Rawls, Lou - You've Made Me So Very Happy Lyrics

I lost at love before,
Got mad and closed the door.
But you said try just once more.
I chose you for the one,
Now I'm having so much fun.
You treated me so kind,
I'm about to lose my mind.
You made me so very happy,
I'm so glad you came into my life.

The others were untrue,
But when it came to lovin' you,
I'd spend my whole life with you.
'Cause you came and you took control,
You touched my very soul.
You always showed me that
Loving you was where it's at.
You made me so very happy,
I'm so glad you came into my life.

I love you so much, it seems
That you're even in my dreams.
I hear you calling me.
I'm so in love with you,
All I ever want to do is
Thank you, baby.

You made me so very happy,
I'm so glad you came into my life.
You made me so very happy,
I'm so glad you came into my life.

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Rawls, Lou You've Made Me So Very Happy Comments

    De La Soul sampled start

  2. botvinnik64

    Like butter...

  3. resjudicata nzama

    I am Q-Tip and I be friction (friction).

  4. Christine Narroway

    VERY 😊 X 💙

  5. Marcelino Teran

    Me gusta es buena canción lástima que ya no haya buenos cantantes

  6. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #32 on the R&B charts in 1970!!!

  7. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg love this song and video God bless you God will always give you a nother change just show him you are better this time Linda j ❤️joy peace love is what I live by ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯

  8. sound wave6

    🎤THANK YOU BAYBAYYYYYY💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  9. Pamela2961


  10. King Kook

    who are the people who dislike this? beggars belief....Staggeringly good!

  11. William McGee

    awesome performance.!!!!

  12. 2dasimmons

    Ooh I found my way back! LOVE LOU RAWLS ON THIS SONG. RIP dear Lou Rawls.

  13. Laura Parks

    Lou Rawls was one of the greats. Takes me back and I hope he is singing with the angels now -- bet he is.

  14. Jennifer Johnson

    I need a genuine man to sing this song to me.

  15. Macarony Lust

    I be the new generation of slaves
    Here to make papes to buy a record exec rakes

  16. Joyce Smith

    Never ever overlooked the...Louis Rawls..Iceman?? Jeezy these brains farts (yeah I said brain farts Lololol!!!) Can't recall just stuck in my head but can't say...???? Onset Alzheimer's... Old organic brain change??? Lou Rawls was one of the original precursors to Soul R&B. . James Brown.. To Sammy Davis Jr. Nat King Cole...Ms. Ella Fitzgerald...where did that name come from..??? Lololol. And so many many more...

    Joyce Smith

    Naw the Iceman was. Jerry Butler ...my bad!!!❤❤❤💋💋💋

  17. Motownlover Motownlover


  18. Ofelia Godoy


    Alexis Leonel

    Un fenomeno,insuperable!!!

  19. Jim and Jan Seeker

    This is truly an awesome rendition from the man with one of the greatest singing voices in the history of mankind.

  20. SKD_ Cascade

    I like the temptations version more

  21. Lane Browning

    I loved his voice but the women in the background completely ruin this IMO.

  22. Lisa Haugen

    R.I.P. David Axelrod

    Sky Blylevin

    Yes maam. He tested boundaries

  23. daworse72

    Tom Jones?

  24. Alex Riddick

    Lou ..really sang this one!

  25. LaddiedeLumley

    Wow! Just wow!

  26. tuxguys

    I'd never heard this before...
    Earlier this week, Pandora figured that, based on what "she" knows of my taste, I'd dig it...
    Boy, was "she" right.
    The BS&T classic, and as soulful as Brother Lou is, he's also subtle and light for most of this, in a way I've never heard him sing before.
    This is not just great singing, this is great vocal production.
    (And the arrangement is BITCHIN'.)

  27. M4Carbine2000

    Me too I want to see those brown eyes happier just like you make my Hart jump a beat ask for my cell number my hands are tied and you have authority over me so ask for my number somehow (love you very much). RW from GH

  28. Mandy M

    I totally agree with the comment below!!

  29. Celso Henrique

    Maravilhoso Sr Rawls, pena que já se foi...

  30. Happy To Be Nappy

    I love this version. Lou Rawls had that golden voice!!! I saw him in concert as a teenager and his voice is even smoother in person!!! I don't know why people try to put John Legend in the same category as Lou Rawls!! (people pleaasee!!!) John Legend can't hold a candle to Lou Rawls in my opinion!!!

    Wise Guy

    Yeah, Legend couldn't hold his microphone! I heard Legend ad lib a song the other day on TV and I could have done way better. He was just awful. I remember "You'll never find" as a little kid, hearing it in the background on the radio and always loved it, wasn't sure who sang it until I googled it, but I was pretty sure it was Lou. What an awesome song and voice. Timeless.

  31. DaveShmadeCalabria

    I'm always sorry.. Every time I read the comments..

    Lane Browning

    Sooo true. it takes only two before someone launches into "Why can't we have this kind of music any more..." zzzz.... People said that in the 1960s too, LOL (well, the unimaginative ones did), and even in the 1760s...

  32. Jorge Mario Rodas

    I like this version sorry to disagree.  It all depends on personality and we all have a right to exist.

  33. Dor Svenset

    This just seems to me to show a lack of soul/feeling and sounds like they showed him the words and he threw it on an album as a filler in five minutes. Take this down if you are a fan of Mr. Rawls. This isn't even in the right key for him.

    Michael Love

    @Dor Svenset I totally disagree- this one of my fav Lou songs- listen to the arrangements and his tone. Simply brilliant...

  34. dg3492

    grammy family brought me here

    John Galt Dough

    +dg3492 me too. i guess it's 3:45 other wise i can't see how it's the sample.

  35. Beable1

    so jazzy so classy !

  36. Romy Riddle

    His 'take' on every song is uniquely his!  Wondrous man!

  37. Romy Riddle

    Marvin Gaye?  Barry White?  Al Green?  Why did they overlook Lou Rawls.  He is awesome and real!  My fav!!!!


    Lou was somewhat older generation. He would've been more along the lines of Sam Cooke and Joe Williams. Even Jackie Wilson. Lou Rawls was THE voice of the '60s-early 1980s. Very soulful, sexy and masculine. Another set-apart voice although not as MANLY was Luther Vandross in the late 1990s- early 2000s.

    Zolita Lallo

    Yes, why did or could they leave out Lou Rawls

  38. mar brasil

    where are the  new "Low Rawls" amazing voices ? could some tell me?


    @Charles Larkin: Maybe if you stopped expecting the music industry to cater to your tastes and your tastes only, and also stop living in a nostalgia bubble courtesy of classic rock radio stations, you'd be more clearheaded enough to see that there are great artists out there just like Rawls.

    Charles Larkin

    @Neville6000 Well, well, aren't you a little snot? 

    I listen to a lot of music. Yes, there are some good performers now, but they're few and far between, and most of them have been pushed off of commercial radio because far too many stations are run by derp management catering to derp consumers. And a lot of the good jazz/ballad acts (think Rawls, Wilson, Sinatra, Mathis and similar...you can think, right?) are still considered too "mainstream" for NPR loonies and college radio, which used to make it a point to feature people like them who got the short-shrift for airtime. 

    Making presumptions such as you have about myself and others who agree with my view exposes you for nothing more than the little punk you are.

    Lane Browning

    That's just silly. Bieber and Abel aren't pushing anyone away. There are great voices on jazz and blues stations and yes, on pop and R&B stations too....Usher and Trey Songz and well, R Kelly is still (sigh) singing, some...the way things are now, no one has to be limited to a half-dozen radio or Internet stations; you can listen to ANYthing, from ANY COUNTRY -- have you listened to singers from South Africa, Chile, Norway? My gosh, I can think of two dozen "great male singers" right now, and no, I don't mean Michael Buble.

    Lane Browning

    I hear those performers you listed on radio fairly often, but ... as noted, you can hear great singers on Pandora and on the Internet. Gosh there are SO MANY good vocalists!!!! In nightclubs too, not even in studios! I felt your reaction to Neville6000 was very extreme (you twice called him "little" -- an odd pejorative!). And you misused a reflexive pronoun, tsk tsk...


    They're gone. WE RELLY NED SOME GODD DEEP BARITONE SEXY VOICES AGAIN. But then we'd have to have mature SOUL BROTHERS singing with good high-quality musicians and arrangers handling the music:/ Well in the NEW WORLD when HEAVENLY CHOIR IS ON BEAUTIFUL PLANET EARTH.

  39. vollsticks

    De La!!!!

  40. Julieta S.R.


  41. joe smoe

    Dr. Dre is his love child lmao!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. RAMLIA1

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  43. Jan-willem van den Bosch

    Forget about dre. says eminem!!!!! put an ak to his face, Lou Realy Rocks The Streets and stupid ex-gangbangers

  44. th3dudeabides1

    i love lou, but i like the b,s&t version better



    Agree. I wanna hear BST do Time Will Take Care--Epic fail. Only Lou can give that song a voice

  45. sylvie bertran

    I have never been able to find one bad thing to say about this man .

  46. 2dasimmons

    Perhaps he tried, but he doesn't have this hot-buttered manly soul voice. This is a feel-good singer, just mesmerizing!

  47. grittyshaker

    Great Song! De La's I Am I Be & I Be Blowin' are phenomenal

  48. carlos lopez castillo

    the master ,he have a real good style ,the voice,the feeling,all is great

  49. Janusdutemple

    His name is LOU RULES !!

  50. César Riveros

    buena musica nada mas

  51. gazza8734

    @vientoenpopa3 me too! if Lou was recorded reading the phone book i`d want a copy!

  52. Kris Caberte

    John Legend imitated this guy :)

    Wise Guy

    You mean he tried...

  53. sms1189

    lou makes me so very happy

  54. perkeleentero

    pure gold!

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  56. Viento Enpopa

    I don't know why I am so obsessed with this man. For me there is no other singer in this world . Mankind still has not discovered you R.I.P. great singer !

  57. C- Stylez

    He kind of looks like Dr Dre in this photo

  58. Tom Rohoff

    This message is for my little sweetheart (called A.) in chicago... I Love You so much!!!!
    Mr. Rawls ?! Please tell my baby what I am talkin' about!

  59. Domenico Melpignano

    e già... You've made me so very happy..!

  60. RitmoNo1

    I could listen to that intro on its own! - Great version and lucky enough to have it on CD.

  61. fipsfoxy

    so incredibly beautiful

  62. VerninTheRat

    That "ouu" drum sound is soo perfect in the beginning. Man, music really has died. Why don't people sing like this anymore!? What a touch of heaven on my scrappy computer speakers....

  63. PirplePashn

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This song and the voice a pure classic.