Ray Boltz - What Was I Supposed To Be Lyrics

When Jesus walked upon the earth
On the shores of Galilee
He'd say to his disciples
Let the little children come to me

I wonder if up in heaven
Do you suppose we'll see
Little children ask Him
What was I supposed to be?

What was I supposed to be?
What were my eyes supposed to see?
And why did I taste of death
Before I even drew a breath
Or laid my head
At my mother's breast to sleep
Oh, Jesus, what was I supposed to be?

What was I supposed to be?
What were my eyes supposed to see?
And why did I taste of death
Before I even drew a breath
Or laid my head
At my mother's breast to sleep
Oh, Jesus, what was I supposed to be?

Was I to be a prophet
Used in the ministry?
A doctor who would find the cure
For some terrible disease?
Even if I'd been born imperfect
Why couldn't my parents see
That I'd have been made perfect
When you came back for me?
Oh, Jesus

What was I supposed to be?
What were my eyes supposed to see?
And why did I taste of death
Before I even drew a breath
Or laid my head
At my mother's breast to sleep
Oh, Jesus, what was I supposed to be?

What was I supposed to be?
Jesus, what was I supposed to be?

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Ray Boltz What Was I Supposed To Be Comments
  1. Dory Disney

    When I was 18 years old, the internet didn't exist, there was no sex education class, nothing to tell me that my doctor was lying to me when he said, "No, "it" won't feel pain because it's just a blob of tissue." I was four months pregnant. It was illegal at the time beyond three months but he didn't care. I hemorrhaged, and was rushed to the E.R. where my life was spared.
    This song brings breaks my heart every time I see/hear it because I know what I did. The argument that a woman has a right to her own body is true. She does but it's not her body she's controlling. If she doesn't want a baby, she has multiple options for birth control. If she can't afford them, there's always abstinence.
    The baby I destroyed had no say in conception or destruction of it's life.

  2. Lisa Patrick

    I wish Every woman tricked and facing raising a child alone, with very little truly honest help would be allowed to listen to this song and be told someone will be fair and honest to you and help you raise the good child your child is. Also the child born to the mother deserted and left when she never thought that was possible would never ever be tricked or deceived or unfairly treated in any way, not now nor Eternity. I wish kind good capeable beings would rescue that child if those unkind things ever happened now or Eternally. Amen. Blessings and Good to All.

  3. Matthew Tourville

    this is for jj your at home with Jesus waiting on your mommy and daddy they both love u and miss u dearly daddy's little boy

  4. Sarah Chm

    You're only pro-birth not pro-life, you dont care about the life of the woman or the way the baby will be raised up once he's born !

  5. Crab Creek Desert Lynx

    WOW!!! :(

  6. Jessica Peterson

    I love this song .

  7. Stella Star

    I love you Lord Jesus

  8. Stacey Dehner

    I like his sing

  9. James Duke

    I never understood abortions. even when I had fell in my faith. it is just illogical to believe that it is anything less than the lowest , most depraved form of murder believeable.

  10. Joe Fisher

    I would like to have copy for church., thx!!


    +Joe Fisher You can find a downloadable copy of this video at www.kodachrome.org/video.

  11. Bratu Flowers

    this must be our question, truly God is great even if we are not faithful, but He still. a sinner should realize the sovereignty of God. God chose us, not that we choose Him .


    Ray, your songs are uplifting, thought-provoking and inspiring! Jesus loves you, and so do I!!!

    Ann Reffitt

    @Lynn Mar Amen!

  13. Tanja Caroline

    Beautiful, life is precious

  14. patrea lynn

    something you may not  know too, when babies and children go to heaven, they dont ever become angels. all of the angels are BIG MEN. there are no girl ones. and GOD made them way before he made people, and Michael is the head of all of them. really.

  15. patrea lynn

    in heaven, we will all know. 

  16. Gail Russell-Baker

    Just beautiful

  17. bruce perrier

    ray i started listing to your song a bet back your songs brought me closer to jesus i listen to you all the time thank you

  18. bruce perrier

    how can any pass judgement on ray we have all sinned jesus said you will be jude by the measure you give this man touch thousands of people for god i am one bless you ray

  19. Yosef MacGruber

    We the living, should also ask this question of our lives. What would God have us to do? What are we supposed to be? Our lives are so unsatisfying, because the world distracts us, and prevents us from reaching our proper potential, of what God created us for. Although, much of this greatness, is yet to come, in the hereafter.

    And yes, I am very pro-life, and have long stood against abortion, also against the rampant birth control pushing, that naturally leads to selfishness and abortion.

  20. jean Tackett

    I stopped listening to Ray for a while even though I felt the anointing of the music as he sang. Then the Lord took me down memory lane I guess to find my own perfection and I could not find it. So what I realized is the fact that the battle is between Ray and the Lord, my part, is to pray for him not to judge him, God always loves us unconditionally, does not say he always likes our choices, so we have a guide book, we have a road map, guide in the Holy Spirit who strengthens us for our journey and Jesus Christ the door unto salvation and we know that is the only way, so yes we pray for those who might be weaker or fighting battles we might not understand, we might not make the same choices they made but we don't let a brother just fall and turn our backs on them, you pray for them, judge the sin not the person, God looks on the heart but ours is to pray, so I went back to listening to his music even though I wont listen to anything written since then I do know he was blessed in his spiritual music and I do feel his whole heart was in it. Those are my choices. But do I cast him out no, I pray and hope if God ever lays me on his heart he too will pray.  We all have our own crosses to bear and trials to over come in one way or another.

    Diana Brown

    his music was is inspiring and still is today....I also stopped for a while because I didn't want to promote him any longer , but I am not his judge and I do believe his songs were inspired by God...I also stopped listening to Jimmy Swaggart for a long time,,,,,,,just don't understand why such great songs could be birthed from someone that was not inspired from God,,,,I have a lot of question to ask the Lord when I get to heaven,,,,

  21. rd howell

    What was a child of God to praise  Jesus. My mother was attempt to be aborted ,but it was unsuccesful. Now a son and 2 sisters praising his holy name by teaching,doing , and living a christian.

  22. Tia

    Simply the best share I have ever seen.

  23. Onesmus Kyalo Nzyimi

    Congrats. and thanks for sharing this. I have read many comments on youtube but yours stands alone. Thanks a lot.

  24. Paris Shea

    my sister was suppose to be a twins and her partner which is boy died and this song reminds her about her twin partner and she introduce me to this song like about 3 in the morning and instantly i fell in love with this song........<3

  25. New

    thanks for sharing such story... i oppose abortion 100%... and i wish we could put a total stop to abortions in the world... now, i don't judge women who have aborted in the past.. we all are sinners... however we all should have your attitude... you despise what you did..... you don't want your sins to be legalized... women who are thinking about aborting should read your comment.. instead of listening to fellow men who encourage abortion. I'm happy because you found Jesus. God bless you

  26. Sarah Muwaganya

    Aborted children cry to God daily. At 18 and 24, I feared single parenthood! I repented. But years later, I usually had dreams of two little boys crying in front of me. I came to my full senses when in a particular dream, I saw the very boys crying in front a Throne I watched in shock!. I woke up from that dream repented with tears and sincerity. After that till now the dreams stopped! If you did it, repent and be set free. If you haven'1 done it, don't do it. It is sin. Thanks for this video.

  27. Marlena Martin

    I love this because it makes you think....you realize a little bit more the cost of ending a life .... the cures we don't have, the songs not written, the books not enjoyed, the lives not changed because of those children that would've grown up and changed the world. Thank you for this video.

  28. madstork78

    I feel that way and I've lived fifty years and hurry so many people my life is such a waste i wish if been aborted

  29. droplets100

    This so beautiful so meaning ful i love it God bless your Heart Ray Boltz all your songs touch my family....keep on keeping on....:)

  30. atimetoremember

    Go to kodachrome . org / video (no spaces)

  31. amy st.peter

    please let me know how to download this vid.

  32. Michelle Yako

    it felt as if i had written this comment. I am a sngle mom for 2 boys too and i have never regretted the decision NOT making an abortion :). Raising them is hard, but i know i can do it as a christian and even though i made mistakes in the past but i can do things right in the future and presence...

  33. Rachel Doner

    I love this song, very touching

  34. Rick and Rodney Travel Channel

    He may be Gay now but that doesn't suddenly make his music and the message invalid. If a fitness expert is over weight does that mean their advice is automatically bad? Just my thought on the whole thing.

  35. atimetoremember

    To 1975sld: Thanks so much for such an encouraging comment from someone who has been through the hard times of raising an unplanned child. I hope your comment will encourage someone else who is facing a difficult decision to choose LIFE.

  36. Barbara Meyer

    Ray Boltz has written the thoughts of many women who have lost a child or children through miscarriage or natural early-abortion,as well, though not his intended audience, I think. There needed to be a song like this lovely song. Thank you, Ray Boltz.

  37. Tanja Caroline

    Since you already regret it, God has forgiven you. Now you have to forgive yourself. I bet your babies are watching over you from heaven and look forward meeting you.
    take care and God bless

  38. susan bromley

    i also had many abortions before coming to the lord plz if only 1 girl sees this and stops her from the evil that puts this in a girls mind i pray about but dont find peace from it i did a horrible horrible thing so jesus plz for give me from the terrible terrible sin i just cant forgive my self maybe god can

  39. Patty Moss

    Debbie I have felt led to tell you this God loves you and we all make mistakes!! If we were perfect then we would not have neede God to send us Jesus! I know he has forgiven you and even though the pain will not go away I pray that you will find the peace needed to get through this!!

  40. susan bromley

    this song is soooooo hard for me i had 2 abortions especially when he goes why did i taste of death before i even drew a breathe that part really gets me oh i am pleading with you please help me forgive myself

  41. susan bromley

    i also had 2 abortions before i came to the lord please pray for me cause babies r a gift from god they dont deserve the torment oh lord please forgive me

  42. starshine428

    You have so much courage to share that. I know it is hard to forgive yourself, but as God has forgiven you, try. Someday you will see them whole in Heaven and I believe it will be ok when you do.

  43. judelyn clawod

    i really touched,how i missed hugging a baby,,,i luv ds song,,,

  44. Miriam Rehfeldt

    You can find healing & your burden can be lifted. I had an abortion before I became a Christian & even though it took a very long time for me to heal, through Christian Counselling I found real healing.
    If u want to you can send me a message on my youtube account here and I could suggest a study you can do..
    I am now the director of a Pregnancy Care Center and I am helping young girls make better choices.. as well as walking women that have had an abortion through the healing process.

  45. crcowboys

    I was very touched by your glorious share on the Ray Boltz song. I have made plenty of mistakes or stupid choices and His Grace is sufficient for me. I know he can and will forgive you!! God bless You!

  46. Vandy Gibson

    this is not just about abortion my baby died when i was seven months pregnant due to domestic violence she never had a chance to be anything but a memory...check out her story on you tube under her name Adriana Michele Gibson thank you

  47. sissyinvt

    This can also be a song for a child that was murdered/miscarrge etc.

  48. John Robson

    @debbiechilders My first born daughter had an abortion, the father picked her up one day to take her out breakfast, but took her to an abortion clinic. She had not told us she was pregnant so there was no way for us to help her until after wards. If you have become a Christian and asked Jesus to forgive you, then you are forgiven. When the pain of what happened in the past comes up, cry out to Jesus and he will take away your pain. John

  49. PrimitiveCollecter

    Oh for Grace! Wonderful Grace! God's Amazing Grace! He is willing to forgive any and all our sin. If we come to Him and humbly ask Him to forgive us our sins He will! He will! He freely forgives and freely pardons from the very second we ask Him ! He takes all our transgressions, (sins) mistakes, messups, and gives us a hope and a future. Oh how He loves us.

  50. 123mightywarrior

    @debbiechilders that is a painful thing you've gone through. :(
    I can understand how hard and painful it is for you when you had those abortions. But keep this in mind: you're a Christian and you've prayed for God's forgiveness of those sins, and He has! :) You know what's even more great? I'm sure your aborted children in Heaven have forgiven you, too! ;)
    Be strong in Christ and don't let ANYTHING or ANYONE discourage you or keep you from doing what God wants you to do :)
    Jesus bless you! :)

  51. Starmadien2019


    god loves you my dear and he forgives you i know your little ones are waiting in heaven for you my dear.

  52. atimetoremember

    @debbiechilders Thanks for sharing your story.

  53. Jesusstrongtower

    abortion is murder according to the Bible.exodus 21:22-23 "If men fight, and hurt a woman with child, so that she gives birth prematurely, yet no harm follows, he shall surely be punished accordingly as the woman's husband imposes on him; and he shall pay as the judges [determine]. "But if [any] harm follows, then you shall give life for life,

  54. mondaysunrise

    give'em a chance to live their lives and protect the innocent - this is our main obligation. We are not the one to give life so we are not allowed to take it back.

  55. bizzleblue38

    Oh why on this earth does there have to be such awfule things? Knowing that these beautiful children gp straight Heaven and right into Jesus arms!!!

  56. Kymberly W

    I was so moved by this song and felt such touching emotion. And then I read the comments.

    Why does everything have to be about black or white. These babies deserved to be loved and cherished regardless of race. When will it stop?????

  57. Dad4Life

    Exodus 21:22 ¶ If men strive, and hurt a woman with child, so that her fruit depart from her, and yet no mischief follow: he shall be surely punished, according as the woman's husband will lay upon him; and he shall pay as the judges determine. 23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,

  58. Ronald Wolvers

    @andwood4179 Although it's written for aborted children (Even if I'd been born imperfect, why couldn't my parents see, That I'd have been made perfect, when you came back for me), I feel the same way, lost two baby;s in less then 4 months. This song, it makes me cry, but it's wonderfull and comforting to listen. Thank you, Ray

  59. David Rowley

    @andwood4179 I feel the same way for the same reason. My wife was just over 4 weeks along when we found out our child had already died. This coming October (2011) my child would be turning 20. I cry every time I hear this song.

  60. Gary L. Eldridge

    @andwood4179 My little grandson never made it to be born...and all I can ever think about is "what if"...all those possibilitie I will never know

  61. GuitaristPAX

    Most likely because "THEY" don't want to draw too much attention to the fact that white/jewish world government has been extorting the black people for centuries...the irony of this is that as we hear of "wars and rumors of wars" a lot of the "rest of the world" is just now starting to see and feel the heart of black people everywhere...I'm sure there's so much more to the story but this is part of it...no doubt.

  62. Kaito Shion

    this makes me think of my miscarriage, but i know their in a much better place, and i'll see it soon, my baby was only a month old so i don't know the gender, but though i never met them i miss them, this song made me think of that

  63. Tainted Angel

    @WwThE it really makes you think and tear up a little. such a beautiful song!

  64. Amanda S

    @mjosleyn Wow, you said it PERFECTLY!!! I'm writing a paper on basically exactly what you said! Thanks for being intelligent enough to educate yourself on the truth instead of listening to the liberal media. :)

  65. Amanda S

    "Even if I'd been born imperfect, why couldn't my parents see that I'd have been made perfect when You came back for me? Jesus, what was I supposed to be?" This is such a beautiful song. Abortion just breaks my heart and it needs to stop.

  66. james64468

    @jmhelm5 I was adopted when i was around 3 or 4 grade. Life is not easy when you been in and out of foster homes. Things were bad in my life. My life got better when I gave my heart to Jesus. I learned to let things Go and Let God take care of everything.

  67. Shelia Ann Moore Simonson

    @gagebug No one is hating here except the murderers! You are the one who is disgusting and selfish and you ask dumb questions!!! The true nature of God IS pure love and that's why He still loves people like you..................thru people like us! This sounds harsh, but God's judgement will be harsh also!! People used to sacrifice their babies to idols/gods. NOW, we sacrifice them to/for ourselves!! How sick and wicked! May God help you and them!

  68. Jasmine Miller

    "If (you) confess (your) sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive (you) and cleanse (you) from every wrong." 1 John 1:9 (New Living Translation)

    Sometimes the most difficult forgiveness to come by is forgiveness for oneself. God will remove your sin(s) as far as the east is from the west placing remembrance of them in the Sea of Forgetfulness. The price paid for this forgiveness, this reconciliation unto holiness, was His own Son's life.

  69. Jensen Jennings

    My heart goes out for every parent who has lost a baby in some way not by choice. I believe for some reason..things like this happen for a reason. It breaks my heart for you that wanted a baby so much and it could not continue the term. I believe that abortion by choice in the decision of not wanting the baby is wrong and is defined very different to those who could not fully go to term.

  70. kemile2010

    this is an interesting song, i hope the persons who find themselves having to abort a child could listen to this song first. It pains my heart.

  71. Linda King

    I adopted two wonderful sons 23 and 25 years ago and I know how many desperate families are out there wanting a child to love. I went for international adoption, as there were many years waiting here for a baby. It's become so expensive to adopt now that I doubt I would be able to do it. My first son is now a U.S. Marine and youngest a creative writer and student. I thank God that their birth mothers chose to give them life and me a chance to be a mom.

  72. kerri ruby

    According to statistics nine girls in my class will be pregnant before they graduate highschool...not counting all the little babies who were aborted and not announced. I lift these nine girls who I may know and who I don't in prayer, for them to make the right decision for their little babies. The decision of life. Oh, Jesus, protect those children of yours. Amen.

  73. TopazGyrl

    its sad that it is even legal for abortion. i consider abortion murder. i say if you didn't want the child, use protection for the sake of the poor unborn baby. no one deserves to die before they even have the chance to live.

  74. TopazGyrl

    my brother just had his first son a few weeks ago and i am grateful to God that there is now a beautiful little boy in our family. we all love him and thank the Lord for the miracle that is this little baby boy and hope that more healthy little babies are born in the future.

  75. angelshoulders

    @qbaliw We who hate abortions do not hate the women who have had them. Of course there is forgiveness. You must also forgive yourself and continue to be the voice of our precious unborn living human beings. You may do this to help you heal and in rememberance of your baby. xo

  76. Ava Herron

    God makes us perfect, He does not make junk! AA

  77. guyver2095

    Love your songs man, they are so beautifull

  78. Allen John

    It make's me cry and I wish that lord will forgive me in my sin's

  79. Julie Iurincich

    we are here because no one aborted us,and for some of our mothers it cant have been easy but they gave us life,what right have we to take away the life of some one,some one who might be a doctor,nurse,prime mister who knows,adoption ,have the baby give it to people who really want one and cant have one,my mother did that and when she was 19 we found and met her,she is a teacher now,and pregnant with twins,my mother was a alcoholic ,

  80. Amanda S

    "I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born." -Ronald Reagan.

    I love this song. So much. At least those babies who are aborted go to Heaven. :)

  81. KeybladeMaster33

    that is what adoption is for, and don't you dare tell me that children that are adopted are all miserable, one of my best friends was adopted and she lives a perfectly fine life!

  82. KeybladeMaster33

    Life begins at conception, simple as that, the pill has aborted millions more babies even more unaccounted for. They are aborted before the girl realizes she is pregnant. The problem is the slipping morality everywhere! Sex should be kept inside marriage, it should be treated in a sacred manner, not how the disgusting society treats it. And inside marriage, families can use Natural Family Planning. If you don't know what that is, look it up. The downfall of society was the pill to begin with.

  83. mildred howard

    Thank my dear God my mother didn't kill
    me. Life, GOD and Family are the greatest things there are except HEAVEN"


  84. austrianpenguin

    oh please... making abortion illegal? sure great idea, just have all the poor women who get raped have those babies, i am sure they are not traumatized enough yet.
    if a lot of babies get aborted it's because many people don't know how to use condoms or the pill. it is a matter of education not about making abortion legal or illegal!

  85. austrianpenguin

    so you are suggesting just to have sex when you wanna have a kid? because accidents happen you know... and if you made abortion illegal, what about all the girls who get raped and pregnant? force them to have this kid? like their situation is not miserable enough yet??? or what about a teenage who gets pregnant? Don't tell me that a fourteen year old makes a good mother.

  86. Paulagina Iezzi

    to all of you young mothers to be..... think about it......you could have an einstien or a president who could change this world... or just a beautiful kid who teaches you about life just thru their innocense

  87. atimetoremember

    To WwThE: When I made the video, I used some family pictures and searched the internet for many others. I used the pictures I found. At the time, the thought of how many were white and how many were black never entered my mind. But you do bring up a good point that Planned Parenthood DOES target black babies for abortion more than white. They locate many of their centers in primarily black communities.

  88. atimetoremember

    The problem with Planned Parenthood is that when someone comes in with an unplanned pregnancy, PP is far to quick to suggest abortion and far to slow to suggest other alternatives such as adoption. Planned Parenthood makes BIG money from doing abortions. They also continue to lobby for all forms of abortion to be legal throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. Planned Parenthood is the largest murderer of unborn babies in the United States and a LARGE percentage are black.

  89. Cale Spencer

    I so hope you are wrong! The People of planned parenthood told me I was pregnant andf never suggested abortion. That was 29 years agi and I would not trade anything for my 28 year old son!


    Your parents failed you, not God. Your mortal flesh and blood parents are imperfect and as such should not be held to the same standards as God..I will not try to change your mind but merely pray that you come to know the warm and peace in the arms of Christ.

    God is as real as the flesh and bone you posses, and he loves you.

  91. GlitterFlame89

    I feel sorry for you, but because you would rather have been aborted all aborted children would feel that way? No one knows that; that's the point. They don't have the chance to make anything of their life because someone else decided they didn't deserve to have a chance to live.

  92. james64468

    are you sure about that? I was in abusive home and also a poor home. I had alot bad things happen to me but this I know with all my heart. Jesus loves me. He took my pain threw it out the door. He healed my heart. No greater love I ever seen by him. He loves you. Jesus lover of my Soul prince of Peace Ruler over Heaven and Earth. Come to him today and feel his love. Tell him all your pains and hurts he can heal your broken heart and make it whole again.

  93. mamasuzie

    Good for you. you may have helped a youg girl in that class think twice about aborting the child she is carring. Did you get a good grade and what did you classmates say afterwards?

  94. catwhowalksbyhimself

    @lovemymarine2009 You are a dear sweet lady to say that, and I pray that God will grant you children in spite of what has happened to you.

  95. Sister Polly

    this song brought tears to my eyes , i just thank God that i am alive.. and for my mother too

  96. Drew

    when me brother dyed i wondered wat was he supposed to be and then i cryed

  97. Amanda Gehman

    I am 19 years old On mothers day of this year I misscarried my baby the pain of losing my child was more than I ever wanted to go through, now my doctor tells me I might never carry a child to full term. At 19 I have to live with the fact that I may never have a baby of my own. How can anyone MURDER a child. The question has been asked, "what if it is a rape situation?" I still believe that the child should live, my pregnancy happend because of a rape but that was still my baby!

  98. Amanda S

    THANK YOU pcpr78! You put it so simply and so truly in just two sentences! Why can't those stubborn pro-choice people realize that they are WRONG? They have no facts! God Bless you!

  99. Amanda S

    This is so beautiful! How can people consider it just to end the life of one of God's beautiful little angels? New lives are such a blessing to this earth, but people have become selfish and lost sight of that. May His grace and mercy be with them.