Raven, Marion - You'll Get Up Again Lyrics

It's a 12am call
Don't hang up
I just need to know where you are
Don't hang up
I can feel that you’re in trouble
And you always used to place your trust in me

You know I drove all over town
Don't hang up
I’m gonna find you, track you down
Don't hang up
I don't care about the small talk
I just wanna tell you words that you need to hear

You go off like a bullet
And you fall like a rug
You give it one good shot
And you give what you got
You fall into the dark
But you shine like a star
And everybody's just running
When you push it too far
Not me, baby, not me
Cause I can see just who you are

I am on my way
Don't hang up
Stay right there where you are
Don't hang up
Cause I know just where to find you
In the dark you hide the shadow of yourself


Not me, baby, not me
Cause I can see just who you are
I will catch you in my arms if you fall
You can always count on me
Let's forget the handwriting on the wall
It will never set you free


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Raven, Marion You'll Get Up Again Comments
  1. Keziah Allen

    So glad I came across your channel. Love you, Marion! ♥️❤️

  2. juan estrada

    I LIKE IT!!!

  3. Chev Chu

    U r so pretty

  4. Lien3383

    And what? Now they are nobody... It's better to forget past mistakes and insults and be together again! M2M!

  5. Levine Simanjuntak

    miss you.

  6. Fouad Ezaren


  7. Luuluu Castañeda

    Love u sooooooo muuuuuuch master Marion

  8. Mariana Ramos

    Yo era niña cuando la escuchaba en m2m y sigue igualita pero si ya no se ve como adolescente , me dio mucha nostalgia ver cuanto tiempo a pasado

  9. Hanzel Granados

    Para mí este es la mejor canción del proyecto Scandal

  10. Bernd Gerlach

    Marion is a real great musican, and she have an amazing voice; powerful, colorful and emotionful <3 Yes, and she is beautiful inside and outside (i saw 2010 videos, where she is fighting and feeling with her talents, and i saw many interviews with her). Marion is not a "star", she is a real artist, love music, and she is an natural human. She found her way, and she would other people help, to find their way. I love her Rock-Songs from 2007, and i love her new great Pop-Songs ("federleichter Edel-Pop", i say in german). Thank you for our wonderful Music-Journey Marion <3 Yes, and i hope there is a long journey in the future for us! (sorry for my bad english) Greatings from Germany!

  11. Leigh Turner

    Marions voice is amazing, I love this track with all those strings ^_*

  12. The Rhythm Junkie

    What a bummer that you didnt make it big in the USA. Imho you're a talented singer song writer. I know coz I used to listen to you since college. The time when your debut was out I hoped that you landed a place internationally. Overall you're still got the game miss Raven. I'm still a fan until now. I wish you the best of luck. Please keep making music. ❤️

  13. Kate P.

    still wishing for a M2M reunion.


    +Kate Perfecto Let's hope so

    oscar C

    try to imagine the day you went away with this new superior voice of marion ravn

  14. pam rivera

    that was awesome!

  15. MeekSouL BasiriL

    Wow! I was expecting the same voice like when u'r still in m2m....but it's far different now, it gas gotten more beautiful!😊

    Abhijit Ghosh

    +MeekSouL BasiriL That was the reason they split off. :D

  16. Stine Kårstad

    Marion!:) kan du abonnere på kanalen min? hadde vært gøy!

  17. myzaAkmar

    Beautiful song <3
    Btw, anyone knows any good website to buy this album from?

  18. dree fh

    Enquanto outras "M" por aí com anos de carreira mal conseguem segurar o fôlego na primeira estrofe, Marion ensinando como se faz um live ! <3

  19. Randy Ganvini

    Sin duda, la mejor canción de Scandal Vol. 1 (Y)

  20. BitAurora

    I like this song very much. It wishes good things to those who listens..

  21. AdrYx Raven-Bextor

    You have no idea how much i love your voice! <3

  22. André Hansen