Ray Stevens - Misty Lyrics

Look at me
I'm as helpless as a kitten up a tree
Ah, I'm walking on a cloud
I can't understand, Lord
I'm misty holding your hand

Walk my way
And a thousand violins begin to play
Or it might be the sound of your hello
That music I hear, Lord
I'm misty the moment you're near

You can say that you're leading me on
But it's just what I want you to do
Don't you notice how hopelessly I'm lost
That's why I'm following you, ooh

On my own
Should I wander through this wonderland alone, now
Never knowing my right foot from my left
My hat from my glove, Lord
I'm misty and too much in love

You can say that you're leading me on
But it's just what I want you to do
Don't you notice how hopelessly I'm lost
That's why I'm following you, ooh

On my own
Should I wander through this wonderland alone, now
Never knowing my right foot from my left
My hat from my glove, Lord
I'm misty, and too much in love

(Misty) Too much in love
(Misty) Too much in love
(Misty) Too much in love

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Ray Stevens Misty Comments
  1. Jim Matherly

    Oh man. How can I convey my love for this version? Ray Stevens is incredible. What an arrangement! And a complete accident according to Ray.

  2. TacosRrad Eat it

    First to say it I’m here is 2020

  3. orangehornet57

    Happy birthday to my favorite singer!

  4. Jim Coulter

    Every time I play this reminds me of the first time I laid my eyes on my Blind Date that became my wife of many years now. I wish he had done more songs like this. Love the Steel Guitar work on this song, and the Banjo Pickin' is Devin!

  5. David Walsh

    Ray Stevens was a musical genius.

  6. lazy RRR

    Great to find MISTY as other than a drippy dirge ... but that Billywhacker garbage's gotta go !

  7. Adrian Jorge Noé

    Genial esta versión de Misty al estilo country de Ray !!!!!

  8. Christopher Haas

    I miss hearing simple, happy songs

  9. Christopher Haas

    Great song

  10. Dan Stephens

    I saw an interview where he said that he and his band were just playing around with this song during a recording session. They never intended to record it, but did so anyway...in just two takes.

  11. Saltie Seal

    Amazing song

  12. Luther Buckhurst

    Beautiful song

  13. Mark Inmon

    Sorry I like Ray but not this one, it's a classic jazz song

  14. codzeedee dee

    Reminds me of my chilhood days miss them and my mum rip mum 😚🌹💐🥀

  15. Jeffrey Coogan

    Interesting rendition of this Erroll Garner jazz standard.

  16. Sara N.

    I wish, when this version of the song came out, that Johnny Mathis had sung it this way. Just for fun. Also, the song These Foolish Things, would be good speeded up too.

  17. ajivins1

    God, I hope Adelle or another of those Misery Merchants don't cover this...

  18. kim poss

    love misty 😁😁😁

  19. David Atkinson

    Best ever cover version.

  20. Bentom86

    Gotta thank MeTV FM in Chicago for reminding me of this gem from '75. Amazing how one great song can be responsible for both sunny day smiles and cloudy day melancholy. Johnny's classic is still the one for sure...but Ray's happy rendition definitely brings back golden 70s memories.

  21. Scott Elliott

    God this takes me back. What a jam.

  22. Bill Casteel

    Love this song all ways have

  23. Robert Walsh

    Oh the memories of 1975

  24. Sherri Dodsworth

    Absolutely brilliant interpretation of the original recording.

  25. bmh2004

    Who’s playing the banjo, great job!

  26. Phil M

    It's great that Mathis and Stevens versions can be so different and both wonderful!

  27. Moss Gypsy

    Anybody know when he recorded this song? It's a great cover!

  28. foxonesplash

    Best arrangement of that song I ever heard.

  29. Stephen Walter

    I first listened to this lovely song while at Marine Corps Air-Ground training center, 29 Palms, California in March of 1991.My USMC Reserve unit was mobilized, sent there, in support of the Gulf War.  This song returns me to those far off days.

  30. MrRatherino

    can;t get enough of this...

  31. Tony Craddock

    Amazing how Ray Stevens transformed this classic from the ballad that it was to an uptempo offering and making one of the big hits of 1975 in the bargain.

  32. Stephen Boyd

    This is a classic! My mum loved this record and played it many times back in the day.

  33. ravenhill the hooded sword commander † 1968

    a classic by good ole Ray.

  34. gordon jones

    Just love that banjo.

  35. Michael Nivens

    One of his finest

  36. Marian Daniels

    How I loved this recording. Found the 45 vinyl record today and played it for the first time in 50 years. Brought back wonderful memories


    Brings back great memories of 1975

  38. SoUtH MeMpHiS

    I'd love to hear this with a little more bass ! Love me some Love!

  39. bmh2004

    Gotta agree with the comments that says “a better version, and very uplifting”. It gets me going and puts me in a good mood.

  40. bmh2004

    Love the strumming banjo!, just can’t beat the old country music with great musicians.

  41. Scott Burton

    # 14 in the summer of 1975-Ray truly does justice to this classic song!

  42. Michael Ford

    Now that I rediscovered the song I can't stop playing it when I play it everybody turns around says boy I haven't heard that in years turn it up cool what a way to start off of Summer 2019

  43. Michael Ford

    Always love this song by Ray Stevens Misty shooter brings back a lot of memories as a kid growing up around 1974 1975 the times are great music with music summer times were awesome the song came out wow what a summer

  44. Philip Beverley

    I just love this amazing song/tune whether it be Ray Stevens, Johnny Mathis or Errol Garner. How did such beauty get into a human brain, never mind find its way out?

  45. Jason Latham

    Walk my way and a thousand violins begin to play and they do

    Ken Perk

    Ray and his great since of humor! It's country so the thousand violins become fiddles! 😃 Still an American treasure!

  46. Aggressive Pipe & Earth

    ... and a thousand violins begin to play.

    Doesn't get better than this.

  47. phoenixtimes2

    Leave it to a right wing hillbilly to screw up one of the most beautiful songs ever written. Please Mr. Stevens stick to Ahab the Arab.

  48. TheLadyOfSoul502

    I will ALWAYS love this song. Mark Casstevens played the hell out that banjo. I am a Soul Woman, but this song will always have a place in my heart.

  49. richard boyle

    This is the definitive version of this song, at least for my character!

  50. tincupnickleboy the 1st

    I think Rays version is about the lord, not about a woman or anything like that, just listen to the lyrics of the verses

  51. Dave Koons

    Best version of a great song!

  52. JoJo Begay

    He Better live to see 100, as good as he sounds!!

  53. shazza5 For real

    Takes me back to my childhood

  54. Charles Dent

    My oldest daughter hates this song

  55. Michael Jahnke

    I love this version of Misty

  56. Dennis O'Connor

    Those were happy times, full of wonderful memories.

  57. Caspar Goodrich

    All 93 dislikes need to be tossed in the pit of doom. Beautiful song, fucking millennial savages

  58. barrys

    Man, did I love this song and Ray Stevens in '75? Of course, as he got old and became a rightwing anti-Obama nut, his charm faded.

    Ken Perk

    You hate GREAT AMERICANS and love an America hating foreigner like obowelmovement.

  59. Marcelo Maya


  60. Moutton Noir

    Reached No2 on the UK charts 1975

  61. Carlos Moristo

    He'll yeah

  62. father christmas

    A song is great wene you feel.like skipping your heels

  63. Philip Orme

    Prefer it to the Mathis Version.

  64. Ken Nye

    Oh I remember this wonderful song in the charts
    I was but a wee boy of 6 years but this song gives me such good memories
    Love this song

  65. Mark R

    Not just a comedian but a very talented artist with great vocals.

  66. David Torres

    One of my favorite songs by the comedy of music, the late Ray Stevens

  67. Raleigh Native

    Love the fiddles.....err.....violins!

  68. WildWarriorKing

    How can 88 people dislike this classic masterpiece. Shame on you!

  69. Palmer Short

    This is what is called a novelty song in the trade not to be taken seriously. Does anybody remember Homer and Jethro and their take-off on popular songs? Same venue. Actually, I prefer Sarah Vaughn's version, try it sometime.

    Palmer Short

    Ps Oh, by the way, have you ever tried to make out to Ray's version

  70. steven gittins

    Summer 75. I was 7.Great cover by Ray.

  71. jed edwards

    I was 13 when this song charted in 1975, so many happy memories of that year.

  72. Pam Blaydes

    one of my serious favorites!! <3

  73. Henry Andrews

    Took me years to find out who did it go ray 70s classic

  74. rffordjr

    Thank you for uploading this tune, one of my favorites.

  75. Nigel Charlton-Wright

    Last heard this song on the coach to Ware College in the autumn 1982 sitting next to my former girlfriend of the time. Just watched the classic Clint Eastwood film 'Play Misty For Me' and thought why not play this version. Classic song and excellent timeless film, somehow I think this version would have been wrong for the film.

  76. Bildad1976

    I remember when Ray Stevens' version of Misty came out, it was considered controversial because, although many people had recorded Misty, they were all very similar Jazz versions, and Ray took this beloved classy standard and thoroughly dunked it in a genre considered very UNclassy (i.e. Country) with a BANJO, nonetheless!
    But the critics just proved once again that they were not in touch with the heart of everyday people!
    Thank you, Ray, for this beautiful version of Misty, it's unforgettable! (Hey Ray, speaking of unforgettable, what do you think about doing a vers.. NAH!)

  77. Paul O'Donovan

    Just excellent, and happy birthday today mr. stevens. 80 today i think,

  78. William Mendes de Carvalho

    cresci ouvindo minha mãe tocar esse disco todo dia... época boa...

  79. Ronald Gooding

    Fantastic remember going down to hayling island 1975 to a big pub called the kitty wake,and a singer called bill kenny would be on.my dad would ask him to sing this,then he would get my mum up on the dance floor and dance.i would be outside watching through the window with my bottle of coke and crisps nearly crying with happiness.

  80. Denny Tidwell

    Johnny Mathis put this out in what? 1959? and I bought it, still have it and it plays good. Great shower song. Great album. I love bluegrass and have "known" Ray Stevens since I was about 13. Great song. Great song.

  81. nancy c.

    Merry Christmas! 2018 👍👍👍🎅

    nancy c.

    ...more cowbell. 😊

  82. angel whispers

    Walk my way
    And a thousand violins
    Begin to play ...

  83. Kathy Florcruz

    Love this song. Love Ray. The banjos & the arrangements are fantastic too!

  84. Luis Brissos Ahumada

    !! Gran versión, completamente diferente,aquï se demuestra la sensibilidad de este músico , muy buena recreación.

  85. Nervo 63

    Great great version, reminds me of being 12 years old again, so underrated as a singer.

  86. Caroline Mackenzie Macdonald

    The best version for me - love it xx

  87. Denise Hedden

    🥀On the serious side of Ray Stevens he's Awesome I love this song🥀☝️

  88. Cheri Henderson

    Always LOVED this song..my favorite version is by Ray Stevens.

  89. klingklang werk

    Fantastically nostalgic song. Summer 75

  90. Teacher 1300

    Outstanding track--haven't heard it for many moons,was a primary school kid when it came out,very popular in South Africa!

  91. Wagner PD

    I thought Clint Eastwood played Misty 1st? .

    Lynnette Spratley

    That was the movie "Play Misty for Me" and they didn't use this version of "Misty" in it.

  92. Andrew Watson

    It was on Disco Hits 1975 for some reason

    Fucking epic hit album


    1975 rocked

  93. Miranda Miranda

    Best Misty cover ever.

  94. Joe Kent

    Play at 1.5x speed and you'll have formal speed walking.

  95. Becky Nelson

    God Bless Ray Steven's for this gorgeous version of "Misty". I remembered it from when I was a teenager and it was a world away from my usual musical taste but I found myself loving it.

  96. Caz Ager

    just wonderful folks

  97. Charmaine De Silva

    This is an artist! When you can take a classic like "Misty", turn it on it's head and come up with a winner.

  98. Chloe Goodman

    Fabulous uplifting