - Bad Things Lyrics

I was standing by the river watching my bridge burn down
I was standing by the river watching my bridge burn down
Cause I done a bad thing and I'm paying it for all right now
Oh I've done a bad thing and I'm paying it for all right now

Hey there doctor, tell me what do you see?
Cause I got a bad disease and need of your remedy
And I've been aching from my head to my toes
I've been aching so much that I just don't ache no more
But there is a one thing that I need you to see
And you ain't never met a man sick as me

Hey mister bartender
You see my tremblin' hands
You know I need a drink and I need it so bad
Cause I don't know...Lordy what I just done
But you got me burning like a foxchild rebel under the sun
And now I'm shaking from all my misery
Cause you ain't never met a man as wrong as me

And no, no, no, I dont lie
Cause I was taken over by the devil last night
And I know, know, know, when he come around
I've done a bad thing and I'm paying for it all right now

Hey mister Judge, you gonna lock me up
Cause I've been thinking things that I should not thinkin' of
Go and hide all your brothers, go and hide the knife (night?)
You got me creepin' though the dark in the middle of the lonely night
You'd better lock your door, n' throw away the key
Cause you ain't never met a man as guilty as me

And I no, no, no, I don't lie
Cause I was taken over by the devil last night
And I know, know, know, when he come around
And I've done bad a thing and I'm paying for it right now

And I no, no, no, I don't lie
Cause I was taken over by the devil last night
And I know, know, know, when he come around
Well I've done a bad thing and I'm paying for it all right now

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Rayland Baxter Bad Things Comments
  1. iRide uWatch

    That phat snare drum! I need that.

  2. RihardsVarna

    How does this is not having a billion wievs?

  3. Viktoria Purple

    Spotify thank you/ Loove it!

  4. Mason V

    Agh this gives me such Doors vibes

  5. joe Vasquez


  6. Naomi Vallon

    "I was taken over by the devil" really resonates as truth. Thanks!

  7. Cristian Amézquita

    Esta canción la busqué por voz de google y encontré porque estaba de fondo en una porno xddd y no es joda

  8. Henry McCall

    that snare sounds so fucking good

  9. gameoverlordN7

    I don't do drugs, but his voice still gets me high.

  10. darren aurand

    check out Harry "Troubadour" Fennell's cover of this song on Dublin City Today right here on Youtube...... it"s a helluva cover 😎

  11. Amanda Doi

    hits home

  12. Philip Hempsey

    Thats a badass tune!

  13. Steve Richards

    Mr Jimmy at his best!

  14. Icep Abdul Azis


  15. Ivan Adams

    Eugene is badass 👍🏻

  16. Gabriel De La Rosa

    handsome mutha fka!!! songs great😉

  17. Wagon Breath

    This song is listened to over and over and over and over....Casanova is another that I can keep playing over and over...this band is my new obsession! Rayland & the dudes are brilliant!!! 👏

    Jackie Watson

    Amy Jo Germaican With ya.. mine is 79 revolvers. ⭐️

  18. Tony Schultz

    Who let the hobo sneak on the keyboard? He wrecked it up.

  19. Johny Indigo

    You gotta love that funky country rock 🔥 🔥 🔥

  20. Rouge Reygadas

    ¿Notan la parte donde el tecladista le pega con la palma completa y el antebrazo al teclado?


    que wena rola no?

  21. 23v0lv32

    Pretty Boy Poser. I dont this guy has the slightest fucking clue what it means to be taken over by the devil last night.. Good song, but you can just tell.

  22. Jesse Timm Miller

    Who knew! Rick Rubin is a master keys player! Hahahaha! So good!!!!

  23. Jack Ward Company

    Who is the drummer?

  24. Marc Miner


    I just came along your video. Seems you're into country music, so please watch my channel too. I'm sure you will love it.

    Have a nice day!

  25. benwa67

    who in their right mind gives this a thumbs down?

  26. April Hanley

    this music does something to my soul...

  27. The Echo Spectrum

    This video is absolutely amazing!

  28. Michael Ragsdale

    I love how the bro on the keys loses his hat.

  29. Jay Campbell

    It's like he has the voice of Paul Simon and the guitar work of Stephen Stills

  30. lindalovesmusic

    Great show in Wilmington! Love Rayland and band : ) Come back soon!

  31. Justin Cooper

    My brown bird Pandora station brought me this song

    Ethan Baker

    My the Devil Makes Three Pandora station brought me here it introduced me to brown bird too

    Jon Bugdon

    Brown bird Pandora station brought me here as well

  32. lindalovesmusic

    I really like his voice... Great sound going on with this band, good song. See you in Wilmington next month..

  33. Taco Gillespie

    Good artist---I'll lay my money down if you come around St Pete Florida.

  34. Play Too Much

    This is a rad session guys!

  35. Cole Sopris970

    2 people didn't like this?!

  36. Zebarbas

    Damn, those keys are fucked. It's mpressive he's even able to play on that keybed.

  37. Whap Artist


  38. ShooterMcGavin

    Just saw y'alls show at sxsw at the capital one show. Y'all fucking killed it, incredible show.

  39. Sandy Stromberg

    Stumbled across Rayland by accident on FB...my lucky day!!! So loving the vocals of this dude!!!

  40. Adam Richards

    They killed it! Loved the key player's energy - lost his hat halfway through!

  41. Deborah Zahler

    bad things and so so very good

  42. Wendellerins

    This is kickass. Thank goodness for Shakey Graves, he brought me here to check out more music.

    The Echo Spectrum

    Rayland and Shakey are amazing!!

  43. Janelle Johnson

    So awesome

  44. Jon Boyes

    Thanks KPRI 102.1 FM SAN DIEGO for introducing me to these artists♧♤♢

  45. MrShocking68

    Got's soul!

  46. Greg Redington

    "Bad Things"..... great song !, song describes where I've been in my life many times. Bad ass band, they play well together. Great sound, keep doing what you're doing Mr Baxter !

  47. Kevins Myth

    That is Good Shit.

  48. Monike Dias

    thanks spotify for suggesting this maaan! gosh y'all sound amazing! perfect combo :D

    tilo dyer

    I heard this great piece of work originally on Pandora on Parker Millsap radio. So thanx Pandora.

    Billy Bartley

    yes ma'am. I stumbled upon this by way of spotify.. I like it when I find a hidden gem by accident.. lol

  49. Suntzubean


  50. Brockweston

    Drums always sound killer from you guys! just curious if you use samples? and if so where are the samples from?


    @Brockweston We use really great Audio engineers. The mix you hear is the live mix from the broadcast, nothing was mixed in post. So to answer your question, no we don't use drum samples. Cheers and thanks for the compliment on our drum sounds.


    @Audiotreetv wow thats actually really impressive! 


    Ha! Ringo Starr...


    Rayland! kills shit 

  52. Janitzia Olivas

    Love his voice