Ray Charles - Goody, Goody Lyrics

So you met someone who set you back on your heels - goody, goody
You met someone and now you know how it feels - goody, goody
You gave him your heart too, just as I gave mine to you
And he broke it in little pieces, now how do you do
You lie awake just singing the blues all night - goody, goody
And you think that love's a barrel of dynamite
Hooray and hallelujah, you had it coming to y'a
Goody goody for him, goody goody for me
I hope your satisfied you rascal you, I hope your satisfied 'cause you got yours

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Ray Charles Goody, Goody Comments
  1. Tasha Williams

    I fall in love with Jamie Foxx every time I watch this movie.

  2. Nesa

    Tell it Ray!!

  3. SimpleCloneTrooper

    the girl in the black is bae

  4. darlingretrosweetheart

    Something about this song especially the music of the 50s-60s just gives me such an amazing feeling. To be exact. Extreme goosebumps. Just the way the music sounded the way ray sounded, the way the ladies singing voices sounded of that generation. Just something makes me keep hitting repeat on this.


    ..cause its real and from their soul.

  5. guilherme muniz

    Isso que música Ray o melhor

  6. amenra bey

    What a bad number this joint gives me chills, beautiful!!!


    This song was fun and Regina King looks soo pretty and the tall light skinned girl was very cute.

  8. veronica glover

    i love this song alot

  9. juan josé limas becerra

    That guy at the piano... cute.

  10. James Peterson

    Magic! Right in front of you..lauched their career..should have been longer though

  11. Alejandro Kiritsugu

    Name the movie?


    Ray. It's great

  12. Shane Fell

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there’s any piano on this song


    Gotta listen..

  13. Aline Désirée Jimbuem Aline

    As an African i'm proud of African americans.

    Major Batton

    Aline Désirée Jimbuem Aline it feels great reading this as a African American young man

  14. Aline Désirée Jimbuem Aline

    I'm of african american they are really incredible gifted children of mama Africa they spread the culture by creating so many other rythms! Be blessed dear sisters and brothers.

  15. Retro Specs

    @uptownspecs Follow Me

  16. chris

    y is he playing the piano if there is no piano in the song

    Randy Tang

    is anyone going to tell him or not?

  17. Cristián Godoy

    The big fella is amazed

  18. Panzerfaust 991

    I looove her smile..

  19. mrbrockpeters

    The tall chick and Regina King were sexy. Kerry Washington was gorgeous too.

    Alfonso Green

    All of them r beautiful


    All three were sexy!


    Alfonso Green right on 👍👍

    rose eze

    @Alfonso Green Thank you!

  20. DonWuan

    Is the lady I the middle from get out?

    T w i n n

    DonWuan that what I said 😂

    Baron Samedi

    No. She looks like her. The girl of Get Out was in The Purge 3.

  21. Briana BlessedQueen Adams

    I love the robotics of the raylettes

  22. arbiter320


  23. Kristóf Pékó

    this shit

  24. Nuno Soares

    The singer in the middle is cute


    Nuno Soares i know i love watching her sing too


    the one in the black is cute to me

  25. wrestling lovers like me

    Just let say they would never find the body if anyone messed with my lady

  26. JordiCR91

    If you don't feel cooler just listening to this music, you're doing it wrong

  27. Sandra Demosthene

    He killed it

  28. Alex Red

    The middle woman look ar him like she has a crush

    Briana BlessedQueen Adams

    Deep Rock lol yep she looked more into him than margie

    Anna Vajda

    Deep Plays he is a musical genius and has the potential to make them all stars so I am sure they all find him attractive. Even with the fooling around though his heart belongs to his hummingbird.

    G Lyle

    Alex Red right😂that’s his offscreen Margie

  29. John kelper

    Do you have instagram


    Are you asking me?

    John kelper

    Sonicfan129 yes im asking i want to follow you



  30. John kelper

    Listen buddy if you ever sweet talk my little girl ill lay your body down

    G Lyle

    John kelper I always thought he said Bunny😂😂

  31. Marcela Ramos

    Amo estas escenas.Que buen actor x favor!!!!RAY CHARLES agradecido seguramente,no puede haber salido mejor esta película..humilde opinion

  32. Ross Mark

    The chick in the middle is HOT!

    Carlo Templo

    Apparently she hasn't been in a lot of stuff. But I see she did make a lasting impression on a lot of us ;)


    Amen !!,

    Marcus Aurelius

    Your bang on the money she is the best of the three

    Carlo Templo

    If anyone is interested she has a youtube channel! Seems like she was doing a (failed) daily vlog by her latest vid but she's still as gorgeous as ever!

    Carlo Templo

    Just search Renee Wilson

  33. Jordanzillia _YT

    Fire fucking fire