Ray Charles - P.S. I Love You Lyrics

What is there to write? What is there to say?
Same things happen everyday, not a thing to write, not a thing to say,
So I take my pen in hand and start the same old way.
Dear, I thought I'd drop a line, the weather's cool, the folks are fine,
I'm in bed each night at nine, P. S. I love you.
Yesterday we had some rain, but all in all, I can't complain,
Was it dusty on the train, P. S. I love you.
Write to the Browns just as soon as you're able,
They came around to call, and I burned a hole in the dining room table,
And let me see, I guess that's all.
Nothing else for me to say, and so I'll close but by the way,
Everybody's thinking of you, P. S. I love you.
I do my best to obey all your wishes, I put a sign up "Think"
But I gotta buy us a new set of dishes, or wash the ones that are piled in the sink.
Nothing else to tell you dear, except each day seems like a year,
Every night I'm dreaming of you, P. S. I love you.

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Ray Charles P.S. I Love You Comments
  1. Sergio Sousa

    who is here hearing Cher version

  2. Thurnis Haley

    2:27 That little chuckle...

  3. Ahmed alrobaye

    2020 😢❤️

  4. Joseph Mirenda

    Gentlemen, we need to dedicate this song to the mother of our children.......

  5. RSTL1234

    could listen to this forever, but just by RAY !!! WHAT A VOICE AND EMOTION

  6. Disciples Heart

    With #Tears This is a song that gives a glimpse of God's AGape (eternal love) we all know exist but few experience or have to give. It's not human emotion that rises and falls or fades, it's love at all times no matter what even if you do this or that.

  7. Atóke Ade

    Best version
    Hands down

  8. Patrizia De Fazio Floyd

    I love you Ray♥️

  9. Kelven Dyson

    And when my life is over remember where we were together...we were alone and I was singing my song for you. That's the line the tears me up!!

  10. Karen Kirwan

    One of the most beautiful songs ever!

  11. Dadou Nadou

    Gosh.. it breaks my heart 😢

  12. Леонид Холкин


  13. Ella *

    Damn Ray! You do it again - grabbed my heart on first note.

    And I’ve heard this song by so many amazing artists - I was not expecting that. But not surprised. Thank you

  14. telma pires de oliveira

    linda canção linda interpretação !!!!!!!!!

  15. Majka Sendecka

    The most beautiful thing about music is that it moves all the senses.
    These sounds remain in my heart forever.

  16. Tamara Holsten

    I miss you Uncle. When I hear this song If I stay very still I can feel my heart breaking I came out in front. But you were'nt hiding. I came out in front to protect you.

    Tamara Holsten

    Thankyou he was,my world. He held me when I cried . Now I just hold on to him in any possible way that I can. Some days I feel like I'm losing grasp. Valentines day will be one year. He did his best to shelter me from the alcoholic that I married. Never hits me. The verbal abuse tears me up inside. But If I lay wery still. I can feel him holding me.

  17. Patrizia De Fazio Floyd

    pity not to have known you before I love you so much Ray

  18. Giovani Cardoso


  19. RSTL1234

    your my friend ray

  20. saber ali

    The legend

  21. Brian Scates

    For John

  22. Alberto Salazar

    Has to be one of the most beautiful romantic songs in history

  23. Biljana Negovanovic


  24. fl6stringer

    Kodi brought me here.

  25. Profesion Argentino

    Hay 565 sordos que escuchan " Sudor Marika " .

  26. anselmo lemos silva

    simplesmente maravilhosa!

  27. joe r newsom

    Ray Charles recorded his version of this song on his 1993 album My World. Released as a single, it reached #4 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles, and won him a Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance. Charles also performed the song at New York's Beacon Theatre on April 9, 2003, as part of Willie Nelson's 70th birthday tribute (released on DVD as Willie Nelson and Friends: Live & Kickin'). Leon Russell sang the first verse, Willie Nelson sang the second verse, and Charles sang the remainder of the song in this unforgettable performance. Nelson, who stood nearby during Charles' performance, was moved to tears.

  28. Lee Swain

    mr charles owned every song he sang to us, period.

  29. Karen Berino

    I agree with Chuck Brown. I always associated this song with Ray. It took all these years and a bit of research to learn it was written by Leon Russell. Makes sense, though. But Ray Charles sincerely owns the song. Hauntingly beautiful.....

  30. Cool Lock

    This is the best song I've ever heard!

  31. Philip Brown

    will here ever be any equal?

  32. Rafiqul Islam

    Her song sound is clear and fresh for mind.I love his song.Allah help him.

  33. Ryk Son

    Who’s here after missing Karen Carpenter ?!?!

  34. LiveFreeOrDie

    I'm sorry to whoever wrote this song but Ray's version is the best by far, this man is a LEGEND

  35. Jord Eli

    Whitney Houston's version from 1990 will leave you stunned!!

  36. PoliteTia

    Wow! Sing it Ray, just sing it 😂💞

  37. THE BOSS

    One of the greatest songs that I've ever heard in my entire life, R.I.P Ray Charles I hope one day someone like your Quality will come to this life before I depart it.

  38. Atoke Ade

    Should be in guiness book of records for most covered song🥰🥰🥰♥️♥️

  39. Kerry Mckinley

    i love how he sings with passion, he laughs and smiles as hes performing one of the greatest songs of all time

  40. Miguel Hernandez

    Is this the original song?

  41. Alex Coombs


  42. Vrej Grigoryan

    Junius man...

  43. Vrej Grigoryan


  44. Patrizia De Fazio Floyd

    A Song for You....una canzone x me.....grazie mio amore Ray charles.....
    Tu non immagini qnt io ti capisco........love love love Ray

  45. Mauro Dessy

    straordinaria interpretazione...definitiva.mauro dessy

  46. Shaq Bryan

    Ray Charles or Donny Hathaway?

  47. Joshua Hughes

    Ray was cold with music true legend.

  48. ciccioformaggio


  49. Chris Kellison

    God puts us all here for reason. Find yours, Ray certainly did. He may have been blind yet he no disability. 🙏R.I.P.

  50. jan braham

    Ijust love Ray Charles,but nobody did it like Leon.

  51. Carolina Castillo


  52. Mimoza Taushani

    Edhe une e kam kendu dhe do ta kendoj kete kenge. For you..

  53. To Anthony

    I am a 31 year-old but so blessed that I’m big fan of Ray Charles.

  54. Foong Mei

    I love kodi’s version the best. Of course Ray Charles is always amazing

  55. Susan A.

    In an interview, Kodi Lee said that Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder were his favorite entertainers. 😊

  56. Peter Efthimiou

    Here's the genius himself Ray Charles...a song for you darlin' on Smooth Jazz C.D. 101.9 WQCD New Yok.

  57. Massimo Liccardi

    Unico! ❤

  58. Bernard BIGARELLA

    belle et magnifique reprise, j'aime beaucoup

  59. John Hines

    A song that will never grow old......

  60. Rhonda Flanders

    Oooh I love this song! I miss you Brother Ray!

  61. Nils Böckenheuer

    Ich habe noch nie etwas so Schönes zu hören bekommen. Wenn es einen Grund gibt, warum es Ohren gibt, dann ist dieser Grund Ray Charles

  62. Keamogetsoe Mashile

    Wow. This version is amazing.

  63. Oldschool Cyborg

    Not a more soulful or amazing singer than Ray.

  64. Alexandre Lino de Freitas

    Leon Russel, 1971. Ficou SUPER com o Ray.

  65. carl perkins

    Ray Charles influenced many artists

  66. Rose .B

    why am I getting toy story vibes XD
    for some reason

  67. Rose .B

    Dude who misses the good songs from back then now we get crappy cringy songs and this is coming from someone who was born in the 2000 XD

  68. ñà dà

    A great and strong voice 😢👏👏👏👏👏💋💋

  69. ted evans

    I always thought this was Ray Charles' song , but found out it was Leon Russell's . I dont care for Leon's version , But Ray did it perfectly . I came looking for it after watching Kodi Lee on A.G.T. , Kodi is autistic and did an amazing job on it , some of his enunciating issues can be heard but imagine what this kid is going through trying to put a whole song together and performing in front of a huge crowd . I know Ray would have been such a big fan of Kodi's also

  70. Patrizia De Fazio Floyd

    Formidabile,Non ho parole ,E una delle mie preferite..
    ..... questo testo è stato scritto x me....i love you Ray❤

  71. mike santos

    Essa musica e muito foda na voz de Donny Hathaway mas depois que ouvi o ray cantar sem palavras

  72. wissam wiwi

    Hi! 2019

  73. Vegas Wolf

    Kodi Lee ressuscitou essa linda canção desse grande cantor ^^ Obrigado AGT

  74. Jimmy Martin

    Idk who TF Kodi Lee is. Or give 2 shits about America got talent I appreciate this song because of Ray Charles

  75. Darlene Davis

    The Temptation's version is the bomb too

  76. MrUlwb

    His whole life was poured in the last half minute. Just singing his song.

  77. Nicholas Moreland

    A hidden jewel,this song is!

  78. Aaron Stein

    Ray was arguably the greatest interpretive singer of his time, and that basically extended up until his death. This version sounds like a cool mix of Leon and Donny. RIP Ray, Leon, and Donny. Love and miss you guys always.

  79. Shawn Gurley

    Theres only one ray. Thank you for this song.

  80. Lizzie Bowen

    Who’s here after euphoria?

  81. isaac

    who's here after james graham the four performance ?

  82. Autlos

    You notice hes wearing a watch?

  83. Keisha Chandler

    This song tho.... Speaks so much truth tht relates to me and mines. Great job Ray

  84. Fade BOI


  85. Robert G. Valeno

    This from a friend of mine, it was written for Ray: Most people remember "A Song for You" as the 1972 hit for The Carpenters ... the spooky brother and sister duo of Richard and Karen Carpenter.
    But the song was written by Leon Russell ... the enigmatic songwriter, recording artist and band leader who passed away in 2016.
    I booked Leon Russell for a show at KatManDu on the Philly waterfront back in 1994 ... and had the pleasure of having lunch with him the day of the show.
    He told me a fascinating story about "A Song for You" which I have never seen recounted anywhere.
    As Leon explained it, he had originally written "A Song for You" for Ray Charles to record in the late 60's. 
    But when the deeply superstitious American musical icon listened to the song he was shaken by the lyrics ... telling Leon that it scared him how closely he related to the lyrics.
    Though he loved the song Ray Charles declined to record it because of its eerie effect on him.
    So Leon went on to record the song himself in 1970 and made a killing when the Carpenters version become a pop chart hit two years later!
    Then in 1993 Ray Charles finally relented and recorded "A Song for You" for his "My World" album.
    While telling me this story at lunch ... Leon leaned over and patted me on the forearm, smiled with a devilish grin and said "Ray Charles recording that song made me a million dollars."


    BS story.

  86. TheJazzgot


  87. carolyn brown

    Great version!

  88. marti-grecia Odalyz

    todo mi carino con esta cancion para vos!

    marti-grecia Odalyz

    @Jorge Daniel gracias, Jorge. espero mejorar pronto. con carino, y cuidadte! :) oh, si tienes la oportunidad, El Clan, tambien me gusto mucho! la recomendo! later, then.

    marti-grecia Odalyz

    @Jorge Daniel te deje algo para leer debajo de la "discusion" en tu canal, che! later, then.

    marti-grecia Odalyz

    @Jorge Daniel okay, lo voy a leer ahora mismo, che, gracias!

    marti-grecia Odalyz

    @Jorge Daniel che, chequea de vez a cuando debajo de tu discusion, para ver si the he dejado un comentario, okay? y ahora voy a dejar uno mas ahi. miralo cuando tengas la oportunidad.

    marti-grecia Odalyz

    @Jorge Daniel gracias, Jorge! lo voy a leer ahora. greci.

  89. chromaticbass

    In this interview Leon Russell tells that he wrote this song for Ray Charles or Sinatra and appreciate Donny's version....
    I don t understand why people always compare and try to say who is the best... they should just say "I prefer this version or this one", It is not a question of who is better but a question of personnal taste..

    Leon Russell is not only a writer, he is an incredible singer and people should listen to his version of this song and how he touches notes and emotion. Donny totally took it in a wonderful soul version... Ray Charles stays in a blues rock feel much more like Leon's initial version I believe.

    They are all great in their style.

  90. Losofan

    2:40 - 2:55

  91. Μαρια Π

    Im still here

  92. Marcus Batrod

    eh llorado escuchando esta canción recordando muchas cosas ya que no son .

  93. Rick

    Ray charles music is great just like stevie wonder but this song i can walk and think clearing when i need too

  94. ahmed maady

    3:01 wtf ????

  95. sheev Palpatine

    Everybody who says any thing that doesn't have any thing to do with Ray Charles should be commenting

  96. Cindy Robinson

    Love Ray C! A man of his own voice. :)