Ray Stevens - Indian Love Call Lyrics

When I'm calling you, ooh
If you answer too, ooh

That means that I offer my love to you
To be your own
If you refuse me, I will be blue
And waiting all alone

But, if when you hear
My love call, ringing clear, ooh
And I hear you're
Answering a call so dear, ooh

Then I will know
That our love will be true
You belong to me
I belong to you, ooh, ooh, ooh

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Ray Stevens Indian Love Call Comments
  1. ashowens25


  2. jimarilyn

    Spot on. No one will ever better this stupendous rendition by Ray.

  3. Dale S

    WOW indeed.

  4. todd canton

    as campy,crazy, unusual and just plain diferent, my GOD I love this version of a truly romantic song!

  5. Patti Wilson

    Hotwotta--your video is simply beautiful

  6. Stella Jennings

    ray stevens great this song is a classic but listen to briget the midget to see how visitial tis artist is i love it

  7. Alida Buckner

    My mother always loved Jennette MacDonald and Eddie Nelson with this song, she never got to hear this version. But I know it would have sent chills up and down her back. I love it.

  8. TheLeBaron1212

    Just can listen to over and over. Louie

  9. Patti Wilson

    YES he did.

  10. Joyce Heffley


  11. Patti Wilson


  12. Keith Cairns

    Brilliant version! Never realised Ray Stevens could be so good!!

  13. philanna38

    Wow! I like this! Cool!

  14. rollande powley

    when i started to listen ,,i thought it would be a funny one ,,,but instead its beautifull ,,,love it ,,,rolly

  15. granny8897

    Slim Whitman did it well, Eddy Arnold did it better. Ray Stevens blew them out of the water!

  16. Raymond LaBay

    He sang a song of love but no one understood,He sang his lonely song of love but no friend was left to hear.He sang his lonely hypnotic song to the moon and to the stars .He sang his song loud and clear for all Gods forest creatures to hear.He sang is song in a primitive voice for it was the only voice he had! And in gratis return many in Gods image ,thought him evil or bad.Perhaps when the wolf howls,he is giving thanks to God in the only voice he has? Take care ADonovan43

  17. sonia dawson

    This is SO ~Beautiful, I can't get enough of it!

  18. Jane Ewart

    love this version of this song

  19. Alyssa Vall

    I have always loved Ray and still do. Awsome wolves!

  20. BgMsDangerus

    These are beautiful photos of wolves. Have been lucky enough to hear them in the distance when on a camping trip from the Black Hills in South Dakota down to Grand Mesa in Colorado. I happen to think they are gorgeous creatures. Thanks again.

  21. BgMsDangerus

    I also need to add. The first time I heard this song, I was just a kid and on Sat. nights after the late news they would show old B&W movies. A movie from the 40's, at least, was about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. A RCMP was singing it in the woods and I thought it was the tackiest thing I had ever heard. The pictures and photos of the wolves while Ray sings this is just perfect. Thx again! You did GOOD Hotwotta!

  22. BgMsDangerus

    Hotwotta: The photos of the wolves are beautiful. Where did you find them. Just another example of all the beautiful creatures on this Earth.

  23. BgMsDangerus

    First time I've heard this song by anyone. Ray did it just right. Thanks Hotwotta.

  24. TonyB08

    Ray at his finest. Many of you didn't know he had this in him... I knew this 35 years ago.

  25. Will Strain

    Not bad, considering Ray Stephens usual goofy styly. Not bad sir.

  26. MRBraveheartscot

    Very haunting version of this song - his harmonies are simply outstanding and very atmospheric.

  27. Gil Mclachlan

    @googoodaddy the good news is that I'm pretty sure he is still around and performing.

  28. Lanell Connell

    I love this video...love the song and have for years....Lanell

  29. Felix Brown

    I have been looking for this song since forever! Thanks!

  30. hunlandMom

    I forgot to mention the video is greatest and sounds fantastic. Thanks.

  31. hunlandMom

    Wonderful version. I Like it so much. Thanks for posting.

  32. MrRJDB1969

    Great version !

  33. panelanegra

    Excelente , gracias Por subir Algo tan emotivo y Los lobos de Con te quedo genial .

  34. dale shauf

    This is "too good" - good on you Ray! Wish you did more of this stuff. Great talent.

  35. Sire Galopin

    yeah! good idea, the wolves...