Ray Price - Together Again Lyrics

Together again my tears have stopped falling
The long lonely nights are now at an end
The key to my heart you hold in your hand
And nothing else matters we're together again

(Nothing else matters we're together again)
Together again the grey skies're gone
You're back in my arms now where you belong
The love that I knew is living again
and nothing else matters we're together again
Nothing else matters we're together again

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Ray Price Together Again Comments
  1. Tony Hemingway

    Most singers sang words with a musical background. Ray Price made you feel the song.

  2. T Nissa Neway

    My past is gone .... 😪💞
    Rip 17 02 2019.
    Thanx U for upload ... I love it

    packrat Buggs

    I am the past and still loving all the best music.

  3. Lena Andersson


  4. Emperor Karl

    Ray price and buck owens both really nice versions of this song

  5. April Barnette Thames

    Timeless, always.

  6. Rooster Cogburn

    His voice knocks me to my knees Everytime he cuts loose, One hell of a wow moment!

  7. Bonappettit LaLande

    My favorite Ray Price album.Burning Memories.1964. RIP Ray.

  8. Bert Burnett

    he never sang one i did not like,

  9. jeriw

    Yeah, Ray was known for hitting them out of the park. Such voice range and feeling, hard to beat!

  10. webbjr37

    First time hearing Ray do this one, Remember it well by Buck Owens and a much as I like Buck's version Ray just hits it out of the park,Such a beautiful voice

    Shirley Wolfe

    i agree love it

  11. jeriw

    Ken, I must agree with you, he's the best!!

  12. Ken Thomas

    Fantastic!!! Doesn't get any better!