Ray Boltz - Touching Him Lyrics

A woman came to Simon's house
She knew the Lord was there
For when she walked into the room
She was greeted by a stare
She surely must have shocked a few
Of the people gathered there
As with tear-filled eyes
And trembling hands
She took down her long dark hair

And from an alabaster vessel
Precious ointment filled her hair
As she wept she kissed his feet
And began anointing them

With her hands, she was touching Him
The alpha, the omega
The beginning and the end
And with her hands
She was holding on to His
The source of life
Was right there in her hands

Now Simon said within his heart
Lord if you only knew the kind of woman
That's touching you
But Jesus knew about her past
He knew about the sin
Yet He saw in her a repentant heart
That had come to worship Him

With her hands, she was touching Him
The alpha, the omega
The beginning and the end
And with her hands
She was holding on to His
The source of life
Was right there in her hands

Now tell me why do we gather
Together in His name
Are we like the ones who merely watched
Tell me is that why we came
Are we like this sister
Do we truly enter in
In spirit and in truth
Have you come to worship Him

With your hands, are you touching Him
And with your heart are you loving Him
And with your hands
Are you holding on to His
Then source of life
Was right there in your hands

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Ray Boltz Touching Him Comments
  1. John Harding

    He , with is singing got me to church and I think Jesus loves this man so.. i dont care what anybody thinks about him. HE HAS JESUS! And that's good enough for me. Thank you Ray Boltz.


    1 Corinthians 5:11
    But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one.

    James 4:4
    You adulterous people! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

    Hebrews 10:26
    For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins,

    Ephesians 4:30
    and grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.

    Acts 17:30
    The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent,

    Luke 6:46
    Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do what I tell you?

    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

  3. Jack Bridges

    Those putting this man down need to check themselves. We all struggle with personal sins. I'm not saying I agree with his lifestyle, but we are to pray for God to change him and not cast stones

  4. wendy hill

    he has written a song called god knows i tried ! he was like this as a child growing up ! for 30 yrs he lived w/ the secret of who he really was ! he has not changed , he just came out & told us he was honest about his life w/ us ! his wife & kids & family still loves & cares for him ! why can't we all just keep on caring for him as if nothing happened ! he did not have to tell us the truth , but he did ! just keep on praying for him ! maybe god has a plan for ray's story to be used for his purpose that we don't know about

    Dee Dee

    wendy hill love the person hate the sin. Jesus said love him more than mother father sister brother and your own self. Seems like to me, when u commit any type of sin you love yourself more than Jesus. He was used of God i cant deny it, but only as long as he went against his own will and refused to bring a reproach to the name of the Lord. His life is gone down since he gave up the good fight. Its not who starts the race, but who will finish! Be blessed.

  5. Athena Rae

    All I had was the voice of music .through my radio and that was all I needed God filled my heart with love and things I yet still don't understand today
    The holy spirit amplified these words now 30 years later on a cold rainy day these words still pierce my soul and are still alive today

  6. Timmy West

    A man have a good work week end have a good weekend GOD bless y'all on this Friday night come up tomorrow morning and tomorrow night and have a good Saturday night and have a good good weekend GOD bless y'all my friends😁👍👮🙏👌🐸

  7. Rob Pal

    J wow such powerful songs Praise Church of God the Lord would cause Ray to see the deception and repent from this wickedness Romans chapter 1

  8. Rob Pal

    My God I was paralyzed as I sat with chills as I listen to this song so sad to see a once anointed songwriter lose the blessing of God pray for him

  9. Rob Pal

    My God such an anointing on Ray in his former days pray that God would show ray his abomination as he writes songs that are contrary to the word of God

  10. Rob Pal

    I was paralyzed with chills as I listened to possibly Ray Boltz ha most powerful song it's so sad to lose the anointing of the Holy Spirit as he writes nothing but humanistic trash now and album called true that could not be farther from the truth what a shame keep praying

  11. Rob Pal

    Ray Boltz is now moving into children's concerts this is spiritual suicide according to all master who said do not cause a little one to stumble

  12. Rob Pal

    Church of God we cannot support Ray Boltz and longer as he is defying the word of God Romans chapter 1

  13. Rob Pal

    So sad to see the anointing on Ray Boltz it is 4 years as he was struggling with a personal sin we must all struggle and the fight is to The Bitter End so help us God

  14. Rob Pal

    Honey no one is picking on Ray Boltz but he is now Define the word of God and as Joshua said choose this day who you will serve the word of God or a human being

  15. Rob Pal

    Come on Church stop being wishy-washy would deal with people's Souls Ray Boltz is now condoning homosexuality strictly forbidden in the first chapter of the book of Romans

  16. Rob Pal

    It's so so sad to see a once anointed songwriter now writing songs that is a reproach to the gospel pray for Ray

  17. CourtneyN H

    I love me some Ray Boltz.. I Love His Music

  18. Leanne Childs

    I wish I could meet Ray Boltz Thank him.

  19. dariel vogt

    I pray i will never judge any of God"s children . The word of God says none are without sin, no, not one. Ray has been blessed and an instrument of our Lord to touch people"s hearts. He surely did mine and my brother"s who is no longer with me and greatly missed. But when i listen to Ray's music I can remember our times together and my heart is lifted up, so I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for enriching my life. I love him as my brother and will remember him in prayer always .

  20. Carolyn Abshire

    I don't agree with his lifestyle but God used Rays song to bring me to my knees and that's when I felt God in a way I never knew .. He was right there with me and no one can tell me any different .. And His presence is stronger than ever before .. tears as I listen to this song ..Our Abba Father is Just so loving !! I can't thank him enough for His Grace

    Rita Rowe

    Carolyn Abshire what kind of life style does he have

  21. Sheila Obrien

    I love this song, first time I have heard it, made me cry.

  22. cryptard

    This man has a voice and a mind that writes so much beauty towards our Jesus. Thank you god for allowing me to be able to hear such praise and worship aimed to you.

    Rob Pal

    cryptard wrong he did bless people in his past now he is promoting is own agenda and doing kids concerts he is on very dangerous grounds right now according to a Lord Jesus who said if you cause this little one to stumble tire millstone around by Nick and cast I self into this a his on very dangerous grounds and needs to repent of this behavior the Bible does say we should judge read it again according to Romans chapter 1 his behavior is against nature is disgusting diabolical and detrimental to the body of Christ

  23. sirgarruovl

    wow can't believe some of these posts....Ray is an annointed singer....evidently like the song he is singing...he too has repented...quit trying to judge people and get on with your own walk in christ....

  24. Willie Small

    I love rays music he helped me a long time ago get started praying for you and family brother u tube Willie small

  25. bruce perrier

    sunffrider 1973  i agree people should stop picking on ray i listen to this man sing every day it really helps me people should look at themselfs only one can judge jesus keep up the singing ray

  26. Pamela Parizo

    Yes, it is important that we pray for him.   


    Pamela Parizo it's important that we pray for everyone..

  27. GodSpeed

    (y) (y) Awesome. ♛♥♪♥@GodSent247 YOU
    Thank YOU. :)  ... #GodSpeed #MajesticSEO

  28. patrea lynn

    if you remember, Jesus was always with the outcasts of this world, he didnt fit in either and i am proud to say i am forever outcast for Him, im a girl, i am not gay, but i willingly gave up this worlds opinions forever. and im much happier for it.

  29. patrea lynn

    stop picking on Ray! you must answer to GOD for your own life, not his. God judges us by our hearts, not our behaviors and youre not GOD, so please..... myob.

    patrea lynn

    when he sings, its from his heart, which is all GOD looks at. how can you be so hateful to someone so full of love? however and whoever he shares his life with is between him, GOD, and the man hes with, so please.. shut it. thank you very much. 

  30. Mike Rhodes

    "Touching Him"...........Ray is Blessed with a extraordinary voice with such feeling that every song is a sermon. The Bible says to hate the sin NOT the sinner.....Pray for this man whom God used to bring so many into His kingdom, including me. May he see his sinful life as what it is and repent and return to God with a grateful heart