Ray Price - Ramblin' Rose Lyrics

Ramblin' rose ramblin' rose why you ramble no one knows
Wild and wind blown that's how you've grown who can cling to a ramblin' rose

Ramble on ramble on when you're ramblin' days are gone
Who will love you with a love true when you're ramblin' days are gone

Ramblin' rose ramblin' rose why I want you heaven knows
Though I love you with a love true but who can cling to a ramblin' rose

Ramblin' rose ramblin' rose why I want you heaven knows
Though I love you with a love true but who can cling to a ramblin' rose

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Ray Price Ramblin' Rose Comments
  1. Rose Walsh

    Beautiful love song. A 4 R ALWAYS AND FOREVER

  2. Sala Mboweni

    Each time this melody played in our household back in the 60s, there was peace & harmony.

  3. Keith Sage

    I bit of the Mitch Miller singers in the background.

  4. Jorge Mario Rodas

    For me this is one of those unforgettable songs of my teen years. I lked so much to hear it so I frequently called the radio station to please play it for me. I like the lyrics so well sung by Nat.

  5. Vadim Smirnov

    Earthlinked IMHO it is not quite relevant, neither symmetric to pinpoint particular element in vast arsenal of singers' faculties for comparing them in matters of rating and popularity.  Bieber had and Nat didn't have that notorious "pitch perfect voice". What is this and, more important, so what?! Should we overestimate this purely technical subtlety that looks a trifle on the background of much bigger phenomenon? More so, when we talk about performers of different age and entirely different genre. Nat is among the greatest singers of all times, no lesser than Frank Sinatra, for that matter. This is the thought that comes and lingers the moment I hear his soothing  velvety voice with smooth huskiness.. No offence.

  6. rmv4285

    Who was this white citizen? Sounds like an urban legend.


  7. Francis Hay

    Love It

  8. Ãnà

    One of favourite singers my Dad 💜 listened to

  9. hal payne

    Cat Ballou.
    Nat King Cole Songs.

  10. hal payne

    Silvio Dante was shot while this song was on The Sopranos.

    Danny Thomas

    It brought me here. Poor Silvio.


    Nat King Cole- I was 7 years old when this was released in 1962- and I never forgot this song!

  12. Marion H

    If this song doesn't tug at your heartstrings and bring back memories,nothing ever will......just Beautiful..Nat was one great musician..

  13. Chris A

    To my grandmother now in heaven... Taught me the real meaning of music. Dedicated to you granny... Rest well and I'll see you again soon.

  14. Jason Latham

    I never forget Judge Ellen Morphonious from Circuit 11 Miami this was her favourite song

  15. Calvin Sirjue


  16. Gerald Murphy

    Nat King Cole, a legion of all times. He will be remembered for a long -long time. 👍🎼

  17. Susan Grimm

    Use to listen to this song a lot when I was a little girl.

  18. Carol Bridges

    Heaven on earth

  19. patti disch


  20. Patrick O'Brien

    My nanny Mena O'Brien favor . She was our queen. Nanny Mena ur the best mother I every ave ardore u

  21. Rodrigo Caballero

    the blue comet brought me here.

  22. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Another of those beautiful songs I liked to hear as a teenager. It brings to me many sweet memories of my High School days. And as the song says one does not know why one wants to be with a person, one only feels it without knowing the reason or when it started.

  23. ann barry

    theres only one Nat King Cole such a wonderful voice

  24. Talmage d'Ur

    sunshine -- insouciance - days of roses and smiles.
    Be well in your (precious) mind-heart.
    De mon Coeur aux Vôtres.
    ~L x

  25. Graham Turner

    The BBC made an excellent documentary about Nat a few years back - keep an eye out for it. On such programs they always have the subject's peers saying how wonderful they were, but in this case you could tell that they genuinely meant it. One guy, can't remember who, said 'sometimes you just have to accept that the other guy is better than you'. 'nuff said.

  26. Graham Turner

    A mate's local pub in Newcastle had a jukebox that played LPs - this is back around 1972. He said that Nat King Cole's LP was nearly worn out.

  27. Jorge Mario Rodas

    This is a very nice love song and Nat's voice makes it something special really. I used to hear it a lot in my last two years of High School, and whenever I hear it again I remember those times. Nice memories this song brings to me.

  28. Arlena Campbell

    Thank you for uploading this.

  29. Arlena Campbell

    My Father played this song all the time when I was a little girl. I miss him so very much.

  30. Marjorie Townsend

    Lov his beautiful voice

  31. William McLean

    There is music, and there is real music.

  32. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Now I hear it this song reminds me the summer of 1962. I was swimming in a beach resort and had plenty of fun dancing with girls I never saw again. But I was carefree and my parents paid the bills.

  33. albert dean castillo

    One of the best

  34. Richard Hopp

    Still a favorite of Mine … I was just turning 6 when this song came out … Love it!!!

  35. Jorge Mario Rodas

    Nat King Cole was really a King. What a stupendous voice he had! I like to hear this song which reminds me of my last years in High School. Things have changed so much since then and there are so many places I used to know that have changed beyond recognition. But I still remember them when I hear songs like this one.

  36. Terri DelTour

    My grandma rose favorite song💕🙋🏻‍♀️

  37. Swarna Shanmugalingam

    Lovely Nat king Cole

  38. Swarna Shanmugalingam

    Sweet to know why I want you no one knows. Heaven knows -true.

  39. Teresa Gallonty

    Another one of your favorite songs Mum. On the anniversary of when you passed away. For you Mum.

  40. steve fraser27

    Me Grandad liked this,as I do

  41. Tim O'Connor

    "If you don't like Nat King Cole - it's not that you're *cool* - it's just that you're *too* cool" - to paraphrase Charles Shaar Murray.

    This song would have been great in a some Liverpool post WW2 film - a singalong in the pub - pints sloshing in the air while your auntie slips away with some Brylcreemed lad....

    A film like "Distant Voices Still Lives" from the 1980s - that film really choked me up.

  42. Tommy Persson

    NAT king Cole and sam cook elvis presley and rick nelson have good voice to and song with 🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️💖💖👍😇my heart like this music oldies doo wop


    Great song!!!

  44. Clyde P

    Popular fairly late in 1962. Not the same song as the Perry Como song of late 1948.

  45. Paul Drake

    This would be playing on the am radio in the morning as I got ready for school.

  46. Tim Roebuck

    Christmas gift, Christmas, 1962. I was seven years old.

  47. Hotep Anthony

    Anyone else here because of Terrace House?

  48. Kathi Averill

    No One could or will replace Nat King Cole!! He was the best!!

  49. Antonio Santo

    Ha muito tempo eu procuro essa música e havia duas dificuldades pois achava que quem cantava era Ray Charles e não sabia o nome da música e hoje ouvindo as melhores de 1961 descobri esse tesouro .

  50. tom smith

    Song from my childhood...

  51. Bert L. Pople

    What a voice. Nat was special. Thanks for the many lovely love ballads .

  52. daskraut

    for some weird reason this song popped into my mind yesterday and i haven't been able to get it out again yet.

  53. Michael Haering

    ...other days...other times..brought back by a very best song and an even better singer...god bless you, Nat...

  54. Leslie Hamilton

    2019 What an amazing voice we were blessed with his music and movies <3

  55. Michael Nivens

    luv this tune

  56. Elizabeth Santoianni

    My Dads favorite singer. And with good reason. Such an amazing voice. So glad my Dad taught me his songs!

  57. slingbladejeff


  58. Vikki Smith

    I love this song, is there another version?

  59. David Garren

    First song I played on a jukebox. My Dad gave me dime to play it. What great memories

  60. paul paige

    ya und a smooth voice

  61. WendyKS93

    This song comes from a time when beautiful music was still being created and Mr. Cole always sang superbly. His singing was always flawless and his songs are timeless classics. Thank you Mr. Cole.

  62. George Bobb

    I was living in Glendale, Calif the summer of 62. Both Glendale and this song were objects of true beauty to me. Its been a very long time since then but they remain in my ❤ as perhaphs the very best two memories of my early teens

  63. George Bobb

    Many of us white folk miss you and your beautiful voice Nat.I hope your in some great place crooning your heart out.

  64. Dian Whyte

    AAAH, AWe!_ nOw, refleCtively..., I knOw, The "LOVe, of The PASt' carried suCH dEpth_ + WOUND S'.

  65. Bongwa Gumede


  66. Marilyn Cooper

    Great song 👍🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  67. Barry Young

    There is no comparison to this man.

  68. Lori Holman

    R.I.P. DAD & MOM❣ Until we met again. Miss you guys.💜

  69. Michael Drennan

    Many Many people has covered this song But Nobody even comes close to matching this version!!

  70. Rita Cox

    Yes, I remember my stepfather would sing this song to my mother. Although she pretended to be upset, I could tell she loved the song and him.

  71. MB 81

    I can see Tyrese Gibson play as Nat King Cole because they do look alike

  72. music love

    Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
    Why you ramble, no one knows
    Wild and wind blown, that's how you've grown
    Who can cling to a ramblin' rose?
    Ramble on, ramble on
    When your ramblin' days are gone
    Who will love you with a love true
    When your ramblin' days are gone?
    Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
    Why I want you, heaven knows
    Though I love you with a love true
    Who can cling to a ramblin' rose?
    Ramblin' rose, ramblin' rose
    Why I want you, heaven knows
    Though I love you with a love true
    Who can cling to a ramblin' rose?

    Lori Holman

    Thank You ❣

  73. richard mclaughlin


  74. Saxon C

    NKC has to be the greatest male singer! His voice is smoother than smooth!

  75. Patrick Fleming

    The late and great Nat King Cole

  76. Yadi Wahyusetiadi

    Enak lagu net king coll cd langka sayang penyanyi ini dah tiada dia di bunuh

  77. Paulette Jackson

    The great Nat King Cole.

  78. Doug Auzene

    His 100th Birthday ls This Sunday!

  79. Kalimba

    The Sopranos brought me here...

  80. lw bren

    one of the best

  81. shirleybw

    Love his voice

  82. Vicky Tipton

    still a great song...after all these years

  83. Mookie Spindlehurst

    This 1962 smash #1 hit was one that kept the tradition of great song writing going on
    for a few more years until a steady year by year declination occurred as all the great irreplaceable tune smiths and lyricists lost their spark or died out.
    Andrew L. Webber's
    "MEMORY" pretty much ended it all by 1981, with only a few spotty good songs now and then.

  84. Yadi Wahyusetiadi

    Enak lagu net kingkol

  85. R Needham

    My moms favorite song.played it everyday when i was a kid.I'm 65 and never get tired of it!

  86. slingbladejeff

    One of the Best..

  87. anne mott

    such a talent. Love his voice.

  88. Prabhas Ray

    Sir Nat King Cole with his majestic voice had been with me from my college days and my end is near, he is still with me.

  89. Wyvernblue

    Cass' song.

  90. joseph raccuia

    I'd rather listen to this than any of the junk on mainstream popular music radio today.

  91. Josef Klocker

    Nat - you'r the one and the only -
    Thank's forever !!!

  92. Callme Eyeball

    Poor Nat kind coal died

  93. Bruce Macdonald

    A preacher knocks on a door good looking woman answers the door oh you look just like natking cole come in and have a drink. No mame I am new preacher and wanted to invited you to church on sunday. He goes to next house and an even better looking woman answers the door ans sais you look just like nat king cole. Come in have a drink and we can listen to some music . No he says I'm new preacher and here to ask you to service sunday. Next door is answered by a even better looking woman. Oh you look just nat king cole. Him RAMBLING ROSE

  94. Little Cutest

    Wow Hungary 1980-1981 My dad used to song This on the way to kindergarten :)

  95. Друг Шиндлера

    one more time everybody know

  96. Buddy Trabucco

    My number one song from Nat King Cole what a voice Nat King Cole thank you for all the songs you made you're number one fan forever

  97. Luke

    dad loved this tune
    i was born dec 62

  98. Herbert Blay