Ray Price - Release Me Lyrics

Please release me, let me go
For I don't love you anymore
To waste our lives would be a sin
Release me and let me love again
I have found a new love din
And I will always want her near
Her lips are warm, while yours are cold
Release me, my darling, let me go
(Please release me, let me go)
For I don't love you anymore
(To waste our life would be a sin)
So release me and let me love again
Please release me, can't you see?
You'd be a fool to cling to me
To live our life would bring us pain
So release me and let me love again
(Let me love, let me go)

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Ray Price Release Me Comments
  1. Kevin Miller

    Premarital sex is also a sin in God's eyes but people do it anyway because they don't care what He thinks & are always thumbing their noses @ Him because they think they're smarter than He is even though He gives up complete freedom to do wrong, yet in spite of that, God loves each & every one of us & wants us to repent & return to Him.

  2. gremlinuk1968

    Dam CLASS !!

  3. Dan Hayes

    You cant have County music with out a steel guitar and twin fiddles. Absolutely the greatest. Ray Price. 2019

  4. Robert Rstw

    I just love the respect Ray and many of older musician had by spot lighting the band by introducing.. today's artist could take a lesson on respect...
    ty and rip Ray price


    117 👎??

    You got to be kidding people..

    This is what we call real music..

  6. Donna Turrintine


  7. Lisa Will

    Wow it's 2019 Now

  8. Sue Dye

    sue dye said Ray is the best!! BH is second!!

  9. Rebecca Jewell

    Marvelous. Thank you

  10. Scott Hixson

    Lord have mercy! Amen.

  11. Peggy Bagley

    You take fiddles and steel guitars out of country music and it goes to s***

  12. Gandi Ahmad

    great lyrics...

  13. Jerry Pullen

    Sounds great

  14. David Frierson

    That's very good

  15. Peter Gapsis

    what an amazing voice at his age. Just awesome

  16. Liz Linville

    the pain was so evident in his beautiful face. I loved this man, my friend with all my heart. Still do.

  17. Liz Linville

    I would have loved you forevewr. Actually, I did

  18. Adam Hannah

    That was nice.

  19. Chipisoe Jacobsy


  20. pat mosten

    The very best in country music.

  21. george farquhar

    Just heard the song you wrote for Janie you are the man rip

  22. Raymond Faron

    I love ya Ray,

  23. Bradford Smith

    Timeless song, Timeless singer, exceptional musicians!!

  24. James Eddie

    RIP RAY, You will always be our CHIEF of country music................God's has him singing in heaven now!

  25. James Eddie

    Boy that was a great show, I have been to many of Ray's shows and this one was just the best small show of all times. He had everyone in his the palm of his hand and he touched everyones heart!..............Just glad to be there...........

  26. Lowell Morse

    What a Gentleman...God Please Bless Ray Price

  27. robert broskoskie

    Older then I'd like 2 admit I know all these songs I miss the Bair

  28. Valynda Brooks

    The richness of Ray Price's voice just kept getting better with age.

  29. Billy Marshall

    Now this is real country. I'm 77 now and this is still the best .

  30. Joe M.

    I'm guessing RCA Studio B, Nashville.  You can hear the room echo in the vocal mic.

  31. Donna Granger

    I love the older country better than anything

  32. Peggy Bagley

    The guys in this video play the fiddle beautifully this is a very awesome videos Ray Price at his best

  33. Hillary's emails to Lorne

    wOw what a performance!

  34. Doug Manning

    I can't get enough of Ray Price. He was truly one of the greatest and we have had to say good bye to another great in Mel Tillis.

  35. DeeJ J

    One of the best ever Ray Price.  That fine steel guitar player Jim Loseburg can still be heard on RFD Tru Country chn 74 here!

  36. bluegrassfan76

    80 years old and sounding far better than 99% of the garbage they play on "country" radio today.

  37. DJRY

    he sounds so young when he is singing

  38. Alexander Chu

    I love your golden voice.What a beautiful song.

  39. Jill Dbrass

    A fantastic country singer

  40. Cabin Dweller

    The year BH.

  41. Patti Lytle

    This is the best version of this song that I have ever heard. I get chills when I listen to it. The back up is so amazing. God, I can hear him singing in heaven

  42. Tim Wilson

    R.I.P, i take my hat off for one of the best country sings in the world, i wish i could have meet this great partner...

  43. Peggy Bagley

    Ray Price at his damn best don't get any better than this

  44. Debbie Bass

    i loved the song released methanks for such a great song

  45. Hag Newton

    Ray always had a choice & backup singers. Long live Texas.

  46. zzubuzz

    He still had it, 99.9% of the time I can't stand watching performances done in later life.

  47. Peggy Bagley

    for the 79 dislike on this video FUCK _EM

  48. Kirk Lentz

    he sounds as good today as he did 50 years ago, he was one of the greatest

  49. Igor Regis Mabika

    I will remember the state of Texas forever

  50. Lorretta Williams

    and he still had " it" ! Miss you Ray!

  51. Norma Stephens

    beautiful ray price love those old country songs just beautiful new country will never come up to these beautiful songs

    Violet Brewer

    Norma Stephens k

  52. Peggy Bagley

    can't get enough of this shit......


    Sad, this (shit) is not being made now days


    shit??? I suppose you mean that as good right?? lol

    Peggy Bagley

    mrdan24 U dam right

  53. Mars Colorado Tuesday

    great song, voice & awesome band.

    Mars Colorado Tuesday

    The band is supremely talented

  54. Ortaiηe Ðeviaη

    Yeah sure, have a nice life. :)

    Toni Harper


    Ortaiηe Ðeviaη

    You want me don't you.

  55. Patricia Sullivan

    sherry, how many singers start their career with a voice as great as his?

    Kenny Dobbins

    Johnny Cash


    jim lossberg has wonderful radio show on KTNK

  57. Debra Williams

    I love is song nice love songs the best

    Blanca Ramos

    Debra William🙈

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love Ray too, but in my opinion Johnny Cash is the best.

  58. baxter gale

    Just an amazing singer.

  59. Eugene Horner

    He and Hank Williams Sr. use to room together.

  60. Peggy Bagley

    i love ray price my self.I'm from Dallas,Texas.and U?

  61. Billie McFarline

    what a voice

  62. Sherry Lock

    How many singers reach the end of their career and still have as great a voice as when they started!!


    his last album is lovely

    Daniel Stein

    perfer his older voice...more soothin but younger ray is still good!

    Liz Linville

    only a select few. Ray never missed a step.

    Paula Perry

    Heard him Floores Country Store. Driving home, I had to turn off the radio - their voices just didn't ring like his.

    Gordon Belle

    He had a much smoother and richer voice in his later years imo

  63. Biagio Farina

    such a simple and easy song...BEAUTIFUL..

  64. WY C

    Can some one tell me what did he say?

    Thank you.

    pat dee

    You really do not know what he "say"?Wow!

    WY C

    "I am a born again Christian"

    What is again in Christian ?

    again= one more time = become a Christian again ?which means you had Transmigration??

    Exodus 23:4
    If thou meet thine enemy's ox or his ass going astray, thou shalt surely bring it back to him again.

    Now please write down those quotes for us as a Christian because you meet because Exodus 23:4.


  65. Kinnie Gerrard

    reminds me of mama

  66. Peggy Bagley

    Pure Beer Drinking,Music

    Liz Wright

    exactly. and beautiful dancing music too

    Peggy Bagley

    +Liz Wright love his music.

  67. Connie Higgins

    His voice is as strong and clear as when he first recorded it-poured gold.

  68. Liz Wright

    Beautiful song

  69. Liz Wright

    omg. this I s the best song ever.

    Kenny Dobbins

    I love it too, but in my opinion Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash is the best song.

  70. Tony Sandoval

    Great singer

  71. alexwhiteplume

    haun,atta cho

  72. Tommy Berglin

    Beat that if you can!

  73. Myra Leach

    that was brilliant loved it x

  74. Virginia Cliff

    Such a good song.I love to hear him sing.

    Alan Stretch

    add to my Facebook

    Alan Stretch

    +Alan Stretch Facebook

  75. Songbird Bergstrom

    RIP my friend you done so many good songs God Bless you and he will.

  76. Trevor Bacelli

    One of the Greatest voices Country music has ever had so versatile thank you for this wonderful array of songs that Ray Price has sung

  77. Robert McGechan

    One of the very best, and he got better as he grew older!!!! RIP

    David Morley

    Robert McGechan just like Sinatra

  78. Donna Gooch

    fab till the end

  79. Anelson simões


  80. manoel luiz teixeira

    É maravilhoso ouví-lo, tem o condão de emocionar quem que ouça esta canção, também, uma das maravilhas do canto country, etc. maneco - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

  81. Arden Augspurger

    One of his best songs, love his voice RIP Ray

  82. J.Carlos

    Con el tiempo, ganó.Se superó, cogió "solera"

  83. Alwey Wong

    Great steel player. He could pass as a professor or perhaps a GM vice president.

  84. swampfox432 **


  85. Mike

    I grew up listening to this guy, one of my parents favorites.

  86. Martin Kelly

    Recorded by Mr Price way before EH was even heard of.mtk ireland.

  87. denis roy

    so good

  88. jpavlekovich

     I C O N

  89. Sharon Feaster

    Great Song

  90. Susan Wright

    love this song never gets old

  91. mcleod55

    Thanks for all the memories. Rest in peace.

  92. Paducah Pawnshops

    One of the greatest

  93. Fiona Tomany

     I shed a tear or two when i heard about is death It was Ray that created   4/4  shuffle, which is my all time favorite tempo always makes me want to dance

  94. Michael o' sullivan

    Over sixty years of songs.Rest in peace as you have truly earned your reward at God's table.

  95. lion king

    i love this version best, rest in peace mr Price,thank you.

  96. Influence Freedom2

    R.I.P Ray

  97. sirtalkstoomuch

    So sad to hear of Ray Price's passing. He was truly one of the best. RIP.