Ray Charles - On Your Toes Lyrics

See the pretty apple, top of the tree,
The higher up, the sweeter it grows.
Picking fruit you've got to be
Up on your toes!
See the pretty penthouse, top of the roof,
The higher up, the higher rent goes.
Get that dough, don't be a goof;
Up on your toes!
They climb the clouds
To come through with airmail.
The dancing crowds
Look up to some rare male
Like that Astaire male.
See the pretty lady, top of the crop.
You want to know the way the wind blows?
Then, my boy, you'd better hop
Up on your toes!
Up on your toes!

Remember the youth 'mid snow and ice
Who bore the banner with the strange device:
This motto applies to folks who dwell in
Richmond Hill or New Rochelle, in Chelsea or
In Sutton Place.
You've got to reach the heights to win the race.

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Ray Charles On Your Toes Comments
  1. Jalen Mcpherson

    Iconic classic movie R.I.P John Belushi and Ray Charles y'all legacy's will live on forever kings 👑❤😎🎹🔥🎶🕺💃💯🙌

  2. joseph robinson

    I'm here cause I love good music no matter how old it is

  3. David Dixon

    That little girl at 2:04 is just adorable! I love the racial mix of this and our most Awesome Ray Charles. Brothers and sisters come together as Americans. Color be damned! I love the color of my skin and you do too! But we are Americans! My family is like a box of crayons. I think all we need is an Oriental and we'll have the whole set ha ha .May God bless us all brothers and sisters DDDave

  4. Bryant Mejia

    Were the 70s like this?


    Only the movies...

    Bryant Mejia

    Were there brightly colored pants?


    @Bryant Mejia Yeah, those they had.

  5. Sam Attic

    Good music is a thing of the past.

  6. Mano Santoro


  7. Basa 1959

    40 years on and this classic still makes you get up and dance - how can 2200 people vote this down what is wrong with them.

  8. art star

    Where did Thriller's dance steps come from? This.

  9. Neerajan Music

    Joey Diaz brot me here

  10. Nayef Alotaibi

    الزمان الجميل انا الان عمري خمسين اذكر اول مره شفت الفلم

  11. Tim McCarthy

    I need a gif of Murph in 1:34-1:35

  12. Rodney AK-81

    Nope, definitely nothing wrong with the action on that piano.

  13. Joseph Hickman

    Shytown shaking the winter blues away

  14. Hierodick _

    This the most positive clip i ever saw

  15. Hierodick _

    This the most positive clip i ever saw

  16. Giovanna di Tria

    The little kids dancing are amazing

  17. Amalia Vargas

    Unique coreography.

  18. Izzynutz Restorations

    Ray Charles God rest his soul he was a great man and he will be greatly missed 💔


    One of the best scenes in the movie 🙌🙌🎉even the kids got moves

  20. Shannon Turner

    How are people 'thumbs down' on this??????

  21. Rowdy cowboy Randy Miller

    I absolutely love this song dreamed that I was singing in this scene with the blues Brothers 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂

  22. edibleg

    Now go on get

  23. TheColonelKlink

    From those long gone days when Hollywood knew how to make great entertainment.

  24. Letitia Betton

    That was my favorite scene of the whole .movie love it 2 thumbs up

  25. Brett Houston Tube

    Such astounding talent.

  26. led ster

    when musics and movies were cool...

  27. Jayson McLellan

    So good

  28. Debbie Nandalall

    Ohh god lets go back there. Please

  29. Joseph Hickman

    Original flashmob on a hot shytown summer day

  30. Benjamin De Vita

    Screw twerking can we bring back tail feather shaking!

  31. Danilo Bonina

    Do it riiight! Ho-Hoo!!

  32. Andrew P

    whats with this noise man jesus jake take it easy !! :0)

  33. Leandro Miranda de Andrade

    Grande mestre Ray Charles, fazia qualquer piano falar a língua dos anjos, você faz muita falta grande guerreiro.

  34. Philip Dressler

    I'm fighting for my rights to smoke weed as well

  35. Philip Dressler

    We got legalization and recreational weed in public

  36. Brian Stoltz

    Dumbest movie ever made.


    Shut up, clown.

  37. Stian Jensen

    I think its good.

  38. Amy Seaman

    Perfect. 💓

  39. Shield's Luck

    This was filmed in October '79 at a quiet low temperature (outside)! FYI

  40. Freddy Yoh

    Universel ….! 2020 .

  41. john prouzos

    I don't know what to say... this whole movie is full of classics... i wouldn't be surprised if i go somewhere where they're watching this movie and i see people dancing... it's just excellent 👍👍👍

  42. kristine burbey

    I love this movie

  43. Peter Georg Machacek

    Blues Brothers sollten noch ihre Fpö Geschäfte mit Filipov bereinigen

  44. WyoColo Experience

    Still listening in 2020 -- this song never gets old!!

  45. The Flying Dutchman

    Eddie Griffin @ minute 1:47???? 🤔🤔

  46. Peter Valentin

    “Ray Charles, the blind soul” 🙏🏽

  47. 坂巻洋


  48. Mille Silva

    Vi no lata velha e amei 😂❤

  49. Luiz Fernando Nicolletti

    Quem veio pelo Caldeirão??🤣🤣

  50. Reginaldo Dos Santos

    Quem veio conhecer os caras através do caldeirão😅😅😅😅

  51. José Henrique

    Depois do Huck?

  52. Matheus Moreira

    Quem está pelo Caldeirão do Huck?

  53. Bob docteur vélo

    on est passé à côté du bonheur ! pas loin, mais à côté ! trop bien !

  54. DRAGONalpha117

    is sad that ray never realized the full extent of what they did with his song

  55. YAM Honda

    Un film époustouflant par sa music
    Les acteurs
    Impossible de faire mieux
    La plus grande aventure musical

  56. 煮豚に進化

    I love the Blues Brothers

  57. Lane Blake

    This is the very first movie I saw on a VCR! W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. garry gordon

    My favourite childhood film

  59. Nightfaucon

    Excuse me! I might be blind, but you're still standing in my way, guy.

  60. Scorpion [C]os]

    Bruh when there was actual joy and happiness doing dances while now people who do them just laugh for its "memeness"

  61. Alan Foxman

    Some of the greatest songs by some of the greatest musicians and some of the funniest scenes by two of the funniest men ever. Such a great movie to watch.

  62. Andy Steffan

    Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi doing their own dance stunts

  63. Laurie Huntley

    God our Music was SOOOOO GOOOD!!!!!

  64. Emmanuel Viala

    The BEST EVER! MERCI BEAUCOUP from Paris France

  65. joseph skillen

    Shame to think that most of these people will pass within my lifetime

    Scorpion [C]os]

    From my point of view it was like a movement during its early-mid stage of soul, blues and jazz( the good one) which were revolutionary. People like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis came up with the new outlandish skills and signing at a point where people listened to the same type of music which I believe it was Country for decades or opera like. Now in the 2000's I guess we have reached a point where people don't create any new genres that don't involve electronics.

    joseph skillen

    Scorpion [C]os] I belive we have reached a point where intended originality reaches lawsuit for breaching copyright laws. There are only so many notes. I agree that it would be nice to hear something without synthesised sounds for a change but music has evolved so much that it would probably be more expensive to try make music without a pc than with it

    Scorpion [C]os]

    @joseph skillen That too.

  66. J79 C2136

    Rubbish song
    Never got all this mass music stuff.


    1:25 ☁☁


    1:01 😍

  69. Dimas Vicente


    leonardo da vinci
    louco criador
    sua escultura
    nao falou
    sua orelha
    ele cortou
    sua surdez
    van gogh
    sua pintura
    villa lobos
    sua musica
    viva a arte
    esta cultura
    o mundo
    sempre amor..

  70. Jean Marc Guiriato

    Ce film est une pépite avec des grands de la musique, et le nombre de cascade le meilleur film peut être.

  71. Diane Brown

    I love the old white haired guy dancing in the street. XD


    I was the Lead Singer/Frontman for the TRUE BLUES BAND in OKC FOR YEARS.only white dude in the band. Let me educate you.Famous Jamous,our drummer always said Revvin'Kevin (me) wasn't white his mom's from N'Awlins! How right he was.!😎🎶🎹🗽⭐🍺

  73. Heartbreak Lo

    Still my favorite movie

  74. Roberto Bravo

    Epic Blues Brothers are Epic

  75. Stephanie Weil

    You can be sure your piano's gonna have lots of action left in it if Ray sells it to ya. :D

  76. Patrick Mckeown

    Loves the blues brothers

  77. PaullyBB

    I love this movie, but I like this part the best.

  78. Kathy Pelkowski

    So much talent in those movies.

  79. Michelle Alice

    proper men

  80. South Texas Brush Country Boy

    This is a so Happy and Feel Good song 😁 My favorite movie of all Times 👍

  81. mrtuttle76

    I was just at that locatipn today working nearby, the mural is very faded but everything looks pretty much the same


    God I wished john Belushi lived longer and made a movie with Chris Farley

  83. Ansar Bimoldinov

    Shake your tail-mlp eg song 1:08

  84. Monday Lisa

    How is this not a broadway musical yet ?!?!!

  85. Hugues Roland

    Film impossible to redo today, with all those talks about rights and majors company who want to keep the image of their stars under absolute control.

  86. solidsnakeisme

    That bass is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  87. Bualai.beer.promdonchart promdonchart


  88. Gustavo Santin

    The Blues Brothers.iprayed so hard that the two boys obeyed the ten commandments came as two theifes with failthty mouths and bad attitudes.don't come back until you redeems yourselves.boys that no way to talk to a nun.

  89. inteligenc al top

    Haaa se l italia avesse queste musiche mica sfera e basta

  90. Joe J

    Whoops, almost forgot to watch this today

  91. ellen jo roberts

    I defy you to not dance when you watch this. It is not possible.

  92. I'm a Emo Furry

    I don't care how old you are, you need to see this movie or else you wont ever get a mission from God

  93. Giuseppe Petrera

    Landis is a genius!

  94. journeystarr

    You can practically feel the energy coming off of this song

  95. Zackary Ojiyi

    I love seeing songs where everyone is contributing to the energy of a song. Nowadays when you see a music video, most of the focus is on the singer.

  96. Екатерина Балашова

    твист? шейк...

  97. michele lomartire

    it's always nice to see these films also because they are cheerful and carefree and the music is very beautiful