Ray Price - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down Lyrics

You were mine for just a while
Now your putting on the style
And you never once looked back
To your home across the track
You're the gossip of the town
But my heart can still be found
Where you tossed it on the ground
Pick me up on your way down

Pick me up on your way down
When your blue and all alone
When their glamor starts to bore you
Come back where you belong
When you learn these things are true
I'll be waiting here for you
When you tumble to the ground
Pick me up on your way down

They have changed your attitude
Made you haughty and so rude
Your new friends can take the blame
Underneath you're still the same
You may be their pride and joy
But they'll find another toy
When your new love can't be found
Pick me up on your way down

Pick me up on your way down
When your blue and all alone
When their glamor starts to bore you
Come back where you belong
When you learn these things are true
I'll be waiting here for you
When you tumble to the ground
Pick me up on your way down

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Ray Price Pick Me Up On Your Way Down Comments
  1. PrivateMike1989

    I'm 30 years old and grew up with my grandparents my entire life and I love classic country and Ray Price is a legend in his own right and so is Charlie Walker who made this song famous!

  2. Berit Samuelsson


  3. Donald Carter

    I don't think one of us haven't felt this way. Thanks Ray

  4. CARDINAL701

    Buddy Emmons!!!! Pedal steel guitar. The Big E!

  5. Keith Kimmey

    Very good version by Ray thumbs up,Keith

  6. Rayonde Loubert

    Super belle chanson merci

  7. Wj Horn

    Ray may not be the best but I cannot think of anyone any better.


    Wj Horn, well put......................

  8. William Hutcheson

    A classic. Has all the elements of one.

  9. Barbara Manning

    used to listen to this one when I was in my teens

  10. Shannon Burns

    Ol' Harlan wrote it and the chief laying it down like he owned it.


    When they take away your crown , pick me up on your way down ..love it what a song ...pound it out 🎶

  12. Roger Johnson

    Today's country music is produced north of the mason dixon line.

  13. Tondalaya Whigham

    This is country, as It should be today. Words mean something and you can understand the words.

  14. Frank Davino

    This is music. This is western swing...and that was the incredible Buddy Emmons on steel

  15. Roger Anderson

    How lucky we are to have had such great music. I am 85 years old and still use their platform for the music I write and record. Each song was a story from the singers past. These songs go back hundreds of years.

  16. Greg Francis


    Dennis Schell

    Buddy Emmons I bet...

  17. Donald McIntoshDonaldmcintosh39

    How many Country Singer have you seen in a tux ?Real class guy!

  18. William Hutcheson

    Pure country. Thanks Ray.

  19. Dave Logsdon

    A good one



  21. Jody Wilke

    This is a wonderful song, but I wish it was live. Ray Price was one of the best country singers ever--and too underrated, unfortunately. Excellent song!😊💒

  22. Horsehide

    Ahhhhahhh, the cowboy shuffle. Any old dumbass can skate across the floor with the cowboy shuffle. RIP Ray, you were the best!

  23. Joan Shanholtz

    the best ct musis EVER

  24. Christin Courtney

    Full blooded cherokee Rip ray price

  25. Joan Shanholtz

    where did this music go???? lets find it.

    Nedra Bradley

    Yes you're so right

  26. suzanne bellemare

    put your head on my chauldeur

  27. Jerry Pullen

    All country fans miss this guy

    Joan Shanholtz


  28. mary avenatti

    rip ray i miss your singing

  29. Carole Kohlschmidt

    What a voice.

    Joan Shanholtz


  30. Linda Abbott

    I picked Ray Price’s songs and put these on for you!!! If you like country meaning and some good memories you will like these good oldies!!!

  31. Stanlsey Lobstein

    Tay price was great I enjoyed his music rip

  32. Lena Andersson


  33. Marilyn Cooper

    Can’t mention any name but it is true

  34. george farquhar

    Ray you are the man thanks for the song to Janie she is the greatest love you both

  35. Stanlsey Lobstein

    Ray price was truly pure country

    Joan Shanholtz


  36. Dorothy Lawrence

    This is real country music. If you don't like it don't listen

  37. Keith Wanhaaho

    Does it get any better?


    I have known this song all of my life and to me this is True Country music

  39. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

  40. Marilyn Cooper


  41. Jewel Dotson

    Every body & his brother have recorded this song, butRay Price just takes it up a few notches.

  42. Jewel Dotson

    The best voice in music none can compare .

    Joan Shanholtz

    AGEER 100%

  43. Linda Abbott

    Pick me up

  44. george farquhar

    Love the song he wrote for Janie you are the man the world misses you rip

  45. Nettie McDaniel

    When country was country .

    Joan Shanholtz


  46. Ben Craft

    A great version of this song. Many good singers have sung it’ some also very good’ but this is as good as any! 2018

  47. Marilyn Cooper

    Love this song as it is true

  48. Scott Farmer

    Classic...,country....the stuff now is crap!

  49. alan sullivan

    can anybody believe this music has been replaced with rap crap? what the hell this country come to?

    Joan Shanholtz

    I'M WITH YOU!!!

  50. Marilyn Russell

    Love all these great songs!!!! Enjoying!!!!

  51. carol wiegand

    i love this song

  52. Marilyn Cooper

    So true for a certain person

  53. Raymond Faron

    I ride the back roads of Virginia and listen to Ray on my truck's stereo...

    Joan Shanholtz


  54. Billy Marshall

    Where in the world has this music gone? Real country.


    Well it looks like Willie is one of the last of this breed.

    Ben Craft

    Billy Marshall q

    Joan Shanholtz


  55. Thomas Bushnell

    If your from texas your good...flower mound texas

  56. David A

    there's no reason to put a "thumbs" down to this. if they don't like country....don't listen. this is great !!!!!!!

    Marilyn Russell

    I am enjoying Ray Price..Incredible singer. Apparently when you go to Nashville, because there is not many of the older singers left they play "Todays" music...Not impressed..Like the "Oldy but Goody" music

    Adrian Goede

    Amen Brother!!!

    Robert Rstw

    maybe they was blind meant to hit the like. fr me it should have have heart symbol also to indicate love
    because I like and love Ray Price

  57. Marvin Kleinsasser

    Your awesome Ray

  58. Pam Petrie

    This song Brings back a lot of good memories My Dad played this when I was young

  59. Don Nelson

    I'm not even sure we can categorize this as country It's just great beautiful music Today's so called country hurt my ears

    Joan Shanholtz

    mine TOO!!!!

  60. Robert Dick

    best singer iv ever heard in all of 70 years go RAY PRICE

  61. Ronald Culver

    I believe Ray changed style 1965.Jim Reeves had just died in a plane crash. in two years country music had lost several of it's top stars. Ray Price took up where Jim Reeves left off I believe.


    Jim Ed Brown was also considered a replacement for Gentleman Jim

    verlon tollett

    My two all time favorites too.

    Arthur Chepo

    James Smith u r so rite !!!

  62. Bobbi Klein

    My husband and I got see Ray Price three times. It was wonderful and relaxing.

    Dwaine Holman

    I envy you.

  63. michael coker

    Ray price,  is the classiest entertainer ever, I've seen his show about 4 or5 times. talk about smooth.

  64. Donna Bowles

    You're the gossip of the hidden cloud, in the cold....where only darkness can be told.....stars do fall ....hope they catch you on your way down....jtb

  65. Nita Lapierre

    the man can sing, I'll listen to him when ever i have him on this

    Joan Shanholtz

    to bad we can't hear this today.

  66. Ronald Montano


  67. Marvin Kleinsasser

    Ray price what a country legend.

    johnny caywood

    yes he was i love the grand oel opry were hank sang

  68. hussnfussel78

    All my happy memories are froze in the seventies. Cant seem to shake those years.

  69. Bea Breeze

    Who knew this song would appear in Election 2016. Make America Great Again.


    +Bea Breeze LOL

    wheelie w

    +Bea Breeze They should play " Streets of Baltimore" by Bobby Bare that would be funny

    Nita Lapierre

    really when

  70. Chris Reeves

    Where can I get this album on CD???


    +chrisoreeves I believe it is only vinyl, Amazon has one copy but you might also do a search on Ebay for "RAY PRICE & CHEROKEE COWBOYS - reunited"

  71. Robert Foster

    Absolutely one of the greatest. I feel so sad that he is gone. God Bless, and sadly missed.

    Nancy Lee

    You’re right. One of the best, and sadly missed. Ain’t no one like him today .

    Joan Shanholtz

    love the song way back in the 50's

    Steve Tessier

    Uncle Ray Price was the greatest...!!

  72. Dorothy Lawrence

    Ray price was one of the greatest entertainers out there along with Farron Young. These guys knew how to get best out there to their fans. Loved them both

  73. WendyKS93

    Absolutely love Ray's version of this great classic. The voice of the master. The man was truly magnificent.

  74. Charles McIntosh

    A-1 classic country.Nothin like it!

    Mary Lannen

    pat james

    Mary Lannen

    Pat james

  75. jake97760

    Pure class!


    there are no country singers today.today what they call country is just noise

    melanie matthews

    ROBERT K. ECHTERNACH I love todays country as well you just ain't listening to the right ones George Strait, Allen Jackson, Jason Aldean, Dirk's Bentley. As the time changes we have to learn to adjust and accept it is what it is.😄😄😄

    Ronald Friar

    I agree today's country is just a noise it is crap

    Dorothy Lawrence

    You got that right

    Jody Wilke

    melanie matthews You should leave out Dierks Bentley and Jason Aldean, and just stick with George Strait and Alan Jackson. They're extremely talented--and THEY sing country music. Always have, always will.😊💒

    Marie De Lima


  77. James Wilson

    Greatest singer ever.

    Mike Martinez


  78. SpeedyNeutrino172

    It was during this period Ray did his best work....a bit smoother than earlier but before he began thinking he was another Frank Sinatra.  It AIN'T country if there isn't a good steel guitar in there somewhere along with a somewhat muted fiddle.....THIS tune is definitive country music.    Incidentally, if you want to hear a modern pedal steel MASTER, look on YouTube for Dave Hartley and see what I mean.


    Speedy I have to admit you're right.  I loved Ray best during the late '60's and 70's when he finally figured out his voice and what he did best.  But don't get me wrong, I love all his work, but this era is definitely my favorite.  I was at his last concert and the man was still belting them out, he just did what he loved as long as he could.

    Bill Hamner

    True,David Hartley plays some fantastic E-9 tuning stuff but You never see him venturing off onto the C-6 neck.

  79. Scott Harris

    What a class act.  One of the few singers who really improved with age.  Get out and see Redd Volkaert or Dale Watson or Kelly Willis or Bruce Robison if you despair at country music being gone.  It's not gone, just a little below the surface.

  80. Nick Bowen

    Bluegrass honors the fathers of that music, but country has forgotten the greatest singers of all times. Shame on Music Row.

  81. Michael Crowe ᄊc

    Brilliant...they don't make them like that anymore...

  82. Maj-Brith H

    He was SO good!!

  83. james smith

    most stars of today are poor excuses for country. They have no music; just noise; no story; you don't know what they are saying for the bang=bang racket. so sad!

    Ronald Friar

    They r not stars today they r crap

    ruben king

    yes Ronald   u are so right    I agree thanks   ruben   nl Canada

    ruben king

    yes  james so true  yes  thank u I agree with u 100   ruben  nl Canada

    Joan Shanholtz

    @Ronald Friar igree.new country SUCKS

    jack bobrick

    It is what is, not what it was,,,I like the old stuff better, I don't listen to much of the new c music,,give me hank,willie, patsy, and t t hall.


    Gone but never forgotten...



  85. jeriw

    I guess you could say New Country is certainly different! I can't even watch the Country Award shows, looks more like a hip/hop festival. Classic Country made you feel happy, sad and sometimes just lucky, but I have trouble figuring out what the new artists are even saying, let alone know if there's a message in it.

  86. doug4522000

    We have the recordings/videos and a number of local groups do the classic country. The current country is certainly different than what we had back then.

  87. jeriw

    Ray's 87, Willie and Merle aren't too far behind him. What will we have for country music in 20 years? Kind of scary to think of.

  88. katrine velasquez

    There be no singers like good country sing they the best it so sad country music gone I hope they stay a long time music today just not good like olden dayd

  89. katrine velasquez

    Love this one

  90. jeriw

    He hopefully has a new CD coming out next month!!!

  91. Joan Millet

    Always loved his music & do think that these kind of singers will never be replaced!

  92. jeriw

    John, No one, they'll be lost in the ages ..... Oh their music will still be there but there is no one to fill their shoes. Even the ones I thought might fill their shoes are already retiring, not much left out there.

  93. John Hopkin

    who's gonna fill their shoes?...

  94. jeriw

    George, Before we lose another legend, make time if you can to see the ones we still have. I've seen Ray once and determined to see him at least one more time.

  95. George Pope

    That was Terrible, George was in The Best Catagory. I wish i Could go see Ray. But, I gotta work.

  96. jeriw

    We're losing our legends since we lost George Jones yesterday. What are we going to do when they're gone? I'm off to see Ray in concert on May 4th, I'm getting excited.

    Josephine Ross

    May 4th

  97. George Pope