Ray Price - Sunday Morning Coming Down Lyrics

Well I woke up Sunday morning
With no way to hold my head that didn't hurt
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad
So I had one more for desert

Then I fumbled through my closet for my clothes
And found my cleanest dirty shirt
And I shaved my face and combed my hair
And stumbled down the stairs to meet the day

Well I'd smoke my brain the night before
With cigarettes and songs I'd been picking
But I lit my first and watched the small kid cursin'
At a can that he was kicking

Then I crossed the empty street
And caught the Sunday smell of someone frying chicken
And it took me back to something that I'd lost
Somehow somewhere along the way

On the Sunday morning sidewalk
Wishing Lord that I was stoned
'Cause there's something in a Sunday
Makes a body feel alone

And there's nothing
Short of dying half as lonesome as a sound
On the sleeping city sidewalk
Sunday morning coming down

In the park I saw a daddy
With the laughing little girl that he was swinging
And I stopped beside a Sunday school
And listened to the song that they were singing

Then I headed back for home
And somewhere far away a lonely bell was ringing
And it echoed through the canyons
Like the disappearing dreams of yesterday

On the Sunday morning sidewalk
Wishing Lord that I was stoned
'Cause there's something in a Sunday
Makes a body feel alone

And there's nothing
Short of dying half as lonesome as a sound
On the sleeping city sidewalk
Sunday morning coming down

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Ray Price Sunday Morning Coming Down Comments
  1. Ed Murray

    Great rendition....but...just doesn't sound too "hungover"....Johnny Cash sings it hung over and worse.

  2. Carole Kohlschmidt

    Beautiful voice.

  3. Lee Cockfield

    ray makes any one else sound bad

  4. Dave Shell

    Yeah, I had this album once also,a long time ago when I was on the road, you could get in your car and play this tape and say to yourself, yeah, I just did that, that's exactly what it felt like.

  5. Alan English

    God bless you Ray

  6. Donna J

    Great song-Great man!! How could anyone give this a thumbs down??? Look at yourself then!!

  7. graham allchin

    Anjelina 1940 - happy 76th hon - graham 1940 - we have had it all and seen it go downhill. You are so right

    Warmest - Graham - Aus

  8. Frikkie Ackerman

    A good song that Ray totally ruined


    Yep, that's why it was so popular.

    Frikkie Ackerman

    What a horrible effort. You ruin a greaat song


    This is a Ray Stevens song

    James Wenger

    @Frikkie Ackerman idiot much, incredible voice

  9. stuart castle

    This song brings back great memories of the long station wagon drives from Minnesota to Florida to visit my grandparents. Does anyone know the album/8-track (which is what we listened too on the trips) this was on?

  10. John Paul

    He came to town the year before he passed. I told my wife we should get tickets while we could. Best concert ever - a really small, intimate venue and a last chance to hear someone whose music I have loved for over 40 years. A great Artist.

  11. Joe Dokes

    Love Ray's voice...not sure his is quite right for this one but that opening, muted guitar dirge, and the music throughout (minus the drums), is absolutely ingenious and perfect. Fits the mood better than any other version.

  12. Robert Bales

    No way did someone see Ray Price in concert. Sorry but Ray Price died in December 2014. His music carear lasted 60 years. You can't say that Blake Shelton will last that long. I doubt that he will.

  13. Max Sped

    Ray Prices' 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' was the first time I heard it - I fell in love with it and no one has been able to change the way I feel about it.

    Lon Reams

    +Max Sped Same here. My dad had the album this song was on when I was a kid in the 70s. He used to play it quite often. I didn't know there were other versions until much later.

    Alexander Hutton

    I totally agree.   It's pure art.   No matter who you are the sentiments in this song are universal, and he sings it with such passion.

    Max Sped

    The summer after high school, I worked in Dallas (TX), lived by myself and I lived that Sunday Morning Kris Kristofferson described in his song and Ray Price sung (except no guitar & no singing).

    Max Sped

    My wife and I went to a Ray Price Concert at Theater in the Round near Sharpstown Shopping Center, Houston, Texas sometime in the 1960's -
    The songs people were screaming for were 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' and 'Danny Boy'

  14. Marilyn Hills

    Kris could write the songs, but only Ray could sign them!

  15. ceb2633

    So happy to see other Ray fans! He is fantastic, So many good versions of this song, but it is my favorite. Thanks, all.

  16. Allen Smith

    This is the best version of this song ever. My dad had the album he recorded with this song and I cannot find it anywhere now but I listened to this song hundreds of times when I was in high school in the early 70's.

  17. webbjr37

    Ray Might have had more success with this one if Johnny Cash had not recorded it. This song was just suited for Johns delivery, Love Ray and he has a better singing voice than John, just not on this song

  18. ceb2633

    HUH? Golly, I didn't know that was what the great Ray was singing about. Thanks for the enlightenment...I think.


    THANK YOU RAY,................

  20. Abe Gibron

    I grew up in the late 60's and early 70's I my folks played a lot of Ray and I have seen Ray many times in person. I dont recall ever hearing this

  21. ceb2633

    Bless his heart and bless yours for the good news. My recordings are not only worn, but tear stained.

  22. Bobbie Earle


  23. Gerald Shelnutt

    had never heard him do this.

  24. Mark Landes

    He sings it more like Kris
    Johnny rushes everything

  25. Randell H

    Beautiful version of this great song.

  26. Robert Gardner

    @ram888jam AMEN BROTHER!!

  27. Bobbie Earle


  28. Macgyver1986

    ray price is one of the best country artist ever !!!!!

  29. joseline friesen

    I love this song, so pretty

  30. ceb2633

    Sure, billmichael. It is from the 1971 CMA Album of the year, "I won't Mention it Again". Ray Price. You may be able to find it on Amazon. Good luck. I treasure it and glad you like it. C.

  31. ceb2633

    I know, nayee. Sorry I used the past tense. I was just thinking of the years he was heard more often.

  32. nayee9

    he's still alive...

  33. ceb2633

    I am so glad you found it! Wonderful song, and Ray Price was so special. Thanks for stopping by! C.

  34. ceb2633

    I agree, eggrug, Ray had a beautiful voice. Both Johnny and Kris do sound like they had a wicked Saturday night, though. Thanks for the comment. C.

    Warren Pearson

    ceb2633 j

    Kevin Judy

    ceb2633 ha.. you are so right... the Killer did a great version too.. sounds like he's living it right there...

  35. ceb2633

    I loved them all, though Ray Price was not one of the "outlaws". Something about country western and opera that goes hand in hand, with me, at least. Thank you for commenting. C.

  36. John Dickey

    I remember this by Johnny Cash. Boy, Kris and the guys lead a tough life. Five speculative stars on getting off the Sunday morning sidewalk. Ingenuous John