Ray Parker Jr. - That Old Song Lyrics

A good song and a love affair
Go hand in hand together
When you think you've gotten over one
The other holds on to your forever

I've tried hard to forget (To forget love)
Ever lovin' you
But just when I've convinced myself
It's over with, then I hear

That old song that they used to play (That old song)
On the radio just about every day
And whenever I hear it all I can do
Is reminisce about lovin' you

That old song that they still play (That old song)
Keeps me longin' for the good old days
The lyric and the melody (Melody)
Remindin' me how in love we used to be

I shouldn't be tellin' you this
I know that I'm out of place (Out of place)
But when I love another woman
I can still see your face, baby

Maybe this is a sign for us (We should get back)
To try and get back together
You can't imagine that those memories (Those memories)
Do to me every time I hear

That old song that they used to play (That old song)
On the radio just about every day
Whenever I hear it all I can do
Is reminisce about lovin' you

That old song that they still play (That old song)
Keeps me longin' for the good old days
The lyric and the melody (Melody)
Remindin' me how in love we used to be

(That old song)
Think of you and me
Every time I hear that song

I recall the good times
When I hear that song, that song, that song
Makin' me realize
That I want you back, girl

Every time I hear that song (Keep on playin' that old song)
Keep on playin' that old song
Ooh, when I hear that song (Keep on playin' that old song)
It reminds me of a love so strong, mmm...

Mr. DJ, would you please play (Keep on playin' that old song)
That old song
Help me bring my baby back home (Keep on playin' that old song)
Keep on playin', playin' that old song


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Ray Parker Jr. That Old Song Comments
  1. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's good soul music 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1981.

  2. run music

    The voice of Ray is Sweet, sensual, melody , the choirs very nice. He plays the piano too. 1979 -2019 . Listen Ray parker jr whit Brian Cullberston .

  3. James Goodman

    Thank you for sharing this awesome song~

  4. pinkrose430NAMI


  5. Daniel Carballo

    Éramos muy jóvenes y nos sentábamos en nuestra esquina a escuchar canciones inolvidables cómo está, cuánta nostalgia éramos felices con poco.......

  6. egmjag

    This song was most popular in late summer to early fall of '81. I was 15 and couldn't really relate to the words especially when he pleads with the DJ to play the song. For me it's the early 80s era that I miss so much and can finally relate to when I hear songs like this. Never thought I'd be missing that time so much.



  8. Lawrence Mcgregor

    One of Ray ParkerJr's hidden gems of great songs that he's written, in his great career!

  9. Tony Pacella

    this song reminds me of a weekend long ago in Key West...it was a romantic getaway and I still remember hearing this song and the memories it still brings back...Ray Parker and Raydio were IT!

  10. Elroy Mackey

    This song is so good . that old song. takes me back to being young and in love with a vary special girl.

  11. Gregory Gramby

    A classic RAYDIO song.

  12. Randy Johnson

    Loved this song, along with "can't change that" and "the other woman". Takes me back to the days that music was good. So full of meaning and could associate it with life events. Don't make music like this anymore

  13. Luiz Rodrigues

    meu deus que saudade,essa musica e top demais,obrigado ray parker.

  14. Silvia Miliano

    Linda música, anos 80 que saudades

  15. Paola Frugar Cordano

    Wonderful songs beautifully arranged,voices and music..makes me think when i used to work on cruises ships for many years

  16. Samuel Pajoa

    Great Song!🎵😎60s 70s 80s and early 90s music is cool 👍one of my favorite songs🎶

  17. Martin Feilmeier

    prima song ,mister DJ ------>

  18. Sonia Maria Miliano

    Que saudades!

  19. Wolferl Schmid

    One of the best Songs ! Another time, another life !

  20. Daniel Carballo

    Que hermosa canción, buena época aquella que no volverá....

  21. Kevin Mather

    My god I forgot the memories songs bring back? Brilliant still love Raydio bm 15/12/18

    Edward Saiz

    Very romantic song. Love the lyrics, sound. What happened to this wonderful kind of music? It doesn't exist today...

  22. DENA Lee Criddle

    beautiful love❤😘

  23. Sandra Ann Romo

    oldie but goodie..oh yeah brings good old memorys

  24. johannababy143xo

    Loveeeee this song...❤💏❤

  25. B Taylor

    There wasn't one bad song on this whole album.....

  26. Edward Steven

    Five Stars !

  27. Pearlie DeFreitas

    Such good music.

  28. Hânia Nogueira


  29. D A Sheffield

    I remember hearing this song first down in Anderson S C. on WANS radio station. They played mostly white music at that time. This song stood out when it was played. And stayed with me ever since. 37 years ago. Wow. I’m old.

  30. floyd066

    Why didn't they perform a live version of this? Such a great one.

  31. Albert Edwards

    Simply classy " with the lyrical teachings by the legend himself Mr Ray Parker Jr, this song creates a vivid picture of that special someone I use to know.✌

  32. johannababy143xo

    That song that they use to play...❤❤

  33. johannababy143xo

    Love this song..❤

  34. kenpalmer1965

    This was one of my favorite songs by the legendary Ray Parker Jr. I liked it much better than "Ghostbusters." No disrespect to those who liked it. Anyway, this was released during the summer of 1981 I believe right after I completed my sophmore year in high school. What fantastic memories here for me and a phenomenal year for music!

  35. KTH3:51 TWiNVASiON

    Ray Parker doing his best Paul Davis...

  36. Berry Barfield

    Great relaxing music.

  37. Ruben Dario


  38. Paola Frugar Cordano

    Wonderful song that takes me back to another time of my life,when i used to listen to the radio .. dark and rainy nights

  39. Henry G. Thompson

    Nice jam slow and ezzy

  40. Marshall Lancaster

    Love this and so many more of his-great era of music

  41. Will O'Neal

    Ray Parker jr and Raydio songs make you smile and think. My play their songs for my lady and she just smiles and want to hear them over and over. Especially you can't change that. It is my ring tone when i call her

  42. Geraldo Barbosa

    Perfect Songs...Thank You!

  43. Tim Hart

    one of the best dam songs of the 80's. ...

  44. Ruben Dario

    Grandioso Ráy Parker.Por siempre tus bellas canciones estarán con quienes Amamos la Música.

  45. Ronald Morgan


  46. Tinde Haskins

    one of my favorite singers back in the 80's!!! Love is sexy voice & the love songs he would sing!!

  47. Gerard Sablan

    very good band

  48. Eduardo Filho

    Anos 80s 👍📻🎵🎶👏

  49. Tim Hart

    great song back in the 80s. .

  50. O 1

    Good song😊✌️️✨


    linda essa música

  52. vincent lane


  53. Professor X

    Always loved Ray Parker, Jr. and Radio. They are so mellow and made beautiful music. His smile has always been a knockout as it let you know that he enjoyed entertaining others. I love him so much.  Thanks RAYdio

  54. shawng0769

    I grew up listening to Ray Parker Jr and Raydio . from late 1970's and early 1980's. Great Memories.

    Tracie Martin

    This song dies bring back great memories. 😊


    I did too! So I know what you mean by that!

  55. Mart french

    Ray may God bress you

  56. Kevin Mather

    Why don't we put a date on public comments?! Bernie M 27\07/16

  57. mike5556

    Shame that he is remembered for "Ghostbusters"
    This song spoke to any love-sick teenager (like I usually was) that heard it


    mike5556 completely agree with your comment. RP Jr has a medley of hits like this one. I didn’t even like Ghostbusters

    Tracie Martin

    You are so right. 😊

  58. birzou Elgarni

    yes l likit !!

  59. John W. Jones

    This song!!! Loved it!!!! Classic!!

  60. Keven Woods

    Jack and Jill ,you can't change that,and that old song are all time classic ray parker tracks

  61. Kevin Mather

    God I love this song memories of ?past love maybe other people's memories as well?..!!!!!!bernie m xxx

  62. Chastity James

    This song it's a hit

  63. cactusblue60

    I can't believe nobody mentioned the incredible string arrangement that backs this song. Sounds to me like it was influenced by the Cornelius brothers and sister Rose, "Too late to turn back now". That was the first thing I noticed about the song back in 1981. Thank you for posting it!

    Tracie Martin

    Me, too! How beautiful! The violin is my most favorite sound and this song has plenty of it. That is the main reason I love this song and Barry White's songs so much. 😊

  64. Mart french

    ray great memories ,thank

  65. alejandro darias mendoza

    I love all Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio songs, but that old song, with old pro are my favourites. I think that the synth in this song is simply amazing, fisrt time heard it and i think, wow, thats ray parker sound. Hearing this old song come back to me wonderful memories, especially at the synth solo at the end. Incredible song from an amazing band

  66. ThatGirlIs SoFly

    When you're young and In Love ---- Jackson State University!

    Sergeant Rutledge

    Agreed!  Grambling State University here!  Wish I could go back to those good ol' days.

  67. Starguard !

    I remember this song back in my senior year in High School. This was the song I listened to right after I lost my high school sweetheart to another guy,then left to join the US Army!

  68. Jose Lemus

    Kinda sad this song only has 90k hits, some crap out there has millions. great music back in the day!

    Jeffrey Losey

    Great song Jose.....  I was 12  - loved this!

    Tracie Martin

    So true.

    Marshall Lancaster

    Love a lot of his but this might be the best. Here’s to great music.

  69. J Craver

    An old school classic from my senior year in high school. Music back then was so much better than what passes today for music.

    Eric Unglaub

    J Craver Class of ‘79 as well...great memories...wish time stood still sometimes.


    Esta és una fantástica canción de los 80s lo máximo!

  71. RodThaBod

    So glad I was able to listen to great music like this when I was growing up. 

  72. okazu Summer


  73. Darrell Swinson

    Back in 1981 when I was 14 and in elementary school. I like this song.

  74. Cyclingfan1909

    Thanks for sharing this song. It was one of the first tracks I recorded on my tape recorder in the early 80s listening to the billboard charts on German radio. 

    Tracie Martin

    Wow. Those were the good ol' days. I miss those days so very much.

  75. ChihuahuaboyDH

    I love this 1981 Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio hit, which peaked @ #21 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart!

    Bravo, Ray Parker, Jr. & Co.!


    The Clarences love & support Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio!

  77. Stephen Gomes

    Raydio music will always live on with me!

  78. littledrummerboy5902

    thankis for posting this one. Wish music today was as good.

  79. Bob Barker

    I've been a fan of Ray's since the 70's. Brings back some great memories... and some not so great too.

  80. Carlos Alberto

    Linda música, inesquecível, 1979...

  81. Arnold Edwards

    Great song,Beautiful music.....sends me down Memory Lane with a pause in time.

  82. Arnold Edwards

    .....sir,please allow me to share the same sentiments as you did to the public...you took the words right from my mouth....you've said it all,an ERA I will always treasure.

  83. fuerbeideohren1

    Thank you for listening my friend....

  84. Tim Klein

    A great song and apparently a forgotten performer,and what a great one he is !

  85. Aída María Tejeda Selman


  86. Rita de Cássia Otto

    amo demais!!!

  87. Retire42

    Help me bring my baby back home!!! Classic

  88. fuerbeideohren1

    thx bro...

  89. Floyd Williams

    yes thank u 4 posting this wow this takes me back ray parker was the man go81-82

  90. Marco Antonio Araujo Galoppo

    Mi cancion favorita de Ray Parker.Por favor sr Dj, ponga esa vieja cancion

  91. fuerbeideohren1

    I like his music very well. Thank you...

  92. CHIOMA

    I remember this song back in the 80's I was sooooo in love with Ray Parker! I used to hold his album close to me as if he was in person while singing his songs.

  93. Tyson t

    right on ray

  94. Darrell Musick

    Takes me back to U.Va!!!! Wonder years and great music!!

  95. cloudberry6

    A+ Old school song

  96. fuerbeideohren1

    @MoosicandCritters Hi Terri, thank you for listening ,
    greetings from Germany...

  97. MoosicandCritters

    OMG this song is just so wonderful in so many ways! Takes me back to a time I wish I could return to.

  98. Dave Wollenberg

    Ray and Raydio hit #21 in Billboard, 9-5-81. God bless ya, for postin' it. Thanx!

  99. mak hines

    my sister used to play this song...1981..cassette tape...about the same time when the movie endless love was shown...great melodies and memories of my youth.. so sweet and yet so sad...

  100. Tony F

    Most definately my favourite Ray Parker Jr. song...and one of my "all-time favourite" songs...