Ray Davies - Dad And The Green Amp (Dialogue) Lyrics

Dad was a real party animal. He loved to go at the pub and have a singsong with his mates and drink as much stout as possible. All of his cronies used to go with him. And at closing time they'd come back home. Back to the front room where Dave and I would be practising. And dad would walk in and he'd say "Shut that rubbish up. Get out. We're gonna have a party and I'm gonna perform". You see, dad was a real performer. He'd clear the floor, had more to drink, started dancing around, balancing beer on the top his head, singing at top of his voice until he fell arse over tip on the floor. But the girls would come home, the boyfriends would arrive,
And everybody had a great party. That's everybody except Dave and I. And we thought to ourselves "How can we make some sort of impact on this very strange family?". So we decided to put away our plastic skiffle guitars and turn electric. Yes, make more noice! There was an electrical appliance shop up the road, that's where we thought we'd turn electric. It was in the window, it was this long, and this high, and it was 8 Watts in volume. But it was covered in this really horrible green formica. But Dave and I thought "That's for us". We bought it and we christened it "the green amplifier". But does anyone know what 8 Watts sound like? 8 Watts? Crap! But never mind. We thought it was brilliant then, because we took it home, both plugged in the back and practised day and night. Yeah, Dave, come on man, yeah, come on, Dave. The girls thought it was great, young musicians in the family. But Dave and I noticed that one of our sisters was going out with a guy who was a bouncer in the local ball room. And our observations through the keyhole into the front room told us that this guy wasn't going down to well with my sister. And we rephrase it over there for this lady. Sorry, madam, I'm sorry. The relationship was not flourishing as it should, how's that? But Dave, he was only 8 years old, but he was already corrupt, and he says to this guy "Excuse me, mister, if you get me and my brother a gig at your ball room this weekend, we'll have a word with our sister. Will that be all right?". And this guy says "Oh, thanks very much, son, that'd be nice". But lo and behold, the following Saturday Dave, myself and a friend from Coldfall estate with the name of Pete Quaife, we all found ourselves on stage, playing in front of a thousand cynical teddy boys. And all three of us were plugged in to the little green amp. And we didn't have a drummer, we didn't need a drummer, we had the movements, coordinated movements. But the teddy boys were unimpressed. Somebody threw a bottle of beer at us and eventually the management were forced to drag us off the stage. We were still plugged in and still playing, but they dragged us off. But the green amp stayed on stage, still plugged in, still giving everything. You know, the green amp came to service very very well in our career.
These things often have a way of working out.

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Ray Davies Dad And The Green Amp (Dialogue) Comments
  1. WoodstocKenny

    Awesome video!

  2. Alan Brown

    Is the Little Green Amp in the Rock Hall? It should be. Cleveland Rocker.

  3. Maude Mathilde H

    Love this🤗❤🤗👍👍

  4. Conrad B

    Was the song recorded with The Little Green Amp? Love ya Dave!

  5. Cook moore

    hahhahah! I love it! The opening YAAAAAAAHHHH grit! :D I love the little draw backs in his songs like "In the summertime..." in this one and his own personal history.

  6. Rob Let

    Dave is God

  7. Robert Wright

    yeah, but is he telling too much, and who's he even talking to?

  8. Deecky Rizzo

    Dave is delivering amazing videos!

  9. Matthew Wright

    Dave ROCKS!

    paul rawes

    Matthew Wright. He Fucking does!

  10. Eric Greif

    Fantastic. Lyrics, sound, visuals = :)

  11. jadejupiter

    this is a great video and a great story.........................................

  12. Bob Black

    Punk rock, mod, individually Kinks all wrapped up in power chords with the hint of rebel lyrics. Superb

  13. g2000m

    Great song Dave!!!!! I love it, so glad you took that razor to that amp instead of your brother's throat ;) I know how it is to be the little brother but PLEASE try to forget the past and get together with Ray one more time. 

  14. lozsquarepants

    Is that Anti-Flag at 0:45?

  15. Keith Gordon

    Wow, now this what happens when a man doesn't give in to his age, and in Dave's case disability, and embraces the metal of his roots. This is a great song, capturing the past without losing the modern indium. A vid that the USA fans will enjoy. I lived for 20 years very near to the places seen here, Archway, and Muswell Hill. The old house is the one the Davies family grew up in. Dave looks so cool with his long hair and poses. This is the only track I have heard, so hoping for more. Love it.

  16. Daniel Yotter

    Dave Davies and anti-flag. Wow. Awesome

  17. Julie Hambleton

    Brilliant song, love the back to front RGM riff! I believe there is a very quick shot of the gate of Crossbones graveyard there, Dave? Lovely to see xx

  18. LiveAerosmith

    It´s about time Dave....you have to make a mini tour here in South America!!!! Take care and you are truly a inspiration.

  19. Steve Hermann

    Great video. Nice to include the clips of devotees chanting in the street!

  20. Matt Koester

    never stop reusing those riffs

  21. demogorgon music ltd

    That was awesome. Great guitar riff too. I hope the Kinks get back together after Dave's new album.

  22. Mel Larson

    Dave ripping everyone a new one.

  23. sirmelancholia

    This needs way more views......

  24. collinthegarcia

    The beginning riff is "You Really Got Me" played upside down...

  25. Keith Noonan

    It's great to see one of rock's pioneers making great new tunes and touring again. The new album is really good. God Save Dave Davies and God Save the Kinks.

  26. Ex Norwegian

    Dave's really lucky, he's still got it!

  27. Rwilli2355

    The release date id June, 4th in the States!

  28. Rwilli2355

    I'm raising the roof and they're raising my rent.....

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    The Kinks are back. Great musik.

  30. MrCoffeehouse

    A great NEW rock n' roll song!!!!!!

  31. westlakesteve

    Good song. Way to go Dave!

  32. James Poulos

    Yes and so nice to see Dave back with a winner.Glad you have recovered Dave!

  33. Rwilli2355

    The little green amp that gave birth to at least three new genres of Rock 'n Roll; hard rock, heavy metal, and punk! The amp should join the Kinks in the RR hall of fame. Hope to see both Dave and Ray tour the States soon.

  34. Elmer

    Heard the story of the green amp on Ray's Storyteller album, great Dave made a song about it

  35. Bert P.

    Wow Dave - great new song - welcome back!!!!

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    Well I didn't see this coming.

    It's pretty cool though.

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    Truly brilliant.

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    Great new song from one of rock's heavy metal pioneers!

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