Ray Charles - One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) Lyrics

It's quarter to three, there's no one in the place except you and me
So, set 'em up, Joe, I got a little story you oughta know
We're drinkin', my friend, to the end of a brief episode
Make it one for my baby and one more for the road
I got the routine, so drop another nickel in the machine
I'm feelin' so bad, wish you'd make the music pretty and sad
Could tell you a lot, but you've got to be true to your code
So, make it one for my baby and one more for the road
You'd never know it but buddy, I'm a kind of poet
And I got a lot of things to say
And when I'm gloomy, you simply gotta listen to me
Till it's all talked away
Well that's how it goes and Joe, I know your gettin' pretty anxious to close
So, thanks for the cheer, I hope you didn't mind my bendin' your ear
This torch that I found must be drowned or it soon might explode
So, make it one for my baby and one more for the road
That long, long road

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Ray Charles One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) Comments
  1. Grant McConkey

    Would be great if he come and toured down under Australia 😀🇦🇺 keep those great songs coming Willie 😀😀🇦🇺

  2. Marryann Lamb

    Love this song Willie thanks

  3. Mara Karetsos

    MERVEILLEUX CHANTEUR !!!!🎶🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  4. Daniel Krienbuehl

    ok I like Willie but this is not his song, it just don`t feel right. This is a Sinatra song!
    That`s not a western salon song, it`s a New York City saloon song.

  5. Jean Marie Sayre

    April29 and me april30... he was in this Jean way before she knew cool

  6. Rez Hummel


  7. Filip Radosta

    L E G E N D !

  8. UNbowed62

    Love ❤️

  9. Oseias Moura

    Ola pessoal de uma olhada no meu canal do YouTube abraços

  10. Bobby Thompson

    hi willie nelson by name is bobby thompson and i just want to say hay too you

  11. Homer Mcclain

    We'll all keep singing trying to teach you young and something I don't know will you think they'll ever learn I got some hard heads

  12. Homer Mcclain

    Voice text never good put CD out Willy for George Jones you you and me you ever up Tioga Texas take a lake on an old cedar tree for me would you remember your friends the mcClains

  13. Homer Mcclain

    based on any cedar trees lately you piss on a few down and talk before me you old friend not sure appreciate that concert we did don't you frogs Hollow it'll always be special to me why don't you scared little world put that CD you may miss your good George Jones

  14. Homer Mcclain

    Thank you willie from homer.

  15. Theo Aerts

    Zo eerlijk …………….

  16. Hey Its Moey

    Sinatra did this much better. But love the legend.

  17. Juliana Hancock

    I loved this video, you so well paid token to those gentleman past. Bravo Willie, you did it again.

  18. Kathleen Bright

    Awesome song my sweet friend ilove this song

  19. Donnie Blanco

    Fantastic job Willie going to go listen to whiskey river next. Frank would be proud of the raw emotion you put into his song. smoke one for me

  20. Doris Johansson


  21. Kathy Wolf

    Grew up with Willie...from Black Jack County Chains 'till now....it's been a good run!

  22. Derek Walker

    Wow, I was skeptical about Willie's version, but, I'm actually kind of impressed.

  23. Hydroplane Convoy

    I’m just a simple Nashville bruh

  24. Screaming TBird

    I think Frank would approve.

  25. Joanne Wilson

    Love it, keep on rockin my friend.

  26. Michael Oldershaw

    Keep em coming Willie

  27. Sherrie

    You made a mistake backing BETO. I'm done! I will never listen to your music again

  28. Dale Anderson

    F U willie and all the rest of your commiecrat friends! The second amendment is infinitely more important than legalized weed in texas.

  29. Couber

    This legend isn't getting any older. He looks the same every year.

    He has his own level of age. Like first he was young, then middle age, then kinda old, but now just stuck at Willie Nelson age.

  30. Lyle Stavast

    nice ! I haven't heard this sone since sometime in the early 70's... Sinatra.

  31. Helen Boula

    If youwant to ho back and forth, go for it. Have nothing better to do.

  32. Helen Boula

    You bet that is what he deserves and more. Thank you.

  33. Lottie Allen

    Willie Nelson is one of a kind...his voice is amazing...❤ this man's music... ❤ you

  34. Pamela Knowles

    Willie ,priceless,🎶🎶🎶⚡🌠🎏💫

  35. Mah Shetty

    Love you Willy

  36. Wadv Wanishi Fir Tribe

    I watching the Highwaymen concerts in opb man Willy is dialed in his songs are good and his voice his good, hope his health improves!

    Wadv Wanishi Fir Tribe

    My Dads style and generation, they're a breed all there own that's for sure

  37. Deanna Shea


  38. glenn smythe

    Willie Nelson Could Teach the young people something moderation The Balancing Act of bad habits and good ones


    glenn smythe Good idea, but I’m not so sure the young people are interested in learning much of anything.... ( that’s not how they’ve been raised). But it IS a good idea!

  39. Bluegrass

    Beautiful Willie!!!

  40. LutherKrank

    Thank you Willie, bless you, you are a treasure, much love... Go Beto...

  41. Scobey scobe

    Fuck Willie Nelson, one of my top all time favorite artist. Been to a bunch of his concernts, been 2 just this year alone. Buy shirts and memorabilia every time I have gone. Took all his shit off my walls in my music room but it in boxes and gave it to my son to sale on eBay. I won't listen to or buy anything from someone that supports communism and destruction of the great state of Texas. When Willie dies Waylon should meet him at the gate and punch him right in the face.

  42. Charne Grabie

    I love this! and published birthday!!! you are one amazing artist!!!!!!! love from South-Africa

    Gary Davis

    South Africa? Very cool, loving you some Willie

  43. Nadia Voun

    Aww that's sweet sounding Willie. Love ya ❤🎸🎶🎹

  44. Van Anderson

    Brilliant. There will NEVER be another Willie Nelson.

  45. 2DRUNK2FUC


  46. Raphael Dube

    Is this Matt Rollings on piano ?

  47. MrPernell27

    His version of My Way is incredible. If this is his last album, he certainly left us a great one!

  48. Santo Claus Petting Zoo

    Awesome! Back to his jazz roots.

    Hey Its Moey

    Frank Sinatra boi

  49. Defaul Setteen


  50. Smith R.

    Don't care about your political stances Willie, I'm here for the amazing musician you are. We don't have to agree on other things, but i still think you are a class act!

  51. Helen Boula

    Beleive what you want. Dont give a damn.

  52. Jeanine Antee

    He did again! I love that man to pieces...

  53. Helen Boula

    Grow up.

  54. jesse black

    He’s the most pure old man ever

  55. Tonya Hendrix

    I love Willie Nelson I'm 43 and he's been around my entire life.

  56. Tyler Lewis

    Love yah Willie

  57. Jimena diaz ponce

    Me encanta Willie y todas sus canciones.

  58. Helen Boula

    You can take thank tp the bank. I don't l dont hive a damn and surely your stupid feedback

  59. ThijsVrolijk

    Beautiful Willie!
    Love your music! ✌️

  60. Rebecca H. Sussman

    SO, so sweet...Willie, you're great, and thanks for being a free-thinking man. O'Rourke--BEST CHOICE.

  61. Stan Roberts

    Willie, love your music, not your politics, please don't mix them on stage.

  62. Ove Stølan

    He not only a country legend, but also one of the biggest music legends.

    Thought Stream

    Ove Stølan
    Willie may be going to this summers DC SMOKEOUT the Whitehouse this 4th of July.

  63. Shirley Wells

    This hurts

  64. Dean DeLorenzo


  65. Michael Williams

    I could listen to Willie and Trigger forever.

  66. Mostafa Gamal

    first time hearing this guy and relay start love him

  67. rob power

    Love him too just a legend

  68. Amandeep Singh

    He purely represents American singing

  69. Дмитрий


  70. Patrick plumber

    Willie how could you side with the Dems ! Should have stayed out of it now your campaigning for the party of antifa and socialism ! So Disappointed Waylon Jennings is rolling in his grave


    You really think Willie would support a guy who wants to keep pot illegal? Lol Cruz is a joke, and Willie is smart enough to see it.

    Patrick plumber

    Tanya Guess you want all illegals to be legal ! If you vote to legalize weed it will be Ted Cruz has nothing to do with weed legalization in fact weed was never legal until trump took the White House ! Obama never legalized it but he did start lots of illegal wars and bankrupted the country !

    Patrick plumber

    Tanya Guess your not smart enough to see it !

    Ken Hart

    Patrick, you're a complete fucking idiot if you didn't know Willie was a liberal.

    Alicia Rowe

    Honey, Willie's been a liberal probably longer than you've been alive. How you never picked up on that in all his songs, I have no idea.

  71. Joe Rockme


  72. W. M.

    It ain't conservative backlash, it's Russian backlash. God bless you Willie. Austin still loves you, Texas still loves you, and America still loves you.

    The most okay person ever

    Anon people have gotten angry at Willie for endorsing Beto (a democrat running for TX senate)

  73. mgb gt

    The American people will never knowingly adoddpt Socialism.  But, under the name of 'Liberalism', they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened."
    He  (head of the communist group in America ) went on to say: "We no longer need to run a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party.  The Democrat Party has adopted our platform." Communism

  74. Luiz Marcos Vasconcelos


  75. Kendall Mastre

    Now this is a legend..not micheal Jackson

  76. Joel Mcgrath



    A B

    You thought Willie was conservative? I can't tell you how hard I'm laughing at your idiotic comment right now!

  77. Helen Boula

    And one more for the road? L

  78. Lotus Flower

    very happy fer ya,hope she can love ya way a wife supposed to, always waiting right here fer ya,wanna sing alongside with ya,don't care bout all them other folks,I feel ya already know me from somewhere,all that matters, cause ya always be my teddy bear,amen.

  79. Hey Stefania

    Fantástico, genial!!! 👏❤

  80. Norm Hall

    Willie has done it again. Magic! One of a kind.

  81. Kip Gasparick

    17 Texas Conservatives disliked this video after hearing about Willie's Free rally and concert supporting Beto O'Rourke! Love ya, Willie!

  82. ana_ m.c

    I love you.... I give you my heart... ❤

  83. Aleisa DeMichael

    I will not talk to Knox Nursing Home and havent

  84. Kathleen Reed

    Like Frank and Ella, et. al., Willie has a way around a standard tune that is peerless in this day and age. He brings a solid, unapologetic truth to these songs, his phrasing singular, his style inimitable. No matter what the genre of music, Willie takes a song and makes it his own; he makes good songs better and better songs the best. He is legend. He is one of our true national treasures.

  85. Kelli Andrews

    You threw me a hat way back when and my little sister caught ! Only cause she bumped me out the way !!! You said ,"i threw that to ya !" I said yea she is my sister!!! You just chuckled and sang we can choose family...You are awesomely amazing Willie! Thank you! P.S. she still has your hat ! Lol

    Helen Boula

    Only his familey and thats wss unquestionable.

  86. Artur Dent

    Awesome, more of this please!

  87. Augustine Coronado

    Wish Waylon and Johnny were here to hear this!

  88. Nightrain76

    Willie sounds great. This is a trademark Sinatra saloon song.

  89. taz nivola


  90. chrissycanvasart

    I adore Willie, big fan👍🇬🇧🇬🇧✌️✌️

  91. IceGod Kazzy

    One of the worlds biggest potheads still alive at age 85. Fuck you anti marijuana propaganda

  92. Fmatta

    So easy to listen to and appreciate the talent.

  93. Darren Fonzseau

    She still is and always will be on your mind. Beautiful.Just one more for the road. Peace and thank for all the wounderful memoerios.

  94. Lennie Volle

    Willie Nelson, Thanks for the cheer & I will always hold you dear to my heart & soul ~ you are more precious than gold!!!

  95. Hillbilly 77

    Some great music from a LEGEND. I've always loved Willie's music.
    Kinda want to try his cannabis lol


    I'll be seeing Willie in Houston in November. Can't wait!

  97. Jörg Baiter

    I definitely got a „crush“ on WN when he did albums with Wynton Marsalis, I was completely beamed away into olden times, then came his reggae album, no words left to say, and now I can‘t await his Sinatra CD, this will make me more happy than anything else, big thank you dear Mr. Nelson

  98. Tier Stacey

    Dude I thought you were dead

  99. J Bolo

    The red headed stranger still got it